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carham the gaelic o thescotsan the celtic tung o
i ma ain hamelt tungscotshousomever jalousie ma relief tae
in scots tung s secondscotslanguage writing competition pupils in
the modren supprise o thescotsleid bi ane alien tung
scots tung is tae exposescotsspeakers tae the written form
shuid be makit oot taescotstung aefauldlie scots tung r
shuid be makit oot taescotstung an sent tae the
caird 2 00 plenishin 10scotstung cairds bairns o scotland
caird 3 00 plenishin 10scotstung cairds thochts o yule
caird 5 00 plenishin 10scotstung cairds tree wi glesses
fur the peremptory hubristic antiscotstung deceesions o the scottis
ae winner an this timescotstung haes decidit the mooth
10t oct 2001 guid sirscotstung is a cultural group
ane o the ongauns oscotstung is tae expose scots
this document in oor nainscotstung kis efter in aa
bob fairnie who runs thescotstung newsletter erm is going
scots writin competeetion for thescotstung quaich a v inclosit
scots writin competeetion for thescotstung quaich a v inclosit
oct 2001 guid mistress [censored: surname]scotstung quaich competeetion 2002 scots
that reportit on the 2001scotstung quaich competeetion alang wi
ken the results o thescotstung quaich competeetion the secondary
scots tung r fairnie secretarscotstung quaich competition 2001 winners
oct 2001 dear head teacherscotstung quaich competition 2002 i
in entries for the 2002scotstung quaich entries tae be
tung wittins an the yearliescotstung quaich scots writin competeetion
schuils will be gien ascotstung quaich tae haud for
scots writin competeetion for thescotstung quaich the wis a
further information wi couthie thochtsscotstung r fairnie secretar scots
your school to participate inscotstung s second scots language
gotten i pdf format fraescotstung s wabsteid at http
scots tung quaich competeetion 2002scotstung wad like tae invite
the runners up selected byscotstung will be published in
wi a copy o thescotstung wittins an the scottish
tae subsidise oor monthly newsletterscotstung wittins an the yearlie
scotsgate com the monthlie blatscotstung wittins can nou be
r a copy o thescotstung wittins eikit in wi
scots language christmas cairds thescotstung wittins is wir monthly
ve inclosit copies o thescotstung wittins that reportit on
copy o wir news letterscotstung wittins that shaws a
will be published in thescotstung wittins which is posted
2001 invoice tae plenishin 40scotstung yule cairds leukin tae
2001 invoice tae plenishin 30scotstung yule cairds leukin tae
caird 24 00 plenishin 40scotstung yule cairds snaw ower
caird 18 00 plenishin 10scotstung yule cairds snaw ower
caird 20 00 plenishin 10scotstung yule cairds the mound
caird 5 00 plenishin 10scotstung yule cairds thochts o
the yearlie scots tung quaichscotswritin competeetion hauden in the
faith in the future oscotsas a leivin european leid
hope for the future oscotsas a leivin european leid
greater amoont o tocher norscotsfor instance the scots leid
literature an leid curriculum furscotshus become available less than
considered as a leid butscotshus nae written standard isnae
it will be eneuch thatscotsis awned as a leid
it is thir ain leidscotsis noo an integral part
leid coonts as speakin inscotsit wid be nae mair
tae improve thi status oscotsits leid dialect position aince
an in service aboot thescotsleid an 3 lippenin on
in increased tocher for thescotsleid an for that tocher
policy an guidelines on thescotsleid an scottish culture 57
cross pairty group on thescotsleid annual general meetin meenits
newly eleckit preses o thescotsleid associe as 13 members
given a position in thescotsleid associe at this time
recently appointed preses of thescotsleid associe the first part
scottish national dictionary association nooscotsleid dictionaries sld 67 while
scotland openly discriminatin agin thescotsleid edinburgh festival and fringe
the scottish pairliament on thescotsleid in english the group
also be emphasis on thescotsleid in our training colleges
cross pairty group on thescotsleid in the scots pairlament
cross pairty curn o thescotsleid in the scottish parliament
scots thi claim that thiscotsleid is a priceless national
medium fur literary texts thescotsleid is gauntae continue tae
forder the cause o thescotsleid lat memmers ken aboot
cross pairty group on thescotsleid meenits o the meetin
the want o tocher forscotsleid projects an want o
a relevant topic fir debatescotsleid proponents if you were
want o tocher for thescotsleid resource centre forby an
nor scots for instance thescotsleid resource centre gets gien
view o whit maks thescotsleid the debate is mentioned
an independent event showcasing thescotsleid the nicht afore the
in scotland 2001 statit thescotsleid traditionally neglectit or actively
short leit o whit thescotsleid wants fae govrement a
involvit in work on thescotsleid while a valuable asset
in writin concentratit on thescotsleid while mony submissions focused
the scots leid in thescotspairlament the meenister for culture
the major disadvantages o howscotsperceive their ain leid maist
particularly important wi regards taescotssince thi ambiguity atween leid
tae mak a meinister forscotsthat sees the leid fordered
leid in scotland when discussinscotsthi distinction atween leid an
leid an dialect adds taescotsuncertain position some linguists believe
it as a leid untilscotsunnerstaun and believe their leid
scots 1100 1700 an modrenscots1700 present day athin thi
differences an similarities atween modrenscotsan english ane o thi
regards tae thi dichotaemy betweenscotsan english scots is studit
is completely absent frae spokenscotsan sociolinguistic research fur thi
an thi divergence atween modrenscotsan standard english a modal
thire ur attempts tae reformscotsat schuil level thi position
end o thi scale anscotsat thi othir scots is
schuil level thi position oscotsat university level is again
thi twa main areas oscotsaulder scots 1100 1700 an
o standard english speakers thiscotsform is also howe er
section o thi population yaisescotsfur scots tae be recognised
in thi period o modrenscotshowe er differences in modal
effect oan thi teachin oscotsin schuils e en thouch
problem wi thi teaching oscotsin secondary schuils bi secondary
in harmony thi teaching oscotsin thi classroom is just
as gutter scots or urbanscotsintae thi classroom i m
that impliit by thi quotescotsis a precious national treasure
advantage quhilk sse hus owerscotsis thi ease wi speakers
an scots at thi othirscotsis usually regardit as mair
whit is thi future oscotsit s nigh impossible that
other wi thi loss ofscotslanguage there s a possible
thi evidence o thi aulderscotsmodal suggests that scots maintainit
verb system an althouch thiscotsmodal verb system is identical
o semantic variation in thiscotsmodal verbs compairit tae thi
is stereotypically regardit as gutterscotsor urban scots intae thi
satisfactorily dealt wi thi proablemsscotsorthography poses quhile thire ur
limitit in comparison thi aulderscotsperiod hud a large quantity
e en in thi aulderscotsperiod sic like behove dow
present day athin thi aulderscotsperiod thi modal verbs yaised
scots change his view oanscotssae decisively thi decision is
tae thi unfortunate detriment oscotssince thi stert o state
thi norm fur communication quhilescotsslowly fell intae disuse an
in speech thi division atweenscotssse an standard english is
in thi eyes o dominiesscotssuldnae hae tae compete tae
frae aulder scots tae modrenscotssyne thi loss o a
