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dae an a l daesecondwitch a l gie ye
spirit a m cummin graymawkinsecondwitch dae ye hear the
ti ye thane o glamissecondwitch fair faw macbeth hail
yeir spleen first witch hailsecondwitch hail third witch hail
whaur hae ye been sistersecondwitch killin pigs third witch
see what a hae heresecondwitch lat me see lat
lesser nor macbeth an gretersecondwitch no sae blyth yit
witch an whaur the placesecondwitch up on the muir
fyre flaucht or in rainsecondwitch whan the hurlie burlie
page 46 line 35 aftersecondburden insert economic development burden
page 45 line 11 aftersecondburden insert economic development burden
page 21 line 18 aftersecondburden insert social housing burden
page 1 line 14 aftersecondburden insert social housing burden
page 21 line 21 aftersecondburden insert social housing burden
with that christine grahame mysecondpoint is about the burden
at belyaevo reading up onsecondlanguage grammar acquisition listening to
lessons and reading more ofsecondlanguage grammar the weather outside
in the early stages ofsecondlanguage learning with reading and
of general reading problems thesecondpage of the booklet was
of lords has had thesecondreading and so is already
1992 which was defeated atsecondreading by 187 to 175
[censored: forename] [censored: surname] on table forsecondreading [censored: forename] [censored: surname] was in
on the table for thesecondreading competition entries or intentions
the minister replying to thesecondreading debate on the succession
is also due for itssecondreading in the house of
of lords to have asecondreading more than a month
speak at the bill ssecondreading mr mcallion or even
not changed 35 during thesecondreading of lord archer of
in january there was asecondreading of the bill in
interesting to note that thesecondreading of the criminal justice
principle i understand that thesecondreading of the sexual offences
provisionally timetabled for it ssecondreading on the 7 april
bill has received only itssecondreading south of the border
of time it needs asecondreading to disclose its full
that during the bill ssecondreading yesterday only two such
variety of topics for thesecondand third volumes of the
notes that dundee has thesecondhighest and aberdeen the third
for apple he writes asecondone and then a third
that like the ne- thesecondor third day f1154: it
days is still rain everysecondor third day temperatures were
dictionary much more easily asecondor third edition is no
young learners command of asecondor third language but it
sew them painstakingly onto thesecondor third or fourth hand
dot grew out of thesecondor third or fourth hand
of these going into asecondor third reprint boslit lists
fair is round about thesecondor third week in july
third and four in thesecondquarter of the tigers huskers
brutal and vicious wars thesecondthird and fourth largest arms
may not apply in thesecondthird and subsequent years what
they re coming out ofsecondyear and third year they
queuing up outside first yearsecondyear third year and fourth
towards the end of thesecondworld war act one on
during the period after thesecondworld war and calls on
saw further action in thesecondworld war and now it
[note: photo: 'jean allison, kennells, arbuthnott.'] [note: photo: 'mr & mrs andrew blades.'] [note: photo: 'harry anderson, denhead, in his gordon highlander uniform.'] during thesecondworld war as in the
in another era after thesecondworld war as we start
first world war and thesecondworld war as well as
figures have declined since thesecondworld war but the situation
this purpose as first andsecondworld war history both show
the last year of thesecondworld war in a work
as a veteran of thesecondworld war its co incidence
french m1021: doolally during thesecondworld war m1020: [inaudible] doolally
for the better that thesecondworld war made in these
on the line of thesecondworld war military railway because
her maiden name after thesecondworld war moved into old
after the end of thesecondworld war nevertheless during my
gulf war vietnam korea thesecondworld war or the first
those who died in thesecondworld war others from arbuthnott
on glasgow in the postsecondworld war period that the
1 5 million during thesecondworld war producing an estimated
chores [note: photo: 'taking a break from coleing hay.'] [note: photo: 'a maid in 1927'] after thesecondworld war small farms and
you know stories from thesecondworld war that they wanted
lean times then until thesecondworld war the post office
now this is proably presecondworld war they were said
at the end of thesecondworld war thought that of
went to tiree during thesecondworld war to work with
s how we won thesecondworld war wednesday turned out
20th century the first andsecondworld wars in which all
the textbook first line thesecondand fifth lines have strong
line 15 leave out fromsecondand to end of line
line 8 leave out fromsecondand to end of line
line 8 leave out fromsecondand to end of line
page 21 line 32 aftersecondgranting insert and send a
rubble bank [note: photo: 'innermessan camp, workshops and pier, looking north, 1944.'] meanwhile thesecondlast part of the line
on the second line thesecondline danced the next two
is half way through hersecondline of 7s all of
song then backwards on thesecondline the second line danced
hapsburg empress of austria asecondline traces the imperial house
s so he does hissecondline very very fast they
page 18 line 31 aftersecondmanagers insert of the hospital
line 26 leave out fromsecondor to end of line
line 3 leave out fromsecondprivate to end of line
page 33 line 31 aftersecondshall insert subject to subsection
page 187 line 31 aftersecondthe insert health or malcolm
line 10 leave out fromsecondthe to end of line
line 4 leave out fromsecondthe to notice in line
page 2 line 38 aftersecondto insert the scottish section
line 35 leave out fromsecondto to apply in line
evening and danced for thesecondhalf jim blease taught members
in the display for thesecondhalf mrs [censored: surname] chose to
