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pfi contracts to renew councilschoolsand believes that pfi has
pfi contracts to renew councilschoolsand believes that pfi has
average better than early pfischoolsb there was criticism by
private finance initiative pfi inschoolsin england which compared 17
the pfi deal for glasgowschoolsis likely to cost taxpayers
evidence that pfi schemes deliveredschoolsmore quickly than more traditional
difference between traditional and pfischoolson unit costs d there
s1m 1127 tommy sheridan glasgowschoolspfi that the parliament notes
private finance initiative procurement inschoolstaking the initiative using pfi
private finance initiative procurement inschoolstaking the initiative using pfi
finance initiative pfi procurement inschoolstaking the initiative using pfi
finance initiative pfi procurement inschoolstaking the initiative using pfi
private finance initiative procurement inschoolstaking the initiative using pfi
pfi contracts to renew councilschoolsthat the executive should consider
pfi contracts to renew councilschoolswelcomes the availability of such
pfi contracts to renew councilschoolswelcomes the availability of such
pfi contracts to renew councilschoolswelcomes the availability of such
compared 17 of 25 pfischoolswith 12 traditionally funded schools
and quality in scottish secondaryschools1994 97 english 2000 which
and voc courses in secondaryschoolsa new innovation then i
sports co ordinators in secondaryschoolsabout some of the things
upper stages of scottish secondaryschoolsaims to achieve authentic language
i nursery schools ii primaryschoolsand iii secondary schools for
no comprehensives you had grammarschoolsand secondary modern schools erm
from different nationalities all secondaryschoolsare eligible to apply for
for secondary school pupils someschoolsare taking advantage of the
technology education within scottish secondaryschoolsas a national priority this
the cluster group of primaryschoolsattached to each secondary school
are gaelic departments within secondaryschoolsbut most of the subjects
second year of our secondaryschoolsdo not meet national standards
roles across a group ofschoolsenable secondary school sports teachers
grammar schools and secondary modernschoolserm and i went to
executive what percentage of secondaryschoolsexceeded their targets for attainment
primary schools and iii secondaryschoolsfor each year since 1997
in state primary and secondaryschoolsfrom 1997 to 2000 s1w
a primary and b secondaryschoolshave disabled access and which
b secondary and c specialschoolsin 1998 99 s1w 9120
2002 refurbishment programme of secondaryschoolsin glasgow s1w 19436 dorothy
2002 refurbishment programme of secondaryschoolsin glasgow s1w 19437 dorothy
have seen in our secondaryschoolsin my lifetime and substantial
of school milk in secondaryschoolsin order to fulfil the
conducted in 25 of secondaryschoolsin scotland sought to uncover
cutting the budget for secondaryschoolsin the kingdom and doubling
technology for primary and secondaryschoolsincluding details of any plans
over the period in secondaryschoolsit is estimated that around
laboratory facilities in all secondaryschoolslinking with science centres and
reducing class sizes in secondaryschoolsnot only did we build
scottish executive how many secondaryschoolsoffer a latin and b
old pupils in edinburgh secondaryschoolsperceive to be the languages
s1m 4006 south lanarkshire secondaryschoolsppp proposal lodged on 11
linda fabiani south lanarkshire secondaryschoolsppp proposal that the parliament
had support for its secondaryschoolsproject from the treasury task
are currently employed in secondaryschoolss1w 15009 michael russell to
distribution to primary and secondaryschoolss1w 24782 margaret smith to
in both primary and secondaryschoolss1w 2599 dorothy grace elder
music in primary and secondaryschoolss1w 392 michael russell to
relationship with primary and secondaryschoolssecondary schools work closely with
been for primary and secondaryschoolssince may 1997 and what
university city with many feederschoolssri lankan secondary pupils all
teachers in primary and secondaryschoolsthan we had a year
in all primary and secondaryschoolsthis objective is to be
specialist teachers based in secondaryschoolsto provide primary school teaching
in scottish primary and secondaryschoolsusing such comprehensive and scholarly
in secondary than in primaryschoolswhereas primary teachers appear generally
private partnership proposal for secondaryschoolswhich if implemented will lead
kilbride where 50 of secondaryschoolswill be lost resulting in
scotland in primary and secondaryschoolswith the active primary schools
primary and secondary schools secondaryschoolswork closely with the company
expansion of opportunities in primaryschools17 10 irene oldfather cunninghame
is available in 60 primaryschools4 one of the five
after school clubs in primaryschoolsand b call upon the
for school milk in primaryschoolsand further calls for reintroduction
of foreign languages in primaryschoolsand provide teaching facilities in
some of the deeside primaryschoolsand staff in one nursery
give it out in primaryschoolsand that now it started
teaching of swimming in primaryschoolsand whether it has any
concerns given that rural primaryschoolsare an intrinsic part of
smaller class sizes in primaryschoolsbut by reducing class sizes
midlothian the refurbishment of primaryschoolsby glasgow city council and
lives and concerns seven primaryschoolscame to the scottish parliament
foreign language teaching in primaryschoolseducation minister peter peacock stressed
learn that in some primaryschoolselements of bsl are taught
merger or closure of primaryschoolsespecially in rural areas the
gaelic medium primary units orschoolsexist and what special funding
study of the 10 feederschoolsfor aboyne academy braemar primary
3264 dunino primary school ecoschoolsgreen flag award lodged on
primary schools many of theschoolshad already been working on
vacancies was in i nurseryschoolsii primary schools and iii
take their expertise into primaryschoolsimprove support for clubs and
registered to teach in primaryschoolsin each of the past
of asylum seekers in primaryschoolsin glasgow lodged on 15
closure of the four primaryschoolsin the stirling area s1w
he wrote to 44 primaryschoolsinviting them to participate 36
to teach languages in primaryschoolsis important the earlier that
s gotta come from primaryschoolsit s gotta it s
