See this word as a collocate cloud

undertake the implementation measures thatseemsreasonable but we do not
that is the case itseemsreasonable for the individual to
not been involved that resentmentseemsreasonable maureen macmillan i agree
and support the bill itseemsreasonable that this committee could
licensing condition bill butler thatseemsreasonable the convener the executive
results in such cases itseemsreasonable to deduce that the
whole on that basis itseemsreasonable to include flexible provision
the petition bruce crawford thatseemsreasonable when has the meeting
should not be told thatseemsto be a reasonable and
no such powers the evidenceseemsto suggest that enforcement powers
on the one hand rlsseemsto suggest that he had
milroy and milroy in 1978seemsto suggest that it might
labour party supporters tricia marwickseemsto suggest that labour party
direct interventions frae our narratorsseemsto suggest that ou should
access to that evidence whichseemsto suggest that the voluntary
thank you the conservative amendmentseemsto suggest that there is
less than a year agoseemsto suggest the opposite when
got quite a shock itseemsmy wee ex cooncil flat
was spoken than russian alionaseemsquite a forceful personality she
f1149: okay that s likeseemsquite a lot [laugh] cause
a lot of that justseemsquite clichéd now and you
c this piece of writingseemsquite effective it demonstrates an
should address that because itseemsquite extraordinary to all the
i don t know sheseemsquite happy to work it
supervise my thesis and heseemsquite helpful dr [censored: surname] is
the class her long faceseemsquite kind she is going
up m605: yes there sseemsto be quite a a
dog or something m816: thereseemsto be quite a few
milled around taking photos thisseemsto be quite a mystically
as well m1055: sean- seanairseemsto be quite common eh
as well thomas the oldestseemsto be quite good at
are about the place thereseemsto be quite m815: don
as well m1008: mmhm m1007: seemsto be quite universal round
they take him the penicillinseemsto clear it up quite
with broadcasting i- it isseemsto me quite absurd that
it on 24 november whichseemsrather a long time after
able to afford it itseemsrather extravagant that s all
be in the washroom itseemsrather hysterical from this distance
be a secret one thatseemsrather strange surely we should
currently er there there nowseemsto be er a rather
do they need it itseemsto be rather an unusual
rather too much of itseemsto come from the ceiling
incomers rather the opposite effectseemsto have taken place if
is not with us todayseemsto know rather a lot
at unb studying forestry heseemsa nice friendly guy the
the maist plays quietly heseemsa nice lyke fallae he
oh right f689: so itseemsand it s dead nice
things professor [censored: surname] another englishmanseemsreally nice and friendly and
wi that although her mumseemsreally nice and stuff but
s really nice cause itseemsseems very young to be
nice all the same playtimeseemsto have lasted for ever
really nice cause it seemsseemsvery young to be leaving
kept in the meal whichseemsa sensible enough idea girnel
is still unstable but mubarakseemsa strong enough leader to
4 6 pm arithmetic examseemseasy enough 31 friday 10
business on her own sheseemsenthusiastic enough to do it
me dee it but sheseemshappy enough wi neil gladys
a minute she says heseemspleased enough wi her ye
can own anither man thatseemssimple enough can and should
juan march s version vyborniseemsto have been well enough
s shot by although itseemsa long time since last
a debacle although returning scriptsseemslike a great idea it
sites in scotland although itseemsmore of an issue elsewhere
ministers to trigger it thatseemsodd to me although others
pressure off the sqa whatseemsto come through although we
of the phoneme although saussureseemsto have invented it he
scotland taking evidence although itseemsto have rubbed mike rumbles
you courtin her or noseemsto me y ken although
even in this poem whichseemsat first to be furnished
to highland nhs board whichseemsat least to be facing
because of immigration regulations itseemsi can t be paid
a natural site but itseemslikely it will be awarded
be made the convener itseemslikely that major planning legislation
the oldest and prettiest thisseemslikely to be a good
a reasoned objection if subsidiarityseemslikely to be infringed scotland
happen ti be lousum lyfeseemslousum ti me whit ir
the largest non executive partyseemsnot to be regarded formally
my accounting officer responsibilities itseemssensible for me to be
tuesday 15 temp 3 3seemstae be a frosty nip
5 rainfall 2 16 ereseemstae be a touch o
the school tae me itseemstae be an older word
english tae scots yit thireseemstae be unwritten rules as
be owre thrawart ma lassieseemstaen up wi this cormac