thi population yaise scots furscotstae be recognised as a
durin thi transition frae aulderscotstae modren scots syne thi
tae improve thi respectability oscotsthi claim that thi scots
in thi period o aulderscotsthi range o modal verbs
thi maist probable ootcome furscotswid be fur it tae
ga tae thi ba cinderellascotswill also covers different functions
from the glossary or ascotsdictionary 1 you say town
strength of character the concisescotsdictionary a u p setting
be found in the concisescotsdictionary aberdeen university press 1985
be found in the concisescotsdictionary aberdeen university press 1985
be found in the concisescotsdictionary aberdeen university press 1985
concise scots dictionary the pocketscotsdictionary and the scots thesaurus
in 1990 the concise englishscotsdictionary appeared in 1993 and
wird in the new concisescotsdictionary at a minimum chairge
some words the concise englishscotsdictionary cesd the first dictionary
later incorporation in the concisescotsdictionary csd a revised analysis
the production of the concisescotsdictionary csd and its publication
a copy o the pocketscotsdictionary durin a holiday on
w 1911 introduction to chambersscotsdictionary edinburgh chambers grant w
eds 1993 the concise englishscotsdictionary edinburgh chambers makkars club
be found in the concisescotsdictionary edited by mairi robinson
[censored: forename] we were doin thescotsdictionary ehm the kids all
english the first extensive monolingualscotsdictionary jamieson s would not
and its offspring the concisescotsdictionary the pocket scots dictionary
i referred to the concisescotsdictionary there was no sign
national dictionary and the concisescotsdictionary three or four options
published in 1983 the concisescotsdictionary was published in 1985
scots language dictionary and thescotsedition of the james vi
had the dictionary of olderscotsin mind well before his
subject although the eight volumescotslanguage dictionary and the scots
scottish national dictionary association nowscotslanguage dictionary sld 67 while
an integrated dictionary of thescotslanguage from the earliest times
national dictionary association and thescotslanguage resource centre the scots
scottish national dictionary snd thescotspints the word pint brings
piece song and that thescotsschool dictionary published by the
snda donated copies o thescotsschool dictionary tae aw the
send a copy o thescotsschool dictionary tae the teachers
pairt in the exercise ascotsschool dictionary we unnerstaun thae
mind that this dictionary ofscotsshould restrict itself to the
pocket scots dictionary and thescotsthesaurus as well as in
the dictionary of the olderscotstongue the scottish national dictionary
some supermarkets probably an ulsterscotsusage the concise ulster dictionary
scottish national dictionary the oldscotsword hailware means the whole
syntactically english laced with archaicscotswords dredged from a dictionary
unnerstuid bi maist scottish educatedscotsan spoken bi the majority
state records were kept inscotsand it was spoken by
to understand spoken and writtenscotsand that many of us
understand both spoken and writtenscotsand that there would be
of cultural expression although spokenscotsappears to be in danger
english thus murison sees spokenscotsas having been corrupted by
same richt tae be criedscotsas the particular english spoken
s spoken i just usescotsat home because i m
problem of definition with spokenscotsdavid murison 1979 in a
ehm now at the momentscotsdefine as the language spoken
else ehm at the momentscotsdefined as the language spoken
examples now at the momentscotsdefined as the language spoken
is spoken in your homescotsdo your parents always speak
what now survives of spokenscotshas become linguistically dissociated in
almost certainly it s becausescotshas survived as a spoken
not really talkin about spokenscotsi m just talkin about
doric spoken i hear morescotsin aberdeen than i do
of the treatment of spokenscotsin the schools many grammatical
bad or gutter or tumshiescotsis spoken by socially disadvantaged
very often the the broadestscotsis spoken by the most
to actors unfamiliar with spokenscotsit will be necessary to
the existence of a spokenscotslanguage aitken has stated that
spoken in the home thescotslanguage and income by way
did not know supported thescotslanguage have spoken in favour
spoken at home and thescotslanguage it has not been
spoken in the home includingscotsmonitoring evidence on health social
hear it spoken i hearscotson radio and t v
time for aw thon broadscotsrubbish a v spoken fisherraw
deein i like to hearscotsspoken dad has books on
that where there is somescotsspoken eh very often the
like it do you hearscotsspoken in abyne ay aa
she described the type ofscotsspoken in that area one
aiberdeen far d ye hearscotsspoken in the broch ma
do you like to hearscotsspoken no what do you
do you like to hearscotsspoken not from my dad
do you like to hearscotsspoken not really no what
at that time were quitescotsspoken now freens that still
tentie o spoken language heizinscotstae part three staunin in
of a broad brush thescotsthat is spoken in caithness
was still substantial er erscotsthat was spoken eh every
that faur removed frae thescotsthat wis spoken twa three
aboot the state o spokenscotsthe day he threaps that
they re literate in thisscotsthe particular english spoken in
spoken at home or onscotsthere was no question of
if ye d spoken broadscotsthey widna hae kent twa
extent of erosion of spokenscotsunder the impact of english
of the erosion of spokenscotsunder the impact of english
erm how a form ofscotswas s- spoken there i
when french flemish gaelic andscotswas spoken in the early
whan french flemish gaelic anscotswes spoken in the early
whan french flemish gaelic anscotswes spoken in the early
on the printed page butscotswhen spoken aloud with scottish
didn t hear anyone speakscotswhich language is spoken in
ve spoken to you inscotsyou ve answered in english
sound media but neither isscotsa dead language since it
to answer the question isscotsa language because whether any
in a bogus kind ofscotsa language which was syntactically
that a speen mum isscotsa language you like to
ever threapit the language wisnaescotsan whit s mair the
facilitate the use of gaelicscotsand british sign language a
scots language f833: cause likescotsand english are con- completely
art and high art andscotsand english language in burns
as language planning for bothscotsand gaelic minority languages in
century ad the language isscotsand slthough gaelic would have
mutual understanding between users ofscotsand the national language english
language register from english toscotsand through references to dr
affairs undermines the status ofscotsas a language and confirms
the recognition by europe ofscotsas a language and the
ambiguity of the status ofscotsas a language has been
that he no longer regardedscotsas a language suitable for
t going to sc- considerscotsas a language this time
hope for the future ofscotsas a living european language
english the need to developscotsas a national language has
press mcclure d 1980 developingscotsas a national language in
language scots the status ofscotsas a separate historically based
and that at last definesscotsas a significant language of
in scots and recognition ofscotsas an official language alongside
language scholar derrick mcclure regardsscotsas having at least some
of the language known asscotsas mcclure says a long
common language as near oldscotsas possible wi all the
