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dog fitt s he calledscruffyor something m1110: no [?]sore arm[/?]
we say dottled you sayscruffywe say strushal you say
come on scruffy come onscruffy[child noises] [blowing] [inhale] come on
come on scruffy come onscruffycome on scruffy [child noises] [blowing]
come on scruffy come onscruffycome on scruffy come on
[blowing] [snort] [exhale] come onscruffycome on scruffy come on
called scruffy he s calledscruffyfa s the fa s
count with scruffy that sscruffyfitt s that m1110: that
down f1109: he s calledscruffyhe s called scruffy fa
thorntons at number one thescruffyold wine guzzling grahams at
dog s names count withscruffythat s scruffy fitt s
[child noises] [blowing] [inhale] come onscruffymy daddy thought he d
look lads it s thatscruffybugger strushle jock in a
personal but the more thescruffyyoungster fought against it the
your eye you looked soscruffyand your car smelled so
a big improvement on thescruffylittle bugger you used to
she almost fell over ascruffylooking little boy kicking a
me in my sort ofscruffyjeans and [laugh] i think
know f1109: oh that sscruffythat s the dog s
lang tail wis a bittiescruffyanither nicht i wis comin

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