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wild mammal that has beenseriouslyinjured however in section 5
i saw no one wasseriouslyinjured i got out of
settled on ulupalakua after beingseriouslyinjured in a bar room
that person reasonably believes isseriouslyinjured or orphaned but only
was staying return immediately robertoseriouslyinjured to my enquiring gaze
are aware that taking sexseriouslyand safe and sound are
are used are taking sexseriouslyand the primary school sex
he was seeing taking sexseriouslyfor the first time we
the implication in taking sexseriouslyi do not see the
the introduction to taking sexseriouslysays that purchasers of the
genuine concerns would be takenseriouslyand fed into the scottish
genuine concerns would be takenseriouslyand fed into the scottish
to have their views takenseriouslyarticle 12 has given great
members have taken the issueseriouslycertain members take it very
fiction should be taken moreseriouslyerm f606: mmhm m954: by
jokey not to be takenseriouslyin the eyes of foreigners
made the work be takenseriouslyindeed i think at different
know a language being takenseriouslyintellectually and very quickly eh
contract needs to be takenseriouslykeith jones aberdeenshire council my
potential impact must be takenseriouslyrichard lochhead north east scotland
scotland want to be takenseriouslythat is why i say
it would be taken veryseriouslythe exchange between andrew wilson
should be celebrated and takenseriouslythe issue of funding played
on the committee and howseriouslythe scrutiny will be taken
think scots will be takenseriouslywhen it it captures back
will scots only be takenseriouslywhen it s used in
scots will only be takenseriouslywhen it s used in
is taken into the forestseriouslywounded and mutilated by malcolm
of evidence before they wouldseriouslyconsider taking a case to
taking the matter on boardseriouslyjohn mcallion touched on the
as a couple are takingseriouslythe contract that they are
is not i am alsoseriouslyconcerned about the rather narrow
deana my dear i amseriouslyconcerned about you deana is
committee member took that evidenceseriouslywe are concerned about it
parliament should consider that issueseriouslybecause much has to be
going to consider this issueseriouslybecause the new english legislation
upon the parliamentary bureau toseriouslyconsider stirling as a possible
floating around does the ministerseriouslyconsider that it is reasonable
the commercial world we mustseriouslyconsider the issue there should
the inquiries and consider itseriouslyferry ballycastle to cambeltown 7
want the committee to considerseriouslyobtaining full translations of the
urge the minister to considerseriouslythe feelings of msps and
i would encourage the parliamentseriouslyto consider this issue the
recruitment and retention of nursesseriouslywe must consider making other
the oft proposal is aseriouslybig issue out there especially
issue of timber transport veryseriouslysarah boyack recently announced 4
very well even if notseriouslyill in fact hanging betwixt
10 on leave stewart [censored: surname]seriouslyill in victoria hospital kirkcaldy
a first time offender andseriouslyill when committing the crime
review many of us willseriouslyaddress the state of democracy
that the executive will lookseriouslyat how to address that
and the need to addressseriouslythe issues raised at each
the people of scotland takeseriouslyany of the first minister
ehm couldn t take itseriouslybut i do remem- i
people throughout scotland i takeseriouslycolin campbell s advice about
you take this gardening projectseriouslydimps how dis he ken
community to take this opportunityseriouslyhis concern after all is
to take this year tooseriouslyi went to an excellent
certain members take it veryseriouslyindeed but we are getting
disinclined to take the questionseriouslyit depends on the lover
material sense to take osteoporosisseriouslyit is important to make
committee somehow take these issuesseriouslyotherwise there can sometimes be
we must take that pointseriouslyrobert brown proposed the establishment
i- you can tell howseriouslyscots take their kinda like
i take all this inseriouslysilently ever after when the
if we take the matterseriouslythe indications are that the
i do not know howseriouslyto take that suggestion are
responsibility that we take extremelyseriouslywe feel that we need
be effective we should takeseriouslywhat the voluntary sector in
health needs of older peopleseriouslyi encountered that problem especially
the government needs to investseriouslyin the workforce through pay
but she took it aseriouslyi don t think he
this professional male scholar howseriouslyshe took her work as
him and ask ourselves howseriouslythey took the advice of
parliament takes their feelings veryseriouslyappointing a reporter would be
to tell me teenie veryseriouslyi must i have to
care of our tourists veryseriouslyyou will note the presence
have to argue this matterseriouslyin the chamber in correspondence
we must treat the sectorseriouslyas donald gorrie said that