snd m741: mmhm [inhale] itseemsthat that seems to be
reference to any guidance itseemsthat things will be done
wish to be clear itseemsthat you are suggesting that
shuir o that his guidwyfeseemsti be a bit saft
the color o t itseemsti be turnin blek aw
family must be advised thatseemsto answer many of the
cases but now the figureseemsto be 7 000 it
the end of the playseemsto be a bit contrived
from the fact that thereseemsto be a case for
an additional 285 units eightseemsto be a considerable undershot
correct to do so thereseemsto be a funding bias
the attitude to sex thereseemsto be a gay abandon
from day 1 that thereseemsto be a growing culture
costs of the home thatseemsto be a high proportion
the middle east situation whichseemsto be a lot calmer
this year and there sseemsto be a lot more
s expected work load thereseemsto be a lot of
to the hurting sometimes itseemsto be a magic that
authorisations in this matter itseemsto be a minor but
a bittie loaf again thisseemsto be a modern development
not just acceptable th- thereseemsto be a move afoot
told me about isa itseemsto be a never ending
the many voluble descriptions itseemsto be a palace of
onie siller on it thatseemsto be a problem f785:
to carry out consultation thereseemsto be a problem with
the developments in telecommunications thatseemsto be a sensible approach
alarm bells being rung itseemsto be a simple practical
a rabbit or hare thisseemsto be a somewhat alarmist
you go mmhm m1078: whichseemsto be a sort of
working groups john scott itseemsto be a source of
convener given that that positionseemsto be a stepping stone
with lobby groups today thereseemsto be a view that
further up the driveway nobodyseemsto be able to halt
to the type of venueseemsto be about health and
you are talking about itseemsto be absolutely minimal if
activity in glasgow but itseemsto be accepted on a
for fidelity is something jamesseemsto be acknowledging here that
in the essay where jamesseemsto be acknowledging something distinctive
it very interesting well thatseemsto be all i have
and not very pretty itseemsto be all little matchbox
in ian parsley that ermseemsto be almost ian where
in school f965: because itseemsto be almost l- it
up and running again thatseemsto be an argument in
pooh poohed ian jenkins thereseemsto be an idea that
and she moves on itseemsto be an individual thing
agreement john farquhar munro thereseemsto be an issue about
there s never there neverseemsto be anything f978: yes
very degrading means test heseemsto be arguing that those
presentation an element of frustrationseemsto be arising from the
before the general election itseemsto be assumed that we
fortunately this view of scotsseemsto be atypical among university
yeah that s what itseemsto be aye m903: exactly
though that urban urban scotsseemsto be bad sort o
was pretty slight partly thisseemsto be because we are
significant progress whereas the otherseemsto be bogged down people
when they check hmos thatseemsto be causing a great
further advice the legal opinionseemsto be clear the two
recently as bafties that s-seemsto be comin in yes
raised with the executive thereseemsto be consensus among members
and ask what the effectseemsto be d why do
the standing orders but whatseemsto be discourteous and disrespectful
house feel frustrated because dadseemsto be doing all the
us aw oor mither juistseemsto be dwynin awa afore
health and community care whoseemsto be ever the bridesmaid
the game you know itseemsto be everything is so
he wasn t in dollseemsto be fine i rang
voluntary sector its prime motivationseemsto be for the executive
years is that the weatherseemsto be getting harder to
now an you know everybodyseemsto be girls now eh
got any worse and itseemsto be going if its
t know the ga- everyoneseemsto be going to the
the scot scot lit departmentseemsto be growing in strength
forward but at present itseemsto be hedging its bets
to address one aspect thatseemsto be hugely important in
above the undergrowth this alsoseemsto be in a fair
vision of the action puckseemsto be in a position
because at first read itseemsto be in casual or
in the number of smokersseemsto be in conflict with
and de bressay een ayeseemsto be in de paper
a tidy up but everythingseemsto be in order broon
orgainise the purchase the problemseemsto be in programming the
proving an excellent assistant heseemsto be inclined to hand
[inaudible] f823: aye m824: itseemsto be jist f823: they
road from edinburgh but itseemsto be light years away
withdrawn into herself she hardlyseemsto be listening except for
morag turns to me sheseemsto be listening your mummy
techniques through experience but thereseemsto be little in the
of my little cell itseemsto be lying a little
been irradiating you but heseemsto be mad in other
