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seven days that is eminentlysensiblei thank him for taking
respond that is an eminentlysensiblestep forward the following documents
record checks it seems eminentlysensibleto place that responsibility on
power of veto it issensibleand logical for a local
might be more logical andsensibleto address the matter through
15 day option along thesensiblelines that you suggest the
only ban is not asensibleoption at this time it
population density makes them asensibleoption ross finnie yes the
proceed donald gorrie is thatsensiblemiss goldie i suppose that
and consultation it is onlysensibleto proceed in that way
which it might be thesensibleway in which to proceed
the united kingdom is bothsensibleand practical this is such
how practical is this howsensiblehow desirable macdiarmid and others
that it is practical andsensibleto set december 2002 as
that seems to be asensibleapproach are we agreed that
the meal which seems asensibleenough idea girnel is an
accounting officer responsibilities it seemssensiblefor me to be there
in scotland that seems thesensibleroute to take does mabel
presented this matter that seemssensiblethe proposal in the bill
and related issues it seemssensibleto inform the european committee
proposals all appear to besensibleand should be implemented uk
should not make what aresensibleproposals those proposals will do
proposals to address them aresensiblewe also mean to tackle
greg could recall from thatsensiblediscussion before the cauldron of
me that it may besensibleto defer discussion of funding
should be it is onlysensibleto address imbalances at the
the relevant measure is asensibleone it is a re
the person involved it issensibleor relevant to alert them
years and whether the mostsensibleapproach had been adopted we
wife a more charming lovingsensibledevoted being i cannot imagine
cannot be put to asensibleuse if the increase in
it would be much moresensibleand signify greater transparency if
he says will be moresensibledr winnie ewing it will
mean it is much moresensiblef1023: yes it is f1026:
it is f1026: much moresensiblei mean leaning over all
would not it be moresensibleif committees waited until the
other dictionaries produced a moresensiblemeaning click on sheep 2
the more sort of [tut]sensibleparts of him kind of
it would have been moresensibleto have housed the new
i can it would besensibleto make allocations more specifically
greater awareness and a moresensibleview of alcohol and its
staff were taking the perfectlysensibleview that this was not
gain one point for asensibleand grammatical but not necessarily
as it stands it issensibleat this point to keep
a different way is notsensiblemr rumbles on a point
minister s point was neithersensiblenor valid if anything characterises
haggle with other officials thesensiblearrangement is to ensure that
of our waters to ensuresensibleconservation measures and to protect
of our waters to ensuresensibleconservation measures and to protect
course that might be asensiblesolution ms white do you
the convener it might besensibleto ask the nfus for
part in arriving at thissensibleconclusion 16 06 dr sylvia
decide whether it would besensibleto offer as much extra
the bill this is asensibleamendment amendment 1 agreed to
mcnulty amendment 67 is asensibleamendment that seeks to expand
natural course a sweet andsensibleplan but here we are
land use it would seemsensiblefor me to match my
the amendments it would besensiblefor the amendments to be
brian adam would it besensiblefor the executive at least
nora radcliffe it would besensiblefor two members to share
the convener that would besensibleif we hear evidence from
we are talking about asensiblestrategy for emergencies how would
wi gaelic it would besensiblethat the twa things was
professor richards it would besensibleto have parallel applications for
difficult situation it would besensibleto wait until the story
if not it would besensibleto write directly to the
t these foreigners use nicesensiblenames for their offspring like
in theory that suggestion issensiblethe difficulty is that most
be amended to make itsensibleand compatible to have regulations
am ah gaunnae dae carolannesensibleyou think you can make
[inaudible] f606: mmhm f889: verysensiblemmhm mmhm f890: bright very
macdonald that is a verysensiblesuggestion cathy jamieson it is
not yet he s verysensiblethat lamb he s staying
mcconnell we have to besensibleabout these things andrew wilson
the bill will introduce aresensibleand should be implemented here
about points of sale issensiblethere will be transition costs
being developed it may besensibleto expand those arrangements to
the government had done thesensiblething and had funded the
999 baby sitting done bysensibleyoung lady anxious to earn
the exchequer should introduce thissensibleproposal in his forthcoming budget
scots if i was beingsensiblei d speak to it
management strategy that is asensibleand laudable scheme although many
american univ is an extremelysensibleand shrewd leader and he
shares the enthusiasm for asensibleand workable solution that is
she is clear headed andsensiblein what she says nevertheless
burden is kept to asensibleminimum further notes that her
or in english that issensibleso i support it the
jamieson it is far toosensiblethat is the problem the
i think that it issensibleto say that further objections
where does tradition stop andsensiblebest practice begin we have
that in cold blood sadiesensiblebut nae chance ae it
[inhale] and it was notsensiblebut what i used to
the experience of having asensibleconversation with mrs laurence it
where they were it wassensibleto go ahead with 9
for come and some aresensiblespellings which were used by
punishment exercise well not thatsensiblea conversation maybe but an
or vice versa silly andsensiblesentences this card game provides
here wi go captain fuckinsensiblestew gonnae dae a stretch
steps that were taken weresensiblebut they meant that we
detail that the directive introducessensibleand safe standards that will
to change standing orders aresensibleand simple in that they
again that s about assensibleas telling him the date
o the same but monysensiblethinkers such as mr adam
i ve just got pregnantsensible[laugh] f1054: you wouldnae say
three into the shortest possiblesensiblesentence they can invent and

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