the tape or do youseriouslymean it f943: no i
mean it f943: no iseriouslymean it [laugh] cause you
are webbit you don tseriouslymean that gasped dorothy jim
minister takes the voluntary sectorseriouslyit is absolute nonsense and
urge the minister to examineseriouslythe way in which we
centres that we visited areseriouslyunderstaffed i ask the minister
t a wig it wasseriouslyin need of mouth to
s sake answer me thatseriouslyyou ll need to keep
f807: hm [exhale] [laugh] f806: seriouslyyou need to just i
years out if i wasseriouslyconsidering it i don t
gently into cairo next yearseriouslyi don t know if
m811: mm f812: no butseriouslylike things that you don
doing to our environment whichseriouslyaffects people s health and
proof positive that smokers canseriouslydamage the health of those
cultural health of the nationseriouslyrather than dreaming of conference
upon formal grammar teaching wasseriouslycalled into question by the
rushes pell mell into aseriouslydangerous encounter with a local
the north sea which wouldseriouslydisadvantage the scottish fishing fleet
that would not reflect theseriouslydistinctive systems in scotland and
prohibitions would not be compromisedseriouslyif some or all of
that its implementation would impingeseriouslyon imports from third world
craig russell it would beseriouslyremiss of me to suggest
that he would never haveseriouslytried to achieve on his
would skip the gym becauseseriouslyyou f807: yeah f806: y-
monogamist he d only beenseriouslywinchin the aince that wis
the past four years fewseriouslyargue that we should revert
of keeping the area tidyseriouslyand are still dumping household
and if we are toseriouslyarrest decline and nourish lasting
regional dialects which are nowseriouslyeroded and infiltrated by english
adult market if newspapers areseriouslyharmed by a loss of
carried out for we areseriouslyhindered by the lengthy correction
an gin we are taeseriouslystap decline an upheeze lastin
one is to be consideredseriouslythey are always on the
resist at the risk ofseriouslydisappointing members it is important
the work of the committeeseriouslyand it is always a
oed craigie set to workseriouslyon what was to become
but i m saying itseriouslym608: mm mmhm m1163: and
m642: oh aye that wasseriouslythat was f643: [laugh] m608:
in art school who wereseriouslyupper class m608: mm f643:
knitting carolanne that man isseriouslysick sadie nae mair than
from farms is treated moreseriouslythan that of medicines the
lower than that does itseriouslyyou d have tae stick
their responsibilities in that regardseriouslydonald gorrie central scotland ld
of an official letter couldseriouslyendanger their safety particularly if
trip retro shirts and lookedseriouslyridiculous their name was cerebral
if five people were conspiringseriouslyto defraud people of their
glasgow were f963: mm f965: seriouslydeprived in many ways f963:
bed property you will thinkseriouslyabout reducing it to 10
available to local authorities willseriouslyaffect the roll out and
action that will have aseriouslydamaging impact on scotland s
but they will not behaveseriouslytoday and so we will
in banning tobacco advertising willseriouslyundermine the battle to reduce
part of december i amseriouslyunworried about any of the
chancellor s department had decidedseriouslyto do something about the
whenever he wanted to beseriouslyreflective and macdiarmid was greatly
in april the truth moreseriouslyis that all those figures
i have ever heard moreseriouslyit seems that your basic
grief somewhere then she grewseriouslyserious when she discussed cooking
that just to do itseriouslybut i i m- but
beth exit sadie she isseriouslyspookin me carolanne what do
not think that we couldseriouslyask the parliament to hold
rob it [laugh] yeah f1150: seriously[exhale] i thought well we
alive but it is gettinseriouslydiluted an lost f1054: were
s no the same naebodyseriouslyhurts in thur pocket but
a press release today butseriouslyi know that my fellow
reply but man i mseriouslythinkin o giein up the
the early 1700 s isseriouslyto diminish our appreciation and
fur christ s sake yirseriouslydisturbin me here graham her
[laugh] f806: i [laugh] noseriouslyyou told me that half
s sake marion he splutteredseriouslyfrustrated now them tims huv
no now under sixty m818: seriouslym819: aye erm m818: christ
the findings of that surveyseriouslyand have set in hand
it seems hard to takseriouslyarveragus whinge that he wol
that figure has never beenseriouslychallenged the report costs implementation
this well intentioned amendment isseriouslydefective in that regard as
and promoting the burns legacyseriouslyi hope that the deputy
ll have to start exercisingseriouslyagain i ve slipped lazily
scottish leid was ne erseriouslyconsidert fur study it wis
yir skull in till yirseriouslydeid everyone was cheering the
like everyone was just f814: seriouslyf812: oh my god f813:
computer bit afore he dseriouslysterted tae trawl the net
ah hoped there wiz nithinseriouslywrong what a thumpin ah

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