mossbank brae and olnafirth primaryschoolsjeanette s first day in
teach foreign languages in primaryschoolslabour s record is not
young scots from nearly 700schoolsmainly primary are still entering
turn this will help primaryschoolsmake more progress more quickly
interest in europe amongst primaryschoolsmany of the schools had
will certainly do in primaryschoolsmembers will be aware that
about burns in our primaryschoolson the assumption that our
of symbister and lunnasting primaryschoolson their success this week
in physical activity in primaryschoolsperhaps it is an obsession
requested in the active primaryschoolsprogramme and in school sport
level with the active primaryschoolsprogramme and school sports co
schools with the active primaryschoolsprogramme and school sports co
of primary schools to nurseryschoolss1o 6704 the deputy minister
white sign language in primaryschoolsthat the parliament congratulates st
scott symbister and lunnasting primaryschoolsthat the parliament congratulates the
iii winter in many primaryschoolsthe curriculum rightly retains a
teaching was introduced into primaryschoolsthe practicalities were not observed
11 and attended edinburgh primaryschoolsthe schools were selected by
putting copies into all primaryschoolsthere is still therefore place
write information reports in primaryschoolsthis is part of the
closure or merger of primaryschoolsto nursery schools s1o 6704
closure or merger of primaryschoolsto nursery schools were it
of primary schools to nurseryschoolswere it not for the
attended edinburgh primary schools theschoolswere selected by social catchment
for primary school pupils attendingschoolswith 65 or less pupils
from low paid workers inschoolsand colleges by making arrangements
do this year the sqaschoolsand colleges have worked hard
and teaching modern languages inschoolsand colleges in scotland december
common the language staff ofschoolsand colleges may see possibilities
grade exams as they affectedschoolsand colleges mr macintosh were
the provision of support toschoolsand colleges the view from
a good relationship with localschoolsand colleges there was a
has subsequently been issued toschoolsand colleges to assist them
be developed and available toschoolsand colleges to deliver the
lecturers and the management inschoolsand colleges who are at
fair to say that inschoolsas opposed to colleges the
engaged with all key stakeholdersschoolscolleges and candidates and has
the work of local authoritiesschoolscolleges universities and voluntary bodies
real terms on education includingschoolsuniversities and colleges in 1992
statement on the new communityschoolsinitiative and its plans to
statement on the new communityschoolsinitiative and its plans to
from current private finance initiativeschoolsprojects are transferred to future
to be taught in ourschools16 46 colin campbell west
in books and taught inschoolsas correct written english one
was taught in the catholicschoolsbut f606: yeah yeah f1067:
still be taught in ourschoolsbut only as a second
being taught in many scottishschoolsdrawing on several origins the
t get taught it inschoolsf835: speak scots you don
could be effectively taught inschoolsnone of them has an
its participation in the millenniumschoolsproject which taught the basics
not being taught appropriately inschoolsthat there is insufficient linkage
is only taught in muslimschoolsthe whole notion of language
are now taught in theschoolsto some extent and are
medium of instruction in otherschoolswelsh is taught as a
has been taught in scottishschoolswithout taking into account the
demand make schools genuinely communityschoolsaccessible to all and open
who has visited 66 countryschoolsand 39 city schools during
schools with 12 traditionally fundedschoolsand in particular notes that
christine grahame schools the convenerschoolsas well if necessary the
the schools how have scottishschoolsbeen treating burns in the
country schools and 39 cityschoolsduring her last four years
you ve got all theseschoolser very good schools watson
courses the checks depend onschoolsestimates being accurate schools estimates
on schools estimates being accurateschoolsestimates for standard grade examinations
where there is demand makeschoolsgenuinely community schools accessible to
children 2 record of theschoolshow have scottish schools been
determining educational achievement in ourschoolsin my constituency the schools
schools policy on development andschoolsinvolvement in regional events which
f965: oh private schools schmivateschools[laugh] [laugh] f963: but at
us is for outreach andschoolsliaison i m the schools
schools liaison i m theschoolsofficer and james is the
often they used these resourcesschoolspolicy on development and schools
the eighties f965: oh privateschoolsschmivate schools [laugh] [laugh] f963:
be relatively inexpensive christine grahameschoolsthe convener schools as well
of across the the differentschoolsthere are certain schools where
these schools er very goodschoolswatson s heriot s and
different schools there are certainschoolswhere it s [?]probably[/?] m741:
schools in my constituency theschoolswith the biggest classes are
the standards in scotland sschoolsact 2000 includes gaelic 3
the standards in scotland sschoolsact 2000 which is defined
improve standards in scotland sschoolsand considers that greater devolution
standards develop safer routes toschoolsand promote walking buses and
the standards in scotland sschoolsbill 5 00 pm decision
the standards in scotland sschoolsbill 5 00 pm decision
the standards in scotland sschoolsbill s1m 877 mr sam
the standards in scotland sschoolsbill the sqa the children
place in the standards inschoolsetc act 2000 and recognises
place in the standards inschoolsetc act 2000 and recognises
the standards in scotland sschoolsetc act 2000 asp 6
the standards in scotland sschoolsetc act 2000 asp 6
the standards in scotland sschoolsetc act 2000 commencement no
the standards in scotland sschoolsetc act 2000 commencement no
the standards in scotland sschoolsetc act 2000 commencement no
7 standards in scotland sschoolsetc act 2000 provides that
the standards in scotland sschoolsetc act 2000 s1o 5397
the standards in scotland sschoolsetc act 2000 we pointed
the standards in scotland sschoolsetc bill be passed 5
4 standards in scotland sschoolsetc bill in private the
4 standards in scotland sschoolsetc bill in private the
the standards in scotland sschoolsetc bill is on wednesday
