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inserted or is liable toserveafter section 27 mr jim
serving or is liable toservefor any offence a a
serving insert or liable toservemr jim wallace supported by
serving or is liable toservethe punishment part of a
serving or is liable toservethe punishment part of a
serving or is liable toservethe punishment parts of two
serving or is liable toservethe punishment parts of two
appropriate that the prisoner shouldservea sentence in scotland the
that the prisoner has toservebefore becoming entitled to or
period that a prisoner shouldservepart 4 which has the
anywhere for a prisoner toservetheir sentence 10 15 christine
lid on 40 mins toserve4 joint the bird brush
mark 4 350 10 minsserveat once to whip cream
30 mins puree in blenderservegarnished with chopped chives red
20 30 mins at 350servehot or cold old fashioned
375 for 30 35 minsservehot or cold or with
bake 30 mins at 375servehot or cold with salad
oven reg 5 30 minsservew spinach and chips silverside
need and a desire toservethe local community highly qualified
by a genuine desire toservethe scottish parliament s needs
be courted a desire toservevenus is not always accompanied
6 add rice mix quicklyserveimmediately george washington s cake
juice pour over chicken garnishservewith boiled rice yorkshire pudding
and a sprinkling of paprikaservewith rice lentil and bacon
on the occupier and mustservea copy of the notice
of the building in questionservea copy of the notice
subsection 2 or 3 mustservea copy of the notice
that person is the occupierservea copy of the notice
so satisfied the landlord mayservea further notice on the
3 2 the landlord mayservea notice under subsection 3
local authority is entitled toservenotice of termination 12 legislative
local authority were unable toservethe notice would that prevent
grill until sugar is runnyserveat once with cream caramel
the carton of soured creamserveonto plates and garnish with
consistency of thin cream seasonservewith croutons lentil puree 1
court in the hague toservetheir sentences in the united
jails and where people mightservetheir sentences which the icc
of various cohesive items whichserveto link the sentences particularly
a detention icc prisoners whoservea sentence in scotland will
is the individuals electit taeservean represent the fowk o
are the individuals elected toserveand represent the people of
possible that the media canserveas a template for individuals
mandatory this year they mayserveanother purpose which is to
covered that one it wouldserveno purpose to return the
which elects a committee toserveon the board its purpose
in the interim it mightservesome purpose if the thoughts
fork until melted add seasoningservehot with cubes of fr
beat all the ingredients togetherservepiping hot guests will enjoy
increase national insurance contributions willserveonly to add to the
serk n shirt serr vserveshaidae n shadow shank n
seik n sick serr vserveshaidae n shadow shaws n
sen adv since serr vserveshaw n copse shouther n
while by his side taeservehis needs a wee man
therefore be better able toserveits needs 16 20 alex
of nurses and midwives toservescotland s needs 15 56
promote scots dis current publishinservethe needs o the curriculum
land in daein that weserveoorsells we ur the land
we wur pit here tiservethe land in daein that
prescribed and the authority shallservecopies on a the owner
alongside local authority powers toservedefective building notices i move
[censored: surname] will be willing toserveanother year as school staff
[censored: surname] who had volunteered toserveas school pupil representatives 12
[censored: surname] may be willing toserveon the committee and would
[censored: surname] were duly elected toserveon the committee having been
first stage knitting operation willserveboth clan douglas and murray
however both train and tramservenot only thousands of today
scottish local authorities we bothserveon a working group with
specialist designated institutions these collegesservean area well beyond the
correct number of orthodontists toservethe area iain gray we
s goin to regenerate andservethe local area in an
and clyde health board cannotservethe people of the area
brown bubbling cut into wedgesservechocolate mousse 12 oz plain
be employed in writing toservedifferent purposes and audiences another
for at least another hourservewith peas celery and potatoes
a particular leid will helpservetae save that leid 87
analysis this training would alsoserveto help students in their
a particular language will helpserveto save that language 87
local authorities or those whoserveon non departmental public bodies
the ethos is therefore toservethe local community and to
may if anyone wants itserveas a pattern for future
was adopted conduct which mayserveto show how delicate is
buildings are problematic different buildingsservevastly different functions and few
