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sofae sofa m1019: couch orsetteem1020: a sofae m1021: i
f1025: couch f1054: right f1024: setteef1026: i would say settee
gets sorted f1023: a setteesetteef1027: couch f1025: couch f1054:
i- m1042: settee f1043: ayesetteef1041: ah but that was
twa chairs an i- m1042: setteef1043: aye settee f1041: ah
settee that s another onesetteei ve heard o that
about a couch or asetteem1017: couch settee sofa f1054:
sofa settee we associate asetteemore wi a bed settee
settee f1026: i would saysetteenow but when i was
pam gets sorted f1023: asetteesettee f1027: couch f1025: couch
would say settee yeah f1144: setteesettee that s another one
or a settee m1017: couchsetteesofa f1054: good three there
say settee yeah f1144: setteesetteethat s another one settee
wouldnae ca it a sofasetteewe associate a settee more
settee more wi a bedsetteewhere we used tae ye
couch f1054: we would saysetteeyeah f1144: settee settee that
s like cou- se- set-setteecouch f1026: mmhm f1027: it
was talkin about the se-setteecouch sofa in the back
[throat] f1026: was it butsetteenow [inaudible] couch f1027: [throat]
it a couch or asetteeone or other m999: aye
t actually ever have asetteeor a couch well until
i would call it thesetteeor the couch but if
have said the couch butsettees a more modern word
ten probably be a bedsetteethe couch anyway f1026: mm
one or other m999: ayesetteef1001: or sofa m999: aye
m1010: aye the sofa m1012: setteef1011: he s young hen
t say sofa either justsetteei ve always just thought
an twa chairs aye asetteean twa chairs an i-
f1041: oh she d asetteean twa chairs aye a
well my grunny had asetteean two chairs an a
wye be the time thesetteean twa cheers were intae
bocht twa cheers an asetteefae me she wid like
mum she had a bedsetteef1025: aye that s f1027:
i ve always just thoughtsetteef1026: yeah f1027: mmhm f1054:
seat f1027: [tut] eh thesetteeprobably mmhm yeah f1054: mm
mammy slept in the bedsetteein the livin room wi
mammy wis sittin on thesetteein the livinroom her face
she lived on the bedsetteethey needed f1025: [inaudible] f1026:
door roch meg gaed thesetteea shove it landed on
meg on tap o thesetteeroarin an laughin peer jonsar
so they had the bedsetteean it was just a
made down like a bedsetteeand she said a sattlebed
so it was a bedsetteef1054: good yeah ehm what
about the settle m1020: bedsetteeto me that s the
would go for most m999: setteei think we would we
f1001: it was aye asetteewhen i was at hame
seen to sit on yoursetteecomplaining the sea air disagrees
sit beastie up against thesetteeso that she can watch
big long cushion on thesetteethen i sit on top
lounge and sit on thesetteewhere it was go though
s better off [inaudible] thesetteeoh aye mair posh f1054:
well i i thought thesetteeand i phoned my sister
her sister pinted oot thesetteeat she threw awa wis
married we ve had asetteeand i just call it
i just call it asetteei would never thought of
and the loons had asetteein the front room nae
on the tv they saysetteedon t they they don
cursed an swore as thesetteestuck in the door o
great great uncle sherlock thesetteeladies an gentlemen the next
favourite book reclining on asetteeor some other fashionable posture
that has to be thesetteef1018: i well i i
a richt bit wi thesetteeit wis a different kettle
limbs sloth draped over thesetteea cornflake mountain drowned in
on a scuffed mock leathersetteecovered in a tangle of

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