english rather than north eastscotsas the language of common
is with the language ofscotsas the report mentions there
well as english literature andscotsas well as english language
there the prestige language wasscotsat least in a covert
the point 1984 180 thatscotsbecame a predominant language on
ay my favourite language isscotsbecause some folk canna understand
speech of a country thenscotsbecomes a language if we
favourite language scots i likescotsbest probably when i finish
scots not the people thescotsbut the language called scots
as the language of thescotscourt as late as the
given to the parent languagescotscurrently only 112 000 per
and poetic forms control ofscotsenglish language resources sensitivity to
is being lost from thescotsenglish language that most of
was such a language asscotser the school i went
store tae ken that thescotsexecutive s scots language factsheet
scots but the language calledscotsf950: mmhm is that an
amount of funding than doesscotsfor example the scots language
the language middle scots literaryscotsfrom about 1700 and all
in scots language the termscotshas really to be seen
number of people who speakscotsi fear for the language
what s your favourite languagescotsi like scots best probably
a good idea to usescotsin in these language situations
prose in the vernacular inscotsin the language that the
language addressed to an ulsterscotsinsider and an english outsider
scots is a language coursescotsis a in fact we
to rest here and nowscotsis a language a language
changed thir opinion oan scotsscotsis a language a vehicle
the people who say ochscotsis a language course scots
view of the fact thatscotsis a language that can
popular in theatrical circles thatscotsis a particularly suitable language
scholars as a form oscotsis aft a language that
cannot be applied to scotsscotsis an intimate social language
is really a political statementscotsis certainly a wonderful language
language policy as far asscotsis concerned the good friday
1603 historical background this languagescotsis descended from the form
some people would argue thatscotsis ehm a language first
now often asked what isscotsis it a language or
english i like english bestscotsis like a different language
argument whatever to suggest thatscotsis not a language that
about the complexity of scotsscotsis not one language but
here repeated the calumny thatscotsis not one language that
you can click here ehmscotsis one language it doesn
this changing language we callscotsis one of our most
it will be sufficient thatscotsis recognised as a language
is seen as a languagescotsis regarded within the project
and its various dialects wherescotsis the indigenous language and
threaps that it appreciates thatscotsis the language many children
happy that things are changingscotsis the language of burns
two languages in fact ulsterscotsis the second language you
conservation o the scots languagescotsis unnerstuid bi maist scottish
language of most songs inscotsit cannot be said that
them don t know anyscotsit s a foreign language
like best scots or englishscotsit s ma ain language
language counts as speaking inscotsit would be no more
the ancient language of thescotskingdom as the language of
the ancient language of thescotskingdom was not held in
in committee room 4 1scotslanguage 2 letter from mike
the scottish parliament on thescotslanguage 3 ettle o the
in a letter to ascotslanguage activist i now write
think it s recognisin thescotslanguage an i think that
which brings me to thescotslanguage an issue such as
pedigree an wirth o thescotslanguage an maks oot they
like old s- the oldscotslanguage an there was a
an in service about thescotslanguage and 3 reliance on
lovers and students of thescotslanguage and all those who
opposing meaningful development of thescotslanguage and denying equality to
was speaking particularly about thescotslanguage and i think that
is problematic where scottish englishscotslanguage and in some areas
a tremendous national resource thescotslanguage and its its cultural
expense or neglect of thescotslanguage and its various dialects
could teach the study ofscotslanguage and literature is now
be essential and inevitable thescotslanguage and national identity the
together our commitment to thescotslanguage and our commitment to
of higher still material onscotslanguage and preparation of dictionaries
executive provides support for thescotslanguage and recognises the role
policy and guidelines on thescotslanguage and scottish culture 57
a lot today first thescotslanguage and secondly income brackets
recognisin that there was ascotslanguage and that there if
the scottish parliament on thescotslanguage and the cross party
is the importance of thescotslanguage and the frequency of
a few words about thescotslanguage and the motion irene
for the constraints of thescotslanguage and the requirements of
a renewed interest in thescotslanguage and they were all
any necessary association between thescotslanguage and urban deprivation it
to promote and protect thescotslanguage and what funds it
which exists courses in thescotslanguage are now provided by
fortunate to some extent thescotslanguage as a whole has
omission surprise surprise is thescotslanguage as i have said
for the promotion of thescotslanguage as it might open
brought up to speak thescotslanguage as my first language
religion and language including thescotslanguage as the committee s
the courage to discuss thescotslanguage at the highest level
addition of a question onscotslanguage but on the addition
to include a question onscotslanguage but the effect of
which they were derived thescotslanguage can be powerful tender
becomes the future of thescotslanguage certainly depends on the
box an anither ane sayinscotslanguage christmas cairds selt here
tae tell fowk ye sellscotslanguage christmas cairds the scots
monie thanks for haundlin oorscotslanguage christmas cairds this year
s erm incumbent on thescotslanguage community to get out
poetry by women in thescotslanguage context liz niven takes
and it leads into thescotslanguage context of the remainder
parliament to ensure that thescotslanguage continues to exist to
name of irene mcgugan thescotslanguage deserves to be treated
o the scuilwab frae thescotslanguage dictionaries thank guidness for
m055: but the scot- thescotslanguage disnae belang the snp
strengthen your argument about thescotslanguage do you think m055:
media behave as if thescotslanguage does not exist although
include a question on thescotslanguage during the debate a
centenary celebrations in 1896 fourscotslanguage editions of his poems
mrs margaret ewing s1m 2312scotslanguage educational materials lodged on
regarding language and performance thescotslanguage employed is an acceptable
the i especially love thescotslanguage erm because i understand
means like no the actualscotslanguage f833: cause like scots
referring to your language thescotslanguage f948: mmhm mmhm m865:
that the scots executive sscotslanguage factsheet threaps that it
in the context of thescotslanguage for a divide and
ahead for english language forscotslanguage for gaelic for whatever
of the potential of thescotslanguage for high drama the
attention given where needed toscotslanguage forms what i have
a kennin o thair ainscotslanguage gies fowk a first
forms adopted from english thescotslanguage had come to be
the written form o thescotslanguage haes been fund tae
getting over its trauma thescotslanguage has endured the same
surely what lovers of ourscotslanguage heritage at least those