rang she realised that thesecondhalf of her life would
the travelling companion of thesecondhalf of his life antonietta
of influenza b in thesecondhalf of january i think
the new treaty during thesecondhalf of october or early
on anything else on thesecondhalf of page 2 des
born in arbuthnott in thesecondhalf of the 18th century
lived on deeside in thesecondhalf of the 18th century
editor on csd during thesecondhalf of the 1980s she
and alasdair mackie in thesecondhalf of the current century
they battled on in thesecondhalf of the game they
various kailyard writers in thesecondhalf of the nineteenth century
parents were young in thesecondhalf of the nineteenth century
action that pushed on thesecondhalf of the play erm
faculties principally in control thesecondhalf of the poem moves
we would listen to thesecondhalf of whatever a division
and turns down half thesecondplaid morag try an settil
the last half of mysecondyear cause i was in
to wages in 1934 asecondhand austin would cost about
found me racing to thesecondhand bookshop with many immortal
off to check out thesecondhand bookstalls while [censored: forename] headed
a vain search for asecondhand bookstore we d been
of a little coffee tablesecondhand but its a good
about our cheap n cheerfulsecondhand creatures then our mongrel
class pretension to carry thesecondhand garments past the sneering
recognises us in only asecondhand manner it is within
that s nice never heedsecondhand mind you there s
speed its little brother thesecondhand normally ran at he
order new academic gowns theirsecondhand ones advertised were student
and things er in thesecondhand shop absolutely excellent and
and alive and even thesecondhand shops are more exciting
bore head down to glasgowsecondhand stores flip kojac or
furniture they have is mostlysecondhand stuff but it all
its quite comfortable also asecondhand television but don t
3 piece suite cheap asecondhand television we found a
hand in hand noo thesecondwifie pit her hand ower
questions on sources of incomesecondand holiday homes five year
the uk for only thesecondconsecutive year in the past
economics in my first andsecondf1037: go on f1038: year
i eh grew first ehsecondgeneration seed last year an
year later and ended upsecondin the british superbikes and
the 10 year period thesecondpoint is that implementation is
the year nicola sturgeon thesecondpoint related to mary scanlon
championship this year he wassecondthe year before m608: right
auld year awa first orsecondthe year wis twa thoosan
like from f1149: mmhm f1148: secondto fifth year and then
did semantics in first andsecondyear ah and really didn
a second year f1037: nosecondyear ah yeah second year
advocated competitions being held everysecondyear and advised that the
got really sick in mysecondyear and i ended up
we got french again insecondyear and we ha- everyone
she gave that up aftersecondyear as well cause it
friend in you know insecondyear at school in urdu
do it in first andsecondyear but as ye move
wee bit of it insecondyear but don t know
could be renewed for thesecondyear but i ve heard
much when we re insecondyear but naebdy wis gonny
f1151: yeah f1150: is repeatingsecondyear cause she just hated
leathered you in geography insecondyear dished you wi that
right okay f1038: as wellsecondyear english lit f1037: okay
of gaelic in first andsecondyear er some schools ha-
in er pupils first andsecondyear erm at hi- at
year or you re asecondyear f1037: no second year
spain and that was insecondyear f1148: mmhm f1149: but
so i got suspended insecondyear for i was getting
any more and erm insecondyear i did russian [laugh]
f745: so then in insecondyear i didn t do
lit at the end ofsecondyear i was absolutely desperate
year actually and then insecondyear i was just doing
say that as well thatsecondyear is absolutely the worst
and like f1149: mmhm f1148: secondyear like sixth grade and
went to aviemore in thesecondyear m608: mmhm m642: and
f813: i got suspended insecondyear m811: common room f814:
year well this is hersecondyear m959: in plockton f958:
like my sister is insecondyear now so she ll
whose properties were in thesecondyear of a scheme had
of the pupils in thesecondyear of our secondary schools
280 000 to fund thesecondyear of the foot and
280 000 to fund thesecondyear of the foot and
pupils in [tut] first andsecondyear pupils in duns library
need for first year andsecondyear pupils to be invited
primary seven and first andsecondyear secondary school pupils within
economics etcetera just go tosecondyear so we really have
three sentences this is thesecondyear that the class have
good actually the first andsecondyear that you kind of
up see the next yearsecondyear the magazine came out
and it s not idealsecondyear was really good though
tae him in geography insecondyear we d a laugh
through first year and thensecondyear we just found really
happened sort of halfway throughsecondyear when i was at
er the computers was probablysecondyear when we used them
no second year ah yeahsecondyear yeah absolutely no di-
i can t remember butsecondyear you can go to
schools but only as aseconda foreign language they believe
language into the english curriculumsecondfor those that are willing
begin the study of asecondforeign language although such pupils
when they pick up asecondlanguage a second language what
do something to do withsecondlanguage acquisition f746: mmhm f745:
lot of things written aboutsecondlanguage acquisition or first language
f746: oh right f745: ermsecondlanguage acquisition so basically i
strategies developed in first orsecondlanguage across the four modes
in similar contexts learning asecondlanguage and having the opportunity
as they move into thesecondlanguage and how do the
main first language and thissecondlanguage and it s a
that they are learning asecondlanguage and there are things
pupil is to learn asecondlanguage at an accelerated rate
pupil is to learn asecondlanguage at an accelerated rate
