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pigeon racing pe 23 bysavewemyss ancient cave society calling
pigeon racing pe 23 bysavewemyss ancient cave society calling
residents petition pe23 from bysavewemyss ancient caves society calling
petition 23 is from thesavewemyss ancient caves society it
petitions pe 23 from thesavewemyss ancient caves society the
thankfully so we managed tosavemanaged to save the money
shouts save mi save misavemi bj yiv got ti
aye beej shouts save misavemi save mi bj yiv
brother pat aye beej shoutssavemi save mi save mi
managed to save managed tosavethe money but somebody else
and who have managed tosavea little or people whose
s number one managed tosaveryan mcguffie s penalty but
saving but i managed tosaveup the erm first part
say is true help misavemah brother pat aye beej
carol macdonald on behalf ofsaveour scottish fishing communities calling
transfer issue pe107 petition bysavethe overtoun park campaign calling
crime in the first placesaveenergy costs public bodies spend
proposals for three spend tosaveinitiatives focused on delivering radical
course our three spend tosaveinitiatives will add to existing
is money we spend timesaveit waste it and even
executive consider a spend tosavescheme to bring about a
difference for health spend tosavescottish liberal democrats will protect
express on its campaign tosavescotland s small post offices
forgotten children campaign launched bysavethe children to draw attention
success of their campaign tosavethe spire at the townhead
of money now we couldsavea lot of money in
sellin me a pup taesavema money an ma life
telecommunication company who wanted tosaveme money on my line
bill will help it tosavemoney but i find that
euro can bring they willsavemoney but it will cost
long term benefit and savingssavemoney for the health service
ewing s motion we wouldsavemoney in the long run
nursery night lights all tosavemoney she says her starched
different areas but also tosavemoney we wanted to ensure
industry because ex smokers maysavemore money that is good
stey on in the hoosesavesome money ye had guid
the country but they wouldsavethe great deal of money
on because they wanted tosavethe money up to go
like oh let s s-savethe world by givin money
the more money she cansaveto take me out and
again m1108: woo hoo asavepoint again f1107: what was
m1108: see that s asavepoint f1107: is it m1108:
m1108: no i have asavepoint in snooker f1107: do
you get to do asavepoint m1108: no i have
that [?]nearly[/?] was it asavepoint you said m1108: aye
fishing industry mr james cardnosaveour scottish fishing communities will
out all the stops tosavescotland s fishing industry the
scottish executive is fighting tosavethe fishing industry while another
of well they wanted tosavethe fuel [inhale] ehm so
trade unionists trying desperately tosavetheir industry from extinction but
o unco things ross godsavethe keing duncan whaur cum
we rose an sang godsavethe queen an shuftled oot
one f832: eh s- godsavethe queen f833: do you
facts as set forth godsaveus whit facts sandy there
and sinful only god couldsaveyou but the knowledge of
na bit ye cud helpsavea life quo brian makkin
language will help serve tosavethat language 87 similar concerns
leid will help serve taesavethat leid 87 the like
was feed to help themsavetheir name they kent port
easily i even hope tosaveup some to help pay
is desperately needed let ussavegaelic by legislation in the
for us gin it disnasavehim it s aa by
ye doun the brae ansaveus aa a straik o
til a cross for tisaveus aw did he no
somethin maun be dune taesaveus birds or very sune
big as a horse guidsaveus cried santa hoo big
any more f810: it wouldsaveus ever having to open
them for offences against treessaveus fae the planners please
us no be siftit butsaveus frae aa ill for
bo halitosis and cold soressaveus from lotharios the flu
your airm an come ansaveus o branch o jesse
a paper plate that llsaveus [?]soapin[/?] m1096: and that
the flag of idealism flyingsaveus they re bawling again
the mortal faes come ansaveus you vrocht us aa
otherwise get so i shouldsaveat least enough to get
ll hope that i cansaveenough for the philadelphia trip
who were prudent enough tosavefor a better life it
d ever be able tosaveup enough coupons but i
hae ony left ower tosave60 coupons would tak me
jist tak it noo ansavedod comin back for t
tak it wi me andsavehim coming to get it
would tak me years tosaveup pause sexily is there
[laugh] f1027: mmhm it couldsavea lot of divorces though
occurs to her she cansavehersel an affa lot o
lot because they helped tosavemy bacon when i was
a situation it seemed tosavethem an awful lot of
i often think it didsavethem an awful lot of
my middle o sister sistersavemy life an i swear
been performed in order tosavethe life of the pregnant
most urgent need is tosavebinny house and as mr
the urgent need is tosavebinny house and call the
our undoubted priority is tosavebinny house any assistance that
commissioners to discuss how tosavebinny house in the interim
what he will do tosavegaelic and to ensure that
we all co operate tosavethe gaelic language gaelic is
notes that against this backgroundsavethe children is deeply concerned
parliament notes the concerns ofsavethe children regarding the humanitarian
