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wis nae suretie that theseptilescould thole the lan tho
laggeran aneth his heidship theseptilesfared brawly inno the hatchery
birled aboon them siclike theseptilesgaithered bi the sweltrie waters
the skreichmakkers fechtin agin theseptilesjavans dellin in scandinavia fand
maun be richt as baithseptilesan skreichmakkers shared kin like
an socht tae win baithseptilesan skreichmakkers tae jyne their
their darg hid bin theseptilesan skreichmakkers the yae twa
a hap o inveesabilitie theseptilesan skreichmakkers war far ower
their littlins ower time theseptilesfocht agin the skreichmakkers fur
snake daunce sae the scaleyseptilesancestors war maisters tee in
the upper haun ower theseptilesthe javans hid richtly thocht
the scales o a reptileseptileswar gleg on the uptakk
thon airlie days gin theseptilesgrew tae adulthood pucklies ran
wi the ocean fowk theseptilesthey learnt frae the japanee
o the quarry tho theseptileshid sookit it gey near
the twa species wis wintinseptileshid the auncient spikk o

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