taught as a first orsecondlanguage bibliography comunn na gaidhlig
language strongly supported whilst theirsecondlanguage develops experience definite cognitive
they try to access asecondlanguage equally by starting a
than learning english as asecondlanguage esl the term which
a good start to theirsecondlanguage ex- learning experience and
had learnt english as asecondlanguage f746: what kind of
finished preparing a talk onsecondlanguage grammar just in time
they want to learn asecondlanguage i want them to
to effective teaching of asecondlanguage in addition to the
first language and learning asecondlanguage is of crucial importance
language equally by starting asecondlanguage it s a chance
when they look at asecondlanguage it s a chance
relevant to their work withsecondlanguage learners 1 direct teaching
would it be like asecondlanguage like french or german
out other languages as thesecondlanguage of choice in the
to the teaching of asecondlanguage should attempt to replicate
are utilising english as asecondlanguage so it remains with
it when they start theirsecondlanguage so phase one which
taught as part of asecondlanguage so pupils understood less
the right to learn asecondlanguage that is essential for
up a second language asecondlanguage what links do we
is to pick up asecondlanguage what opportunities does that
and contrast aspects of thesecondlanguage with patterns familiar to
how both the first andsecondlanguage work the response advocated
fact ulster scots is thesecondlanguage you know deadly seriousness
latin in preference to asecondmodern language because latin was
language never mind as asecondone fourthly there is the
accusation that it is asecondrate language compared to latin
participate in scots tung ssecondscots language writing competition pupils
first language with english theirsecondsign language was banned in
bairn with swearin in thesecondstanza the language is entirely
destruction and bloodshed of thesecondmajor war of the 20th
and everyday life in thesecondwarld war health e g
åland mr [censored: surname] began thesecondround by relating the difficult
and his undoubted talent thesecondround consisted of a very
office markings and franks thesecondround continued in the same
examples from both sides thesecondround continued in the same
s social justice initiative asecondround of national action plans
exclusion common objectives for thesecondround of national action plans
2003 national action plans asecondround of national action plans
of the bids to thesecondround of the modernising government
pattern alan fraser in thesecondround of the modernising government
the presiding officer in thesecondround of voting in the
he had laid out thesecondround opened with a magnificent
the main part of thesecondround opened with and was
selection of picture postcards thesecondround prior to 1952 there
the fund is into itssecondround the convener i will
aviation meeting 2nd round thesecondround was in similar vein
of key priorities for thesecondround when we invited proposals
from the election and asecondround will take place with
and aerogrammes [censored: forename] finished thesecondround with a fine selection
fit to accept the amendmentssecondtime round to ensure that
prehistory and history in thesecondcentury a d the alexandrian
morn we die do firstsecondcentury ad 5 back end
the chinese kennawha first tosecondcentury ad eternitie ah caw
hame from the chinese kennawhasecondcentury bc fechtin ootby the
the chinese kennawha first tosecondcentury the morn we die
the point is for asecondat least they add to
page 2 mr ingram thesecondbullet point states that the
that point clearly in thesecondletter if not in the
eventually be moved on mysecondpoint concerns amas everyone agrees
have heard of it mysecondpoint concerns what the executive
smith i will take thesecondpoint first my local authority
particularly with regard to yoursecondpoint i have no great
up on bruce crawford ssecondpoint i have read the
an infestation problem on thesecondpoint if this type of
is agreeable to that mysecondpoint is a query on
government must be repaired mysecondpoint is also relevant to
first thought mr mcallion mysecondpoint is on timetabling like
address is fatally flawed mysecondpoint is that this is
training in such matters thesecondpoint it makes is that
sorry i have forgotten yoursecondpoint ms white what were
us move on to thesecondpoint on the future your
and expanding nurses responsibility mysecondpoint relates to jails the
the youth voluntary sector mysecondpoint relates to quite a
appropriately flexible 12 45 thesecondpoint that phil gallie raised
undertake on that point mysecondpoint was mentioned by robert
the city brian adam ssecondpoint was that he is
we have talked about mysecondpoint will come as absolutely
a slight concern about thesecondlast paragraph on page 3
fitzpatrick i refer to thesecondpage of your written submission
answer that question in asecondbut first i will backtrack
that phil gallie you havesecondguessed my next question the
them i have forgotten thesecondpart of the question mrs
the area waste plans thesecondpart of the question was
mps and meps on thesecondquestion about temporary confinement to
of our resources on yoursecondquestion about the percentages i
baillie that leads to mysecondquestion earlier you referred to
was meant to be mysecondquestion i want to ask
help with that on thesecondquestion if we do not
i will deal with thesecondquestion in due course as
what they are doing mysecondquestion is about the regulations
changes in scots law mysecondquestion is how would the
that they felt appropriate mysecondquestion is mainly for keith
future years andrew wilson mysecondquestion is on the body
now called national qualifications mysecondquestion is on the description
to the presiding officer thesecondquestion is that amendment s1m
531 the presiding officer thesecondquestion is that amendment s1m
to the presiding officer thesecondquestion is that amendment s1m
the deputy presiding officer thesecondquestion is that amendment s1m