twang as you say thereseemsto be mair lilt aboot
it mr mccabe the memberseemsto be making an argument
mentioned that clarity on appealsseemsto be missing from the
would say academically er thereseemsto be more of a
growes strang wi wickedness thereseemsto be no reason to
scots and its closest relativeseemsto be norwegian dialectal randa
to be mini flu heseemsto be o k now
times doup by the wayseemsto be of low german
that panurge is speaking hereseemsto be older scots there
the letter o the lawseemsto be on her side
an understanding of fortune venusseemsto be on the side
scotland bill fergus ewing thereseemsto be one glaring omission
round a big american carseemsto be only one kind
executive s interests the executiveseemsto be operating a system
i see that the sunseemsto be out again i
there but the the testseemsto be over now so
the pretentious latinised style urquhartseemsto be parodying himself the
trigonometry books [someone in audience sneezes] or heseemsto be parodying the style
with a serious face andseemsto be paying attention to
[inhale] it seems that thatseemsto be really endemic though
use of scots in courtseemsto be regarded as a
relatives indeed everybody in newhavenseemsto be related to everybody
franklin bi appealin to fortuneseemsto be sayin that this
something like scots one giantseemsto be saying to the
waiting to go out thereseemsto be some conflict in
bit tighter than that thereseemsto be some confusion about
but over the years thereseemsto be some confusion about
were looking for however thereseemsto be some confusion i
s f606: mm m830: itseemsto be something that i
was an inspectorate but itseemsto be somewhat in house
you should see it johnseemsto be still looking for
i mean because the dialectseemsto be stronger up here
you know that that zillaseemsto be such a kind
occur the conveners liaison groupseemsto be suggesting that we
and a wallit this locusseemsto be tailor made for
from them the first problemseemsto be that the census
not shake there the answerseemsto be that the terms
certain of in future yearsseemsto be the height of
without the other but thatseemsto be the implication in
doin m741: mmhm yeah sociolinguisticsseemsto be the kinna i
mummy got at the jailseemsto be the message i
think m1055: so so burnseemsto be the one that
be created and section 1seemsto be the only part
been resolved by june thatseemsto be the pattern were
ve worked it out thatseemsto be the point that
usage the fact that englishseemsto be the preferred linguistic
it in my notebook mondayseemsto be the quietest day
and menus best deal stillseemsto be the royal british
identity of the limousin thatseemsto be the way forward
bill to the scottish parliamentseemsto be to ban mounted
want a job the answerseemsto be to be prepared
world s poetry the newseemsto be to have recourse
the intent of the billseemsto be to introduce measures
health warning the only constantseemsto be uncertainty which is
tendency to anglicise barley alsoseemsto be used to distinguish
suntan and the air hereseemsto be very clean the
language in the home thereseemsto be very little in
in leningrad the war stillseemsto be very much in
seem to have that strongseemsto be very random and
music from the films stillseemsto be very sort of
early as they can whichseemsto be what the enterprise
whip hand on approving proposalsseemsto be with the scottish
that would be m959: everybodyseemsto have their reception in
be over that action justseemsto land her in a
fdr could be extended itseemsto me that for any
that he has raised itseemsto me to be a
m608: mm m078: that erseemsto me to be different
breast beating and no oneseemsto want to be the
times per year it thereforeseemsunlikely that they would be
f965: looking back it certainlyseemsf963: yeah f965: very safe
well there s a heseemslike a very scottish person
another meaning of hellery itseemssometimes to mean a very
wear lipstick though it onlyseemsto come in two very
still known as inglis andseemsto have been very similar
all very jolly and davidseemsto have done well in
the arabs because george gallowayseemsto have gotten on very
what i ve seen ehseemsto me a very vestigial
a very good hall hitseemsto work very weel f960:
you know m608: yeah itseemsvery family oriented to me
efter aa yon it nowseemsvery likely to me that
at the savile club asseemsvery probable how are we
is [censored: address] [censored: telephone number] our houseseemsvery quiet after the hustle
write dis wy d wordsseemsaileeun t me d words
big hit this year itseemsand told me that the
in the school curriculum itseemsbizarre to me that the
said ma dochter nane itseemscan richt me but it
that worries me because itseemselizabeth watson has confirmed it
me f631: mmhm f689: itseemsit s like a one
ye to me it justseemslike yesterday aye information like
