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s inquiry into the voluntarysector09 30 johann lamont glasgow
social inclusion housing and voluntarysector1 march standards 8 march
social inclusion housing and voluntarysector1 november standards 21 november
scottish parliament on the voluntarysector10 51 mr mike rumbles
social inclusion housing and voluntarysector12 january standards 12 january
social inclusion housing and voluntarysector12 january standards 12 january
social inclusion housing and voluntarysector14 june standards 14 june
that currently faces the voluntarysector16 02 george lyon argyll
profit sector and the voluntarysector2 50 000 is the
social inclusion housing and voluntarysector20 september standards 26 september
social inclusion housing and voluntarysector26 april standards 3 may
social inclusion housing and voluntarysector27 october standards 25 october
the inquiry into the voluntarysector3 inquiry into the voluntary
social inclusion housing and voluntarysector31 may standards 31 may
the inquiry into the voluntarysector4 civic government scotland act
relief would cost the voluntarysector4 million in the first
social inclusion housing and voluntarysector4 september standards 12 september
executive motion on the voluntarysector5 00 pm decision time
on funding in the voluntarysector5 scottish criminal record office
social inclusion housing and voluntarysector6 october standards 5 october
social inclusion housing and voluntarysector8 november standards 21 november
commitment to giving the voluntarysectora key role in planning
for volunteers in the voluntarysectora number of speakers lyndsay
crucially it gives the voluntarysectora place at the policy
executive has given the voluntarysectora place at the policy
an inquiry into the voluntarysectora series of fact finding
the independence of the voluntarysectora subject that i pursued
the independence of the voluntarysectora subject that was highlighted
bank manager in the voluntarysectora track record represents a
duncan hamilton s1m 1284 voluntarysectoraccess to criminal record information
1284 mr kenneth gibson voluntarysectoraccess to criminal record information
disburse money through those voluntarysectoraction teams for want of
dimension my emphasis of voluntarysectoractivity it has been suggested
and working with key voluntarysectoragencies by doing so we
of other public and voluntarysectoragencies we could better empower
groups and voluntary and publicsectoragencies working together to transform
who work in the voluntarysectoralthough innovation and new initiatives
for we owe the voluntarysectoran enormous debt in cultural
to the voluntary and charitablesectorand are happy to provide
have shown to the voluntarysectorand by their clear understanding
as delivered through the voluntarysectorand children and poverty subordinate
as many members said voluntarysectorand community groups are in
it s f1038: the voluntarysectorand f1037: yeah f1038: doing
working abroad in the voluntarysectorand george lyon s point
knows little about the voluntarysectorand has little knowledge of
are employed in the voluntarysectorand highlighted that 27 per
background is in the voluntarysectorand i am reminded of
a background in the voluntarysectorand i remain involved in
promotion of the entire voluntarysectorand in particular to encourage
actions impact on the voluntarysectorand its services for example
in relationships between the voluntarysectorand local authorities other funding
for experience in the voluntarysectorand on environment projects as
concerns raised by the voluntarysectorand others with regard to
the priorities of the voluntarysectorand so it should we
crime including supporting the voluntarysectorand sporting and cultural organisations
to housing and the voluntarysectorand such other related matters
fed through to the voluntarysectorand that that is a
recognition of where the voluntarysectorand the co operative and
are aware of the voluntarysectorand the culture in which
the scvo on the voluntarysectorand the establishment of the
key players in the voluntarysectorand the executive from organisations
that relations between the voluntarysectorand the executive had improved
is shared by the voluntarysectorand the executive i especially
sector the not for profitsectorand the voluntary sector 2
the government and the voluntarysectorand to explore the mutual
its support for the voluntarysectorand to increase the level
executive support for the voluntarysectorand two amendments to the
the work of the voluntarysectorand urges the executive to
fair share in our voluntarysectorand volunteering strategies we recognise
pioneering role of the voluntarysectorand want to facilitate that
realistic vision for the voluntarysectorand we are making a
scotland make to the voluntarysectorand we should all be
local compacts with the voluntarysectorand we think that more
an inquiry into the voluntarysectorand will get out and
life employed in the voluntarysectorand working with volunteers i
be unacceptable in the voluntarysectoranother key issue in respect
local authorities and the voluntarysectorare interacting and working together
are engaged in the voluntarysectorare involved in the hardest
the executive and the voluntarysectorare monitoring the implementation of
that employees in the voluntarysectorare not volunteers they earn
government officials regard the voluntarysectoras a competitor and possibly
almost exclusively from the voluntarysectoras a continuation of the
the executive views the voluntarysectoras a crucial social partner
that it recognises the voluntarysectoras a key partner in
the executive sees the voluntarysectoras a key social partner
organisation to use the voluntarysectoras a means only of
scots abroad in the voluntarysectoras alex neil said it
s compact with the voluntarysectoras an amendment to motion
s compact with the voluntarysectoras an amendment to motion
one can define the voluntarysectoras dr nicholas fife and
vital work of the voluntarysectoras i said the voluntary
people working in the voluntarysectoras johann lamont indicated the
in and with the voluntarysectoras the presiding officer mentioned
of support to the voluntarysectorat a local level it
think strategically about the voluntarysectorat every point because its
executive support for the voluntarysectorbe agreed to are we
executive support for the voluntarysectorbe agreed to are we
executive support for the voluntarysectorbe agreed to are we
s inquiry into the voluntarysectorbe agreed to motion agreed
entreaties to let the voluntarysectorbe her guide i ask
social inclusion housing and voluntarysectorbe renamed social justice remit
of parts of the voluntarysectorbeing absorbed into government she
also part of the voluntarysectorbeing voluntary does not mean
who work in the voluntarysectorbut build on the work
not only in the voluntarysectorbut in public sector settings
is recognised and the voluntarysectorcan be an important test
appreciation of what the voluntarysectorcan contribute in partnership with
should recognise that the voluntarysectorcan make a difference in
executive what role the voluntarysectorcan play in delivering public
issues that face the voluntarysectorcan we imagine a scotland
deal with that the voluntarysectorcannot be expected to reinvent
field of work for voluntarysectorcharities plus housing associations and
s approach to the voluntarysectorcombining the voluntary issues unit
social inclusion housing and voluntarysectorcommittee 1 march 2000 9th
social inclusion housing and voluntarysectorcommittee 1 november 2000 33rd
social inclusion housing and voluntarysectorcommittee 1 november leasehold casualties
social inclusion housing and voluntarysectorcommittee 1 november protection of
social inclusion housing and voluntarysectorcommittee 12 january 2000 1st
committee social inclusion housing voluntarysectorcommittee 12 january adults with
committee social inclusion housing voluntarysectorcommittee 12 january adults with
september social inclusion housing voluntarysectorcommittee 15 september standards committee
social inclusion housing and voluntarysectorcommittee 17 november protection of
social inclusion housing and voluntarysectorcommittee 20 september leasehold casualties
