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dictionary association is gaun taesenda copy o the scots
after second granting insert andsenda copy of it section
taking the action and bsenda copy of that authority
i would be happy tosenda copy of that group
to such parents is tosenda copy of the document
regime the convener i willsenda copy of the executive
it would be useful tosenda copy of the petition
activities during that year andsenda copy of the report
not been reasonably practicable tosenda copy of this notice
no further action but tosenda copy to the transport
2002 the committee agreed tosendan embargoed copy of the
the first minister offered tosendme a copy of his
i will be delighted tosendmr swinney a copy of
would it be possible tosendthe petitioners a copy of
[censored: surname] of compass he willsendthe secretary a copy of
convener do you want tosendthem a copy of the
only two days ago wesenda clear message that the
important that the executive shouldsenda clear message the executive
scottish strategy to continue andsenda clear message to scotland
us support the motion andsenda message of confidence to
urge the scottish parliament tosenda message that scotland will
be thrown overboard which mightsenda message to folk and
for our country we mustsenda message to people that
ahead with it and tosendout a positive message to
i hope that today wesendout a very clear message
[censored: address] if you want tosendher a christmas card don
is better now i llsendher a christmas card i
that mike russell did notsendme a valentine s card
she is definitely coming weekendsendoff birthday card flowers also
o folk have naebody tosendthem even one card and
receive my letter they shouldsenda full transcript of my
stevenson i am content tosenda letter as a second
cannot attend perhaps we couldsenda letter obviously we would
the convener we ought tosenda letter to committee conveners
much more time we cansenda letter to the minister
is malcolm chisholm can wesendhim copies of any letter
the letter and i llsendit direct to riyadh however
fain skreive a letter ansendit til ma mither an
a ghost where wid shesendthe letter ti a gowk
the issue perhaps we shouldsendthe minister another letter the
s the [censored: surname] wrote andsendtheir greetings your letter was
in your next letter andsendthem to me i know
letter which mrs [censored: surname] willsendto disappointed ticket applicants it
to agree that i shouldsendletters on behalf of the
make further arrangements we wouldsendletters to leavers of 1995
route between meetings was tosendletters to members of the
up to the po tosendour letters and then caught
where my parents aspired tosendme here i sat at
by the scottish executive tosendthe parents of young offenders
by the scottish executive tosendthe parents of young offenders
if if parents want tosendtheir children to to the
morgan or jude they didsendme christmas cards and birthday
must thank him when isendout the christmas cards soon
christmas presents i wanted tosendyou something and it s
remit of this committee tosendthe petition on to them
should inform that committee butsendthe petition to the executive
the convener we could certainlysendthe petition to the health
we can choose whether tosendthis petition to the transport
executive but the committee cansendits submission loud and clear
be geyan roosed gin wesendhim awa nanse stands up
think gin a war tisendma man ti tirr your
o yeir heid gin yesendme ti ma daith mebbe
gin sepulchres an lairs cansendus back the corps we
ah left she wantit tisenda wire til hir brither
whit did cormac dae butsendalasdair hame til his faither
s ness wi his warriorssendane o the thirlmen til
an prayin til gud lairdsendanither pentecost at ull sweep
awa impossible sanderson they llsendhim back wi the pilot
iz awa oluiska darlin dinnasendiz awa olga whit haivers
room tae anfisa wearily dinnasendiz awa oluiska darlin dinna
neist twantie year binna yesendme awa noticing masha and
is it if wedderburn cannasendye awa but he can
minister and ask him tosenda response to the lead
dee an fleitcht him tisendfor a doctor sae he
dinna let it happen pegsendher back tae him she
m822: no no you justsendhim a drawin as- eh
sir john wedderburn wants taesendhim back tae jamaica that
gret sea whit sal ahsendhim for a praisent twa