september standards in scotland sschoolsetc bill royal assent received
march standards in scotland sschoolsetc bill stage 1 consideration
february standards in scotland sschoolsetc bill stage 1 consideration
may standards in scotland sschoolsetc bill stage 2 completed
march standards in scotland sschoolsetc bill stage 2 day
may standards in scotland sschoolsetc bill stage 3 meeting
galbraith standards in scotland sschoolsetc bill that the parliament
3 standards in scotland sschoolsetc bill the committee will
3 standards in scotland sschoolsetc bill the committee will
afternoon standards in scotland sschoolsetc bill the second day
the standards in scotland sschoolsetc bill which was wrongly
on improving standards in scottishschoolss1o 107 24 mr brian
on improving standards in scottishschoolss1o 107 24 mr brian
that section 77 of theschoolsstandards and framework act 1988
consulted section 77 of theschoolsstandards and framework act 1988
is not being valued inschoolsand teaching of it is
support and teaching materials forschoolsfor the new national qualifications
teaching staff from all shetlandschoolshave been enhanced though the
teaching of modern languages inschoolsi have no time to
guidance to education authorities andschoolsprovides ample opportunities for teaching
goin round teaching in theschoolsso i suppose that kind
such as through joint campusschoolsteaching of minority subjects and
teaching of writing in britishschoolsthe curriculum cycle in the
teaching children to cook inschoolswas a waste of time
the teaching of gaelic inschoolswould that come under the
blamed teachers head teachers orschoolsalthough a few eis members
assessment on young people teachersschoolsand as it turned out
teachers are taken out ofschoolsand coached in the basque
important factor many teachers inschoolsand members of all the
view that the sqa blamedschoolsand teachers for failures the
a tendency to blame theschoolsand teachers for weaknesses in
to consider the balance betweenschoolsand teachers the matters require
impact on many teachers inschoolsbecause they would not be
identified by individual teachers andschoolsi presume that all the
teachers were promoting scots inschoolsin fact many were favorably
all head teachers of theschoolsselected for study of the
strong partnership with education authoritiesschoolsteachers and parents in raising
strong partnership with education authoritiesschoolsteachers and parents in raising
for teachers in scotland sschoolsthrough the appointment of an
for teachers in scotland sschoolsthrough the appointment of an
pressure on teachers in scottishschoolsto implement the programme before
more conducive to teachers andschoolswe would not be overtly
seven pupils attending upper deesideschoolsand all the children were
who were pupils in scottishschoolsand classrooms in the 1950s
pupils including some in specialschoolsand secure units normally a
present method of reporting onschoolsand their pupils attainment through
sections of education pupils inschoolsare told this was certainly
information texts by pupils inschoolscan be seen as both
pupils data on the feederschoolsfor aboyne academy was supplied
pupils of three east endschoolshozier street parkhead and martyr
since 1999 for pupils atschoolsin clydebank and milngavie s1w
seven pupils from eight localschoolsmethodology and discussion 3 1
pupils of rugby and ruffwoodschoolspublic school meets comprehensive we
important that pupils in ourschoolsreceive appropriate clear information and
with this material the participatingschoolsreceived a four page pupils
for pupils are applicable inschoolss1o 5831 4 alex fergusson
stipulate 3 aims as followsschoolsshould develop pupils skills and
seven pupils from 8 localschoolsthe children were selected according
pupils in 1 500 scottishschoolswith a map of their
available to them under theschoolsestate funding package s1o 6413
ensuring that information technology inschoolsis up to date s1o
the pe and sport inschoolsprogramme s1o 6392 20 alex
and other physical activities inschoolss1o 100 11 tricia marwick
and other physical activities inschoolss1o 100 11 tricia marwick
to improve the fabric ofschoolss1o 2747 17 alex neil
it is tackling truancy inschoolss1o 4675 3 10 pm
taken to promote sport inschoolss1o 4695 6 karen whitefield
visits between scottish and europeanschoolss1o 4942 15 kate maclean
as it affects education inschoolss1o 5180 the minister for
remains committed to supporting communityschoolss1o 5427 5 brian fitzpatrick
the renovation and building ofschoolss1o 5435 16 mr tom
the issue of violence inschoolss1o 6302 5 irene oldfather
proposals for music tuition inschoolss1o 6361 19 bill butler
proposals for investment in cityschoolss1o 6467 28 christine grahame
will promote healthy living inschoolss1o 6478 7 irene mcgugan
method of target setting inschoolss1o 80 15 marilyn livingstone
method of target setting inschoolss1o 80 15 marilyn livingstone
to allow security upgrades ofschoolsto be made s1o 1830
to return all directly fundedschoolsto local authority control s1o
to return all directly fundedschoolsto local authority control s1o
overall project co ordinated allschoolsand educational activities provided workshops
project equal opportunities initiatives inschoolsand training at the scottish
which is now termed theschoolsbritish sign language project is
provide a breakdown of theschoolsexcellence fund by project and
taking a group of sixschoolsit is an ambitious project
projects the glasgow city councilschoolsproject and the scottish tourist
the objectives of the millenniumschoolsproject are outlined prior to
interesting that the east lothianschoolsproject is one that puk
project 2000 5 the millenniumschoolsproject which is now termed
project does excellent work inschoolsto help those who have
sex education in scotland sschools8 equalities checklist and research
2000 and to ensure thatschoolsand education authorities are able
the scottish executive ensuring thatschoolsand education authorities are carrying
of education offered by shetlandschoolsand sends its best wishes
education system or in ourschoolsand that we continue to
kate cherry hm inspector ofschoolsassociation of directors of education
functions relating to education inschoolsb functions relating to the
quality of education in ourschoolsdepends on the professionalism and
quality of education in ourschoolsdepends on the professionalism and
funding c grants for preschoolseducation and d funding from