social inclusion housing and voluntarysectorcommittee 20 september protection of
social inclusion housing and voluntarysectorcommittee 22 november housing scotland
social inclusion housing and voluntarysectorcommittee 22 november housing scotland
social inclusion housing and voluntarysectorcommittee 22 november housing scotland
social inclusion housing and voluntarysectorcommittee 22 november housing scotland
social inclusion housing and voluntarysectorcommittee 22 november leasehold casualties
social inclusion housing and voluntarysectorcommittee 2nd report 2000 report
social inclusion housing and voluntarysectorcommittee 8 november leasehold casualties
social inclusion housing and voluntarysectorcommittee 9th meeting 2000 the
social inclusion housing and voluntarysectorcommittee 9th meeting the committee
and inclusion housing and voluntarysectorcommittee and the local government
social inclusion housing and voluntarysectorcommittee and transport and environment
social inclusion housing and voluntarysectorcommittee consideration of 3rd report
social inclusion housing and voluntarysectorcommittee debate on housing stock
social inclusion housing and voluntarysectorcommittee first meeting 30 june
social inclusion housing and voluntarysectorcommittee first meeting 30 june
social inclusion housing and voluntarysectorcommittee for information pe111 petition
social inclusion housing and voluntarysectorcommittee in consideration of the
social inclusion housing and voluntarysectorcommittee meets christine grahame there
social inclusion housing and voluntarysectorcommittee minutes 14th meeting 2000
social inclusion housing and voluntarysectorcommittee no date established protection
social inclusion housing and voluntarysectorcommittee no date established standards
social inclusion housing and voluntarysectorcommittee of the parliament lodged
inclusion housing and the voluntarysectorcommittee on housing stock transfer
inclusion housing and the voluntarysectorcommittee that scottish homes outstanding
social inclusion housing and voluntarysectorcommittee to be taken into
inclusion housing and the voluntarysectorcommittee to hear evidence on
and implementation of the voluntarysectorcompact it is evident in
heart of what the voluntarysectorcontributes to our communities many
will never dominate the voluntarysectorcontributes to policy we continue
billion a year the voluntarysectorcovers a huge and diverse
past and in the voluntarysectordebate on 23 september 1999
ahead of time the voluntarysectordeserves more than cosy words
not always easy the voluntarysectordeserves recognition for the hard
the establishment of a voluntarysectordevelopment fund that seems like
the need for a voluntarysectordevelopment fund which i support
for an independent scottish voluntarysectordevelopment fund which rather like
concerned about it the voluntarysectordid not express those concerns
of it than the publicsectordid previously the voluntary sector
actions have hit the voluntarysectordirectly by reducing people s
have no experience do voluntarysectordisability groups have a key
the executive and the voluntarysectordo not have a lot
ethnic groups in the voluntarysectordocument s1w 15061 richard lochhead
the good that the voluntarysectordoes in the islands and
keith said that the voluntarysectordoes not exist to fund
s partnership with the voluntarysectordoes not mean that we
our lives that the voluntarysectordoes not touch all the
million directly to the voluntarysectorearlier this month i announced
who work in the voluntarysectoreither as paid members of
weeks for private and voluntarysectoremployers who create full time
empower the voluntary and independentsectorenabling the dynamism and flexibility
the infrastructure of the voluntarysectorensuring that scotland has a
the role of the voluntarysectorexpand and streamline childcare facilities
funding situation that the voluntarysectorfaced the tories notion of
particular difficulties that the voluntarysectorfaces in rural communities were
in ensuring that the voluntarysectorfinds its place in partnership
committee debate on the voluntarysectorfollowed by business motion followed
its support for the voluntarysectorfollowed by motion on the
its support for the voluntarysectorfollowed by parliamentary bureau motions
its support for the voluntarysectorfollowed by parliamentary bureau motions
general debate on the voluntarysectorfor around two years things
legislative change on the voluntarysectorfor example he said that
it relates to the voluntarysectorfor example some of our
undoubtedly impact on the voluntarysectorfor example the community fund
must never take the voluntarysectorfor granted we must recognise
are delivered by the voluntarysectorfor one simple reason to
and the scottish executive voluntarysectorforum which plays a crucial
to ensure that the voluntarysectorfree access across the board
direct expenditure on the voluntarysectorfrom 23 million to 39
features that distinguish the voluntarysectorfrom other sectors in society
across scotland of the voluntarysectorfrom small community groups to
cutting review group on voluntarysectorfunding and kenneth gibson msp
the overall pot of voluntarysectorfunding is stagnant and is
professor peter jackson 5 voluntarysectorfunding the committee will consider
the view of the voluntarysectorfurther confirmation of that view
i thank especially the voluntarysectorgroups from all parts of
the case of different voluntarysectorgroups surely strategic decisions have
i said that the voluntarysectorhad a huge opportunity to
i said that the voluntarysectorhad to retain its independence
which the voluntary or independentsectorhas a democratic legitimacy that
out of prison the voluntarysectorhas a key and central
is clear that the voluntarysectorhas a key role to
major issue for the voluntarysectorhas always been the struggle
comprehensible fashion the scottish voluntarysectorhas an annual income in
and opportunities indeed the voluntarysectorhas an excellent record in
taking sessions historically the voluntarysectorhas been independent from government
and energy that the voluntarysectorhas brought to our work
and so on the voluntarysectorhas changed substantially over the
i believe that the voluntarysectorhas done that it is
as i said the voluntarysectorhas moved on and we
we recognise that the voluntarysectorhas prefigured a lot of
we think that the voluntarysectorhas something serious to say
the public sector the voluntarysectorhas taken on the public
are responsible for the voluntarysectorhave gone some way toward
along with private and voluntarysectorhealth care employers social care
local authorities and the voluntarysectorhelp to develop inclusive practice
more money into the voluntarysectorhowever why has she done
might have on the voluntarysectori am worried that if
s knowledge of the voluntarysectori do not think that
that it directs the voluntarysectori have no difficulty with
the significance of the voluntarysectori pay tribute to the
extra contribution of the voluntarysectori recently visited the castlemilk
our inquiry into the voluntarysectori thank the committee clerks
from people in the voluntarysectori thank the councils for
key players in the voluntarysectori trust that people will
showed the variety of thesectori view the voluntary sector
salaried staff in the voluntarysectori was encouraged to hear
the debate on the voluntarysectori welcome the changes that
funding arrangements for the voluntarysectori would like to know
policies have on the voluntarysectorif proofing guidelines have not
funding arrangements for the voluntarysectorii the scottish executive should
further steps to assist thesectorimprove the partnership between voluntary
the role of the voluntarysectorin a constituency such as
and worked with the voluntarysectorin all its splendid diversity
how we fund the voluntarysectorin april we published a
in scotland and the voluntarysectorin countries overseas one or
has done to the voluntarysectorin fife i believe that
the situation for the voluntarysectorin future 11 08 donald
independent role for the voluntarysectorin future 15 39 robert
independent role for the voluntarysectorin future i move amendment
