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could be verified by otherscientistscut out semantics pretty thoroughly
i attended workshops that involvedscientistsand industry representatives the workshops
dialogue between the industry andscientistsrecently i attended workshops that
for the same reasons thescientistsadvised cuts in catches of
of the sea ices 2002scientistsadvised the commission that no
in the north sea thescientistsalso advised that there should
quotas for 2003 in octoberscientistshad advised the commission that
racs made up of fishermenscientistsand other stakeholders will be
of fish stocks from fisheriesscientistsbetter involving stakeholders in decision
heid bummerie ile magnates marinescientistsaccoontant moguls an media icons
is one of the seniorscientistsat the marine laboratory and
using leading scottish engineers andscientistsas role models enhance choices
belfast emphasised the necessity forscientiststo prolong the vision backward
kirk after examination by forensicscientistsall will be reburied at
around the scottish coast manyscientistswho work specifically on such
to a variety of visitingscientistsincluding heinrich helmholtz almost the
in 10 years time computerscientistsor even students in general
monitored by fisheries research servicescientistsmaureen macmillan you will be
s ability was respected byscientistsand professors in london an
from the industry the fsascientiststhe scottish executive and highlands
2002c did not adopt thescientistsadvice for a complete closure
radcliffe suggested at the momentscientistsare telling us that the
philip cohen and other eminentscientistsin trying to secure funding
the scottish executive how manyscientistsit estimates have left scotland
a plea don t letscientistsmodify celts please don t
would be abundant if thescientistscould manufacture wings they are
he has more than 250scientistsin his employ does he
air so thin that thescientistshad to come down a
heicher diplomats lawyers doctors anscientistsfyles he enterteened at hame

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