get religious education in theschoolshere f641: yeah f639: but
role of civic education inschoolsin focusing on the broad
children through education and theschoolsin order to raise their
parliaments education authorities nominated twoschoolsin their area to send
ministerial responsibility for education andschoolslodged on 3 december 2001
fund for example rudolph steinerschoolsmake education for life i
provision of language education inschoolsrecognises the vital role of
the conduct of education inschoolsrev iain murdoch is here
education and drugs education inschoolsrev iain murdoch no of
sex and drugs education inschoolsrev iain murdoch there is
place emphasis on education inschoolsshould there not also be
that all education authorities andschoolstake their responsibilities in that
for giving sex education inschoolsthe reason has always been
languages is introduced into mainstreamschoolsthen education could become segregated
bodies including education authorities andschoolsto eliminate unlawful racial discrimination
is not reasonable to expectschoolsto provide x medium education
special needs appropriately in mainstreamschoolswhilst recognising that mainstream education
with consideration of these itemsschoolsinfrastructure inquiry in private the
loads o m1048: yeah f1049: schoolsit was all like private
went on later in privateschoolsso it s it s
government finances of building newschoolsthrough public private partnership rather
er e- except in privateschoolswhere it went on to
it was all like privateschoolswi like the ties and
industry to play in theschoolscultural co ordinators pilot programme
programme of record investment inschoolshospitals roads courts and other
programme options available to individualschoolsranging from a one hour
start programme and new communityschoolss1w 24728 michael matheson to
building and renovation programme theseschoolsshould be available to the
to develop inclusive practice inschoolsand assist children and young
children currently attend non denominationalschoolsand b non roman catholic
that you want children inschoolsand patients in hospitals to
by the children introduction theschoolsevent on europe day was
children and breakfast clubs inschoolsin 1999 liberal democrats promised
children from some of theschoolsin scotland that were unable
to children and that theschoolsmust continue to be funded
improving attainment in literacy inschoolspre school children should be
children currently attend roman catholicschoolss1w 24715 trish godman to
the children from all theschoolsthought they were all three
is being used in scottishschoolsto teach children in the
necessary for children in scottishschoolswe should agree to take
when the children in ourschoolswho after all are tomorrow
children the important new communityschoolswork with many of the
to tell local authorities employersschoolsand health workers about the
use in local authorities andschoolsand hence english departments of
strategies to assist local authoritiesschoolsand sports clubs to share
authorities can deliver it inschoolsand to ensure that executive
document ehm local authorities andschoolsneed to play their part
authorities are taking forward individualschoolsprojects to the markets and
by the council to theirschoolsbudget earlier this year s1w
recent redefinition of routes toschoolsby renfrewshire council and if
north lanarkshire council concerning cumbernauldschoolsclosures contained inaccuracies further notes
council recently awarded shetland anotherschoolscraft residency a progression from
the locations of the proposedschoolsnotes that the council s
north ayrshire council and theschoolsof north ayrshire for the
the east lothian and midlothianschoolsprojects the glasgow city council
b south lanarkshire council forschoolsreorganisation and closures in their
committee many of the participatingschoolsalso visited other parts of
to teach in gaelic mediumschoolsand how many of these
the scottish prison service andschoolsare not included many people
live to enable as manyschoolsas possible to participate throughout
scottish executive how many scottishschoolshave a sports co ordinator
of concordance for many yearsschoolshave been told that they
many special educational needs stateschoolshave closed from 1997 to
close the opportunity gap manyschoolshave used their resources creatively
the scottish executive how manyschoolsin glasgow are known to
of spoken scots in theschoolsmany grammatical syntactical and idiomatic
many followers and numerous subschoolsof his approach still the
of parity of esteem manyschoolswere not comfortable with the
how many of the scottishschoolswhich employ a sports co
on the supposition that manyschoolswould currently be using the
have been in so manyschoolsyou know f965: yeah but
designed to tackle underperformance inschoolsand ensure that every school
designed to tackle underperformance inschoolsand ensure that every school
through the home through communityschoolsand within the school and
school the the the theschoolshad eh sort o eh
visit joint school trips withschoolsin different european countries sending
school of the 35 ofschoolswho did so the scots
in pre school groups andschoolswill build on that foundation
into gaelic for gaelic mediumschoolscarnegie centre has provided 30
history geography or gaelic someschoolshave been very visionary and
of the gaelic language inschoolshowever the gaelic language scotland
in scots and gaelic forschoolsincludes poems or songs in
information it is providing toschoolsand young people with regard
was perceived to be thatschoolshad not submitted the information
data on aboyne academy feederschoolsiii 14 hmi information iii
provision of information as toschoolsscotland amendment regulations 2000 ssi
provision of information as toschoolsscotland amendment regulations 2000 ssi
provision of information as toschoolsscotland amendment regulations 2000 ssi
that we were getting fromschoolswas that information was being
of the eu the participatingschoolswere given information packs containing
are speaking scots in ourschoolsand communities words are passed
to be tackled in ourschoolsand have set up websites
your good works in ourschoolsand homes we the men
the success of our comprehensiveschoolsand seek to promote social
often been presented in ourschoolsas bad grammar because it
race equality in all ourschoolscathy jamieson the member will
keeping burns alive in ourschoolshas been quite remarkable if
use of scots in ourschoolsi also welcome the work