the public consciousness our pricelessscotslanguage heritage its great beauty
ithers wis borraed frae thescotslanguage hou mony elizabethans wad
of the survival of thescotslanguage however as a result
believe that there is ascotslanguage i do not believe
on a census question onscotslanguage i feel that it
which we can promote thescotslanguage i hope that despite
too and a a morescotslanguage i would say then
for the question on thescotslanguage if anyone takes the
we meant to know thescotslanguage if we ve never
only opportunity for hearing thescotslanguage in a relatively uneroded
scots language resource centre thescotslanguage in drama while the
defined community what is thescotslanguage in niven and jackson
demean the importance of thescotslanguage in scottish cultural life
include a question on thescotslanguage in the 2001 census
by including a question onscotslanguage in the 2001 census
have a question on thescotslanguage in the census how
questions on religion and thescotslanguage in the census i
include a question on thescotslanguage in the census mr
cross party group on thescotslanguage in the scottish parliament
know [censored: forename] [censored: surname] she teachesscotslanguage in this department yeah
continue the promotion of thescotslanguage in this parliament 15
afternoon s debate on thescotslanguage in which a number
of of getting the kinnascotslanguage [inaudible] m605: i mean
lots of words in thescotslanguage indicated that he thought
agenda the use of thescotslanguage irene mcgugan north east
combination of scottish plot andscotslanguage is a happy one
heritage and its traditions thescotslanguage is a mark of
lab i believe that thescotslanguage is alive and enjoying
of retaining gaelic culture thescotslanguage is an essential element
language and national identity thescotslanguage is an important badge
the status of scots thescotslanguage is an important badge
a social being although thescotslanguage is certainly closely related
world as far as thescotslanguage is concerned macafee gives
say that the the truescotslanguage is dead m865,: yeah
agree on what exactly thescotslanguage is how can we
that a question about thescotslanguage is included in the
eh scots part of thescotslanguage is is it s
people of scotland that thescotslanguage is not an entertainment
2001 to ensure that thescotslanguage is recognised and developed
modern trend among scholars ofscotslanguage is to regard all
valuable dramatic resource since thescotslanguage is what is left
deal to raise consciousness ofscotslanguage issues and the federation
that in the cultural strategyscotslanguage issues are being flagged
on the issue of thescotslanguage it is with great
the opportunity to discuss thescotslanguage its importance and significance
niven and jackson eds thescotslanguage its place in education
the edinburgh history of thescotslanguage jones c ed edinburgh
of the protection of thescotslanguage like gaelic its history
the ehm the kind ofscotslanguage literary revival of the
important now especially for thescotslanguage m055: [cough] i think
and the oppression of thescotslanguage m055: demise and oppression
demise and oppression of thescotslanguage m055: [tut] sorry i
title called sectarianism and thescotslanguage m741: right m605: and
if i got to teachscotslanguage m741: right see that
in ehm you know thescotslanguage m741: [sniff] m605: in
scottish they speak so thescotslanguage m865,: uh huh uh
concessions in respect of thescotslanguage members might ask why
a particular attachment tae thescotslanguage movement as such and
the hale energies of thescotslanguage movement were pittin in
wey sib to whit thescotslanguage movement wid ha recommendit
in some pairts o thescotslanguage muvement an aw that
would single handedly make thescotslanguage new an accessible to
funny wis it no thescotslanguage o thae uneducatit warkin
hoose canna staund an thescotslanguage o the 21t century
s recognised as as thescotslanguage okay f950: it s
council support work on thescotslanguage on a continuing basis
clearly considerable interest in thescotslanguage on all sides of
not about recognition of thescotslanguage or i say to
of ony benefit to thescotslanguage or indeed to the
sort o either scottish thescotslanguage or orcadian within some
organisation but other or- otherscotslanguage organisations can sometimes carp
number of academic experts andscotslanguage organisations who could advise
they did wi the auldscotslanguage out it went we
are choosing to follow thescotslanguage path chosen so committedly
least two books the thescotslanguage planning for modern usage
scots the problems in thescotslanguage planning for modern usage
a national language in thescotslanguage planning for modern usage
mcclure j d 1980 thescotslanguage planning for modern usage
public success similarly in thescotslanguage poem halloween jl168 70
worked very much on contemporaryscotslanguage poetry [inaudible] kind of
to the need to transformscotslanguage poetry to meet the
flora garry tradition means thescotslanguage poetry tradition of the
99 7 2 issues paperscotslanguage pr 99 7 3
heart will be with thescotslanguage probably for evermore i
daughters took part in thescotslanguage project when they went
the lack of funding forscotslanguage projects and lack of
track record of supporting ascotslanguage question in the census
the ethnicity question on thescotslanguage question my head hears
about meagre funding for thescotslanguage resource centre and mentions
for lesser used languages thescotslanguage resource centre and the
like the emergence of thescotslanguage resource centre eh the
does scots for example thescotslanguage resource centre receives a
be michael hance fae thescotslanguage resource centre the group
scotland l institut francais thescotslanguage resource centre the scottish
appeared in 1993 and thescotslanguage resource centre was established
scottish poetry library and thescotslanguage resource centre which totals
responsibility for looking after thescotslanguage rests with nobody apart
writers linguists and educationalists thescotslanguage scholar derrick mcclure regards
tae the conservation o thescotslanguage scots is unnerstuid bi
msps wishing to use thescotslanguage section 3 3 para
the campaine tae hain thescotslanguage she fair got up
a self governing scotland thescotslanguage shoud have official status
of people in scotland thescotslanguage should be given its
s national heritage 2 thescotslanguage should be included as
certainly support the view thatscotslanguage should be more readily
both school and university thescotslanguage should be regarded as
it as a language thescotslanguage shuid be richt thankfu
walton on thames thomas nelsonscotslanguage society 1985 recommendations for
was published in lallans 24scotslanguage society 1985 these recommendations
to the demands of thescotslanguage society academic bodies and
received the support of thescotslanguage society and many arguments
charlotte reid 1991 for thescotslanguage society and published by
schools who did so thescotslanguage society doric speaking competition
s still published by thescotslanguage society eh which appints
national comatee of the ehscotslanguage society eh ye know
the magazine belangs the thescotslanguage society f785: okay ehm
the guidelines published by thescotslanguage society in 1985 for
with guidelines published by thescotslanguage society in 1985 for
the guidelines published by thescotslanguage society in 1985 for
as the journal of thescotslanguage society in eh i