independent role for the voluntarysectorin future members would not
society depends on the voluntarysectorin its professional sense and
voluntary sector is a commercialsectorin many ways and ought
the infrastructure of the voluntarysectorin our communities they support
sometimes play on the voluntarysectorin particular in the area
the role of the voluntarysectorin rural areas other members
we deal with the voluntarysectorin rural areas which have
to the charity and voluntarysectorin scotland 16 12 miss
and scope of the voluntarysectorin scotland and of the
closer twinning between the voluntarysectorin scotland and the voluntary
its inquiry into the voluntarysectorin scotland as a member
a snapshot of the voluntarysectorin scotland as it points
process of government the voluntarysectorin scotland has gained a
between government and the voluntarysectorin scotland has improved but
key issues facing the voluntarysectorin scotland in 2001 to
s report on the voluntarysectorin scotland in particular i
discussing is on the voluntarysectorin scotland our committee spent
the surface of the voluntarysectorin scotland our report marks
new relationship with the voluntarysectorin scotland over the past
its relationship with the voluntarysectorin scotland s1o 108 4
its relationship with the voluntarysectorin scotland s1o 108 4
its relationship with the voluntarysectorin scotland s1o 276 15
to deliver for the voluntarysectorin scotland that delivery is
are active in the voluntarysectorin scotland the income of
current position of the voluntarysectorin scotland to provide a
take seriously what the voluntarysectorin scotland told us in
about having a thriving voluntarysectorin scotland we must treat
improve life for the voluntarysectorin scotland we recognise that
direct funding of the voluntarysectorin scotland we shall adopt
important role of the voluntarysectorin scottish society and encourages
important role of the voluntarysectorin scottish society through the
important role of the voluntarysectorin scottish society through the
role played by the voluntarysectorin service delivery its commitment
with the independent and voluntarysectorin similar terms to that
with the independent and voluntarysectorin similar terms to that
the role of the voluntarysectorin tackling social exclusion s1w
many debates on the voluntarysectorin the parliament those debates
local authorities and the voluntarysectorin the partnership against poverty
in consultation with the voluntarysectorin their areas the sector
it is told the voluntarysectorin this country is active
voluntary sector is the onlysectorin which staff fundraise whether
voluntary sector is an importantsectorin which to test out
new technology in the voluntarysectorincluding the establishment of a
with one voice funding voluntarysectorindependence the rural dimension infrastructure
in place to include voluntarysectorindustry community and service user
in the development of voluntarysectorinfrastructure at a local level
the need to develop voluntarysectorinfrastructure at a local level
support the role of voluntarysectorinfrastructure bodies in building the
we are strengthening the voluntarysectorinfrastructure for example by doubling
increasing funding for the voluntarysectorinfrastructure from 4 million to
have increased funding for voluntarysectorinfrastructure from 4 million to
we are strengthening the voluntarysectorinfrastructure many of those points
rumbles social justice committee voluntarysectorinquiry site visits you may
s compact with the voluntarysectorinsert at end and furthermore
a policy for the voluntarysectoris a bit like having
growing recognition that the voluntarysectoris a commercial sector in
scottish compact with the voluntarysectoris a genuine attempt to
in mind that the voluntarysectoris a professional part of
of voluntary management the charitablesectoris a significant player in
that involvement in the voluntarysectoris about supporting and encouraging
example my constituency the voluntarysectoris absolutely vital to the
to any government the voluntarysectoris active at community level
i emphasise that the voluntarysectoris an important sector in
goodness for that the voluntarysectoris an integral part of
ideas of what the voluntarysectoris and what it does
at every level the voluntarysectoris at the heart of
should realise that the voluntarysectoris best left to its
on how important the voluntarysectoris but we know that
our partnership with the voluntarysectoris critical for success together
and mutual sector although thatsectoris distinct from the voluntary
stories about what the voluntarysectoris doing in echoing something
areas in which the voluntarysectoris engaged have also changed
to the voluntary sector thesectoris expected to do as
to ensure that the voluntarysectoris funded to deal with
no doubt that the voluntarysectoris in an important position
it gathers from the voluntarysectoris included in the debate
the fact that the voluntarysectoris not about the provision
to ensure that the voluntarysectoris not dictated to by
advantage of what the voluntarysectoris offering in respect of
perceptions about what the voluntarysectoris people can volunteer for
where the voluntary and independentsectoris recognised as a full
listen to what the voluntarysectoris saying and to ensure
the evidence of the voluntarysectoris that even when the
the strength of the voluntarysectoris that many groups have
for poor people the voluntarysectoris the life and soul
in my experience the voluntarysectoris the only sector in
any other party the voluntarysectoris there and the key
the fact that the voluntarysectoris uncontrollable we politicians who
to recognise that the voluntarysectoris very often ahead of
with the sector the voluntarysectoris vital to scottish life
not exist elsewhere the voluntarysectoris vital to the well
activities go ahead the voluntarysectoris vital yet there are
to promoting and mainstreaming voluntarysectorissues across departments that process
to promoting and mainstreaming voluntarysectorissues but what has been
karen whitefield reporter for voluntarysectorissues it was agreed that
to be done on voluntarysectorissues local councils for voluntary
needs to address some voluntarysectorissues the complexity and variance
morale drop in the voluntarysectorit is becoming increasingly difficult
is delegated to the voluntarysectorit is crucial that security
timely debate on the voluntarysectorit is my first opportunity
paid tribute to the voluntarysectorit is right to reflect
the role of the voluntarysectorit is the liberal democrats
the government and the voluntarysectorits prime motivation seems to
s compact with the voluntarysectorleave out from welcomes to
it in supporting the voluntarysectorlet us in partnership build
a year in the voluntarysectorlocal authorities add an extra
working together with the voluntarysectorlocal authorities and others to
to better involve the voluntarysectorlocal government trade unions and
widened to include the voluntarysectorlyndsay mcintosh expressed concern about
the contribution that the voluntarysectormakes although i question whether
massive contribution that the voluntarysectormakes to scottish society 11
less challenging for the voluntarysectormany parts of the voluntary
members share with the voluntarysectormany things such as a
vulnerable adults in the voluntarysectormay have criminal record checks
local authorities and the voluntarysectormonitored by the executive s
sector i view the voluntarysectormore as involving ancillary or
well as giving the voluntarysectormore money we have committed
community care susan deacon voluntarysectormotion moved jackie baillie amendment
9 may 2002 debates voluntarysectormotion moved johann lamont johann
should take to the voluntarysectormuch of what the executive
staff conditions in the voluntarysectormust be as good as
be acknowledged and the voluntarysectormust be dealt with evenly
disgrace funding for the voluntarysectormust be managed much better
who believe in the voluntarysectormust crack that open i
volunteering and to the voluntarysectormust have top priority from
johann lamont said the voluntarysectormust not be top down
i believe that the voluntarysectormust play an equal part