money on everything but itseemsparticularly ridiculous for me to
and stuff but her dadseemsreally grumpy to me f1049:
few hours unlikely though itseemssleep is overtaking me i
struggle it s well itseemsso to me anyway because
ken tho alec but itseemstae me the r been
[censored: forename] and me alone itseemsthat we d been invited
frein mynd but whyles sheseemsti me that coorse an
in the same wey itseemsti me that if ah
stuff that s uissless itseemsti me that the r
a princess always knows everyoneseemsto have forgotten about me
hard life er the hospitalityseemsto me always a incredibly
neither dangerous nor inappropriate itseemsto me appropriately flexible 12
things ehm f1025: it justseemsto me awful heavy you
least that s what itseemsto me ehm in the
important in this parliament itseemsto me that allan has
advertising is already banned itseemsto me that clause 4
therein lies the rub itseemsto me that people who
sometimes even take advice itseemsto me that robert burns
c- comrade and it alwaysseemsto me that the jesuit
of inaccurate information but itseemsto me that the minister
his previous role however itseemsto me that the one
build on that thought itseemsto me that there is
read the papers and itseemsto me that there is
if that is correct itseemsto me that there would
in the matter but itseemsto me that we have
on the transport side itseemsto me that we have
men who broke stones itseemsto me that winters were
were normal people now itseemsto me there are a
concerns me is that itseemsto work here i am
what is the a itseemsa dated usage but i
number o questions firstly itseemsa gey suddent chynge o
social justice ejector seat whichseemsa long time ago it
near on an hour itseemsa m tae wait tae
are yeir monie services itseemsa maun foraye byde in
for it replies jonsar itseemsa richt gweed idea so
is girl scout actually itseemsa useful device for communicating
rins sae fast it barelyseemsa week or twa when
important in shaping it itseemsabsolutely no time at all
or mainly for hunting itseemsaccurate therefore to adjust the
that saw him dee itseemsafore the end that he
sleepin bed ah dream itseemsah im a butterflie a
masell awthegither thorfinn sae itseemsah m hearin orm waving
produce a helpful paper itseemsanomalous that members are able
indeed revolutionising our life itseemsappropriate to add to our
raise two issues first itseemsappropriate to invite a reporter
towards the old man itseemsas if he is trying
when he does it sometimesseemsas if he uses them
than 100 years ago itseemsas if it is still
the bord compounds it almostseemsas if the latter took
her bouquet an see itseemsas though that f826: they
will say margaret jamieson itseemsas though the report has
world more mysterious than itseemsat first glance around midday
have become hellery also itseemsat least a possibility but
adjusts her dress ma hairseemsawricht ah think it wul
under surveillance is located itseemscommon sense that our starting
wording is not right itseemsdaft to throw the baby
isn t a man itseemsdespite the latest rumour that
cottage homes committee but itseemsdifficult to find someone willing
for criminal record checks itseemseminently sensible to place that
really good i mean itseemsespecially on the mainland now
[laugh] [laugh] m815: it justseemsextremely morbid sixteen m816: aye
pure north east invention itseemsfeein markets were great sources
actually if i was whichseemsfunny actually cause it s
scoatlan d for scotland itseemsgenerally unwise to try to
jesus but this man itseemshad been living from day
some backup plan but itseemshard from here i ll
an thou pronouns finally itseemshard to tak seriously arveragus
and hit his eye itseemshe may have lost his
it his name is parisseemshe s greek too i
one i used an itseemsi don t use it
up the hill so itseemsi must have been a
to triumph unlikely as itseemsi ve just seen the
of bath s tale itseemsimportant to mind that the
stated in their memorandum itseemsinconceivable that the implementation of
of the internet hellery itseemsis a surname across the
s ailment ma truibil itseemsis mortal an nae mediciner
but erm yeah it justseemsit doesn t seem that
mum and to gabriel itseemsit is a whole world
pronunciation in new york itseemsit is chic to pronounce
do that instead but sheseemskeen to come here it
looking to the future itseemsliable like the past to
see kids fashion shows itseemslike a good job a
make things better it stillseemslike a large amount of
of it line manager thatseemslike a lot of ground
[laugh] yeah f1149: [laugh] itseemslike ages ago now [cough]
war and now it allseemslike one big adventure among
thirty nine an tho itseemslike thirty weeks it s
in this cause it alwaysseemslike through that continuum we
on that first night itseemslike weeks ago i asked