bill the presiding officer thesecondquestion is that motion s1m
cash the answer to yoursecondquestion is that we now
mackay the answer to thesecondquestion is yes but we
about that what was yoursecondquestion john scott should best
to the answer to thesecondsupplementary question to question s1o
to the answer to thesecondsupplementary question to question s1o
s1m 2631 leave out fromsecondbelieves to end and insert
ii after violence in thesecondplace where it occurs insert
straight at me for asecondand spoke your first sentence
first and trade union associatessecondand that we do not
undemocratic to have first andsecondclass so they have hard
first make up and thesecondcovering clean make up linking
speakers first and gaelic speakersseconder though just a a
increased to first horseman 47secondhorseman 42 halflins young lads
months was first horsemen 42secondhorsemen 40 42 youths 35
go to the first orsecondhouse of the pictures m608:
matter whether it was thesecondhouse or the first house
first act but in thesecondi switched places with [censored: forename]
first instance or in thesecondinstance decides to stop smoking
the first fute short thesecondlang and so furth quhair
commands and indicate sequence firstsecondnext finally also as children
unlike the first option thesecondoption would allow the protocol
the gap left by thesecondrunner if the first runner
are first the proposals tosecondsome school sqa co ordinators
eh the first or thesecondsomething like f1159: mmhm f947:
opposition between the first andsecondtime that it was considered
other people like first andsecondyears and they ve been
presiding officer that is yoursecondconclusion mr davidson i ask
in the election of theseconddeputy presiding officer is now
in the election of theseconddeputy presiding officer mr george
in the election of theseconddeputy presiding officer the number
reach the front door thesecondofficer cleared his throat and
the ferry fortunate too wassecondofficer leslie unsworth transferred to
of four crewmen under thesecondofficer was sent to close
that would allow us asecondbite at the issue and
that and to have asecondcut at the issue if
educated on this issue theseconddifficulty was rather disconcerting and
the committee will consider aseconddraft report on the issue
to delay the trial thesecondissue is public consultation one
do about the instrument thesecondissue is what it is
in greater detail later thesecondissue that i will address
probably the right decision thesecondissue was about the short
i will start with thesecondissue which centres on enforcement
i will deal with thesecondissue which i regard as
accessible and better understood thesecondmajor issue dealt with by
of an issue in thesecondthe committee is taking positive
a personal description and thesecondis part of a report
the person s address thesecondpart of amendment 6 proposed
this article is on thesecondpart of hay s text
waiting times more beds thesecondpart of our plan to
me that even though thesecondpart of the delay that
to queue i gave thesecondpart of the macdiarmid talk
on scottish salmon fisheries thesecondpart of the paper pages
its worldwide economic interests thesecondpart of the strategy is
sight of safety in tbesecondpart of the voyage following
slum and the much shortersecondpart when she is in
going out for a weirdseconduntil the rational part of
on and off with everyseconda tartan scarf veteran of
gloves is supervising boyter everysecondcandle hugh we dinny want
it wis gooseberry crumble everysecondday bit jonsar eck didnae
the institute for my everysecondfriday consultation today s topics
had diarrhoea which was thesecondof my problems every so
thousand punters comin in everysecondsaturday who have got money
ehm put it into everysecondsentence m1055: and what does
old glory hanging from everysecondwall the red shoes of
front o their f1040: everysecondword m1042: kids an i
have made binny house thesecondbest funded of their 26
martins i am trying tosecondguess the mainspring of house
their shopping then went thesecondhouse at the pictures [note: photo: 'wedding at the mill house in 1913.']
know if it was asecondhouse or i can t
she said in disgust thesecondhouse was rented by the
a little house harpin thesecondr 1976 also found that
of the original text theseconddates from the 1470s after
the phonological aspects of aseconddialect after relocating from one
housing scotland act 2001 itssecondfull report was published after
t give the devils asecondthought after all this was
to bills the convener thesecondagenda item is on committee
and pe454 the convener thesecondgroup of petitions pe422 pe430
2003 97 the convener thesecondinstrument that we have been
islay creamery the convener theseconditem 6 on my agenda
petitions languages the convener theseconditem on the agenda is
regulation pe428 the convener thesecondnew petition is pe428 from
to members the convener thesecondparagraph goes into detail des
indicated agreement the convener thesecondpetition is from mr timothy
highlands and islands con isecondthat nomination the convener is
elaine murray mr rumbles isecondthat the convener is there
situation dorothy grace elder isecondthat the convener there will
and in time produced asecondchild i make no further
traction with a shattered thesecondl- time the leg had
took the time a nanosecondnipped back looked through the
noo be dis time dasecondpeerie grice wis wun awa
and eh he was insecondplace at the time and
with the interview suit asecondtime again it took place
like having it done asecondtime and then erm pu-
admit that that is thesecondtime at a members business
be expected to come asecondtime bit there wis ither
[audience laughter] but lanark twice thesecondtime brushed up in the
on the table for thesecondtime [censored: forename] [censored: surname] said that
but wasn t invited asecondtime course i was being
s like with sex thesecondtime f643: eh m608: can
for the townsfolk and asecondtime for the people in
am now retiring for thesecondtime getting old is a