an agreement that the voluntarysectormust remain independent bill aitken
committed to the youth voluntarysectormy second point relates to
consistency is needed the voluntarysectorneeds to be sustainable and
core funding for the voluntarysectornegotiate with whitehall to secure
social inclusion housing and voluntarysectorno date established standards 19
and that neither the voluntarysectornor the government should shirk
the independence of the voluntarysectornotes that it has a
the importance to the voluntarysectorof the review of charity
to work with the voluntarysectorof which we can be
a thriving and dynamic voluntarysectorof which we should rightly
law staff in the voluntarysectoroften work longer than they
consult and take the voluntarysectoron to working groups and
the executive and the voluntarysectoron working in partnership the
strategic overview of the voluntarysectorone part of the submission
in society in the publicsectoror voluntary sector or wherever
the public sector or voluntarysectoror wherever we should set
a charity or other voluntarysectororganisation how to spend money
the other 44 000 voluntarysectororganisations across scotland the can
to regard charities and voluntarysectororganisations as competitors rather than
seek the views of voluntarysectororganisations but the people to
per cent not all voluntarysectororganisations get their money from
properly noted that many voluntarysectororganisations have grown out of
capacity and recognises that voluntarysectororganisations have their own agenda
ways of communication for voluntarysectororganisations in rural areas and
it is difficult for voluntarysectororganisations not to feel beholden
independent sector voluntary and independentsectororganisations reach many parts of
should not fund the voluntarysectororganisations that they support on
some support to the voluntarysectorothers have mentioned today the
that independence on the voluntarysectorour partnership with the sector
and benefiting from the voluntarysectorour report reflects the fact
major issue for the voluntarysectorparticular concern was expressed about
many parts of the voluntarysectorpay vat many in the
to agree that the voluntarysectorplays an enormous part in
of members interests the voluntarysectorplays an important role in
cut which often means voluntarysectorprojects christine grahame made a
provision of services by voluntarysectorproviders and council departments in
improve the partnership between voluntarysectorproviders and health boards develop
sector did previously the voluntarysectorprovides a wide range of
can help overall the voluntarysectorprovides services that are locally
a trained and resourced voluntarysectorproviding subcontracted services when that
departments in many instances voluntarysectorprovision can sometimes do a
creating a sort of voluntarysectorpublic finance initiative philosophy because
who work in the voluntarysectorreceive redundancy notices as a
that support for our voluntarysectorremains a priority that is
at 10 07 4 voluntarysectorreport the committee noted a
its inquiry into the voluntarysectorreport to the finance committee
for an independent or voluntarysectorresidential care place s1w 18253
opposition to consult the voluntarysectorrobert brown indeed i accept
the professionalisation of the voluntarysectorrobert brown introduced his speech
to add to the voluntarysectors burdens it is estimated
their communities notes the voluntarysectors call for a charities
committee report that the voluntarysectors emphasis on meeting the
has always respected the voluntarysectors independence and its campaigning
get hurt by the voluntarysectors independence as the sector
and that independence is thesectors main strength voluntary organisations
on that issue the voluntarysectors need for moneys to
and its committees the voluntarysectors policy development work is
local community level the voluntarysectors potential comes from its
a different way the voluntarysectors services have an additional
the strength of the voluntarysectors voice in scotland at
us believe that the voluntarysectors well being is one
boards on supporting the voluntarysectors1o 6464 10 mr john
by the community or voluntarysectors1w 24871 robin harper to
social inclusion housing and voluntarysectorsee section a standards 24
social inclusion housing and voluntarysectorsee section a standards 8
the minister takes the voluntarysectorseriously it is absolute nonsense
voluntary sector but in publicsectorsettings all msps are well
being done by the voluntarysectorshe said that 100 000
she can assist the voluntarysectorshe should ask her colleagues
an understanding of the voluntarysectorshe spoke about the diversity
the view that the voluntarysectorshould be as flexible and
wholly inappropriate that the voluntarysectorshould become an extended arm
is intended that the voluntarysectorshould benefit from the 3
the voluntary sector the voluntarysectorshould not be a way
do not reduce the voluntarysectorsimply to being another service
those who rely on voluntarysectorsocial welfare services communities wealth
on inquiry into the voluntarysectorsp paper 531 09 47
on inquiry into the voluntarysectorsp paper 531 the presiding
identity what makes the voluntarysectorspecial is its diversity and
identity what makes the voluntarysectorspecial is its diversity and
the relationship among the voluntarysectorstatutory agencies and councils less
it gives to the voluntarysectorsurely we can rectify the
of funding for the voluntarysectortalks about 700 000 volunteers
and engaged with the voluntarysectorthan any government or parliament
the pressures on the voluntarysectorthat are the result of
with such issues a voluntarysectorthat can be a significant
in partnership with the voluntarysectorthat commitment is embodied in
a professionalisation of the voluntarysectorthat drives away volunteers and
have grossly underfunded the voluntarysectorthat is an absolute disgrace
are donated to the voluntarysectorthat is indicative of a
consensus position within the voluntarysectorthat it should not have
feeling remains throughout the voluntarysectorthat real empowerment is still
direct funding of the voluntarysectorthat response sets out our
39 million for the voluntarysectorthat tells us just how
s compact with the voluntarysectorthat the parliament acknowledges the
the diversity of the voluntarysectorthat we often celebrate we
7 inquiry into the voluntarysectorthe committee will take evidence
3 inquiry into the voluntarysectorthe committee will take evidence
the view of the voluntarysectorthe deputy presiding officer carry
the achievements of the voluntarysectorthe deputy presiding officer we
inclusion housing and the voluntarysectorthe draft scotland act 1998
the executive and the voluntarysectorthe enthusiasm and drive behind
action by the international voluntarysectorthe first is what will
of points across the voluntarysectorthe issue of funding is
not accessible to the voluntarysectorthe nof refers to paragraph
tribute to scotland s voluntarysectorthe paid workers and the
and in the future voluntarysectorthe presiding officer sir david
curran and frank mcaveety voluntarysectorthe presiding officer this morning
we attach to the voluntarysectorthe report calls for mainstreaming
government involvement in the voluntarysectorthe report states clearly that
the increased resourcing of thesectorthe scottish council for voluntary
is listening to the voluntarysectorthe sector is expected to
additional resources for the voluntarysectorthe snp welcomes funding increases
be delivered by the publicsectorthe voluntary sector has taken
in our partnership with thesectorthe voluntary sector is vital
statutory agencies and the voluntarysectorthe voluntary sector should not
of the scope of thesectorthere are 44 000 voluntary
the diversity of the voluntarysectorthere are too many perceptions
excessive paperwork in the voluntarysectorthere are too many unrelated
great importance to the voluntarysectorthere have been many speeches
other areas throughout the voluntarysectorthere is a willingness to
organisations tactics in the voluntarysectorthere remain concerns that the
a scotland without a voluntarysectorthere would be no citizens