m964: yes f963: and itseemslike you re you re
not include tobacco advertising itseemslikely from the defences in
gives the following prognosis itseemslikely that broad dialects of
demands of school learning itseemslikely that the kind of
but whit if it onlieseemslousum oor lyfes ah mean
perhaps more complex than itseemsmary scanlon it is good
across their airways culture itseemsmay carry dire infections ozymandias
a formula containing warrior itseemsnatural that one with byrnwiga
is perfectly all right itseemsnow as if its just
they canna get eneuch itseemso egypt s loves an
another christ in disguise itseemsobvious that this is exactly
for most children and itseemsonly natural that bairns especially
us of energy and itseemsour immunity to viruses both
before they move but itseemspretty hopeless the next time
any activities about which heseemsreluctant it is also important
the first year it thereforeseemsremiss that authorities had not
to do the job itseemsridiculous that i d need
and kissing and so itseemsright after all that a
story book awthing in itseemssae auld an obvious but
wotsits and joined in itseemsseagulls have no teeth i
learning and related issues itseemssensible to inform the european
her imprisonment almost inevitably itseemsshe finally has a brief
earlier i agree that itseemsslightly victorian but i think
of shelter whereas here itseemsso flat and the wind
with academic life again itseemsso pointless at times i
it offends all rules butseemsso so intuitively acceptable erm
the scottish parliament buildings itseemsstrange that we have a
do something about matters itseemsstrange to have god in
that i am though itseemstake off that silly business
11 15 tavish scott itseemsthat andrew wilson has met
to make the brose itseemsthat fleetins is a word
on it m642: bit itseemsthat he breks so that
chisholm for giving way itseemsthat he is arguing in
family is incorrect it certainlyseemsthat in 1426 an agnew
the appeals process however itseemsthat in england papers can
in england and wales itseemsthat in practice there is
planning was at fault itseemsthat instead of one person
but at the moment itseemsthat it was the other
54 6 per cent itseemsthat less than 3 per
enters from the ballroom itseemsthat lieutenant colonel vershinin cums
roll of developed film itseemsthat little plastic frames are
women or children survived itseemsthat most of those who
to someone in britain itseemsthat officialdom here forced her
european union is concerned itseemsthat other member countries are
handed round to msps itseemsthat our ears and eyes
the money comes from itseemsthat over the next four
works of davidson it sometimesseemsthat pain is necessary to
of scots in shetland itseemsthat shetlanders over a period
statutory procedures is at itseemsthat shortly can mean at
agree to offer compensation itseemsthat some individuals have been
new economy by smes itseemsthat some of the initiatives
about companies preferring apprentices itseemsthat the best route in
which helen eadie alluded itseemsthat the executive wants the
have heard this morning itseemsthat the implementation of the
third phase of work itseemsthat the intention is to
secondly on reporting restrictions itseemsthat the law of the
bear that in mind itseemsthat the management plan will
and rough shooting interests itseemsthat the overall intention is
op cit and so itseemsthat the romans built their
in this instance however itseemsthat the scottish environment protection
would outweigh the disadvantages itseemsthat there are good arguments
s time the convener itseemsthat there are three positions
or elsewhere christine grahame itseemsthat there has been a
2 and clause 6 itseemsthat there is an argument
administration s flagship programme itseemsthat there was multifaceted ownership
wrack and back but itseemsthat this is perhaps one
met in edinburgh so itseemsthat universities vary i ve
that is updated annually itseemsthat voluntary issues are no
like programming i mean itseemsthat way anyway the way
issue in more depth itseemsthat we are roughly at
ye know the mair itseemsthat we ve nae ideas
reed rosy shine til itseemsthat wye a m left
of imagination over reality itseemsthat you are clutching at
yeah f965: because er itseemsthat you know that in
ever heard more seriously itseemsthat your basic case is
hit her hoose but itseemsthe explosions did some damage
to look efter her itseemsthe lassie s got hersel
what wha bi lennox itseemsthe louns in his chaumer
drouth morag angrily guidman itseemsthe r nae richt pleasin
an ill ti thole itseemsthe r no mukkil howp
strange and silent daily itseemsthe sand is breeding wonders
in a piggie pot itseemsthere s dug mait i
an ultimately sad ending itseemsthere s fluck all chance
strongly to this day itseemstherefore that the reason for
