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on tysday we sowe oorseedon thursday we tam haed
on tysday we sowe ourseedon wodinsday we bak our
on tysday we sowe ourseedon wodinsday we bak our
on tysday we sowe ourseedon wodinsday we bak our
[note: newspaper notices] [note: newspaper notices] [note: photo: 'arbuthnott home farm steading around 1952. tractorman davie smith is driving a nuffield, with stan greig at the back. this building now houses the estate office.'] [note: newspaper notices] combinedseedsizing and ceresan mixing machine
a jaur o hurlie burlieseedas he said it wes
but a pigfu hurlie burlieseedhir man haed dernt in
made for his hurlie burlieseedthis tyme ah m awa
hand the person sowing theseedhad a bag or basket
for sowing grain or grassseedit was worked by drawing
iron framed happer for sowingseedmanure etc with canvas straps
the body of a broadcastseedsowing machine in two halves
[note: photo: 'a squad of men hoeing neeps.] sowing before farm mechanisationseedwas sown by hand the
after seed was sown grassseedbarrow was pulled behind the
between the genetically modified oilseedrape and the normal oil
between the genetically modified oilseedrape and the normal oil
between the genetically modified oilseedrape and the normal oil
trials of genetically modified oilseedrape and what information it
whether the genetically modified oilseedrape being trialed at roskil
residents committee on commercial oilseedrape crushing in their area
seeds at the gm oilseedrape field trial at wester
planted the genetically modified oilseedrape from advanta seeds thus
knew of impurities in oilseedrape in the field scale
rape and the normal oilseedrape in the trial at
rape and the normal oilseedrape it is being compared
rape and the normal oilseedrape it is being compared
first established that gm oilseedrape planted in scotland had
being advised that gm oilseedrape planted in scotland has
accidental release of gm oilseedrape that the parliament invites
informed of impurities in oilseedrape which was planted as
used to flatten land afterseedwas sown grass seed barrow
do not sell gm contaminatedseedas non gm seed s1f
it was first informed thatseedcontaminated with gm seed had
that seed contaminated with gmseedhad been sold to scottish
the importation of gm contaminatedseedregrets the scottish executive s
contaminated seed as non gmseeds1f 346 4 withdrawn 5
of gm seeds in theseedof conventional species s1w 16751
bj negative thought a tinyseedplanted in a healthy mind
garden all afternoon plant leekseedcarrot potatoes onion sets a
down in afternoon plant someseedpotatoes 12 saturday all day
normal practice is it notseedpotatoes scotland regulations 2000 ssi
june 2000 local government theseedpotatoes scotland regulations 2000 ssi
regulations 2000 ssi 2000 200seedpotatoes scotland regulations 2000 ssi
june 2000 local government theseedpotatoes scotland regulations 2000 ssi
june 2000 local government theseedpotatoes scotland regulations 2000 ssi
any legal action against theseedsupplier advanta seeds supported by
nae even a shakk oseedsae rob rob rob rob
to the handling of cerealseedin particular and fodder plant
growin a plant frae aseedor seedling dr bandara kent
a time tae plant anseedthe grun ahin the cuttin
cast in lead pines thudseedgrenades within the forest dead
new oiled guillotine pines thudseedgrenades within the forest toadstool
forest season by season seeseedseason easing out of its
machine tae get eez girseseedin him an me wis
entered his invention a combinedseedsizing and mixing machine into
yer faes and in yerseedsall aa fowk o the
o the tide and yerseedsall tak haud o the
ah sall gie ye aseedundeemis as the starns o
lookin fur a spark aseedbit naethin comes intae ma
fur months lookin it fuckinseedcatalogues fuckin plantin weedin waterin
or 4 bushels whether forseedor for sale jist lookin
ah knew the night yirseedtouched mine ah just knew
development department sedd education departmentseedenterprise and lifelong learning department
going a little bit toseedaround the edges we walked
little dough boy little manseedhis curly hair smelt fine
for me a little sleepingseedi woke i did indeed
tell wes that instreid oseedthe jaur wes fou o
fur a livin frae scotiaseedfrae the heilans oceans awa
where ever i go manseedat two he filled my
is ower closed pianie blawnseedbar ae last note the
grew first eh second generationseedlast year an that s
used to thrash it forseedwas to lay a ruck
waves cleopatra priestess o isisseedo kings born tae a
fairly got maist o theseedoot it is remarkable how
ye cd hear e blackseedpods o e breem cryin
winda sills noo clear oseedtrays an the sweet peas
fairm an maist o oorseedwar beeriet nearhaun bi the
or rhythm full sacks ofseedwere spaced out down the
spoots that ran from theseedboxes had been made by
leaf berry kirnelled nut anseedbreeze birlit doon tae snuggle
fae neebers tae get eseedsaan an tae shear an
than that he wid needseedtae pit in his crap
some flowers called ageratum fromseedand they look quite nice
roon i saa some freshseedjonsar eck thanked the mannie
wark s waur than sawinseedbut i bide my time
cawed sol hud nae maleseedin his sperm morna his
f1122: we [laugh] we neverseedit f1121: remember it was
for cleaning things like neepseedits wooden surround was 3
musty but the flower andseedsection was sweetly honeyed miss
was the epiphany of theseedtall it grew towards the
faan this would have beenseedhay and that s something
it wisnae lang afore theseedthat hid been saain were
festival saturday for a niceseedplanting day and expect either
majestic and arran pilot forseedfor the english market and
they were intended for threshingseedhay and this probably explained
dey gud oot carryin daseedll come back singin for
brain and blood in marrowseedand soul of all the
he s slightly gone toseedbut you know they said
he canna brak a brierinseedi the dreel he ll
ti dae pause aye yurseedprovided whit he craved therefore
wha might set a tautieseedan keep it haeped an
ginger biryani an wheat poppyseedaniseed drummer s belled feet
a public gallery caain thisseedbed an performance art a
over an opening in theseedcontainer with a similar motion
in place to ensure thatseedgrowers and distributors do not
house dedicated to gaia tookseedin my mind and continued
she wheedlit rattlin the dryseedin the pail chookie chookie
try another year again theseedis in the ground troubled
that m1110: i sees iseedi see the brown door
lyke yeir deepest treisir theseedmaunna ligg on the tap
a sleepy honeycreeper peck atseedon the catty corner balcony
windae pane no forgettin theseedcatalogues wi a the promise
final rites the scattering ofseedand dust she died it
fear and lust now everyseedthe message gives the world

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