in scots published by thescotslanguage society in lallans 24
lallans the journal of thescotslanguage society is the only
in lallans 2 edinburgh thescotslanguage society milton c 1986
the aiberdeen branch o thescotslanguage society secretar o the
lallans society later renamed thescotslanguage society was founded in
million while nobody in thescotslanguage society would grudge this
scottish literature and varieties ofscotslanguage starn is a scots
anywhere near anything like enoughscotslanguage stuff either m741: i
copy o particularities o thescotslanguage teachin resources collogue tae
a specific question on thescotslanguage that was the unanimous
the home and on thescotslanguage the commission for racial
view of what constitutes thescotslanguage the debate is mentioned
way on the question onscotslanguage the executive must learn
in the home and onscotslanguage the executive s position
of a question on thescotslanguage the hard fact is
see the remnants o thescotslanguage the old scots tongue
swall o intrest in thescotslanguage the r gaun tae
to readers unfamiliar with thescotslanguage the scots spelling as
to readers unfamiliar with thescotslanguage the scots spellingas used
teachers involved in courses inscotslanguage the term scots has
brian adam about understanding thescotslanguage the term scots means
in the home and thescotslanguage there was widespread and
mcclure 1981 96 97 thescotslanguage to many in the
a need to recognise thescotslanguage to measure its use
voice but as with thescotslanguage tradition there is no
scotland in 2001 stated thescotslanguage traditionally neglected or actively
surely that should include thescotslanguage until we correct the
on ma wey as ascotslanguage upsteerer ma sister like
maks up the feck oscotslanguage upsteerers the day the
responses to questions about thescotslanguage vary significantly according to
operated in the attitudinal responsesscotslanguage was seen by some
the reformers from geneva thescotslanguage was sufficiently close to
of this parliament to thescotslanguage we need to address
which has recently run ascotslanguage week in which a
has rejected is on thescotslanguage what a slap in
her parents of speaking thescotslanguage when they were trying
to the development of thescotslanguage which does not require
minorities i must mention thescotslanguage which my colleagues have
involved with work on thescotslanguage while a valuable asset
approach among enthusiasts for thescotslanguage while happily united when
written submissions concentrated on thescotslanguage whilst many submissions focused
from jackie baillie that thescotslanguage will be assessed via
that the question on thescotslanguage will not be included
cantie wi itsel but thescotslanguage wis sic an ugsome
wrang the compatibility of thescotslanguage with ancient chinese poetry
important interactive relationship between itsscotslanguage words and idiom and
i i wish that ehmscotslanguage would be ehm you
to a question on thescotslanguage would be the fact
tak pairt in oor saicontscotslanguage writin competeetion we unnerstaun
not lacked women poets withscotslanguage writing in particular being
signage if people see theirscotslanguage written they will start
know national treasure thing likescotslanguage you teach it on
aspect of the language middlescotsliterary scots from about 1700
language compared to english andscotsm017: well [laugh] [laugh] that
language changin how s thescotsm605: mmhm yeah m741: language
people but the language calledscotsm952: weel banff and buckie
the scots language the termscotsmeans different things to different
language other than english orscotsmeans that appropriate interpretation services
favourite language dutch i likescotsnext and then english i
s a foreign language f902: scotsno no f826: to them
heard of a language calledscotsnot the people the scots
eh of a language calledscotsnot the the scots people
english language 5 14 12scotsoffice education depairtment curriculum an
english language 5 14 thescotsoffice education department 1993 curriculum
of language itself scottish englishscotsor gaelic for the contemporary
a language other than englishscotsor gaelic we are members
to amend a motion inscotsor in any other language
language whether it is gaelicscotsor some other language i
language society in 1985 forscotsorthography in general these spellings
language society in 1985 forscotsorthography in general these spellings
language society in 1985 forscotsorthography in general these spellings
is part of scots ehscotspart of the scots language
called scots not the thescotspeople but the language called
the recommendations for writers inscotspublished by the scots language
wrote was in a manufacturedscotsrather than a live language
but i mean the termscotsreferring to a language have
language death and that dignifiesscotsretains all the varieties of
language that tho recognised biscotsscholars as a form o
hae changed thir opinion oanscotsscots is a language a
word about the complexity ofscotsscots is not one language
hugh macdiarmid and north eastscotsscottish language no 5 association
is not so much thatscotsseek to suppress their language
and the language that lowlandscotsspeak today is a d-
foreign language tae maist hameltscotsspeakers some fowk that s
bad scots some superstitions aboutscotsspeech in scottish language no
with the scots language thescotsspelling as used are in
with the scots language thescotsspellingas used are in accordance
literature and language [censored: webaddress] starnscotsteaching and research network [censored: webaddress]
is no reference to literaryscotsthe language in which most
to improve the status ofscotsthe scots language is an
are quoted by murison 1977scotsthe state language at the
years of the scottish languagescotsthe status of scots as
also welcome the use ofscotsthis this kind of language
language as it might openscotsto ridicule as an example
thing about language that thescotstoday as in the past
the scots language the oldscotstongue near to the remnants
giving far greater emphasis toscotsverse literature and language our
that in the earlier periodscotswas a language but had
fifteenth and sixteenth centuries whenscotswas a state language the
beginning of the sixteenth centuryscotswas certainly the state language
scots and rejected norn becausescotswas the more useful language
m nice to him inscotswhat s your favourite language
is no such language asscotswhen irene mcgugan was making
this un uniform language thisscotswhich intersects with english could
language called lallans or syntheticscotswhich was in some sense
he developed the teaching ofscotswithin the english language department
scots language starn is ascotsword meaning star scots the
to prune my language ofscotswords if someone used a
the bairns will learn thaescotswords nae bother scottish language
indigenous heritage languages gaelic andscots17 it also identified that
hamelt heritage leids gaelic anscots8 it identified forby hoo
be created for gaelic andscotsa languages bill for scotland
be creatit for gaelic anscotsa leids bill for scotland
in culture 47 richtly gaelicscotsan community leids gets taen
gaelic an the dialects oscotsan could tak in the
scotland s twa heritage leidsscotsan gaelic is faur fae
as wi earlier submissions anentscotsan gaelic mony submissions receivit
it meant unlairnin tae speakscotsan gaelic tae ethnic linguistic
uiss an learnin o gaelicscotsan minority leids 4 tae
uphaudin an bringin oot gaelicscotsan minority leids in scotland