for scottish literature in ourschoolsi have argued that the
of what happens in ourschoolsis down to the robert
what is happening in ourschoolsit is important that we
to see craftwork promoted inschoolsspeechless with wonder our sheep
delivers the flexibility in ourschoolsthat will revitalise professionalism and
and new flexibility in ourschoolsthe agreement is being delivered
our record in scotland sschoolsto improve the executive has
neither of us mentioned ourschoolswhen we met up then
for multilingual provision in ourschoolswhich irene oldfather mentioned is
will blossom especially in ourschoolswhich is where policy should
up the hutcheson s grammarschoolsin glasgow fergusson s scottish
but i think a fewschoolsin glasgow now are also
with asbestos in glasgow sschoolss1w 6040 rhoda grant to
glasgow who work in mainstreamschoolsso er again we re
gibson glasgow snp milk inschoolsthat the parliament notes with
easton i have statements fromschoolsabout e mails being sent
recommended for use in theirschoolsand that they are being
abroad and being studied inschoolsand universities at large the
but the knock on effectsschoolsbeing given the wrong number
materials were not arriving inschoolsbut we were being told
input once they had leftschoolsdata being input inaccurately and
being taken by several scottishschoolsprojects and by the scottish
different mistake is being madeschoolssubmitted data timeously last year
materials were being used inschoolsthroughout scotland for example in
being sought from the participatingschoolsto find out what they
to promote race equality inschoolsa consistent approach to the
on the response in theschoolsa special feltmaking lesson was
expand the number of scottishschoolsactively involved in enterprise in
most of us found inschoolsalthough it has been picking
who were in communication withschoolsalthough there might be some
variety of adaptations in australianschoolsand as can be seen
years in a variety ofschoolsand at a variety of
the role of libraries inschoolsand communities particularly in fostering
the provision of accommodation inschoolsand community centres and payment
play of infrastructure investment inschoolsand hospitals and so on
the scottish executive whether anyschoolsand hospitals in the area
joint study of sectarianism inschoolsand how it might be
made in tackling indiscipline inschoolsand in addressing concerns over
is running mock elections inschoolsand in the european year
valuable materials for use inschoolsand it has never forgotten
been to erm five hundredschoolsand libraries in the past
the treatment of scots inschoolsand some poems were written
goin on just now inschoolsand stuff like that to
in the media and inschoolsand that the object of
a breakdown in communication betweenschoolsand the sqa s computer
from those offered in englishschoolsand this is not merely
and improved food quality inschoolsand throughout scotland building on
to promote the language inschoolsand universities what causes us
and those employed in scottishschoolsand who have an interest
in the corridors of theseschoolsand yet in upper deeside
aa the f1104: yep f1103: schoolsare shut every one in
f813: the toilets in theschoolsare tiny f814: tiny f812:
frontline services such as localschoolsare witnessing cuts in their
importance of effective assessment inschoolsas a means of improving
brian monteith effective assessment inschoolsas an amendment to motion
effective assessment in scotland sschoolsas an amendment to motion
effective assessment in scotland sschoolsas an amendment to motion
brian monteith effective assessment inschoolsas an amendment to motion
standard s in scotland sschoolsbill be allotted as follows
standard s in scotland sschoolsbill be allotted as follows
national policy for scots inschoolsbroadcasting and other areas of
work to maximum effect inschoolsbuilt and maintained to world
at home and german inschoolsbusiness work shops where a
of what was happening inschoolsbut seemed to be failing
limited extent so far inschoolsbut their use not been
science and technological subjects inschoolsby investing in modern laboratory
and design and science inschoolscan that be substantiated if
into the community the shetlandschoolscraft residency shetland hats in
given its due place inschoolscurricula in early 1993 all
when you were in englishschoolsdid they play hot- hopscotch
was commonly held in scottishschoolsdo you believe that view
future this briefing details theschoolsevent that took place in
in each of the threeschoolsextra projects evolved building on
locking gates and things inschoolsf631: [laugh] f634: cause they
out and about in scottishschoolsfinding out about the good
on flexibility and innovation inschoolsfollowed by parliamentary bureau motions
effective assessment in scotland sschoolsfollowed by parliamentary bureau motions
tawse strap used in scottishschoolsfor corporal punishment thay thays
the workshop with the twoschoolsfrom oxton in berwickshire and
in which we found ourselvesschoolshad to make difficult decisions
traditional views of grammar inschoolshas its roots in the
notes that in some casesschoolshave been allowed to fall
in the past few yearsschoolshave been told only once
all the religions in theschoolshere but it s absolutely
job in one of theschoolshere i come in handy
work in one of theschoolshere part time so that
i realised only working inschoolshow fortunate we were because
for providing free milk inschoolsi always enjoyed my free
the relationship between clubs andschoolsi am interested in the
we had ye know inschoolsi mean this is about
not be predicted in individualschoolsi stick by what i
[laugh] mmhm f951: teachin inschoolsi try my best tae
currently exist in scotland sschoolsi will highlight four of
earlier report on sport inschoolsian jenkins is to report
i think sometimes in inschoolsif a pupil or whatever
over the proposed closure ofschoolsin cumbernauld and calls upon
of additional financial resources forschoolsin each local authority and
mindful that in some highschoolsin edinburgh someone might have
as well i actually visitedschoolsin er belfast ehm looking
post show that upper deesideschoolsin general actively encourage the
eh cause yeah m605: withschoolsin mind or m741: yeah
recognised incorporated and validated inschoolsin order to preserve the
rural development foresees for ruralschoolsin relation to rural development
that was issued to allschoolsin scotland to support staff
