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ready haundit at heukin asaumonby the jaiket an pouin
haein wi howkers foul heukinsaumonit s juist like open
deer shootin grouse or fushinsaumonwe can identifie wi ane
e g gaein eftir asaumonwi a fushin wand enackin
forby syne she gied thesaumona threid o nettil ti
fower feet o watter diseasedsaumonare markit aboot the heid
strecht ti callum gaed thesaumonstill beirin catriona s nettil
a go at the diseasedsaumonthat lay oot o the
pot an cleekin dizzens osaumonand seatroots aff the spawnin
had his visions o mucklesaumonup in dizzens tam was
that day fell fest thesaumonsoumed an i the hinner
ah maun dae sae thesaumonsoumed awa fell fest an
the heuk gaed harne thesaumonturned its muckle heid an
heuk this yin the furstsaumonwe d ever seen him
catriona s mynd that thesaumonwad aiblins hae seen callum
the seiven lucky nummer osaumoni tuik frae the doon
nummer an state o thesaumonscales scattert aboot some scales
he fell in wi thesaumonspak o callum spierin gin
in his poutch syne thesaumonspak ti callum an said
o the sie an thesaumonay asyde him the paerls
here she saw a mukkilsaumonrestin asyde a stane it
ma furst time at thesaumonah m mair o a
troot faur less pou asaumonoot sideweys i said tae
troot listened aa intent taesaumons spiel o hou they
sae she spak ti thesaumonan telt him the haill
wis a big twal punsaumonlyin in that hole the
were twa or three guidsaumonlyin in the bylie s
wis bath warm an thesaumonwere lyin in the deepest
as no anither twa dizzensaumonhad cam intae the puil
be for ever curst assaumonthresh aboot the puil then
eneuch tae lae the oddsaumondaft eneuch tae try an
had the chance o asaumonshuir eneuch on the grevel
hover in the stream thesaumongourmet s wildest dream a
cuid tak a score osaumona piece oot it by
cuid hae gret still thesaumonat least didnae gae free
cuid kill forty or fiftysaumonwi his big rod an
an willin gin aince thesaumonstertit pullin the warnin teug
in tae chicken mince smokedsaumoncheese than tae dug meat
river frae caddis grubs taesaumonespecially in the middle o
frae his attentions whan thesaumonwere rinnin on oor river
ower muckle bowders an thesaumonlay in scores in the
ye ll quick forget kingsaumonhumphed an gied a grunt
jaw an duntit pride kingsaumonit wis plain tae see
anither that s no asaumoni thocht mair like a
whit kin o taste thaesaumonhad whan served up on
sunday mornin whan aa daicentsaumonfishers were at the kirk
or geds or graylin butsaumonwere his special failin whan
fond o fish ava ansaumonwad be shair tae staw
it micht faw that thesaumonwad meet up wi him
i sat doun aside thesaumonlaid oot on a table
or e en fush asaumontae damp doun wur ain
bring hir hir freedom thesaumontaen tent til hir an
been a guid lie forsaumonan by the wey the
o aiberdein angus beif wullsaumonlabster caller frae the tyde
o aa the seatroot ansaumonhe s been catchin on
roun an firmly stuck auldsaumonheaved wi aa his wecht
jump an sweems awa asaumona horsie wi a mannie
ayr pier convertit for rakinsaumonacross the back wi a
tae scotland and pauchle asaumonafore duly reaffirmin the institutions
s luif for weill thesaumonkent that glaumerie canna byde
want siclyke whigmaleeries but thesaumonlowpit for pleisir in the

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