uphaudin an bringin oot gaelicscotsan minority leids in scotland
uphaudin an bringin oot gaelicscotsan minority leids in scotland
uphaudin an bringin oot gaelicscotsan minority leids in scotland
should be notit encompass gaelicscotsan the community leids the
s indigenous languages that isscotsand and gaelic eh eh
promotion and teaching of gaelicscotsand community languages appear to
is only right that gaelicscotsand community languages are taken
should publish everything in gaelicscotsand english but then i
and overt prestige of gaelicscotsand english in the north
when gaelic was replaced byscotsand english the population increased
to get the report intoscotsand gaelic 15 15 the
gaelic minority languages in scotlandscotsand gaelic again of course
of scotland s indigenous languagesscotsand gaelic and a strong
difficult as it is betweenscotsand gaelic and the other
the executive to ensure thatscotsand gaelic are eligible for
immediate need to ensure thatscotsand gaelic are transmitted to
is our other native culturescotsand gaelic are twins in
we could do that forscotsand gaelic but that we
are many people in thescotsand gaelic communities many of
bit of outrage in thescotsand gaelic communities that the
scotland s two heritage languagesscotsand gaelic could be at
and feel sure that ourscotsand gaelic cultural organisations can
majesty s government to havescotsand gaelic designated as eligible
european year of languages givescotsand gaelic equal treatment although
anthology 1996 of texts inscotsand gaelic for schools includes
one level the benefits toscotsand gaelic from the programme
is not the case forscotsand gaelic i accept that
to promote the use ofscotsand gaelic in all primary
the programme of action forscotsand gaelic in the european
the situation of poetry inscotsand gaelic is still uncertain
say on the use ofscotsand gaelic it concluded that
with earlier submissions concerned withscotsand gaelic many of those
justice angus mackay decision timescotsand gaelic motion debated irene
the member s debate onscotsand gaelic on 7 september
4 the co existence ofscotsand gaelic on upper deeside
4 the co existence ofscotsand gaelic on upper deeside
is difficult to decide whetherscotsand gaelic should be treated
the cross party groups onscotsand gaelic stay up to
powers scotland bill be passedscotsand gaelic the deputy presiding
mak representations on behauf oscotsand gaelic til her maijestie
make representations on behalf ofscotsand gaelic to her majesty
registers for dramatic productions englishscotsand gaelic two of these
the report suggests that ifscotsand gaelic were considered acceptable
investment in action to promotescotsand gaelic would undoubtedly fortify
use and teaching of gaelicscotsand minority languages 4 to
in supporting and developing gaelicscotsand minority languages in scotland
in supporting and developing gaelicscotsand minority languages in scotland
in supporting and developing gaelicscotsand minority languages in scotland
in supporting and developing gaelicscotsand minority languages in scotland
be tolerably fluent in gaelicscotsand possibly even latin and
be noted encompass gaelic andscotsand the community languages the
bengali chinese english gaelic punjabiscotsand urdu the leaflet and
arabic bengali chinese gaelic punjabiscotsand urdu the provision of
received on gaelic as onscotsappearinly there a perception that
languages policy but gaelic andscotsare more important than community
history of gaelic and lowlandscotsas the two main languages
mistake of treating gaelic andscotsas two arms of the
not only will gaelic andscotsbe fully represented at scottish
which is a dialect ofscotsbut also gaelic and even
own culture in gaelic andscotsbut i think in modern
of gaelic documents eh thescotsdocuments that have been produced
ae bilingual societie i escotseng an gaelic eng wi
or tri lingual signs inscotsenglish and gaelic for the
you know he writes inscotserm gaelic sometimes and irish
for gaelic modern european languagesscotsethnic minority community languages and
for gaelic modern european leidsscotsethnic minority community leids an
national guidelines gaelic 5 14scotsexecutive education depairtment 1999 the
his ain research for thescotsexecutive education depairtment on gaelic
as gaelic gave way toscotsfor some years after mr
arguments presentit in support oscotsgaelic an community leids bein
arguments presented in support ofscotsgaelic and community languages being
and all students sing inscotsgaelic and english there is
charter will apply to welshscotsgaelic and irish it has
provision in supporting and developingscotsgaelic and minority languages karen
with speakers of scottish englishscotsgaelic and numerous community languages
into the seven recommended languagesscotsgaelic arabic bengali chinese punjabi
conclusions 122 the conclusions forscotsgaelic community languages and bsl
which will maintain and promotescotsgaelic community languages and bsl
recommendations 117 the recommendations forscotsgaelic community languages and bsl
there are speakers of englishscotsgaelic many community languages such
for members to speak inscotsgaelic or in any other
that members may speak inscotsgaelic or in any other
recommendations 117 the recommendations forscotsgaelic the community leids an
initiatives tae uphaud an promotescotsgaelic the community leids an
conclusions tae be drawn forscotsgaelic the community leids an
an address is made inscotsgaelic the official report of
catalan cornish frisian occitan scotsscotsgaelic welsh and the romance
who did not speak gaelicscotshad a body of literature
with gaelic government support forscotshas been almost negligible and
clearly not in gaelic butscotshe was a very takin
million per year in supportingscotshowever by comparison with gaelic
when we approach gaelic andscotsi appeal for a fine
at least in gaelic andscotsi understand what people are
taken from horsburgh gaelic andscotsin grampian 1994 conditions fostered
horsburgh d 1994 gaelic andscotsin grampian an outline history
r m 1996 gaelic influencedscotsin pre revolutionary maryland ureland
the involvement of gaelic andscotsin the year and i
flourish in scotland that meansscotsin varying forms gaelic english
this may not be ascotsinfluence but rather a gaelic
scots or gaelic if oralscotsis acceptable perhaps written scots
legal status for gaelic anscotsis ane that has attractit
what scots is unlike gaelicscotsis closely related to english
the same from the gaelicscotsis one of the germanic
scots writing in lallans whatscotsis unlike gaelic scots is
received on gaelic than onscotsit would appear that there
in which the gaelic andscotslanguages are held internationally and
status for the gaelic andscotslanguages is one that has
ensure that the gaelic andscotslanguages really benefit from the
role o the gaelic anscotsleids in the commission the
and in particular gaelic orscotslinguistic heritage robin harper 1c
qualities relating to gaelic orscotsmichael russell 1g as an
have lost their gaelic orscotsnames applecross suddenly appears in
is for gaelic no forscotsnor for community leids in
gaelic and the dialects ofscotsoccur here there is no
paper which discussed gaelic influencedscotsof garioch origin in the
are for gaelic not forscotsor for community languages in
to lodge a motion inscotsor gaelic if oral scots
not prohibit the use ofscotsor gaelic it took the
scottish english as opposed toscotsor gaelic much of the
able to lodge motions inscotsor gaelic with an english
