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all the orderin and thesendinout all the carpets and
da tourist board sood besendinwis aa owir da wirld
wis winderin if du ssendinonythin in tae da scots
tae blelack s heir forsendinus fae the seely howe
a bawlin match usually jakesendinem awa wi a few
son o heiven s eenousendinsome marischal hong bodie wi
is this nannie naebodie issendinye awa anfisa leans her
naebodie she l no besendinye onie mair stovies jek
this verra meinit he issendinthe mukkil deerhound eftir us
the lift ahint thaim wissendindoon its ain waves o
o the strenth wis ayesendinfowk doun wi gowd or
nae dout ye l besendinin yeir accoont for this
nou for a ll besendinye a message efter whaur
the queen doesna even bothersendinoot telegrams ony mair there
luggage ready tae ah msendinma things aff eftir lunch
the maister he ll besendinyou an you an you
s why ye re forsendinme hame but mind ye
t ae day a msendinye on ti wee su

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