2 900 to 3 000schoolsin scotland which will ensure
handling of burns in theschoolsin so doing i have
really took root in scottishschoolsin the 1960s although a
to the budgets of localschoolsin the area and when
of the very high qualityschoolsin the area one of
we bother with burns inschoolsin the context of educational
to upgrade all the highschoolsin the county although i
also had a look atschoolsin the islands but they
scots specialist throughout the cityschoolsin the large inner city
t get it in theschoolsin the united states f641:
welsh language scheme in someschoolsin wales welsh is the
as a modern language inschoolsin which qualifications could be
current attitudes to grammar inschoolsincluding the approach of the
application for revenue funding forschoolsinitially anticipated in april 2002
reach a situation in whichschoolsinput data and they are
in honour of a visitingschoolsinspector last month but never
try to encourage in inschoolsis the use of scots
people if not in theschoolsit is not that long
do with the curriculum inschoolsit is suggested that maths
neglect of scots in theschoolsit is very difficult to
before the courses started inschoolsit was just not an
the potential of burns inschoolsits contributors were mainly concerned
in music among north ayrshireschoolsjunior and senior choirs and
mcneill s1m 570 milk inschoolslodged on 21 february 2000
gorrie s1m 570 milk inschoolslodged on 21 february 2000
s1m 2867 bagpipe tuition inschoolslodged on 8 march 2002
we re gonna teach inschoolsm741: yeah m605: right that
at the moment in scottishschoolsm865: mmhm mmhm u1028: [inaudible]
facilities that are available inschoolsmight be okay for boys
to promoting race equality inschoolsmoreover in conjunction with others
the role of bsl inschoolsmust be considered 116 this
repair bill faced by scottishschoolsnotes that in some cases
had been piloted in particularschoolsor establishments that would have
the representation of scots inschoolsover a period of generations
number of craft residencies inschoolsover three years a scotland
healthy with 2600 in theschoolsoverall he concluded with an
parliament supports the role ruralschoolsplay in maintaining the social
the promotion of scots inschoolspreparation of higher still material
have been contemplated such asschoolsprojects in east lothian and
more material in scots forschoolsrecognition of scots under part
improving attainment in literacy inschoolsreferred to above and it
covered in the curriculum inschoolss1f 2627 the first minister
effective assessment in scotland sschoolss1m 2236 mr jack mcconnell
forces in the new communityschoolss1w 1435 mr brian monteith
ordinators are in place inschoolss1w 32857 rhona brankin to
available at all times inschoolss1w 7134 dorothy grace elder
the target language in someschoolss3 may also provide the
improving attainment in literacy inschoolsscottish executive publication part 1
all sports delivered by theschoolsso we must work in
effective assessment in scotland sschoolsthat the parliament recognises the
impact on service provision inschoolsthe census offers an opportunity
of english language in scottishschoolsthe guidelines also make specific
competition running in the localschoolsthe post office made available
reasonably predicted by people inschoolsthe problems with the recruitment
authors have received in scottishschoolsthere has been after all
and vocabulary are used inschoolsthere is little or no
factor in predicting success inschoolsthere is no evidence that
that returning the scripts toschoolsthis year will create in
that is done in localschoolsthroughout ayrshire as a former
is already going on inschoolsthroughout scotland mr brian monteith
in the residency jeanette visitedschoolsto develop a residency theme
we will promote sport inschoolsto encourage young people to
acceptable behaviour contracts and encourageschoolsto include parenting skills in
raw material for creativity inschoolsto learn skills to complement
strongly encourage all publicly fundedschoolsto participate in the new
strongly encourage all publicly fundedschoolsto participate in the new
might put more pressure onschoolsto submit appeals in the
what has burns to offerschoolstoday in what follows i
ehm in the public publicschools[tut] but ehm so we
a demand in scotland sschoolswe have also responded to
place in a number ofschoolswe need a national examination
professional in their dealings withschoolswe should not allow aspersions
what about teachin scots inschoolswe ve had ehm the
local flexibility and innovation inschoolswelcomes the increased emphasis on
local flexibility and innovation inschoolswelcomes the increased emphasis on
million more than if theschoolswere built and refurbished in
running for six years theschoolswere more or less in
but that s only inschoolswhere there s a high
introduce drugs cordons round scottishschoolswhereby anyone caught dealing in
undertaken to identify improvements inschoolswhich are attributable to the
in thousands of professionals fromschoolswho choose whether to do
put on administrative staff inschoolswho had to be diverted
on people in hospitals andschoolswho need the best food
of recognition of scots inschoolswill lead to the fragility
concurrence checks in effect inschoolswith a proven good track
was measured in terms ofschoolswith a roll of over
going work senior staff inschoolswould input data in various
sayin it or somethin inschoolsyou know m1014: yeah f1054:
june will be delivered toschoolsbusiness bulletin 124 2000 friday
s1m 815 safer routes toschoolslodged on 8 may 2000
to build public sector homesschoolscommunity facilities and hospitals d
structure and fabric of theirschoolsinfrastructure and other community facilities
responses from a number ofschoolsafter all who is the
my disabled friends went toschoolsall over the city integration
all went to fee payingschoolsand it s still gr-
and all the things thatschoolsare assessed against so i
at the sqa not allschoolsare on e mail yet
of the document to allschoolsasking them to pass it
day was all about theschoolsevent taking place that day
now ehm so talking aboutschoolsfirst of all ehm what
employees at all levels withinschoolsian jenkins mr shanks as
art staff and all theschoolsknitting instructors the close collaboration
was it was for allschoolslike and stuff but i
bus routes and roads toschoolsthat will all be lost
use technology to link allschoolsto make sure they can
first of all talking aboutschoolsuh what what do you
