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hame lettin on he sseikget him here ti me
juist lettin on ye reseikye ll hae ti gang
his een he looks seikseikan hungry no bad he
unner his een he looksseikseik an hungry no bad
n soul sax a sixseika sick sell n self
n soul sax a sixseikn sick serr v serve
soul sauntlie saintly sechs sighsseiksick seirop syrup seivin seven
n salt saxteen a sixteenseikn sick seivin a seven
z neive ye bene verraseikma mannie d ye wiss
hiz mynd whan he beneseikwes rent apairt an hiz
to the table ah mseikan tired o you ye
ye ai im ah noseiktired o the lot o
the day masha ah mseiktired o the wunter ah
ah m feelin kynd oseiklyke ah dout ah m
thing in the mornins anseikturns syne a feelin o
nearer hame ah im hertseikan feirt for ti speir
is terrible ah m fairseiko it sae ah im
ryse up ah im thatseiko rougin ma chowks ma
hey seton dejectedly a mseikat hert whan a see
haed flusht up an feltseikat hert whan she saw
but still an on theseikman s hert stounds aye
ae day the queen fellseikan nane it seemed cuid
ill day the queen fellseiknane cuid pit hir ti
roun lik it wes aseikbed mirren yeir dochter is
the queen thair mither fellseikan died an wes beirit
wi fivver he wes fellseikryfe an didna ken whitwey
reibald tammas wes aye verraseikfur he wes in the
whan tammas wes yit verraseikrosie telt ruth about it
juist thinkin aboot hir puirseikmither morag brocht me the
fowk think but the puirseikqueen kent that onlie wattir
bit ower het for aseikman ah m thinkin it
for me mebbe i mseikmebbe i really did try
s times they mak meseik___ stushie squabble tak the
bit folk aye mak meseikjuist pray yer boats ne
an mak oot she wesseiksyne she set for ane
it uised ti mak hirseikti see a pig killed
ah did afore ah wesseikweill morag ah kent ye
ken hou ti sort aseikmynd coud ye no yerk
an whan the bairns irseikah git that worrit lyke
a whyle ye git awfuseiko plowterin amang the dubs
said maconochie i ll beseikif i dinna get hame
bad at hame wi aseikline in an richtlie registrate
on its midden a wesseiko t sae a retoured
chaumer whar she tentit theseikbairn it haed been sic
felt sic a swyne saeseiko masell ah gaed an
s end ti sort hirseikmither as suiin as she
left me ma corp isseikah canna jyne the feast
a thing ah ve beenseikas a dug this mornin
that ah hae richtit yeirseikbeiss lat us end oor
me doun ah feel fairseikit pits ma nerves on
o it made them fairseikthat ae day in the
that yeir sou s uncoseiknou whit wul ye gie
that it aye i mseiki need ma bed at
she s no sae mukkilseikma lord as truibilt wi
ma affection a m aseikman as lang s this
whein alishunners fur a mseiko thaim scomfishin ma herbauciuss
wure yestrein they luik geyseikan shilpit nou bi what
cures the mind that sseikthe auld macnabs mind disease
micht no be oan theseikower lang wi his gammy
he d pitten in aseikline ti say he d
tung a suppone he sseiko the sicht o the
was strange he was thatseikand feeble they d tae
it it s a darkseiksea that s in front

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