bitterly vindictive character distortions perhapsserveonly to highlight the true
voice search me i onlyservethe stuff i dinna mak
and your wonderful contribution onlyserveto point up the dreariness
giving me the opportunity toservein this historic parliament 10
tenant in the tenancy mustserveon the abandoning tenant a
be truthful i would soonerservea norwegian than a [laugh]
nothing in the requirement toserveadditional notices would delay work
to expect the mayor wouldservechampagne at midnight the custom
before i fell that wouldserveher right too if there
which we would purchase andserveit could be sold at
most likely and it wouldserveme right what have i
of inflexibility that would notservethe public interest the stage
from an adjacent shelf wouldservewell enough having no bats
a new secondary school toservenorth fife the creation of
the administrations in which theyserveand the term administration to
model of heritage centres whichserveas an exemplar of cultural
which reflects the communities theyserveplace bord gaidhlig na h
with salt pepper remove baconserveor sieve chicken soup unblended
thought that that book shouldserveas a reminder of why
said that the bill shouldserveas the catalyst for general
gin he should nod taeservehim richt a winnae look
its penguin classics offshoot canserveas a model for the
nervous of learning its tricksservefamily at table not hay
the braid well stane taeserveits turn as the guid
mix all ingredients together chillservesprinkled with extra cinnamon apple
association with sex and painserveto link the theme of
parsley 2 tablsp minced onionservewith crisps celery and carrot
half tip onto a plateservewith salad and bread french
been denied the right toservecoffee the owner persuaded us
on my own it llserveher right if she wakes
her shins on my zimmerserveher right it s possible
find out i suppose andserveme right she s been
members will agree those roadsservea wide variety of industries
stations such as those thatservethe line from glasgow to
communities that we seek toservealastair dempster we will have
and the communities that weserveas members will be aware
improvements that will promote andserverural remote and island areas
recognise that we will notservethe interests of vulnerable young
we can be confident willserveus well in the future
to their mutual benefit andserveas a firm foundation on
give of their time toserveon management committees and boards
advise members how many officersservein the scottish crime squad
are you over 50 toserveas a guide for older
where a member ceases toserveas a member of the
wood bolted to it toserveas a pillow for levering
to irish heritage centres toserveas examples of regional cultural
sons when flavius comes toservehis master in his adversity
douglas left at 14 toservehis time at the mill
am very supportive programmed toservei follow no secret agenda
honour and a privilege toservein the first democratically elected
to return to politics toservein the scottish parliament sir
has been my privilege toservein this first session of
world of constant night fingersserveinstead of sight to search
t spare the time toserveon the committee they d
for achieving that was toserveon the subordinate legislation committee
and on what boards theyserves1w 13125 michael russell to
freight and passenger terminal toservescotland and agrees the need
were supposed to engage andservethat is the convention s
the freedom he enjoyed toservethe citizens of edinburgh why
regard to appropriate services toservethe devolved nations expresses disquiet
at ninewells hospital dundee toservethe east of scotland supported
to the affirmation and faithfullyservethe people of scotland the
clinical excellence in scotland toservethe scottish health service s1w
unit award and can alsoserveas a basis for the
beetroot in strips stir inserveturkey lasagne 2 lb cooked
light filled hall where theyserveyou orange juice we are
the four msps who currentlyserveon the city of glasgow
lard deep fry her andserveher wi chips vaughan began
wisnae affa pleased bit didservehim jonsar eck noticed at
moosewabs ye can see michtserveme pass a meenit s
intrusion houanever the device disservetae firmlie pit the reader
an fit eese wad itservetae let neil duguid ken
green pepper finely chopped chillserveon bed of lettuce three
see him then he dserveup dinner aunt pol s
heicht this winnerfu beast couldservea meer ilkie twa oors
is usually closed they allservea variety of beetroot and
pick that s british theyserveye wi a grin oh
world of constant night fingersserveinstead of sight bull leaper
restaurants pubs and outlets thatservefood it costs 35 000
through dark glass windows othersservefood sell t shirts and
didnae hear this you llservethe foreigners frae noo an
scrape aff the fungus anserveup the fish the mcginty

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