to persuade his master tosendhim for training with a
stone so we used tosendhim in in you go
alex johnstone did the membersendhim one mrs mcintosh no
when the pharoah thocht taesendhim swimmin in the nile
tae hae the richt taesendhim tae jamaica a country
mcconnell and asked him tosendit to all msps so
accursit haund lord a wadsendma prayers alang wi him
irena louder tell him ahsendma thenks olga nanny wul
gi e him a richtsendoff in front o his
but also the richt taesendor cairry him back tae
dinna you be sweir tisendin yeir accoont an ah
the convener okay we willsendit to the minister to
the convener i would notsendout a press release without
that we are going tosenduntil 7 january the convener
at that response before wesendit off dr simpson yes
back to [censored: forename] she ssendit off to the lady
of grampa dan s bigsendoff a bide with me
had bought in for hissendoff i was glad i
of war 2 grampa ssendoff you re a ned
spared a pikkil siller tisendhere for ti ransom me
have that you can tsendit to me f807: [inhale]
abraham have mercy on mesendlazarus to dip the tip
snaps i asked them tosendme 3 lots but they
the ice sculpture could yousendme a print of this
cause [laugh] f1151: used tosendme away [laugh] i got
think it s sense taesendme birlin ower the fence
mean is she going tosendme care parcels or vice
pretend one saying [censored: forename] [censored: surname]sendme information about it and
which reminds me could yousendme the 2 new wave
me wrang if ye shouldsendme there again look dad
gaviscon erm my doctor hesendme up to the hospital
enclosed he informs me tosendone of them on to
jim subject re see mesendreply to christian date sent
loss nae tyme lat ussenda sairvant bodie ti this
weill than mither lat ussenda sairvant bodie ti this
thing he did wes tisendgowd tree oot o herm
geese abuin ah uised tisendin days bygaen ti cairrie
fleitch the halie keing tisendnorthumberland an warlyke siward up
ettin s guidwyfe dae butsendoot catriona for ti dae
said you ll have tosendher sister along for her
f634: you ll have tosendher sister for her so
[laugh] [inaudible] m941: they llsendin the asian guy to
you a provisional they llsendit away for you but
pressies i ll have tosendmy xmas ones soon the
underpants only maybe i llsendsome on home julian s
m sorry i didn tsendthem one i ll be
tend it richt a llsendye gentle rain at nicht
come now but i llsendyou a form so got
the language problem i llsendyou a postcard anyway i
if she does i llsendyou her address i may
that s fine i llsendyou the form and i
m nae in i llsendyou up a cheque weel
i have no wish tosendanyone away from this committee
you don t have tosendaway your passport m1048: well
f1122: and we re gonnasendit to [censored: forename] f1121: send
send it to [censored: forename] f1121: sendit to [censored: forename] okay right
go f1122: we re gonnasendthis to [censored: forename] and [censored: forename]
mother couldn t afford taesendthe both of us f637:
thriefauld services an compliments ansendus anes parteiclar wi a
scottish women s aid mightsendus briefing papers as many
tess he cannae dae thatsendus fi the land ih
lullaby o linkit rails taesendus ower wi steikit een
scheme get on rather thansendfurther researchers out each year
to comment i did notsendout a press release ms
the external research was tosendout a questionnaire to the
building to their list theysendout an application form that
comfort the local authority willsendout an inspector to examine
from the queen when theysendout cigarette girls into squalid
thae floating death kists theysendout frae thae ither countries
the scottish executive continues tosendout mixed messages on drugs
but we can t justsendout on demand when i
to line their own pocketssendout one unseaworthy ship after
your very eyes rose bushessendout shoots geranium leaves double
sea fennel rampages the succulentssendout suckers thyme is in
local authority was allowed tosendregistrars out with officers and
the republic of ireland wesendsamples out to a laboratory
not called to speak couldsendin their submissions for consideration
appreciate it if you couldsendover an edinburgh festival programme
lobbyists perhaps the clerk couldsendthat to mr ratcliffe the
s picture so we couldsendthat too could we f1122:
the same time we couldsendto the minister copies of
to carolanne carolanne you cansendit back she throws it
