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report to parliament on thescientificbasis for these designations further
scottish executive to confirm thescientificbasis for these designations which
designations of sites of specialscientificinterest special protection areas and
for all sites of specialscientificinterest sssi designations in future
uncertainty over a 30 yearscientificcareer as an environmental and
sea lice there is limitedscientificuncertainty in my view dick
a wider issue where thescientificuncertainty is greatest the problem
moratoriums robin harper referred toscientificuncertainty on what kind of
to be clear about whatscientificuncertainty we are talking about
on nutrients there is morescientificuncertainty which issue are you
account of not just thescientificconsiderations but the wider economic
suggestions under the legislation onlyscientificconsiderations can be taken into
can only take account ofscientificconsiderations when considering what sites
committee on sites of specialscientificinterest acsssi in relation to
designated as sites of specialscientificinterest or receive protection under
designation of sites of specialscientificinterest special protection areas spas
of appeal and access toscientificdata 5 subordinate legislation the
risk to public health andscientificdata can be produced to
on 30 october 2002 whatscientificdata is available on the
still permit industrial fishing whatscientificdata is available regarding the
transparency all such information andscientificdata will be supplied to
supply all required data andscientificevidence to the eu national
november 2000 regarding the latestscientificadvice from the special committee
and a site of specialscientificinterest s1w 24732 mr brian
of a site of specialscientificinterest to include economic social
only authorised if an objectivescientifictest demonstrates that such a
only authorised if an objectivescientifictest demonstrates that such a
neutral suggesting an objective orscientificviewpoint lexical sets are series
got to the technical andscientificbit and i m not
be it exceedingly recondite technicalscientificor any form of specialist
m not really technical andscientificyou know the sapir whorf
commission to broadly follow thescientificadvice and for the council
mr moon can give usscientificadvice following the committee s
ask the scottish executive whatscientificadvice it received in connection
received a withdrawal of itsscientificadvice therefore it does not
do not need much morescientificadvice to make it obvious
three years and whether thescientificgrounds for overriding the advice
be controlled by a reformedscientificadvisory group including environmental and
the scottish executive which scottishscientificenvironmental and consumer health groups
whether it will publish anyscientificevidence it has that shows
water has failed to publishscientificreports into the extent of
site and that the currentscientificresearch does not provide conclusive
unlike repel unfortunately no furtherscientificresearch has been carried out
notes that public spending onscientificresearch has fallen by over
which must be based onscientificresearch the fact that the
and that in light ofscientificresearch which raises concerns about
and that in light ofscientificresearch which raises concerns about
forward dr black absolutely thescientificbasis for locational guidelines should
farms to buy into thescientificevidential basis of locational guidelines
by the commission when applyingscientificarguments commends the scottish executive
if the commission decides inscientificas opposed to enforcement terms
environment biotechnology commission seeking ascientificopinion as to whether the
european commission fisheries council hadscientificsupport s1w 26928 richard lochhead
take account of advances inscientificknowledge since being published is
providing help it is ascientificprocess like a public sector
than providing us with strictlyscientifictestable hypotheses but myths as
will inevitably ensue between thescientificevidence and the real economic
we have access to thescientificinformation that is produced throughout
janis hughes mentioned medical laboratoryscientificofficers i will finish my
aspire to be medical laboratoryscientificofficers occupational therapists or radiographers
because it would still bescientificevidence about the effect of
they will be based onscientificevidence how will we get
complete review of all availablescientificevidence is undertaken to confirm
the main problem that clearscientificevidence must be provided that
that there is no currentscientificevidence to show that effluent
encompass aesthetic as well asscientificaspects dr black i am
face as a result ofscientificbreakthroughs or development dr black
a guideline rather than ascientificfigure but sfha s view
brussels on this very issuescientificassessment of the proposed tiered
natural heritage to provide ascientificjustification for the list of
f1148: but mostly everyone doesscientificwhere you do a tiny
most recent meeting of thescientificexpert group of the national
now developed into an internationalscientificand technological language employed by
be intruding into a morescientificarea that the tests may
reputation bein a lot morescientificand stuff like that especially
a more potent influence thanscientifichypotheses at the conclusion of
harper in the absence ofscientificcertainty about carrying capacity what
going to be about thescientificrisks involved in the farming
it is satisfied that adequatescientificresources are being applied to
historic and insert historic orscientificafter section 49 des mcnulty
if there is a newscientificbreakthrough or a new mode
you explain you know thisscientificfact or how do explain
to do the like sci-scientificorientated or purely linguistic f1149:
matters are best described asscientificissues that need to be
this matter and for relatedscientificreports to be placed in
not just contemporary with thescientificprojects of enlightenment but is
poetry in his utilisation ofscientificand contemporary material and as
i found a bit tooscientific[laugh] [laugh] f746: oh right
colleague mr moon is thescientificone mr moffat is one
professor colin galbraith director ofscientificand advisory services scottish natural
ability in previous comments thescientificassessment of the proposed tiered
of doing this 3 thescientificdepartment report for several weeks
advancing their own departments ofscientificenquiry 13 taking part in
have a small amount ofscientifictraining i know that we
that s that s thescientificthing and he says like
were to become semi officialscientificadvisers to baynes and the
from the united nations educationalscientificand cultural organisation it involves
scotland the united nations educationalscientificand cultural organisation unesco designate
the other dear charmer thescientificsingers and the laird o
this phenomenon in a highlyscientificmanner he explained to his
proven by the most rigorousscientificexamination that drug s price

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