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time the long complex periodicsentencesadorned with classical borrowings and
ordinate structure [click] [inhale] periodicsentencesbecame more popular towards the
prose writing the long periodicsentencesbuilt up of subordinate clauses
you have the long periodicsentencesbuilt up of subordinate clauses
importation of long complex periodicsentencesis accelerated by the fact
mediated by the polished periodicsentencesof the particularly catholic renaissance
contains grammatical structures called periodicsentencesor simply periods [inhale] now
we have the elaborate periodicsentencesthe neologisms coined from latin
have the extremely elaborate periodicsentencesthe neologisms coined from latin
ultimately latin tradition of periodicsentenceswriters either leaned towards one
is fairly straightforward [inhale] thesentencesare largely main clauses independent
grammar types and combinations ofsentencesclauses and phrases phonology patterns
style makes use of complicatedsentencesin english you put clauses
put clauses inside other clausessentencesinside other sentences like russian
other clauses sentences inside othersentenceslike russian dolls and you
the use of clauses andsentenceslinked by and together with
that are funny clauses intosentenceswhy don t you join
overdo the use of shortsentenceswith very few subordinate clauses
january 2003 the draft extendedsentencesfor violent offenders scotland order
regulations 2002 draft the extendedsentencesfor violent offenders scotland order
approval by resolution the extendedsentencesfor violent offenders scotland order
january 2003 the draft extendedsentencesfor violent offenders scotland order
in consideration of the extendedsentencesfor violent offenders scotland order
january 2003 the draft extendedsentencesfor violent offenders scotland order
january 2003 the draft extendedsentencesfor violent offenders scotland order
drilled in grammatical analysis ofsentencesand parsing of parts of
build up as many grammaticalsentencesas they can the person
build up as many grammaticalsentencesas they can the pupil
ehm you know are thesesentencesgrammatical and some of them
games to create meaningful grammaticalsentencesin rummy type pupils exchange
on making more normal grammaticalsentencesin you ll have to
rules which generate the grammaticalsentencesof the language while excluding
points can be awarded forsentencesthat make normal grammatical sense
make sense of words insentencesthe grammatical awareness may indeed
required to create complete grammaticalsentenceswhether whimsical or not as
prisoners who are serving longersentencesbut as members will agree
any problem with prisoners servingsentencesin jails in scotland as
that people will avoid servingsentencesin scotland until we have
prisoners who are serving shortersentencesmuch of the effort has
many sex offenders were servingsentencesof four years or over
for serious sex offenders servingsentencesof more than four years
cards one for one clausesentencesand one for conjunctions which
a list of one clausesentencesassociated with their topic or
a clause the resulting sillysentencescan then be discussed as
converted into mainly one clausesentencesusing an oht of the
exercises on the correction ofsentencessuch exercises set up many
exercises the correction of incorrectsentencesthe punctuation of depunctuated passages
exercises on the correction ofsentenceswhere pupils were expected to
the number of prosecutions andsentencesfor offenders funding the cost
the number of prosecutions andsentencesfor offenders funding the cost
words work in phrases andsentencesand through which teachers can
also re ordering phrases withinsentencesand thus developing their awareness
and more noun phrases elasticsentencesfor younger pupils this is
requires precise translation of certainsentencesor phrases as well as
which serve to link thesentencesparticularly linking words or phrases
re putting sentences inside othersentencesand making what are called
assume a partial knowledge ofsentencesand non sentences that is
potential of connectives to extendsentencesin everlasting sentences pupils in
do that you re puttingsentencesinside other sentences and making
as new sentences the newsentencesmay not make sense but
to extend sentences in everlastingsentencespupils in turn add a
knowledge of sentences and nonsentencesthat is we may assume
to combine them as newsentencesthe new sentences may not
be asked to take boringsentencesand to extend and enliven
them to extend their isolatedsentencesinto the basis of a
conjunctions which could extend thosesentencesone sentence card is turned
student can form more complexsentencesand introduces less common verbs
making what are called complexsentences[click] [inhale] but we don
don t have many complexsentenceshere here we have a
tries to form more complexsentencesperformances in this category are
as respects the sentence orsentences1d subsection 1c a above
specified 1c where the courtsentencesa person to a sentence
sentence the middle ones twosentencesand the good ones three
of two or more previoussentencesframe the sentence to take
of two or more previoussentencesframe the sentence to take
possible sentence like a concertinasentencesinto paragraphs sequencing one of
pay attention to are thesesentencesthe sentence structure in this
the underlying elements from whichsentencesare formed thus an ambiguous
allow pupils to create crazysentencesby permutating the elements of
opening or final elements ofsentencesthe p7 class will meet
first or last elements insentencesthey have to imagine that
on latin of long elaboratesentences[door opens and student enters] oh [speaker passes handout to student, who thanks him] there you
grammar as exemplified in suchsentencesas auld men dees an
grammar was to generate correctsentencesof the language any language
verbs at the ends ofsentencessuch prescriptions about english grammar
that it includes the clearsentencesand excludes the clear non
other sequences are definitely nonsentencesin many intermediate cases we
extension of soft non custodialsentencessimply to empty scotland s
extension of soft non custodialsentencessimply to empty scotland s
and excludes the clear nonsentencesthis is a familiar feature
a list of our nonsensicalsentencescheating bingo individual pupils are
pupils can profitably discuss howsentencesmight be joined together by
in scottish classrooms 3 matchingsentencesto genres pupils can be
teams have to complete thesentencesappropriately next saturday lorraine will
command and awareness of completesentencesby exploiting their ability to
predicates as they form completesentencesthus although the terms subject