[laugh] m642: was it thesecondtime i did it f643:
was even more harrowing thesecondtime it s a disturbing
to phone her for asecondtime last week she s
am back in a refugesecondtime roon carolanne he must
penny to pass over thesecondtime she wasn t opening
nae happy with it thesecondtime [sigh] f835: i know
lothians snp this is thesecondtime that a minister for
referring to this is thesecondtime that this thick document
where they occur for thesecondtime there is substituted service
i lose her for thesecondtime though i think i
was discussed last november thesecondtime was when more detailed
t like it and thesecondtime we went over she
actually no that was thesecondtime we went uh huh
but to be born thesecondtime when a man was
through the process for asecondtime which in most instances
and the butter got asecondwashing this time with a
want to come to mysecondand final example today in
grannies wis sisters dey wirsecondcousins my my fancy dat
gaelic quite enthusiastic and mysecondf606: mm m1036: daughter is
interesting but it was mysecondlatish night in a row
with [censored: forename] she had hersecondletter from home to my
walk i ve written mysecondletter home and now i
flash jist in a splitsecondmy brain said rin bit
ehm clothes what just asecondmy lead s crackling f1018:
[inaudible] f746: yeah f745: mysecondname is ehm well my
name to dee and mysecondname to rimbaud it was
ian jenkins has because thesecondparagraph of my briefing says
out of hospital throughout mysecondplacement they were really really
by falling prey to mysecondsoviet cold and then around
to make appropriate arrangements mysecondsuggestion is that members should
of pain p 151 mysecondtext where the apple ripens
per 1lb my grandmother sseconduncle alexander craib born at
in brussels to discuss thesecondcohesion report and to set
the provision of information thesecondelectronic service delivery progress report
by july 2003 with asecondjoint report from the commission
the recent publication of thesecondreport by her majesty s
fife council said in hissecondreport it was council made
2003 the commission published itssecondreport on the progress of
her majesty s government ssecondreport produced by the un
her majesty s government ssecondreport produced by the un
her majesty s government ssecondreport produced by the un
her majesty s government ssecondreport produced by the united
for a fraction of asecondand then away again you
8 p m then thesecondbetween 8 30 p m
then f828: mmhm on thesecondbiggest island it s cawed
was done by laying asecondboard on top and then
then let me gang thesecondcried tae wark your will
apart or so then thesecondeen inherits a its cla
and erm then a asecondfollow up ones of about
byke and started running thesecondhorseman then took over and
then [censored: forename] s is thesecondone on the left f1155:
grey countenance lightened for asecondor two then darkened again
paper and then receive asecondpaper that had been substantially
go f1113: hold on asecondthen f1114: yes f1113: that
at carolanne for a longsecondthen indicating but marks on
then i was off thesecondweek cause i was recovering
chair right hold on aseconddinna touch that [censored: forename] okay
see [censored: forename] [censored: forename] has hersecondrussian cold but was in
of this flowing in hissecondchapter james spells out the
workman was clearing out asecondfloor flat in gibson street
sell out in like asecondi was like i would
out in this overview thesecondis the review should take
not get out of thesecondmeeting as angus mackay is
their bairns turn out thesecondnight because of the distances
are set out in thesecondparagraph of the policy memorandum
they had to have asecondturn in and out the
2 to leave out fromsecondwelcomes to so far and
said to taste better thesecondday and was called yavil
in manitoba canada on thesecondday at sea the ship
beyond section 22 on thesecondday if the committee does
began with celebration on thesecondday of january i left
of care scotland bill thesecondday of stage 2 proceedings
s schools etc bill thesecondday of stage 2 proceedings
a chicken kebab for thesecondday running washed down by
park so tae think osecondday s broth as yavel
monday was washing day sosecondday s broth yavel broth
yellow hammer yavel broth yavellerssecondday s broth yirlin yellow
u r a c thesecondday started reasonably well until
and sweating started on hisseconddry day he put it
to fredericton in one daysecondi think you d possibly
an eye opener on thesecondlast day of 1981 mr
a clap of thunder asecondapparition appears this is like
european union dermot scott thesecondarea for discussion is freedom
which are similar drugs thesecondaspect is the economics of
centre in forfar is thesecondbiggest employer in the town
that meningococcal septicaemia is thesecondbiggest killer of children aged
fiag although this is thesecondbudget bill to be considered
selfish and she refuses theseconddaughter eilidh is pernicketie and
vel is conjunctive but theseconddisjunctive the statute continues that
ma is up on thesecondfloor an you re hungry
up from the doldrums thesecondgood piece of news is
is difficult for me tosecondguess that as you say
and january 2001 and thesecondis almost in post now
democrats and labour ministers thesecondis that of the status
interest in price fixing thesecondis that scottish ministers although
but there you go thesecondis the fact that developers
between pakistan and afghanistan thesecondis the most urgent situation
possible community care services thesecondis the power of this
in policy and practices thesecondis to build for the
and herenet l 1553 thesecondkind is exemplified by hringmσl
the last stage is asecondlaboratory session where they work
speak proper is a closesecondlike jamie before him wrighty
suit was hardly creased thesecondlot of good news is
which each headword appears thesecondmethod is the thesaurus method
is found also in hersecondnovel the camomile with its
he s noble [laugh] thesecondone which is better known
