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waves like bobbing buoys exhuberantsealssandbars rolling at anchor seaweed
steep narrow inlet sels selkiessealskyemp compete shalls sea shells
from torcs of masonry likesealsringed by a strand of
seals under the conservation ofsealsact 1970 the birds directive
it was also suggested thatsealsto help deep sea divers
also affect the control ofsealsunder the conservation of seals
ither tales o escapes fraesealsan killer whales frae baited
an roar like big bullsealswhile ithers cry wi trimmlin
for by the conservation ofsealsact 1970 are sufficient s1w
would go swimming with thesealsthe furrowed clouds would yield
the environment the conservation ofsealsscotland order 2002 ssi 2002
2002 325 the conservation ofsealsscotland order 2002 ssi 2002
bay across the harbour barsealsjumped in doubles back eyn
own protection such as deersealsand badgers which gave way
farming predation of salmon bysealsand fish eating birds deep
an time again wi reidsealsafore the easins wis hingin
weel at s fit thesealsseemed tae say as ey
deterioration of the species habitatsealsare also listed in the

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