a lang for an itseemsti growe strangir an strangir
s juist the wey itseemsti you we dinna exist
what it is it justseemsto appeal m865: mm any
him about it amendment 30seemsto depend on the source
welcomed it but that viewseemsto go against all previous
for six years but itseemsto go against the political
it was raised continuously itseemsto have been a problem
mythology of the city itseemsto have been a religious
priests nobles and women itseemsto have been abandoned after
swear word now but itseemsto have been classed as
with writing single letters heseemsto have been doing it
on the sunday and itseemsto have been the custom
act one act two nothingseemsto have changed but it
you reed string oh itseemsto have fa en aff
a magnificent inca ruin itseemsto have served a dual
my trumpet too much itseemsto have worked because i
at age 60 some literatureseemsto indicate that it has
i mention it but nobodyseemsto know exactly where it
all for enlargement because itseemsto make sense but with
this class since all itseemsto mean is stand under
it needs f963: mm f965: seemsto need a mediator to
about somethin an it alwaysseemsto precede like some sort
fast sometimes slow sometimes itseemsto stop altogether but i
[inhale] [exhale] ah he neverseemsto stop it s like
melee of the market itseemsto symbolise mallorca s history
at this point but itseemstoo early in the morning
small cultivated terraces since itseemsunlikely that anyone would have
in a situation where itseemsunlikely that literacy in scots
the face of it itseemsunlikely that stevenson was unaware
annul a statutory instrument itseemsunlikely that that would happen
know at my age itseemsutterly bizarre that i i
dwam an illusion it onlieseemswe ir here an whit
canna feel ye an itseemsye are nae mair nor
smith s rise to eminenceseemsat first sight to have
the older scottish tongue thereseemsnever to have been any
as outlined in the reportseemsto have a great deal
authoritative figures but the issueseemsto have arisen in the
than original work the viewseemsto have become popular in
angus and mearns ry ryseemsto have been a common
as i have said thereseemsto have been a failure
which so far touch woodseemsto have been beneficial as
on saturday night but thisseemsto have been considered an
unit assessments their final markseemsto have been determined entirely
far worse than weeds shakespeareseemsto have been for several
earlier days in buchan thereseemsto have been much more
after the war in 1920seemsto have been not only
overdue letter to you lifeseemsto have been so hectic
meaning a round flattish cakeseemsto have been used in
the small amount of interestseemsto have been used partly
john stewart of baldynneis whichseemsto have been written to
what they fancy but nobodyseemsto have bothered i don
in primary school f963: somethingseemsto have changed perhaps f965:
cases where the metaphorical pathwayseemsto have come to an
production of the published workseemsto have consisted largely of
death in or about 1875seemsto have consisted of freehold
men involved fourthly the captainseemsto have decided he had
head for ireland captain fergusonseemsto have decided that the
no f1023: i think thatseemsto have died a death
f978: an of course thatseemsto have ehm really grown
of letters from berlin caroleseemsto have enjoyed herself there
same meanings the word helleryseemsto have evolved only in
such as bureaucracy the conventionseemsto have failed to address
wendy alexander s ideas thatseemsto have fallen by the
these days however partick thistleseemsto have fallen on hard
mair significant cultural player andseemsto have far mair [laugh]
of james the sixth thatseemsto have gone that point
from america arbuthnott school alwaysseemsto have had an outward
related firlot and chalder heseemsto have had little sense
dark lady of the sonnetsseemsto have held more of
on duty on their floorseemsto have lost her job
fifteenth century on and originallyseemsto have meant some kind
beset the european committee whichseemsto have moved on members
the modern period at leastseemsto have often meant a
i m afraid your daughterseemsto have picked up hepatitis
4 lms railway debenture stockseemsto have produced twice yearly
vernacular in upper deeside generallyseemsto have retreated from the
of himalayan cowslips that sheseemsto have simultaneously experienced the
don t know my husbandseemsto have someone with him
any kind with women andseemsto have successfully sublimated his
but m1008: mmhm mmhm thatseemsto have taken f1009: bathroom
emergency session of the politburoseemsto have thrown the cultural
2 the brown hare populationseemsto have undergone a substantial
was a protestant and heseemsto have written his history
what you have been sayingseemsto imply that that regime