is distinct from the voluntarysectorthey clearly impact one upon
government trades unions the voluntarysectorthose people who have direct
available indirectly to the voluntarysectorthrough communities scotland nhs boards
developing assistance from the voluntarysectorthrough furniture recycling projects for
firm that up the voluntarysectorthrough the scottish council for
the contribution of the voluntarysectorthroughout scotland i believe that
invaluable role of the voluntarysectorthroughout scottish society and as
the importance of the voluntarysectorto all scotland s communities
to the community or voluntarysectorto allow its participation in
best practice in the voluntarysectorto avoid duplication and to
the problems of the voluntarysectorto be more serious there
the inquiry into the voluntarysectorto be taken in private
the executive wants the voluntarysectorto bring its strength sensitivity
the freedom of the voluntarysectorto do what it does
will liaise with the voluntarysectorto ensure that we promote
that independence entitles the voluntarysectorto make critical observations as
way of allowing the voluntarysectorto operate it is impossible
excuse for leaving the voluntarysectorto pick up the pieces
us from encouraging the voluntarysectorto play an international role
direct funding of the voluntarysectorto provide on going financial
health initiatives and the voluntarysectorto publicise men s health
health initiatives and the voluntarysectorto publicise men s health
business community and the voluntarysectorto respond to the challenges
that i urged the voluntarysectorto retain its independence because
a guide for the voluntarysectorto scottish executive grants which
the importance of the voluntarysectorto scottish society and as
local authorities and the voluntarysectorto smooth the transition for
scottish executive funded the voluntarysectorto the tune of 23
scottish executive and the voluntarysectorto their mutual benefit and
the report on the voluntarysectortoday however i am speaking
fund to support adequate voluntarysectortraining particularly focused on those
for an independently funded voluntarysectortrust those important issues are
a snapshot of the voluntarysectorupon which the committee could
now full circle the voluntarysectorvalues its independence and it
back the voluntary and independentsectorvoluntary and independent sector organisations
to most of the socialsectorvoluntary groups to which the
tories notion of the voluntarysectorwas a lady bountiful idea
our inquiry into the voluntarysectorwas an in depth study
appeared from nowhere the voluntarysectorwas hounded by clients asking
that we see the voluntarysectorwas robbed when lottery funding
the executive and the voluntarysectorwe aim to develop the
volunteers and with the voluntarysectorwe can feel confident that
and role of the voluntarysectorwe established an independent commission
voluntary organisations and the privatesectorwe even have a member
the world through the voluntarysectorwe have a major contribution
the funding of the voluntarysectorwe have already made extra
the executive supports the voluntarysectorwe have made available increased
infrastructure framework for the voluntarysectorwe have more recently placed
a milestone for the voluntarysectorwe have the local councils
the work of the voluntarysectorwe look forward to working
the role of the voluntarysectorwe must ensure that we
provider in embracing the voluntarysectorwe must ensure that we
both genders in the voluntarysectorwe must never take the
to funding for the voluntarysectorwe recognise that there is
s inquiry into the voluntarysectorwe recognise the importance of
for diversity through the voluntarysectorwe should not be afraid
the commitment to the voluntarysectorwelcomes and endorses the scottish
the minister telling the voluntarysectorwhat to do funding consistency
the impact on the voluntarysectorwhen implementing legislation or making
of pressure from the voluntarysectorwhich has been up in
significant contribution to the voluntarysectorwhich i mentioned earlier of
ambitious agenda for the voluntarysectorwhich is a key partner
particularly appropriate for the voluntarysectorwhich provides services in a
continues to vex the voluntarysectorwhich seeks genuine community empowerment
of independence for the voluntarysectorwhich will be directed by
s commitment to the voluntarysectorwhich will mean that it
the independence of the voluntarysectorwhich witnesses raised time and
flatters to help the voluntarysectorwhile causing damage to it
and workers from the voluntarysectorwho took time to correspond
any connections to the voluntarysectorwill be pleased that the
the independence of the voluntarysectorwill be tested most effectively
the priorities of the voluntarysectorwill become the government s
service many in the voluntarysectorwill simply be unable to
numerous visits to see voluntarysectorwork in action on the
in the public and voluntarysectorwork together in a holistic
sales in the social rentedsector12 00 gavin corbett yes
of it the private rentedsectoraccommodates a whole range of
positives of the private rentedsectorand support good private landlords
landlords in the social rentedsectorand the private sector in
households in the private rentedsectorapplied for warm deal grants
views about the private rentedsectorbut at times they have
perception of the private rentedsectorby sustaining it and helping
get into the private rentedsectorcathie craigie you raised the
role that the private rentedsectorcould play in the future
tenants in the socially rentedsectordoes the executive intend to
johann lamont private rented housingsectorfor text of motion see
to see the private rentedsectorgrow the past behaviour of
the private rented sector thesectorhas a value and an
accommodation how many private rentedsectorhouses will benefit from the
rented sector and the privatesectorin general local authorities that
households in the social rentedsectorin scotland have central heating
households in the social rentedsectorin scotland have central heating
part of the private rentedsectorin their areas because they
engaged with the private rentedsectorin their housing planning processes
view that the private rentedsectoris an unacceptable sector of
hmos or the private rentedsectoris easy to apply we
a sense the social rentedsectoris more selective in who
tenants in the private rentedsectoris there a time scale
left in the social rentedsectoris there any merit in
s1m 3679 private rented housingsectorlodged on 3 december 2002
s1m 3679 private rented housingsectorlodged on 3 december 2002
tenants in the private rentedsectorministers have announced the establishment
rented sector is an unacceptablesectorof the housing market we
tenants in the socially rentedsectorrichard grant to correct a
not in the private rentedsectorrisk has to be associated
one of the private rentedsectors strengths in a sense
private and b social rentedsectors1w 24751 linda fabiani to
and a wider private rentedsectorstrategy but offers no details
accommodation in the private rentedsectorsupported by fiona hyslop mr
problems in the private rentedsectorthat cause such trouble to
as in the social rentedsectorthe executive has made great
looking at the private rentedsectorthe sector has a value
to oversee the social rentedsectorwe have now completed the
tenants in the social rentedsectorwho are not local authority
agents in the private rentedsectorwould be a useful and
to the independence of thesectorand i am pleased that
to the independence of thesectoras opposed to the independence
sector s independence as thesectorcriticises us we have more
pleas for independence for thesectorfrom throughout the chamber in
recognises the independence of thesectori will always protect the
value the independence of thesectorlyndsay mcintosh said very specifically
retain the independence of thesectorwe recognise the outstanding contribution
the following bill scottish publicsectorombudsman bill at stage 1
respect of the scottish publicsectorombudsman bill followed by business
debate on the scottish publicsectorombudsman bill followed by financial
respect of the scottish publicsectorombudsman bill followed by procedures