by the scottish executive fromsavethe children the re action
the sutherland report he couldsave5 million by not going
we could sook here unmolestedsavefor thae thugs ower bad
could i oh it wouldsavemy legs it s nae
the bill that we couldsavesomewhere in the region of
it sequentially or they couldsavethem all up to the
that suit dod you couldsaveup your ain coupons an
understanding your goodness did notsaveyou because it could not
ye ve stars aa nichtsaveon the electric wi the
tae grip the ice ansavethe breet frae skytin minnie
frae as a bairn tisaveye frae the whyte christ
o clock not just tosavelight but also because you
because it is spending tosavescreening can reduce the incidence
the nick o time tosavethe firm and whit did
they rushed back they couldnaesavethe hoose but they did
the hoose but they didsavethe horses that was in
f718: did you alternate tosavethe tyres [laugh] m1078: and
m probably not going tosavehalf my residence fees after
deck wasn t going tosavehis sorry ass have your
going along with whatever wouldsaveme from a return to
in my room at universitetskayasavefor a quick jaunt to
my idea was it wouldsaveme coming back down again
wee bit it ll reallysavemy arm i know it
length he asked will yesavemy lyef the said johnne
for that and i mightsavemy passion for a wee
my one real opportunity tosavethis year the government here
and that means i cansaveto take my six machinists
a dishcloot so i llsaveyou [laugh] my mother used
an hour if we cansaveany time within that i
to know that they cansavefor a pension without the
left ane an ye cansavehim valgerd interrupts gie you
much i can afford tosavei won t know till
the underground he can tsaveso much he is in
bright side now you cansaveup and get that dormobile
ye maunna dee ah cansaveye thorfinn you gunlöd yeir
felt also the need tosavemyself and refers to how
that i ll need tosaveup a bit more now
must address is how tosavethat language i admire alasdair
stretch down its boughs tosaveforget me nots watched blankly
at s me a owersaveit for the future look
wadna dae ae thing tisaveme nanse mither weill ye
he called on his kneessaveme peter no one knows
far awa cousins it llsavesiller on the waddin invites
i ll be able tosavesome for the flight back
teem yer belly we llsaveyer sark pit caunles inno
eco warriors aw clammmerin tisavea bunch o trees pause
wadna dee an mair tisaveits fowk an nou oor
left an we r tisaveyeir fuit mercie juist luik
preventable any investment will undoubtedlysavethe nhs millions in the
you anybody any [laugh] orsaveyour skin at all you
to and was adopted tosaveboth author and reader time
right at the beginning willsaveconsiderable time over the piece
largely technical and it maysavetime for later debate if
of the policy memorandum tosavetime i will not go
minister fergus ewing it mightsavetime if we invite the
to open the gate tosaveanyone getting down from a
bearing a huge petition tosavebritain s wetlands and bogs
fund and the invest tosavebudget been dedicated to the
of prevention and investment tosavecosts in the long run
of a lead committee tosaveeuan robson s breath i
to immediately provide funding tosaveglasgow zoo from closure further
of those neither attempted tosavehimself captain ferguson was seen
when it was raining tosavehis horse getting wet henry
and was just trying tosavehis voice classes ii to
to stop fgm s1m 2534savepost office jobs lodged on
came into this world tosavesinners the moment a man
f1123: okay f1124: just tosavethat holey there the holey
lovere to his lady shalsavethat the name of soveraynetee
alliance in their attempts tosavethe great apes and seeks
who came to seek andsavethe lost fixed his eye
bill that subsection seeks tosavethe provisions of the debtors
and trying at least tosavethe textbooks from more damage
career was the attempt tosavethe waverley line from the
passed up the chance tosavethe world [censored: forename] liked the
o grace greenockians maun tosavetheir face when speired who
on the pensions system peoplesaveup and want to be
school in the summer tosavewear and tear of boots
don t do something tosaveyourself beaumont why hae you
the first een so yousavea that expense but noo
look deid tyred but wheishtsaveyeir braith pompitie this barrae
skip it if it wassavea few pun bit ye
ma revenge gin ye wulsavehim orm coughs guid nicht
being that they create wesaveon other services as a
of every 1 that theysavethe so called pension credit
brither scots sae quick taesavetheir kirk drew sword an
tax furthermore why should peoplesaveat all if the average
in the night sky andsaveenergy by specifying pollution reducing
have been mentioned those peoplesavethe state 3 4 billion
oot into the fire ansavethe coffin for the undertaker
re kinda helpless an m819: savethemselves and you know this
kens nor yet the oorsaveyou an the faither faan
land a job somewhere andsavefor a while i may
be heard in wartime edinburghsavefor the occasional burst of
monuments which might one daysavethe expenditure of another shilling
brownie is not without honoursavein her own district hortense
the contents steerin awa taesavethe knots syne in goes
2001 alex neil s1m 2301savemilngavie reservoir lodged on 4
bocht twa pair he widsavesix poun jonsar eck thocht

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