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another scots word shoon hisscarletcloak and sandal shoon in
bein in hospital i hadscarletfever and one thing and
son of carson died ofscarletfever and we had to
months in the hospital wiscarletfever m608: uh huh f637:
11 years in stonehaven fromscarletfever [note: photo: 'extract from arbuthnott school register.'] peggie tavendale also
because of an outbreak ofscarletfever on my first day
the first description of hisscarletcloak it becomes obvious that
alien colour a flash ofscarletbehind the tree no it
sky here swallows dressed inscarletflash over sunset pyres the
hermit moss happit pads atweinscarletspeingies heich jade bens fill
of water daisy chain withscarletstain and laughter silenced by
society rejected them divorcees werescarletwomen shop soiled goods not
then there are bowlfuls ofscarletstrawberries unwashed earthy rough against
holly aw they berries startlingscarletlike a fresh opened wound
auldest son pit on thescarletgoun in marischal s steer
annabelle long toes ii herscarletcomb her feathers were left
heid he wis weirin ascarletjack wi a blue jaiket
book a girl in ascarletsari stepped from the palms
me in the street thescarletbanners furl and pleat orchids
imagery the starlings sidled withscarletgreaves and burnished black green
chillie peppers wi twa langscarletwindaes i the face o
a grin oh gowd anscarletsaris fae shantytoons o tin
lips like a thread ofscarletthe breasts like young roes
crevices to flower again inscarletthrough the stonework 0 44
freckles showed then slowly toscarletwith white patches by your
yes i want the halescarletwummin bit agnes ye huvnae
into a potpourri scatter ofscarletrosehips and tiny holm oak

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