introduced as the scottish publicsectorombudsman bill passed 21 march
parliament 20 december scottish publicsectorombudsman bill stage 1 evidence
passed 20 december scottish publicsectorombudsman bill stage 1 local
external research 6 scottish publicsectorombudsman bill stage 1 the
introduced 14 november scottish publicsectorombudsman bill stage 2 day
introduced as the scottish publicsectorombudsman bill stage 3 meeting
1 report 4 scottish publicsectorombudsman bill the committee will
shop in which one publicsectorombudsman heads an office with
debate on the scottish publicsectorombudsman scotland bill for text
principles of the scottish publicsectorombudsman scotland bill supported by
mr andy kerr scottish publicsectorombudsman scotland bill that the
ombudsman scrutiny as other publicsectororganisations s1o 3281 30 dorothy
is moved to the privatesectoralthough such questions will require
in the private and publicsectorand householders to eradicate asbestos
standards in the private rentalsectorand make it easier for
who rent in the privatesectorand that we should offer
in partnership with the privatesectorand that we were hoping
the situation in the privatesectorand the recommendations of the
the dlos and the privatesectorand to the recent contracts
security jobs in the privatesectorare causing security staff to
should apply in the publicsectoras in the private sector
the private or the publicsectoras long as they are
of tenants in the privatesectoras well as in the
be going into the privatesectorback home he grinned no
local authority and two privatesectorbids i think that that
verification role to the privatesectorbut that the possibility of
that the public and privatesectorconsortia would lose out the
the private sector the privatesectorcontains microsoft and self employed
stirling council tells me privatesectorcontractors maintaining the motorway and
new modelling techniques and privatesectordata we intend to pursue
it goes to the privatesectordoes he agree that the
i have described the privatesectordoing we are on the
financial penalties imposed on privatesectorfirms in each of the
to compete with the privatesectorfor skilled workers do you
o welsh in the privatesectorforby theretil heezin employment opportunities
funding system for the privatesectorfrom borrowing consents to grants
increase private investment in thesectorfully merge the further and
but the possibility of privatesectorfunding from developers existing businesses
the criteria for the privatesectorgrant which is predicted to
to 20 years the privatesectorhas achieved substantial cost savings
point at which the privatesectorhas to make a judgment
some organisations within the privatesectorhave argued that regulation of
other engagements with the privatesectorhe cannot do that and
that about 10 000 privatesectorhmos will be involved once
a public and b privatesectorhouses there currently are in
70 should go to privatesectorhousing associations and 30 is
of money devoted to privatesectorhousing grants to help home
been allocated to improve privatesectorhousing in the light of
responsibility lies with the privatesectori have described the responsibilities
also exists in the privatesectorif we consider all tenements
company to support the publicsectorin developing public private partnerships
a public and b privatesectorin each nhs board area
the public and the privatesectorin line with best value
on involvement of the privatesectorin our public services will
cent stake and the privatesectorin scotland could have been
colleagues have involved the privatesectorin the various conferences and
resources derived from the privatesectorin various ways or even
of problems in the privatesectorincluding disrepair and a lack
retrograde step to appoint privatesectorinspectors or verifiers to manage
way of levering in privatesectorinterest in servicing those areas
swinney can individuals representing privatesectorinterests be members of the
a high degree of privatesectorinvolvement but in others there
know why the private healthsectoris not included we need
language scotland bill the privatesectoris not obliged to meet
quality issues in the privatesectorit may want to consider
being to 20 boost privatesectorleadership and integrated trade development
and 1million from the privatesectorlord macdonald scottish affairs committee
in partnership with the privatesectormembers who have tried to
wales however if the privatesectormodel works in the long
with landlords or the privatesectormore generally i have not
the context of the privatesectormore generally only some of
major problem concerning the privatesectormost organisations including the institute
is provided to the privatesectorms white no geoff huggins
complaints system consultation on publicsectorombudsmen in scotland in private
stf chair represents the privatesectoron the stcg european commission
flat whether in the privatesectoror in the council sector
the qualities of the privatesectoror of local government members
right target is the hmosectoror private landlords we started
auditing of verifiers whether privatesectoror public sector we do
puk come from the privatesectoror the public sector or
private sector or the publicsectoror will there be a
in the system however privatesectorowners of hmos almost universally
who rent in the privatesectorparticularly in houses of multiple
the business with its privatesectorpartners be 50 per cent
practice in private and publicsectorpartnership between private companies and
necessary expertise from the privatesectorperhaps very expensively is that
together academic public and privatesectorplayers s1w 22117 richard lochhead
2 travelling people and publicsectorpolicies inquiry in private the
pe602 recovery of abandoned privatesectorproperties mr david cleghorn dedridge
should be available from privatesectorproviders although that happens south
from a range of privatesectorproviders who are interested in
cost effective manner utilising privatesectorrisk management and construction contract
cost effective manner utilising privatesectorrisk management and construction contract
cost effective manner utilising privatesectorrisk management and construction contract
partnership transfers to the privatesectors1o 5388 15 marilyn livingstone
and treatments in the privatesectors1w 9848 dorothy grace elder
statement reveals that the privatesectorsecured the contract on the
are awarded to the privatesectorshona robison will andy kerr
that regulation of the privatesectorshould encompass hmos rather than
will pool public and privatesectorskills we will use those
licensing and the wider privatesectorstrategy hector currie licensing is
are given ownership of privatesectortelecommunication masts s1w 1987 mr
address problems in the privatesectorthat are broader than hmos
enter partnerships with the privatesectorthat could for example harness
both the private and publicsectorthat suggest that we should
public sector versus the privatesectorthe council that i was
labour organisations versus the privatesectorthe dlos are in partnership
a policy for the privatesectorthe private sector contains microsoft
trade unions and the privatesectorthere is also a working
of welsh in the privatesectorthereby enhancing employment opportunities 84
from the private or publicsectorthey will be engaged on
through legislating on the privatesectorto deal with all private
in partnership with the privatesectorto deliver much needed capital
in partnership with the privatesectorto deliver much needed capital
in partnership with the privatesectorto deliver much needed capital
other agencies and the privatesectorto do everything possible to
a guide for the privatesectorto ensure that homeowners and
does not pay the privatesectorto exploit there is debate
does not pay the privatesectorto exploit unique features of
responsibility for energising the privatesectorto play its part it
including those from the privatesectorto undertake that role that
designed to alert the privatesectorto what it needs to
improve quality in the privatesectortoday i am launching a
it will list the privatesectortraining providers involved in delivering
conflicting evidence about whether privatesectorverification could deliver impartial accountable