to help the uk thesecondoption is to legislate in
move straight on to thesecondparagraph where the detail is
the meanings of words thesecondpeculiar to thesaurus makers is
to the 1950s and thesecondpillar is the structure that
is now known as thesecondpillar of the cap is
bit of classification in thesecondplace this dictionary is historical
hert love withoot limit thesecondprayer is said wie the
will want to intervene thesecondprinciple is that which donald
cost of alterations is thesecondproblem at times it becomes
moment in many areas thesecondproblem is that the dialects
price of one 2 thesecondqualification is very necessary once
come back to that thesecondrecommendation is for the committee
and cuts off as thesecondring begins there is a
the scottish national dictionary asecondsense is also noted a
a small girl however thesecondsentence could mean flavia is
effect is continued into thesecondsentence where the choice of
policy in the parliament ssecondsession that is a logical
scots period [click] [inhale] thesecondthing in your handout is
our neutering service now issecondto none no nasty spraying
and teachers for failures thesecondview is one that carries
pay a fee for thesecondwhich is why parallel applications
the scheme s boundaries thesecondarea that i want to
want to wait a weesecondi ll take you to
want to do in thesecondsession i would love to
of [congregation calls out "a learner"] okay and thesecondthing i want to talk
take it off in asecondwhat do you want to
was a ower in asecondan there was the inside
to meet it and thissecondcar was trailing two militiamen
she was pregnant with oursecondchild little roberto was upstairs
luckily the bride s pakistanisecondcousin was a doctor and
labour councillor lynda struthers thesecondemployee was a labour activist
quickly as it did thesecondfactor was the shortening of
and was level with thesecondfloor flats what a tremendous
i punched easily but thesecondgadget was trickier and i
was 42 described as asecondhercules they wintered at alexandria
was followed up by asecondin nws in 1989 and
be with the sqa thesecondinteresting response was that it
they did so before thesecondinterim contract was awarded and
in barely more than asecondit was over and the
i- who was on hissecondmarriage an he used tae
that were received that thesecondmeeting was heading the same
s reaction on beholding asecondmore awkward bicycle was apodictic
william the eldest son andsecondof seven children was born
union in a referendum asecondreferendum was held on the
that something was awry thesecondreturn gave all the pupils
douglas hamilton lothians con isecondthat maureen macmillan was chosen
decently between two covers andsecondthere was to some extent
acupuncture it didn t thesecondwas a woman practically incoherent
anti discrimination legislation and thesecondwas the consistent strengthening of
was f831: aye aye ayesecondword sometimes aye m842: conscious
harrow brent or timbuctu naesecondcoming noo listen dad a
s a cousin or asecondcousin or somethin like that
of territory or ethnicity evensecondgene- generation immigrants speak fluent
it wi ne er asecondglower big or wee it
camera snapping it at 30secondintervals or so until it
trudged further uphill reaching thesecondmountain pass 3860m or around
man like you for asecondor two i see what
fifteen framework okay so thesecondoutcome or from our erm
the dairies or drove thesecondpair of horses in most
can be appointed for asecondperiod whether or not consecutive
are hardened troopers paying asecondvisit or more the others
deals with poetic rhythm thesecondwith the quantity or length
competing to take on thesecond1 the title of this
take action to identify thatsecondcategory rather than putting both
take a break for asecondchaps aye okay it s
done urgently and in thesecondof which we can take
and he has to takesecondplace he would cry if
co operation take working groupssecondwave working group 7 external
june 1912 in the revisedsecond1894 edition with such pleasure
under a shimmering sun theseconda poetical map suggesting adventure
пепси pepsi we caught thesecondact an accomplished instrumental group
business bulletin copies of thesecondamendment are available at the
tidy poison him said asecondand bugger the garden prison
the influence of television thesecondand i ve noticed this
begin the study of asecondand in some cases a
1999 we are approaching thesecondanniversary of that referral the
dae skaith ti macbeth thesecondapparition fades naebodie macbeth than
from standard written english thesecondassumption that skill in writing
into rhythmic units [inhale] thesecondavailable model for scots prose
the doctor said wi asecondbairn a wee lassie this
well these works include thesecondballade in f major opus
for the men of thesecondbattalion the gordon highlander regiment
really good to know thesecondbenefit of people taking non
that door will be thesecondbiggest mistake you ve made
the bodhi tree for asecondblessing at one of the
on the cherry tree asecondblossoming bindweed trumpets tuesday july
all powerful mammon in thesecondbook seems to forget that
launched by macdiarmid in thesecondburns cult essay for the
send a letter as asecondbut less favourable option the
your chances at trying asecondbut the body s saying
saying that the people aresecondclass a common argument against
earth for signs of asecondcoming the massacre of the
that the applicant meets thesecondcondition for disqualification mentioned in
as they started teemin thesecondcoort it wis wearin on
on tae nicht an thesecondcoort jist aboot teem fin
bloodline fur the land oorsecondcousins robby an me says
certain if i ve asecondcrack at the post by
water being drained away theseconddevelopment related to the layout
most reprehensible by society theseconddid not one might compare
home office suggests choosing theseconddiscretionary option because it would
win the scottish football leagueseconddivision championship and succeed in
worries about relegation from theseconddivision with a 2 0
