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awawaw bairns peein hisell scottyscottydimps fuck sake laughs it
steve awawaw bairns peein hisellscottyscotty dimps fuck sake laughs
excellent foot warmers an unclippedscottydog is cheaper to run
eppy steve beam mi upscottybeam me an the bairn
wanti steve beam me doonscottybeam mi doon beam mi
me if ah wis goodyscottybeam mi up an doon
threatened steve yi trick umscottybeam mi up dimps fuck
an encore laughs steve scottyscottybeam the bairn up cammy
steve scotty where ur yiscottybeam us up beam us
yi see me laughin stevescottybeam us up beam us
aaaaaaaaah steve beam mi upscottydimps steve see ah gees
mi up beam mi upscottydimps stew what the fuck
fur an encore laughs stevescottyscotty beam the bairn up
o steve beam mi upscottysilence cammy yur usually it
ankles steve beam me upscottyup up up cammy dimps
socks rubbin mi raw stevescottywhere ur yi scotty beam
bairns seen bit noh heardscottyscotty steve hides under his
seen bit noh heard scottyscottysteve hides under his coat
persisted stubbornly thinking of herscottypuppy monty and the little
she saved for monty thescottywhen he left one of
me an the bairn upscottysteve grabs the doll ed

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