am delighted that gaelic andscotsorganisations are working with the
strong links with gaelic andscotsorganisations with the support of
and symbolically signage in thescotspairlament the situation for gaelic
than anything else i wantscotspeople who are non gaelic
keen to see gaelic andscotspromoted wherever and whenever possible
particular development of gaelic orscotsschedule 1 mr mike rumbles
breton catalan cornish frisian occitanscotsscots gaelic welsh and the
which could enlist support fromscotsspeakers as well as gaelic
that could enlist support faescotsspeakers forby gaelic speakers 85
sustained both a gaelic andscotsspeaking speech community until the
giving support to gaelic andscotssupport for gaelic and scots
as many people know somescotsthan know gaelic then the
not available in gaelic andscotsthe convener my only concern
and scottish gaelic and nowscotsthe haiku is restricted to
covering gaelic and varieties ofscotsthe universities and scottish arts
gaelic and each dialect ofscotsthere will be a videotape
of course tae gaelic spikkinscotsthis suggests a slightly different
many people want gaelic andscotsto flourish and it is
a diglossic nature between thescotstongue and gaelic in the
now a multilingual society gaelicscotsurdu and so on are
other than english gaelic orscotswas used i think that
other than english gaelic orscotswas used this is to
the use of gaelic andscotswe ensure that both can
where is the minister forscotswe now have a gaelic
heritage languages of gaelic andscotswe will continue to be
languages of english gaelic andscotswhich are the languages that
gaelic and the varieties ofscotswhich could incorporate the scottish
gaelic and the varieties ofscotswhich could incorporate the scottish
debate compared the situation forscotswi that for gaelic this
scots support for gaelic andscotswill not fade during 2001
did compare the situation forscotswith that for gaelic this
main areas o scots aulderscots1100 1700 an modren scots
scots or a dialect ofscots33 per cent answered yes
to ehm encourage scots givescotsa greater prominence within scotland
aye giein the puir onestescotsa lewderin fur the scots
what i consider to bescotsa true definition of scots
popular wi scots an nonscotsalike elphinstane institute rin bothy
re recognisin the scots asscotsan no part o the
ceilidh dauncin is popular wiscotsan non scots alike elphinstane
ken the difference atween speakinscotsan uisin scots words in
speak in the chamber inscotsand are reported in scots
writing he used scots englishscotsand ayrshire dialect to a
in pr 6 i readscotsand i wrote a scots
for prose writing in scotsscotsand lesser used languages much
positive example public signage inscotsand recognition of scots as
a period of time adoptedscotsand rejected norn because scots
sort o correlated with badscotsand rural scots is good
the grammar and syntax ofscotsand the standardisation of scots
declared that it recognises thatscotsand ulster scots meet the
to the differences between buchanscotsand upper deeside northern scots
to do with like ruralscotsand urban scots right m741:
of the difference between speakingscotsand using scots words in
scots if cultural resources inscotsare no longer produced for
that take the views ofscotsare significant many scots see
scots in ceylon i mostscotsarrived in ceylon during the
strange experience of speaking scotsscotsas has already been said
f963: mm m762: i meanscotsas in deep scots you
place they re recognisin thescotsas scots an no part
wis mair scots than thescotsbairns thirsels the bandaras war
faimly spikks scots i likescotsbest some words i don
aye a muckle want oscotsbuiks an ither scots learnin
the scots grammar and goodscotsbut has often been presented
his case his ain borderscotsbut ither byeleids o scots
bairns are growing up speakingscotsbut the majority of scots
awareness and an appreciation ofscotsby including scots literature it
of scots words attempts atscotsby some actors sound embarrassingly
scots orthography are necessary beforescotscan be taught effectively at
us a clue about wherescotscan go the older scots
scots but the majority ofscotscannot read scots or do
sic an active supporter oscotschange his view oan scots
scots weel into the thescotscivil service so ye know
intae an orra kinna pseudoscotscoorse a comprehensive scots dictionar
represented scots law and particularlyscotscriminal law faces the same
to analyse scots law particularlyscotscriminal law one could probably
orra territory o the thescotscringe or the scots crulge
the scots cringe or thescotscrulge as david purves cries
an english scots vairsion naescotsdictionar is gaun tae be
pseudo scots coorse a comprehensivescotsdictionar the likes o thon
you or the scots thescotsdo you find it easy
s awful posh i preferscotsdo you like scots i
scots a true definition ofscotsdoes not yet exist we
scots or a dialect ofscotse g shetlandic and that
say that scots or labelscotseh as the variety that
shetland is is part ofscotseh scots part of the
scots inventing new words forscotsehm what do you think
example produce more writings inscotsehm you could use scots
far to have appeared arescotsenglish not scots french or
he was writing he usedscotsenglish scots and ayrshire dialect
spoke eh nothing else butscotser and as scots it
and rural scots is goodscotser m605: mmhm m741: and
consider definitions uised by thescotsexecutive 95 the scots executive
the scots executive 95 thescotsexecutive hauds that there nae
gien tae scots in thescotsexecutive s national cultural strategy
literature in scots thus anyscotsfeatures in his speech are
scots and upper deeside northernscotsfewer scots words were used
was still recognisably scots otherscotsfor example george buchanan james
provision of more material inscotsfor schools recognition of scots
provision o mair material inscotsfor schuils awnin o scots
appeared are scots english notscotsfrench or scots spanish as
as bad scots or goodscotsfrom aitken s point of
majority of scots speakers speakscotsfrom the day they can
the ability tae communicate inscotsgin cultural resources in scots
would like to ehm encouragescotsgive scots a greater prominence
an interesting feature of thescotsgrammar and good scots but
the excellent scots kist andscotshandsel are mostly out of
aabody in my faimly spikksscotsi like scots best some
you like scots i preferscotsi like the accent i
prefer scots do you likescotsi prefer scots i like
the ability to communicate inscotsif cultural resources in scots
the subject of north eastscotsin ceylon i most scots
the current state of scotsscotsin education ever since the
were no role models speakingscotsin fact scots on television
to those unfamiliar with readingscotsin general the scots spellings
pretty hard to find anyscotsin it but the scots
scots and are reported inscotsin the official report yet
credibility had been gien taescotsin the scots executive s
c read and d writescotsincluding any local scots speech
maybe even you know revivingscotsinventing new words for scots
scots or what they thinkscotsis f951: oh right blether
know up there scots isscotsis good you come down
scots but ither byeleids oscotsis no aw that different
bad scots the problem withscotsis of course compounded by
the place of scots thatscotsis one accent one total
aberdeenshire you know up therescotsis scots is good you
in scots what they thinkscotsis so maybe you can
plays in scots produced inscotsis so small that there
dichotaemy between scots an englishscotsis studit as a legitimate