should not introduce similar privatesectorverification indeed to an extent
welcome the opportunity for privatesectorverification to be introduced at
wait to see how privatesectorverification works in england and
safeguards the introduction of privatesectorverifiers might offer advantages for
was no reason why privatesectorverifiers should not be introduced
commitment not to introduce privatesectorverifiers until a full study
the opportunity to have privatesectorverifiers which the conservatives welcome
allow the appointment of privatesectorverifiers who would operate alongside
is not about the publicsectorversus the private sector the
field and that the privatesectorwas required to meet the
whether private sector or publicsectorwe do not believe that
sector as in the privatesectorwe must have a situation
seek to involve the privatesectorwhere this can get them
not touch on the privatesectorwhich also faces big housing
a magazine of the privatesectorwhich stated that the clyde
through partnership with the privatesectorwhich will achieve that cost
with local authorities the privatesectorwill cherry pick the best
a public mission the privatesectorwill get back the cost
a significant shareholding the privatesectorwill have a 51 per
lump sum and the privatesectorwill make our roads worse
is available within the housingsectorbefore you move forward and
major employers those providing publicsectorfacilities and housing developments to
disabilities living in existing publicsectorhousing s1o 78 8 richard
disabilities living in existing publicsectorhousing s1o 78 8 richard
only with the housing benefitssectorin what might be called
be seen as a growthsectorwithin inevitable limits local housing
developed in partnership with thesectoras this will provide the
sector our partnership with thesectordoes not in any way
in our partnership with thesectoris the scottish compact which
working in partnership with thesectoron behalf of my party
in partnership with the organicsectorthe convener thank you we
working in partnership with thesectorthrough the framework of the
working in partnership with thesectorthrough the framework of the
body in partnership with thesectorto advise regulate and co
of partnership with the independentsectorto the delivery of health
it was in the independentsectorand had a very good
and on the scottish independentsectorand will inevitably be detrimental
the independent role of thesectori pay tribute to the
we could not allow thesectorto be independent even if
critical of government if thesectorwas not independent it would
begin discussions with the independentsectorwith a view to signing
services remain in the publicsector11 30 am hm the
framework to support local publicsectoragencies in creating and maintaining
boundaries with other major publicsectoragencies such as scottish enterprise
learning benefits throughout the publicsectoralasdair morgan one of the
project compared with the publicsectoralternative and what outstanding payments
and refurbished in the publicsectorand calls for a full
both across the wider publicsectorand in local government however
at all levels the culturalsectorand the public at large
facilities particularly in the publicsectorand through co operative arrangements
finance facilities in the publicsectorand to develop contract management
that deal with the publicsectoras regards targets for delivery
minimum wage in the publicsectorb creating 24 000 jobs
of partnerships uk scottish publicsectorbodies are benefiting substantially from
from puk for scottish publicsectorbodies however we would want
of co ordination between publicsectorbodies such as social work
have successfully brought different publicsectorbodies together around one table
process and will any publicsectorbody be able to choose
week in the scottish publicsectorc funding the training of
just shows that the publicsectorcan take risk and can
and solidarity where the publicsectorcannot the areas in which
an may athin thi publicsectorcaw centres an telephone operators
usually have contact with publicsectorcolleagues the survey notes that
scientific process like a publicsectorcomparator public authorities make judgments
september 2002 whether a publicsectorcomparator will be calculated as
best practice in developing publicsectorcontracts are shared with all
she talked about how thesectorcould become beholden to public
strategy was to aggregate publicsectordemand and to negotiate with
proposition that aggregating the publicsectordemand for broadband might be
a strategy to bring publicsectoremployers into the scottish health
to 27 of all publicsectoremployment in the surveyed nations
ambitious plans to reduce publicsectorenergy use supported by a
scottish executive how much publicsectorexpenditure in total there has
entirely resolved consistency among publicsectorfunders is essential if we
been mentioned we expect publicsectorfunding for local bodies normally
of 3 million and publicsectorfunding is 2 million which
be paid out of publicsectorfunds whether a project is
highlights the importance of publicsectorgrants and donations which remain
conservation measures throughout the publicsectorgreen action ensure greater use
that is where the publicsectorhas been asked to come
supply chains certainly the publicsectorhas done that as have
is still in the publicsectorhis is one of the
general strategy to build publicsectorhomes schools community facilities and
saved money for the publicsectorif they fail that acid
many entrepreneurs in the publicsectorin education health transport and
develop volunteering in the publicsectorin light of the report
those living in the publicsectorin proposed stock transfer areas
secure leadership in the publicsectorin relation to the cocktail
support services across the publicsectorin scotland a literature review
that will improve the publicsectorin scotland as well as
direct benefit to the publicsectorin scotland the work of
across the whole uk publicsectorin which we have a
the improvements to the publicsectorinfrastructure that it is able
a new beginning in publicsectorinvestment it is a break
staff transfers in the publicsectorissued in january 2000 s1w
is unacceptable in the publicsectorit should be unacceptable in
of cosla fighting for publicsectorjobs and services i cannot
and its effect on publicsectorjobs but i would have
location and relocation of publicsectorjobs s1w 34922δ jackie baillie
the maximum number of publicsectorjobs which could be lost
an undertaking that no publicsectorjobs will be lost as
is currently available to publicsectorlandlords but there are changes
choice for tenants of publicsectorlandlords who are defined in
are managed believes that publicsectormanagers should be setting a
being established with a publicsectormission to support public sector
bodies in the wider publicsectormr davidson is that a
public in wales the publicsectormust treat welsh and english
9 the consultation on publicsectorombudsmen in scotland item 10
on the consultation on publicsectorombudsmen in scotland rural affairs
complaints system consultation on publicsectorombudsmen in scotland the committee
complaints system consultation on publicsectorombudsmen in scotland the committee
complaints system consultation on publicsectorombudsmen in scotland the committee
influenza vaccination complaints system publicsectorombudsmen joint future group report
group report and the publicsectorombudsmen report in public but
the other hand the publicsectorombudsmen s response was that
the whole question of publicsectorombudsmen the committee needs to
on resuming complaints system publicsectorombudsmen the convener the next
facilities as the largest publicsectororganisation these will significantly boost
other members have mentioned publicsectororganisations in particular have expressed
which the provision allows publicsectororganisations in scotland whether the
elements of the scottish publicsectorover recent years we should
a stake in the publicsectorpart of partnerships uk the
industry textile unions and publicsectorpartners involved with the textile
some other ways from publicsectorpaying through charging are not
4 travelling people and publicsectorpolicies inquiry the convener will
a plan for a publicsectorprison s1w 29268 roseanna cunningham