ensure that all computers withinschoolswith access to the internet
democracy and distributed it toschoolsacross scotland every copy of
leaflet will be sent toschoolsacross scotland msps from across
2002 the scottish parliament invitedschoolsacross scotland to come to
the scottish parliament received fromschoolsacross scotland wishing to participate
by 21 march 2003 theschoolsscotland code amendment regulations 2003
by 21 march 2003 theschoolsscotland code amendment regulations 2003
by 21 march 2003 theschoolsscotland code amendment regulations 2003
by 21 march 2003 theschoolsscotland code amendment regulations 2003
by 21 march 2003 theschoolsscotland code amendment regulations 2003
by 21 march 2003 theschoolsscotland code amendment regulations 2003
hundreds of young people fromschoolsthroughout scotland we have an
support the use of summerschoolsand camps organised by local
and generally close links betweenschoolsand their local communities have
to be more money forschoolshealth the police and local
might be sent to localschoolsmultiple occupancy it was agreed
the hsdu were giving toschoolsabout implementation that was not
there was intensive dialogue withschoolsabout the data that were
ten year olds from 36schoolsacross the north east were
said he was goin intoschoolsan bairns were aa sittin
fields were taken out ofschoolsand they wonder why people
when we were there withschoolsand you d think because
and erm there were otherschoolsfrom balerno they were they
we were going to differentschoolsgood friends are priceless you
press late on suggesting thatschoolshad been contacted were misleading
of course then the betterschoolsof course were the proper
science was taken out ofschoolssports fields were taken out
even when you know theschoolswere difficult and so on
assumed that that was becauseschoolswere experiencing difficulties with their
and the borders the followingschoolswere involved gullane and ormiston
was flagged up regularly butschoolswere not listened to as
f963: mm mmhm m762: publicschoolswere set up and you
o neil the upper deesideschoolswere very amenable to permitting
that than others were someschoolswould be more able to
her majesty s inspectors ofschoolsand possibly the higher still
rather than reckless push onschoolsfrom the higher still development
of examination scripts to theschoolsof those candidates who still
still implementation getting feedback fromschoolson higher still and developing
quite a standard one theschoolsstill do it erm and
the generations often forming intoschoolsbased on the work of
work and enterprise within scottishschoolsexpresses concern that at the
work and enterprise within scottishschoolsexpresses concern that at the
work and enterprise within scottishschoolsexpresses concern that at the
non denominational and roman catholicschoolsand if so what these
of these inaccuracies that theschoolsclosures process is flawed and
t know any of theseschoolsf812: i don t know
or funding regime of theseschoolsfor at least a year
have been established around scottishschoolsand where are they the
consultation police fife racial prejudiceschoolsclass sizes scottish borders economy
final o the scottish scottishschoolscup m815: yeah m816: and
of the majority of scottishschoolsjohann lamont i did not
be sent to the participatingschoolsthe scottish parliament website also
membership through links with partnerschoolsalthough it states that it
and driven tanks through palestinianschoolsand universities playing fields and
one off events organised throughschoolswhich use the experience of
from some of the otherschoolsabout their views on closer
he doesn t the otherschoolsare miles away and the
there was loads of otherschoolsas well f1148: mmhm mmhm
of the relative performance ofschoolsby including factors other than
was just i know otherschoolsdidn t make you do
wasn t really like otherschools[inaudible] like focused more on
on is to let otherschoolsother establishments know what we
change the estimates than otherschoolsron tuck perhaps would not
big centre for loads ofschoolsthere was loads of other
system which provides specialisation byschoolsand more choice for parents
be cast on them howeverschoolshave been more comfortable with
devolve more power down toschoolsincluding more budgetary control for
resources more closely relevant toschoolsit has sponsored over the
more positive view of bilingualismschoolsshould strive to promote the
and second year er someschoolsha- again have looked at
of the reason that someschoolshave moved across and the
some of those high qualityschoolsi hope that east lothian
glossary by david murison someschoolsnow benefit from visiting tutors
constabulary and hm inspector ofschools8 staff of the parliament
run they are prepared forschoolsand a tape is provided
mm m762: ang-ang- anglicised publicschoolsand and and and kind
between museums and galleries andschoolsand by increased touring of
ready comparison of results betweenschoolsand generally close links between
water which goes to cubanschoolsand homes further notes that
to make a difference putschoolsand hospitals before tax cuts
to encourage procurement programmes forschoolsand hospitals for example which
independence as a priority beforeschoolsand hospitals the conservatives only
guard the charitable status ofschoolsand i am sure that
care services it mentions independentschoolsand independent provision and talks
asylum seekers and immigrants swampingschoolsand medical practices such comments
remote areas fund links toschoolsand public agencies if possible
huge infrastructure now there sschoolsand shops and you know
[laugh] yeah f1038: from englishschoolsand things o- and none
needs including those attending independentschoolsare assessed and supported appropriately
could handle it and thatschoolscould handle it george macbride
jean shields and sarah hallschoolsenterprise 2 improving entrepreneurial opportunities
and both went to independentschoolserm and again quite a
and will shortly return toschoolsfor embellishment and exhibition the
and malaysia and outperforms competitorschoolsfrom south of the border
and quite a lot ofschoolshave moved away from standard
individuals and we wrote toschoolsi am pleased that we
get sportsmen and women intoschoolsit is not just commonwealth
former senior chief inspector ofschoolsj c smith and a
is a significant difference betweenschoolsproviding an introduction and a
and set up links withschoolsso it gives them meaningful
