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my ears were ok novascotialooks great from the air
felt in new brunswick novascotiamaine connecticut smaller tremors have
by robert sibbald in hisscotiaillustrata sibbald 1684 ii 24
m1013: uh huh uh huhscotiafelt thine ire o odin
the scotia mmhm f631: thescotiacan be really smoky cause
[taps pen top] f689: ehm but thescotiammhm f631: the scotia can
warm is their welcome taescotiathe neebor for tam beldie
the ferguson built research vesselscotiaby the major defence contractor
ploy a tender sprig oscotias stock saft curls upon
far fur a livin fraescotiaseed frae the heilans oceans
to the clutha an thescotiaand places like that f689:
glasgow isn t it thescotiaor f689: uh huh f631:
far frae the laricks oscotiagloamin by huron brings the
truth ye did complete edinascotias darling seat a mim
warlock in the hale oscotiaay in britain tae fower
in yer veins o auldscotiathree thoosan miles frae derk
responsibility to do something forscotiaor sing a sang at
steered the fill boaties fraescotiagrey the atlantic wintry its
gale blawin the flooers fraescotiabonnie the linn that faas
mynd on the muirlans oscotiadowie its keenin the dirge
a whiff o the truescotiaae parteeclar nicht neil wis
honesty best bloody sangster inscotiafareweel here comes the ferryman
an russia war ower inscotiathe noo luikin at fit
thochts that are beeriet inscotiabuffalo beaver wolf on the

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