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scowl graip dung fork gravatscarfgreep byre drain grieve head
made for yer growth ascarfwas a gravat which is
i ve got a bobblescarfand a [clapping hands] little bobble
think that s a bobblescarfm1108: aye when f1107: is
his hat and his bobblescarfshouldn t he m1108: aye
her dry mochles wippit herscarftoon her thrapple hauled on
neck an a thick worsitscarfwi matchin mochles she wis
s a f1116: scarf f1115: scarfcolour is it f1116: yellow
cosy it s a f1116: scarff1115: scarf colour is it
trousers leather jacket and tartanscarfi remember i stood at
with every second a tartanscarfveteran of a hundred cup
rowed it up in hisscarfhe wis jist aboot tae
the hurcheon rowed in hisscarfits wee wise face powkin
heel thought it was ascarfagnes it s a blanket
with red beret and matchingscarfand gloves from aunty joan
on with boots gloves hatscarfand coat monday 28th november
take a jacket or ascarfcause it might be cold
square inches of flesh betweenscarfand hat where i was
up between your hat andscarfno a high wind and
by a light pink shoulderscarfand a red carnation attached
froze fiona threw a longscarfover one shoulder hitched an
sheepskin coat and wears ascarfaround his face he also
whoever he was removed thescarffrom round my neck gently
with its black and goldscarfthe diaries and the pile
city roué he wore thescarfof one now proudly like
and fitt colour s yourscarfyou got a barbie ain
m1108: [hitting noise] i got hisscarfand then i got his
not buy much except ascarfa couple of dolls and
given [censored: forename] a babushka stylescarfand an illustrated book on
the book steve removes thescarfjist pretend ah m noh
a leader she has ascarfover her head and another
brae fer winter a heidscarfsnawflakes para glidiin in tae
he gifted a rug andscarffor guild funds each member
his ears muffled in ascarfandrey hullo auld yin whit
presents which arrived yesterday thescarfis great and the photo
mittens she disnae birl herscarfbit nou twirls it an
damp hair under a patternedscarfand lolled on the edge

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