sight that the current procedureseemsunduly restrictive i have discussed
flowing a term that heseemsuniquely to have coined from
ferry new ferry poor placesseemswill have to pay more
s unanimity the whole matterseemsa little arcane stephen imrie
undertakings in the eu thatseemsa little strange the convener
poetry which like his ownseemsable to move unforcedly between
to the public gaze beaumontseemsabout to speak but then
to the negative procedure whichseemsall right where an order
boards that has been suggestedseemsappropriate could we agree to
of the sea and allseemscleansed and transformed to celebrate
s poems an effect whichseemsespecially to relate to the
go to cairo too andseemsfairly confident i ll get
the problem of odour whichseemsimpossible to deal with we
is effectively over and sheseemskeen to contact the old
resources to change the policyseemsnigh impossible the best we
state of scots orthography thereseemsno good reason to alter
that the conveners liaison groupseemsnot to appreciate the seriousness
east states and president mubarakseemsset to keep things that
should wait until tomorrow sheseemsso delicate to cause her
to do in scotland thatseemsthe sensible route to take
european committee s report whichseemsto agree with that stance
i note that helen eadieseemsto agree with you but
maistire agayn hir wyl thisseemsto balance the offer to
has indicated that the governmentseemsto believe that the majority
does the time go christmasseemsto come so early nowadays
scottish deputes the title mspseemsto convey an acceptance of
prologue 83 86 again thisseemsto correspond to paul s
s on the other handseemsto demand performance at the
many another scottish poet davidsonseemsto deplore the way burns
of character in that heseemsto do everything all wrong
ve come from a patternseemsto emerge if you use
and starts to suck heseemsto fall asleep i do
will translate v 8 fortuneseemsto favour the lower orders
she looks at peggy sheseemsto feel a need to
the cost that the spcbseemsto feel is the going
environment committee took the industryseemsto feel that the bill
has another go at suckingseemsto find no joy and
you sent but time justseemsto fly i didn t
encumbrance of a language whichseemsto follow no particular guide
mammon in the second bookseemsto forget that his former
use of this conjunction alsoseemsto give the effect of
says peggy poor loretta nothingseemsto go right for them
quiet on holidays everybody everythingseemsto go underground fredericton is
is a prose style thatseemsto grow naturally out of
that is still forbye arveragusseemsto growe mair crabbit as
will hear she doesn tseemsto hear but she shouts
that is excellent the paperseemsto highlight some of the
primarily for boys glasgow speechseemsto hold a special attraction
snd s etymological note stillseemsto hold both meaning and
of visitors the silent houseseemsto hold its breath above
ensample o the wey heseemsto idealise knichtheid saicontly the
apart perhaps from the railwayseemsto interest ms grahame who
but f960: yeah f961: hitseemsto kerry on dis year
a real cop but everybodyseemsto know someone who s
with her and no oneseemsto know what she s
plight to worsen the answerseemsto lie with the list
a m with cath sheseemsto like the game a
from the later ones sheseemsto like the set up
wee stray black cat whichseemsto live in the back
in anthony and cleopatra shakespeareseemsto make a sexual metaphor
using a spiral approach whichseemsto mirror recent views of
meldrum however the poem alsoseemsto mock the conventions of
of the university of stockholmseemsto offer an interesting solution
in verse and chapter viiseemsto outlaw translation on the
a self confessed misanthropos heseemsto place the blame squarely
aye [laugh] f978: nearly everybodyseemsto play the fiddle [laugh]
tin selfies says mother andyseemsto ponder for a moment
elley and his associates 1999seemsto prove the case beyond
battle of the flab heseemsto put weight on so
the ballad meant sense sheseemsto regard as a distraction
o his tale the franklinseemsto remind his audience that
young courtier accompanying the papyngoseemsto represent the younger lyndsay
m762: yeah f963: him sheseemsto retain that and i
are what they contemplate davidsonseemsto reveal a kind of
64 67 richt eneuch paulseemsto say as muckle in
context of buffoonish and puzzlatoryseemsto say nobody s gonna
teachers association submission one statementseemsto sum up everything about
the testament of john davidsonseemsto take off at the
not really she asks fionaseemsto think so she s
often small but no oneseemsto think that the plants
the knowledge based society thatseemsto touch on the subject
f1026: would you f1054: [?]it really[/?]seemsto vary by family this
a clear message the executiveseemsto want to make friends