we expanded the whole publicsectorprogramme in may 1998 we
sector mission to support publicsectorprojects that will improve the
incentivising a range of publicsectorprojects the fund is into
tried to speak about publicsectorprotectionism are quite wrong the
30 per cent the publicsectorprovides 26 per cent the
that is outwith the publicsectorrationale for a citizens card
traffic services in the publicsectorrejects her majesty s government
infrastructure improvements across the publicsectorrhoda grant highlands and islands
has taken on the publicsectors role in many areas
as part of the publicsectors share in puk is
for scotland into the publicsectors support for the tourist
best value across the publicsectors1w 10709 mr kenneth gibson
by the state or publicsectors1w 17677 mr brian monteith
purse are involved when publicsectorservices such as joint police
that similarly for the publicsectorshare there will be a
capital projects for the publicsectorshould be the ppp route
to support on the publicsectorside it will be up
of public funding to thatsectorsince july 2001 and i
from the state or publicsectorsince the crofters scotland act
about erosion of the publicsectorskills base if much of
we talk about the publicsectorsometimes being averse to risk
to be found from publicsectorsources and the report discusses
of the entire uk publicsectorstake in puk this is
advisory council of the publicsectorstakeholders will there be a
of discussing priorities for publicsectorsupport of the industry scottish
and promotion within the publicsectorsupported by christine grahame mr
services remain in the publicsectorsupported by linda fabiani s1m
the compact throughout the publicsectorthe convention of scottish local
in our area the publicsectorthrough highlands and islands enterprise
we will encourage the publicsectorto lead the way we
g ensuring that all publicsectortrainees are paid trade union
to benefit the scottish publicsectorultimately what matters is the
be transferred to the publicsectorupon termination after 25 years
be transferred to the publicsectorupon termination of the minute
in dealing with the publicsectorwe want to develop further
traffic control in the publicsectorwhere it belongs supported by
be up to the publicsectorwhether it wants to ask
the body itself the publicsectorwill be taking a significant
fact that the uk publicsectorwill make up a substantial
intimidation by managers of publicsectorworkers including nhs staff and
the side of the publicsectorworkers perhaps today s debate
grace elder bullying of publicsectorworkers that the parliament deplores
the scottish executive whether publicsectorworkers wages conditions and pension
strengthen the infrastructure of thesectorto review funding principles and
of society s problems thesectorhas a key role in
the same scotland s thirdsectorhas a key role to
role in our communities thesectorhas evolved and expanded and
important role that the thirdsectorplays in nurturing and sustaining
key role in planning thesectors opportunity to deliver a
role for the primary caresectorto diagnose and treat patients
the co operative and mutualsectoralthough that sector is distinct
individual colleges within the fesectoras in the he sector
sector as in the hesectordifferences exist between institutions in
work sector or the healthsectorhad become involved over time
sector in their areas thesectoris developing it employs about
sector our funding for thesectoris growing in 1998 99
representative from the social worksectoror the health sector had
health care sector the retailsectoror whatever there are mainstream
of critical importance to thesectorour funding for the sector
sector or in the councilsectorthat could be occupied by
social economy are the thirdsectorthe not for profit sector
such as the health caresectorthe retail sector or whatever
in the scottish social economysectora mark up of the
a social economy or thirdsectorbusiness will hold a variety
strengthen the social economy thirdsectorin particular the services of
new ways of funding thesectorlast week we launched social
of the scottish social economysectoron the same day they
indeed the executive considers thesectorto be a key social
non formal and informal youthsectorto contribute more to social
the staff working in thatsectoradequate funding from central government
the staff working in thatsectoradequate funding from central government
increase direct funding to thesectoras the minister said in
funding council the further educationsectorgenerally and education trade unions
in relation to funding thesectorhas a right to stable
and indirect funding to thesectoris estimated at around 309
funding schemes available to thesectoroffer resources that are complementary
to bring stability to thesectorour three year indicative funding
of european funding to thesectorscvo has engaged heavily with
funding for training of healthsectorstaff in order to improve
forward the funding of thesectorsupport a uk wide review
our indirect funding of thesectorthe recent consultation sought views
is that she trusts thesectorto administer the funding having
increased our funding to thesectorwe are reviewing how we
support for the scottish touristsectora wide range of organisations
of many organisations in thesectorhowever figure 1 also reveals
of many organisations in thesectorin dealing with disadvantaged or
by organisations in the statutorysectorwe must take that point
faced by our communities thesectoris a key partner for
everywhere in between about thesectors key priorities and frustrations
establish differential standards in thesectorwe must ensure that building
working in the early yearssectorfurther notes the soon to
working in the early yearssectorfurther notes the soon to
good working relationship with thesectori will finish by putting
executive is working with thesectorthrough the framework in the
support measures for the textilesectorannounced by the secretary of
providing support to the scallopsectorfrom the financial instrument for
have broad support throughout thesectori am grateful to the
based accommodation for the biotechsectorin support of scottish enterprise
ensuring that we support thesectorin trying to adjust to
vision with active support thesectoris vital to our shared
to build growth in thesectorwe will support the tourist
crisis in the care homesectorand few areas have spare
take to assist the tourismsectorin areas of rural scotland
marginalised groups and areas thesectors services are invariably delivered
of their commitment to thesectorand perhaps more important because
it is important to thesectorand to us that the
the co operative and mutualsectoris important in conclusion you
prefer to put it thesectorshould not be government down
with local government ngos businesssectortackling discrimination in all its
issues of concern to thesectorfor instance we have introduced
issues in the further educationsectors1o 5779 20 sarah boyack
whom it provides services thesectors primary interest is not
to strengthen relationships between thesectorand executive departments agencies and
equality of esteem between thesectorand the parliament the parliament
jobs were lost in thissectorbetween 1991 and 1998 with
established particularly in the commercialsectorbetween companies that previously would
between the executive and thesectormust be strengthened and compacts
direct relationship between the poorestsectorof society and those with
between the executive and thesectorthe provision of a broad
the financial health of thesectorand we will take evidence
the situation in the healthsectorbut i know that there
scotland health boards the businesssectorcommunity health initiatives and the
scotland health boards the businesssectorcommunity health initiatives and the
of the primary health caresectordeveloping community health service centres
270 million goes to thesectorindirectly through scottish homes health
a full analysis of thesectors financial health will be
the financial health of thesectorthe auditor general s report
we must never take thesectorfor granted sometimes we have
added the heart of thesectoris vital it must not
scotland we must treat thesectorseriously as donald gorrie said

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