committee for further consultation theseconddocument which will be received
with a heavy key aseconddoor in the other wall
the committee will consider aseconddraft forward work programme enterprise
fin she pit in theseconddraps she telt jonsar it
car started laudate domine theseconddrawing in the notebook includes
way back to adam thesecondekskubalauron now known better by
of compounds with the samesecondelement an instance of the
raigne of king charles thesecondentituled an act for the
equivalent of 10 on thesecondevening we met a semi
s gonna be january thesecondf606: mmhm m954: erm and
the squalid kitchen on thesecondfloor had given up the
awa throo the wid asecondfox came close by him
tell there would be nosecondgo the night he d
which brings us to thesecondgood reason for affirming a
to have been issued thesecondground which relates to notices
in their instructions prevented thesecondgroup from completing the task
achieve robin harper i cannotsecondguess the executive nor can
the executive nor can isecondguess what the stakeholder group
caer a fort carnethy thesecondhighest in the range may
a disease which causes thesecondhighest number of deaths from
of glasgow anniesland has thesecondhighest proportion of retired citizens
the council tax payable onsecondhomes s1w 6022 mr murray
donald gorrie council tax onsecondhomes that the parliament considers
fundraising efforts to making thesecondhospice a reality and calls
f1122: mum just wait asecondi ll pull the chair
school of translation only thesecondin any british university at
typically fill the role ofsecondin command in an upper
aroon cries held fer asecondin the late november air
been appointed to conduct thesecondinquiry as this undermines public
parent company guarantee under thesecondinterim contract issued to flour
to the award of thesecondinterim contract to flour city
slight gradient however in thesecondinterval we saw the russian
obtaining evidence mr black theseconditem on the committee s
hep c today in theseconditem we will decide what
the lyne be short thesecondlang the thrid short the
waiting list of alternates thesecondletter added that competition for
a formal response to oursecondletter to the chancellor of
aberdeen yet we get thesecondlowest level of funding in
the previous one did thesecondmajor cost relates to the
the appointment of aitken thesecondmajor period in the history
make a longer and happiersecondmarriage the pattern of her
been lodging questions on thesecondmatter so it might be
suggested to me that thesecondmeaning of hellery i e
of once a month thesecondmeeting of the working party
in the uk and thesecondmost common cause of cancer
of modern art goma thesecondmost visited contemporary art gallery
to clan douglas and thesecondmurray allan site at innerleithen
anyone who has the samesecondname as me except family
east ardsley e p thesecondnew statistical account of scotland
for her readers in thissecondnovel the sexual theme appears
a meeting scheduled on thesecondof december and various documents
of january and on thesecondof december you know the
prima friedrich nietzsche in thesecondof his testaments the testament
the lip in a microsecondof sublime beauty slowly very
the water it s thesecondoil rig efter the kebab
mcnulty in a sense thesecondon a fee basis in
were friendly and lively thesecondone bringing in a selection
in what she called thesecondorder network contact infiltrating a
do members agree with thesecondparagraph a member should not
as referred to in thesecondparagraph of schedule f to
i did not understand thesecondparagraph of the letter the
to sit down and thesecondperson became it if they
are now aiming within thesecondphase of our review to
been suggesting that in thesecondphase this phase here the
sank his teeth intae hissecondpie he asked the lad
advice changed michael russell thesecondpiece of advice to which
wye it his tae besecondplace asks the judge big
of bed and puts thesecondplaid over the puddok morag
the toaster still ignorin thatsecondplatefu wytin tae be snappit
player ends on c thesecondplayer makes a 3 note
stay stand there a weesecondput on see if the
and degradation here sat thesecondrate the down at heel
rather uncompromising scots and thesecondreflective stanza in a stilted
of the suspended sentence thesecondrelates to situations in which
as an indigenous material thesecondresidency will focus on making
portugal finland and sweden thesecondresolution requesting that countries recognise
stewart stevenson just a tinysecondrobin that goes to the
better public transport making thesecondscottish parliament one of delivery
night i handed over thesecondsection to another translator at
legal profession for a splitsecondseeing the black gowned figures
of radical ambitions for thesecondsession of the parliament i
text inside information such assecondset top box and the
the front room chucked thesecondsheet and pillow case on
skills with the gift ofsecondsight and the black arts
noo fermer taks in thesecondsilage crap ithers a hurl
to be derived therefrom thesecondstatistical account of scotland 1843
trial o the age thesecondstep king charles took he
experienced by the family ofsecondsteward j wallace of agnew
law on the friday preventedsecondsteward john mcfetridge of larne
indeed hawkins acknowledges that thesecondstrand to effective teaching of
mr [censored: surname] referred to asecondsuccessful performance of the land
being greatly inconvenienced for thesecondsuccessive summer because of major
in scottish speech compare thesecondsyllable in the words allowed
striuling be king james thesecondthat had the fyre mark
south of scotland snp isecondthat we should apply the
he should be slowing onesecondthe car looked to be
t doubt that for asecondthe pub down the road
cairnryan the crew of thesecondtrain standing at the station
meters from the shoreline asecondtube had ruptured and bubble
bruit that ye ir thesecondtume ai ye bruit and
clothing kept to do asecondturn at the sides of
the death of beowulf thesecondtype intensive clustering shows how