friends night at house crazysentencesthis is simply a set
simply periods [inhale] now thesesentenceswere self conscious- consciously literary
sequences of phonemes are definitelysentencesand that certain other sequences
release on licence certain consecutivesentencesin section 1a application to
be given a list ofsentenceswhich are typical of certain
doing words by making simplesentencesabout members of their family
are two ways of makingsentencesin english basically you can
make the longest and shortestsentencespossible from the list of
english word many of thesentenceswere in the form of
higher penalty when a courtsentencesa person convicted of such
in solemn proceedings the courtsentencesa person to imprisonment or
relation to the enforcement ofsentencesand orders of that court
of their own these writtensentencesare cut up into subjects
d was composed of 15sentenceswritten in english with one
the close relationship with englishsentenceswritten in scots sometimes look
bunny is really funny thesentenceswritten on strips of paper
made from a set ofsentenceswritten vertically on different pages
other give three or foursentencesabout the person these will
can the person with fewestsentenceson each round is out
able to put 2 coherentsentencestogether it s frightening still
basically you can link togethersentencesusing things like and or
predict possible endings to thesentenceswhich are left on the
spangled guitar ferociously other possiblesentenceswhich do not work quite
properly and reads her threesentencesin her clear nice almost
of loosely connected old englishsentencesin a kind of spoken
asked to read the englishsentencespaying close attention to the
in the context of englishsentencesto produce results like alasdair
series of three or foursentencesabout the setting and the
up to read his threesentencesin his hoarse bellow as
and the good ones threesentencesthis is the second year
left on the board concertinasentencesthree oddly random nouns and
children are presented with threesentenceswith gaps to be filled
children are presented with threesentenceswith gaps to be filled
uses learned words beautifully constructedsentencesand a prestige accent must
the occasional use of verblesssentencese g every one of
possession of knives with toughsentencesfor possession and use of
by more use of communitysentencesincluding supervised attendance orders evaluate
an author s use ofsentencesit is worth noting here
or by examining their ownsentencesor an author s use
pairs have to put thesentencesin order so as to
been tried and other communitysentencesactively considered before imprisonment is
for convictions of murder thatsentencesfor other crimes committed during
b two or more previoussentencesof imprisonment or other detention
used it in their ownsentencesdashing dad children can focus
asking the children to categorisesentencesfrom a limited range of
questions for example the twosentencesthe children went down to
at least some of thesentencesa more explicit and more
and expressively leaving spaces betweensentencesplaying two or more roles
do you think so manysentencesstart with and e look
guitar on the stage thesesentencesand others of a similar
start again he reads twosentencesand miss wood says that
a set of cut upsentencesfrom a paragraph on a
back to reveal such surrealisticsentencesas my little old granny
speech for example in suchsentencesas the weeds cums throu
their partner s chart suchsentencesas when i was 5
levels of prosecutions fines andsentencesrelating to such offences will
characters in action or thesentencescan be laid out as
are compatible in that meaningfulsentencescan be made up from
even doing spelling and writingsentencesf1112: so we we can
can he can actually constructsentencesor periods that go on
strangers stepping out from unsuspectedsentencessnow snow can be kind
are card games based onsentencesfrom a novel or topic
or as james puts itsentenceshigh and learned topics should
this section any of whosesentencesin the country or territory
endlessly c the types ofsentenceswhether statement or question or
the hague to serve theirsentencesin the united kingdom the
call out all their completedsentenceson the card for checking
where people might serve theirsentenceswhich the icc will decide
in those which fit theirsentenceswinners have to call out
then to make up differentsentenceswhich might be found in
and they would make upsentenceswhich they became very proficient
of uther historeis quhair sindriesentencesand change of purposis are
then compare and discuss thesentencesand how the adjectives are
speech are actually used insentencesand how this depends on
you could argue that thesentencesare also framed according to
assault will be notified whensentencesare appealed against and notified
to work on how statementsentencesare structured as in the
in which a number ofsentencesall begin monotonously with he
speech which link parts ofsentencesthe teacher calls out prepositions
new cumnock were finishing thesentences[laugh] as i was coming
to frame your wordis andsentencesaccording to the mater as
neidfull to be usit insentencesalsweill as in wordis as
prepositions at the end ofsentencesas in to whom did
player with most points thesentencesagreed to be the funniest
deals with the enforcement ofsentencesand orders it will provide
to rely pretty much onsentenceslinked with things like and
with pre printed cards ofsentenceswith missing spaces for those
for the next one wobblysentencesfrom a simple opening in
to expand the availability ofsentencesthat work to stop reoffending
research on the effectiveness ofsentencesand alternative disposals handed out
the basis of partially completedsentencesand the cards left over
tradition of loosely connected oesentencesand the continental european ultimately
prepositions at the end ofsentencessimilarly derived from a stylistic
quality of justice and thesentencesthat have been handed down
meaning in the too polishedsentencesi have little idea what
and wales to ensure thatsentenceswill apply and be implemented
and then to write severalsentencesin response to each question
be rolled and the resultantsentencesscrutinised for acceptable variations adjuncts
vice versa silly and sensiblesentencesthis card game provides a
british islands to the crimesentencesact 1997 c 43 in
computers operate on keywords notsentencesso i wonder if in
on 8 october 2002 whatsentencesfor drug dealing offences were
is they employ co ordinatesentencesstructures keeping pretty much to
rules until they formed acceptablesentenceslike saussure chomsky used some
an sometimes ye get throughsentencesan you think oh ye
a ve just descrived twaesentencesback a hed seemilar expairencies

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