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and say that basically thescholarsand clergymen when they read
read those who could werescholarsclergymen often the two were
for young aspiring writers andscholarseager to make their mark
distinguished panel of lexicographers andscholarsof older scots dr r
murray pittock and less subtlescholarsbut the novels themselves are
and historical process poets andscholarsinvoked the national past and
a few very famous erscholarserm m608: mmhm m1174: you
that tho recognised bi scotsscholarsas a form o scots
is recognised by north americanscholarsin particular as having a
the work of north americanscholarssuch as leith davis and
sei mrs dodds an hirscholarsdaein thair lessons sittin liggin
warm simmer day e countryscholarswis sittin on a sinny
dizzen mark your fame inscholarsranks wi three that came
the select band of chinesescholarswho are also familiar with
and renaissance this conference representedscholarswith the most intimate knowledge
same disk this will providescholarswith a resource which previous
challenged by other oral traditionscholarswhat is not susceptible to
poem however that most literaryscholarshave read thirty bob a
through and by other literaturesscholarswho have recently been drawing
a puckle o his fellowscholarsforby thomas leaps to catch
vocabulary the modern trend amongscholarsof scots language is to
most but not all theologicalscholarsas the man who liberated
are probably the most learnedscholarsavailable er in glasgow m608:
spirit of the original latinscholarswhen they come to study
ane o the heidmaist javanscholarshid nae lang syne fand
writings of mediaeval churchmen andscholarsduring the early part of
o identity for thoosans oscholarsmn hae fingers e same
from like er you knowscholarsfrom abroad or from down
mony o us apairt fraescholarscuid unnerstaund the writins o
cooncil local politeecians an thescholarspaurents an aa frae ae
the work previously discussed byscholarssuch as hecht wittig and
of the concern felt byscholarsthat dost might founder by
skilled and expert people engineersscholarsinnovators and sportsmen but none
up strecht wiout giein yerscholarsan angle or twa the

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