whether to redraft it andsendit back to the parliament
silent mode i can evensendmessages back to my office
parliament to undermine westminster butsendtheir ex leader back home
the strategy and it mightsendviews back to the local
and request that the ministersendthe response to the lead
scotland christine grahame we shouldsendit to them all the
desire was for abraham tosendlazarus to warn them lest
see them then if yousendthem f890: oh uh huh
don t mind if yousendthem surface mail as i
if it s very expensivesendthem surface mail i may
a few pictures developed andsendyou them well i m
experience because we used tosendour students to other universities
mm m1078: er used tosendover parcels maybe two or
new the bairns used tosendtheir ain they re economising
of the register it mightsenda strong warning to those
that the school did notsendany information we chose to
the pictures eh did yousendthe pictures isobel christia- oh
witnesses for their offer tosenda report from the committee
schools in their area tosenddelegates the proceedings took the
for their use of grantssendfeedback to such organisations s1w
ve made a commitment tosendtheir children to gaelic medium
aye m1163: after every visitsendtheir expenses in on a
this it was decided tosend5 to the british sailors
the idea that it cansenda lot of things to
on a regular basis wouldsenda positive signal to the
1933 guild members agreed tosenda regular supply of eggs
group whether we agree tosenda representative and if so
to do he didn tsendan email he actually phoned
will the church of scotlandsendan envoy to negotiate my
it will be better tosendany parcels etc to you
executive whether it plans tosendany representatives to the meeting
not propose that the executivesendeveryone to the south of
pains in stomach have tosendfor doctor he says no
f806: cause i tried tosendher eh parts of my
the european committee plan tosendindividual members of the committee
was nice of her tosendit s been raining hard
if the people don tsendit to you can that
busy cheque arrives deo gratiassendm o to cath 50
place 21 tuesday change chequesendm o to cath [?]washing[/?]
1950 craigie had begun tosendmaterials books and citation slips
south of scotland snp isendmy best wishes to all
d better go take caresendmy regards to all love
on for aw to attendantssendoot mair skouts skour the
we should be able tosendour children to school without
how much it costs tosendpatients not only all over
main square to write andsendpostcards this being the winter
policy statement was enough tosendreaders cross eyed trying to
subject re please cheque thissendreply to christian date sent
not have the markers tosendscripts to for marking cathy
administration running stirling council tosendsenior education officials on a
a decision other than tosendsomeone along to the lead
your foreman s ettling tosendthe indian girl to the
not to worry but tosendthe wee lad with a
that i was going tosendto miriam cause they were
the committee s request tosendtwo reporters to brussels to
you needed to do wassendup a bunch o lefties
description i m going tosendyou some info on fredericton
which i ve still tosendyou those essays m605: it
if the person doesn tsendit you can go on
aboot noo sae fowk cansendthaim bi surface mail tae
this year i don tsendthat many but its a
thae years and i dsendma mither a postcaird once
grass of my mortality thesendaff st moluag s kirk
his friends and myself isendyou my deepest sympathy at
say you re inoperable ansendyou hame till it s
m865: mmhm m952: you couldnaesendcartons o this an cartons
be here the noo andsendyou raggle taggle bunch oan
write you and i willsendyou some brochures otherwise i
non amis each week wesendour coupon on its way
disappointed by the outcome isendall members every best wish
there is a pause gunlödsendoot a boat na twa
monday cath bad this morningsendfor dr she says cath
rid o this ed wullsendum packin ed naw yull
s a bonnie loon isendfor a the free samples
do not fight 11 thursdaysendfor concert hall record club
ain fairie herbs thay wadsendfor hir an ae day
beaumont right caird good finesendtwenty guineas for the poors
strong as ever the sisterssendgifts which pattern and complement
elves at the tv stationssendreview copies of the week

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