leap that s how writingseemsto work you know you
use words that kind ofseemsu- unusual in any way
that one socially scots stillseemsan issue that insufficient people
been static the farming traditionseemsbred intae the land but
greetin in the girls toiletsseemsthere s been a family
expecting more resistance but bessieseemsalmost asleep this decides her
snobby and stuff but sheseemsalright f1049: i don t
cold spray so calm heseemsbut inner storms are raging
tight vests the trip stillsseemsdreamlike but we re both
mean no [inaudible] m815: heseemslike [cough] he doesn t
are exempt from prosecution whichseemsa bit bizarre there are
intentionally missed out sanctions whichseemsa bit quaint the convener
review of the process whichseemsabsurd in the meantime i
a period of years whichseemsfar too prolonged we should
any war with iraq whichseemsimminent requires an emergency debate
discussion which of these gamesseemsmost useful for your present
ma mum which seems whichseemsstrange you know or ma
ye say ma mum whichseemswhich seems strange you know
of that stigmatisation economically scotsseemsan issue without central funding
curious about is that thisseemsalmost like there is an
best left alone also thereseemsno justification for representing the
started work and there alreadyseemssome interest in the project
with communism angus mackay thatseemsa bizarrely appropriate point at
of conduct in 1999 thatseemsa long time ago now
the ones in glasgow sheseemsfairly confident that i ll
bamboo our holding each otherseemslike a ritual that has
voluntary sector development fund thatseemslike a robust idea brian
would think okay that thatseemsokay that s okay you
an ryal howp that heseemsowre the muin an yet
has presented this matter thatseemssensible the proposal in the
an aw the things thatseemsserious important an ful o
gets like that he justseemsso ridiculous like some pathetic
lobbyist is not entitled thatseemsstraightforward des mcnulty i am
a rare seikness that anelieseemstae afflick men wha ve
f948: [?]poor wee[/?] [inaudible] [laugh] thatseemsthat would seem kinda more
that s whit ma mitherseemsti think ah raither think
back at night so heseemsa bit more content now
and already the finnish interludeseemsagain like a dream the
i thought you know thisseemslike a bit of a
paper mrs mcintosh the recommendationseemslike a good idea the
each other quietly for whatseemslike a long time i
up in your uniform onlyseemslike yesterday you were in
in contrast begins with whatseemsa more distanced objective narrative
aboot voices so hit aunleeseemssensibl dt i spik in
the woods the tranquillity palmaseemsso dirty noisy relentless he
political situation back ome britainseemsso small from here when
room lost in thought sheseemsagitated enter soliony soliony puzzled
feed him hirsell an sheseemscontent ti leave him wi
will maintain my interest kathrynseemsfine she has re decorated
i must say the flatseemsmuch improved she will soon
attire this intense clothes imageryseemsentirely out of place unless
at this stage the knichtseemsfeart this is youre mooste
of this evidence taking processseemslong ago i asked about
the maurice thorez institute thisseemspossible privacy is in short
from developers existing businesses etcseemslimited over 50m will probably
settilt himsell in dunsinane heseemscontent for us ti lay
is ah dinna ken leatherinsseemsti dae him nae guid
sae lousum yeir fauch faceseemsti licht up the mirk
here pause air an lichtseemsdifferent when yur backs noh
call at 11 15pm allseemsfine at home i was
benefit of the doubt heseemsgenuine in his desire for
wee place the whole timeseemsa bit ay a waste
with her usual leer fionaseemssatisfied slobbers the biscuit for
meeting meet new d cseemsa decent sort mr nicholson
on the wall the verseseemsa particularly apt description of
and much meritorious literature hardlyseemsa useful justification for its
is fechtin brawlie the dayseemsyours malcolm ay a hantil
as with many parodies urquhartseemsin love with the object
as with many parodies urquhartseemsin love with the object
fae deeper inside him somehowseemstae rack his hale body
and simplex much linguistic behaviourseemsexplicable in terms of network
s skills in aathing aabodyseemstae hae plenty o aathing
written language of these translationsseemsquaint and obscure and its
points bill butler the orderseemsabsolutely fine the convener excellent
11 rainfall 8 16 witherseemsaffa affa swear tae change
employ these extremely formal usagesseemsan odd priority when they
order bill butler the positionseemsanomalous colin campbell the executive
s mam ya an shöseemsta anse ta baith names
23 rainfall 2 16 dayseemstae hae ae mind or
the weak mouse panteth shakespeareseemstorn between feelings of empathy

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