we begin to approach thesecondtype of metaphor those which
the activity interesting and meaningfulsecondvarious approaches to grammar development
bothered going on to asecondverse folk at the back
tell me who they besecondversion the wind the wind
ll probably start in thesecondweek cause i m away
fashion outlined above by thesecondweek of november when the
hides the fact that thesecondwords are all doing words
live in the wo- thesecondworst halls in the campus
would be a lighterage thesecondwould be the railway on
objectives and strategy and thesecondwould develop this into more
bridge of aird farm thesecondwould straddle london road in
blinnds ma een to thesecondyeir hair ablo yeir gowden
iad a falbh air asecondan dara latha tha f982:
you mix that for asecondand i ll see to
thought aboot it for asecondand i realised i didna
these f1121: mmhm just asecondand we see what all
this f1121: okay in asecondbut we ve got to
f1121: right hold on asecondcan you manage off that
read this in a weesecondcause i m just delighted
don t give ye asecondchance no no f823: no
and unable to have asecondchance to get into secure
by beginning preparation for asecondconvention in 2009 seeking like
a yavel crap wis esecondcrap in succession teen fae
1786 hecht p 55 asecondedition published in 1804 gave
but it s like asecondessay and it s voluntary
f1100: will be on asecondf1099: it will be in
[child noises] f1099: wait there asecondf1100: [child noises] [?]where it go next?[/?] there that
it will be in asecondf1100: will be on a
f1112: go f1111: just asecondf1112: [?]my goodness[/?] f1111: thank you
[inaudible] f1121: hold on asecondf1122: [inaudible] f1121: there you
way f1121: hold on asecondf1122: it s not really
f1121: okay hold on asecondf1122: why are we going
wo ho hang on asecondf807: [cough] f806: we got
f1122: what f1121: wait asecondfor mummy wow we re
put in action striddler asecondforker on a big grain
were on fire and asecondgoal did not seem inconceivable
so there will be asecondhandsel and had we not
up at me for asecondhe s a genius he
if you give me asecondi ll just find it
m1128: aye haud on asecondi m gonna spiderman s
it will be in asecondi said f1100: [singing] [inaudible]
should be cautious for asecondi support regional management of
ask you to stop asecondi ve got to change
m804: yeah in a weesecondif you tell me one
a principal depute fiscal assecondin command and will have
depute procurator fiscal as asecondin command of their regional
see [inaudible] hold on asecond[inaudible] be quiet she s
ll just pause for asecond[inaudible] words like mingin and
s just like a onesecondinterruption and they say i
yeah j- just wait asecond[laugh] eh it s almost
this morning i had asecondlesson with emma still concentrating
ll be back in asecond[long period of silence] fitt you daein f1134:
years f1054: sorry just asecondmadge there s a problem
a younger man he sailedsecondmate on a cargo vessel
turned into hellery in itssecondmeaning a mass a large
weeks ago we have asecondmeeting tomorrow in inverness we
bet you ll have asecondof goulash of course i
it already has been asecondpetition has been included in
be on members taking asecondpublic oath against involvement in
aye f1121: hold on asecondright you ll have to
pops back in for asecondsing everybody off stage again
back to that in asecondso here s peter you
lord an for a weesecondthair robert ah thought ah
edn 2002 harvie c 1991secondthoughts of a scotsman on
i will interrupt for asecondto ask hugh dignon to
better pause it for aseconduntil pam gets sorted f1023:
in a cairt an asecondup an doon slidin door
having come back for asecondweek thank you for your
mornin it wis intill esecondwik o june aifter a
she goes on to hersecondcalmly andy also starts on
intensity they were on theirsecondcigarette when he told her
s1m 3620 council tax onsecondhomes lodged on 21 november
council tax in full onsecondhomes s1m 3619 donald gorrie
on council tax relief forsecondhomes s1o 3196 10 christine
of autobiographical material in thissecondbook in her later letters
in her young adulthood thissecondepistolary novel might well be
592 council tax reduction forsecondhomes in ross skye and
radio drama 2 in hersecondnovel glitter of mica for
of shoppers in scotland beingsecondonly to london for uk
something astonishing luis salvador ssecondvisit to mallorca in 1871
care of its staff aresecondto none it works because
of peggy as they drinksecondand even mair important gladys
1966 15th viscount robert keithsecondcousin of 14th viscount married
1966 15th viscount robert keithsecondcousin of 14th viscount married
novel provides many examples ofsecondmarriages and motherless children brought
be rudely dashed with hissecondarticle burns he had worked
postman followed him with hissecondclass certificate but not being
d thought for just onesecondyou d be back to
wi her her sort osecondcousin if that s what
no i feth said dasecondpeerie grice geng awa wi
sachlessness feebleness sae so saicontsecondsaikless innocent sair severe sairie
doing so you took onesecondto answer that des mcnulty
ear that for one hideoussecondi think i m due
it wull hae tae besecondprize for this pot plant
it for greater stylistic effectsecondstudents should apply this conceptual
like hibernian football club ssecondcolours further to tommy sheridan
and mother s insistent anxietysecondthose ten pound notes if
an awa oot to theirsecondjobs but he wasna gan
great scots translations it ssecondonly i think to gavin
service yes madam it ssecondto none we can provide
became his passion before hissecondvisit to mallorca he sailed
ll sune see wha comessecondbest we ll stan oor
administration should suddenly become thatsecondadministration s flagship programme it
second lieutenant rodé vladimir karlovichsecondlieutenant ferapont ferapont spiridonych an
translated by jane lymburn 1936secondrevised edition london william hodge
re baptised we mak watterysecondsels dinna ken dinna ken

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