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ony shop hae vinegar ansautoan top in embra nae
deid sea s hecht thesautsea sae fylit wi saut
saut sea sae fylit wisautthat naethin ava leeves thair
when chips are droont insautn sauce colour prejudice gawn
grat an grat an hissauttears splattert on the road
lochs hae caller wattir tithersautwe maun jalouse that wattir
cam scoushin the nippy thesautan the sour aa in
eftir thaim an threshin thesautwattir awroads lyke spindrift as
maun hae swallaed ower mukkilsautwattir whan he cryit oot
a suppie o milk orsautbit better still ma honey
dochter s een filled wisauttears but she liftit hir
n soul saur n breezesautn salt saxteen a sixteen
the cauld unable tae stapsautgettin intae cuts their pain
they mibbe dinna ken thesautthe yammerin fae shore an
s gey rough an cauldsautwater s nesty stuff an
the pan a tickie osautan in aneth the caul
gied oot as weel thesautsea took in but gied
an gowf o the raivenoussautsea sherk ruit o hemlock
bröviken s strand whaur thesautwund sang in the aik
she taught her mother taesautbutter for e winter the
alang the saund bi thesautswaws skinklin i the bricht
ma chaumer lyke haeps osautat the fift watch at
afore the whole danged townsautwater tae the brim he
it indicatin that it ssautan waater tae start wi
as though i m cairryinsauttae dysart eh with all
bit o hoch on wisautti sotter on the reinge

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