several different critics and criticalschoolsthe first views i will
street parkhead and martyr publicschoolsthere is even evidence of
and for his contact withschoolsthere was a joint award
build and renovate hundreds ofschoolsto create a world class
no the students and theschoolsusually got the results on
target for reducing exclusions fromschoolsby one third by 2002
this problem apart from theschoolseverybody failed to understand the
a greater range of specialistschoolsfor parents to choose from
educational needs units within stateschoolshave closed from 1997 to
her majesty s inspectorate ofschoolsmichael russell was anybody from
the government to tell theschoolsto take another year cathy
change the status of denominationalschoolsor establish new ones however
allowing me to approach theschoolswithin their jurisdiction also i
to provide time for theschoolsto ensure their financial stability
have been enhanced though theschoolscraft residency jeanette sendler held
sold now erm as theschoolsofficer i ve been to
d always been to mixedschoolsso i just thought yeah
had been no communication toschoolsthat we would not receive
growth is young people theschoolsare good as are the
on them at present whenschoolsare having days of action
opposite direction a lot ofschoolsare looking to bring the
the summer especially when theschoolsare on holiday they bring
of particular critics or particularschoolsof criticism but there are
initiate investigations there are twoschoolsof thought on that matter
or chanter happily moreover forschoolsthat are not so endowed
thought of the special englishschoolsruthlessly selective he said with
to face discussions with theschoolsto ensure that we make
forward with proposals for individualschoolsto implement a race equality
to the failure to provideschoolswith copies of the results
any queries which the participatingschoolsmight wish to raise alongside
cairns there was pressure onschoolsto comply which they did
she is content for individualschoolsto decide for themselves which
which could be accessed byschoolsto provide cycle park facilities
future of special educational needsschoolswhich provide national centres of
ms irene oldfather north ayrshireschoolschoirs that the parliament congratulates
popularity of the europe dayschoolsevent the parliament is now
exams should be returned toschoolsas a means of determining
the principle of maintained denominationalschoolsas first introduced by the
statement on devolving responsibilities toschoolsas part of an overall
statement on devolving responsibilities toschoolsas part of an overall
transport authority prime minister meetingsschoolsbritish history motion of thanks
made to members or toschoolsby representatives of the sqa
to them a number ofschoolshave taken up the option
letter of thanks to participatingschoolsiii 9 teacher s questionnaire
f963: but at the stateschoolsit was kind of mid
the post comprehensive era whereschoolskeep the comprehensive principle of
as it is of theschoolsnotes 1 source national grid
of the latest estimates byschoolsof the sums needed for
the area of advice toschoolson implementation rather than sqa
exploration of wool during theschoolsresidency jeanette was available for
as a means of financingschoolss1f 2428 6 david mundell
have different like types ofschoolsso you could like depending
the social mix of theschoolsthe bse scare caused the
of the participating upper deesideschoolsthe records of aboyne 1230
workshops for two of theschoolsthere was an opportunity to
age to go to residentialschoolsmy friend jack ashley who
dundovian working at the embassyschoolsshe it was who eventually
to the economic climate theschoolsalready have a litter campaign
ve done the same wischoolsas they have wi hospitals
i have urged that theschoolshave a duty to vivify
cathy jamieson the flexibility thatschoolshave means that that option
mmhm m1174: that the englishschoolshave so it ll be
macafee s open questionnaire toschoolsposed the following question have
lyon may pursue claims againstschoolswhose badges have a heraldic
requirements already apply to nurseryschoolsalex neil i thank the
will be conveyed to theschoolsas quickly as possible however
for me to comment furtherschoolsclass sizes 11 michael russell
an opportunity to link aschoolscraft residency to shetland arts
deeside the remaining eight feederschoolshowever agreed to become involved
to be allocated to aschoolsrepair contingency fund to ensure
knitting instructor formed during theschoolsresidency will add feltmaking to
for evidence 3 single sexschoolsthe committee agreed to defer
domain pressure was put onschoolsto do that that was
county iii 5 invitation toschoolsto participate iii 6 declined
it would be possible forschoolsto produce the unit assessment
can be extended to independentschoolswe must fiercely guard the
damaging it created problems forschoolswhen they came to decide
regard to pursuing claims againstschoolswhose badges potentially breach heraldic
to grant aided special needsschoolswill she give a commitment
notification is sent to theschoolswould you consider that alex
for logistical reasons only sevenschoolscould be selected on a
only success story is thatschoolsdelivered for young people i
producing sen resource materials forschoolsi recently announced funding worth
3142 conservative support for creationistschoolslodged on 22 may 2002
the seven national special needsschoolson a national basis for
textile skills by enabling theschoolsarea knitting instructor margaret manson
you actually get it intoschoolser at a fairly fundamental
that the problem was theschoolsfault because they did not
1997 71 interestingly amongst theschoolssurveyed 65 did not participate
touched on indirect expenditure onschoolsi must say that i
dr elaine murray s1m 1724schoolsrepairs fund lodged on 7
f813: mmhm totally f814: aboutschoolsaye but the thing is
was made about websites nurseryschoolsconsultation 5 alex neil central
they just had like rubbishschoolsthat took th- [laugh] m1048:
weekends the residency the shetlandschoolscraft residency was part funded
the island there was threeschoolsi think at that time
huh m1048: there s alwaysschoolsthere though like it was
conduct research amongst the targetschoolsa covering letter 16 11
the forth estuary transport authorityschoolsbritish history 5 alex johnstone
the same day occasionally theschoolsgot them the day before
victor watch oot fur theschoolsinspector x ray yankee zulu

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