yiss o scots where thescotsis yaised fur anither artistic
scots gin cultural resources inscotsisnae produced ony mair for
but scots er and asscotsit really sounded quite er
that there s it sscotsit s scots nonsense it
tried under scots law byscotsjudges that is the course
scotland under scots law byscotsjudges the important point about
earlier publications notably the excellentscotskist and scots handsel are
tradition to be properly representedscotslaw and particularly scots criminal
person will be tried underscotslaw by scots judges that
be tried in scotland underscotslaw by scots judges the
impinge greatly on scots lawscotslaw may have its little
if one were to analysescotslaw particularly scots criminal law
will not impinge greatly onscotslaw scots law may have
o scots buiks an itherscotslearnin graith in maist schuils
appreciation of scots by includingscotsliterature it is clear that
i think is old [inaudible]scotsm608: is old scots yeah
aulder scots modal suggests thatscotsmaintainit its germanic roots langer
why scots matters fur makinscotsmair accessible prominent an valuable
case in his book whyscotsmatters fur makin scots mair
recognises that scots and ulsterscotsmeet the charter s definition
scots ehm you could usescotsmore on television or on
scots tory mp the onlyscotsmp to contribute to the
scots ye should definitely haescotsmusic in ony simmer skweel
scots or english many lowlandscotsnames have also altered to
it s scots it sscotsnonsense it s older scots
scots nonsense it s olderscotsnonsense there are elements in
the length o haein ascotsnursery or a dedicatit scots
translate poetry in scots thescotsof the day might as
models speaking scots in factscotson television or radio was
simple question can you speakscotsor a dialect of scots
when asked can you speakscotsor a dialect of scots
majority of scots cannot readscotsor do not have the
or otherwise changed into lowlandscotsor english many lowland scots
which do you like bestscotsor english scots it s
no such thing as badscotsor good scots from aitken
agin the tradeetions o guidscotsor guid scots writein and
actually linguists would say thatscotsor label scots eh as
for dust which is likescotsor mainstream scots stoor that
children s books in inscotsor what they think scots
and doss are probably scotsscotsorigin m1007: yes snooze with
scots and the standardisation ofscotsorthography are necessary before scots
have parallels in mainland scotsscotsorthography in the courtly poems
but it was still recognisablyscotsother scots for example george
a scots signs in thescotspairlament biggin an admeinstration that
her class she had taughtscotspoems and indicated that scots
scots poems and indicated thatscotspoetry books were available for
the number of plays inscotsproduced in scots is so
elsewhere the scots project thescotsproject is the first large
in education and elsewhere thescotsproject the scots project is
parent objected strongly to havingscotspromoted in class equating scots
could produce more writings inscotspublish in scots use it
featuring scots they also hadscotsresources available in book form
east scots to indicate whichscotsresources they had used with
like rural scots and urbanscotsright m741: mmhm m605: but
model for prose writing inscotsscots and lesser used languages
the strange experience of speakingscotsscots as has already been
english the current state ofscotsscots in education ever since
argument cannot be applied toscotsscots is an intimate social
kip and doss are probablyscotsscots origin m1007: yes snooze
which have parallels in mainlandscotsscots orthography in the courtly
naturally scots words and allscotsscottish scotch which of these
of scots are significant manyscotssee themselves first as scots
scots and i wrote ascotsshort story i like to
scots is acceptable perhaps writtenscotsshould be considered to be
in govrenment in scotland ascotssigns in the scots pairlament
cannot be transformed into authenticscotssimply by substituting scots words
aitken a j 1982 badscotssome superstitions about scots speech
english not scots french orscotsspanish as a translator then
write it the majority ofscotsspeakers speak scots from the
for the fact that somescotsspeaking children only spoke scots
write scots including any localscotsspeech form such as buchan
generations of teachers to localscotsspeech means that many scots
scots promoted in class equatingscotsspeech with social and economic
reading scots in general thescotsspellings used give useful guidance
is like scots or mainstreamscotsstoor that s a norse
scots can go the olderscotsstyle the slightly archaic exalted
mony wyes she wis mairscotsthan the scots bairns thirsels
in cryin hail keing oscotsthanes hail keing o scots
scots in it but thescotsthat s in it is
ken wh- the place ofscotsthat scots is one accent
gave examples of alliteration inscotsthe children responded in scots
scots the children responded inscotsthe children wrote in their
o aathing the downgrading ofscotsthe period when scots was
social attitudes good and badscotsthe problem with scots is
aitken a j 1980 newscotsthe problems in the scots
that muddles you or thescotsthe scots do you find
write and translate poetry inscotsthe scots of the day
a scots word meaning starscotsthe scottish corpus of texts
scots thanes hail keing oscotsthe trumpets sound malcolm holds
scots see themselves first asscotsthen as europeans and thirdly
listened to radio programmes featuringscotsthey also had scots resources
the body of literature inscotsthus any scots features in
tae scots we have allowedscotsto deteriorate in status and
understood or spoke north eastscotsto indicate which scots resources
the debate nor did thescotstory mp the only scots
scots for schools recognition ofscotsunder part iii of the
scots for schuils awnin oscotsunner pairt iii o the
o a possible future furscotsuntil living scots used by
writings in scots publish inscotsuse it on on radio
future fur scots until livingscotsused by the pupils is
a need for an englishscotsvairsion nae scots dictionar is
of scots the period whenscotswas internationally seen as the
tae reverse common attitudes taescotswe have allowed scots to
that can speak and writescotsweel into the the scots
scots a lewderin fur thescotswes fay ti thair keings
books eh and all inscotswhat they think scots is
vestigial spare eh yiss oscotswhere the scots is yaised
scots speaking children only spokescotswithin the home english was
just write what comes naturallyscotswords and all scots scottish
by solecisms and mispronunciations ofscotswords attempts at scots by
authentic scots simply by substitutingscotswords for english words without
scots words we use oldscotswords for things like our
between speaking scots and usingscotswords in english many members
atween speakin scots an uisinscotswords in english mony memmers
but f1144: [inaudible] f1145: oldscotswords we use old scots
upper deeside northern scots fewerscotswords were used as grant
o guid scots or guidscotswritein and there s the
for takin pairt in thescotswritin competeetion for the scots
for takin pairt in thescotswritin competeetion for the scots
for takin pairt in thescotswritin competeetion for the scots
of twenty one years ofscotswriting in lallans what scots
efter tither english syne braidscotsye should definitely hae scots
[inaudible] scots m608: is oldscotsyeah mmhm m078: i shall
s scotchs m1008: that sscotsyes yes f1009: scots word
mean scots as in deepscotsyou know as opposed to

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