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sleep there is silence forseveralseconds and then the puddok
to sob and moan forseveralseconds enter eilidh eilidh mercie
and stares at her forseveralseconds his legs twitch occasionally
gazing at each other forseveralseconds morag astonished mercie wha
straight at the puddok forseveralseconds morag ir the nae
lies down silence again forseveralseconds puddok ah m awfu
again at the puddok forseveralseconds puddok encouragingly ah m
sleep there is silence forseveralseconds puddok wyfe morag wearily
and lies down quietly forseveralseconds she then sits up
lies groaning with pain forseveralseconds there is a knock
loch moidart north channel scallopseveralfishery scotland order 2000 ssi
loch moidart north channel scallopseveralfishery scotland order 2000 ssi
loch moidart north channel scallopseveralfishery scotland order 2000 ssi
development the loch caolisport scallopsseveralfishery scotland order 2002 ssi
development the loch caolisport scallopsseveralfishery scotland order 2002 ssi
development the loch caolisport scallopsseveralfishery scotland order 2002 ssi
development the loch caolisport scallopsseveralfishery scotland order 2002 ssi
of songs and poems onseveraloccasions by isobel pagan glasgow
they may have returned onseveraloccasions for the site enjoys
should think about that onseveraloccasions henry mcleish made announcements
mackay and jim wallace onseveraloccasions no one could have
issue has been raised onseveraloccasions there has not been
bank for overdraft facilities onseveraloccasions we should examine what
he had heard all thisseveraltimes already boswell suddenly friendly
ma luiv he breathes deeplyseveraltimes at least ah can
and midwives in his speechseveraltimes but he made no
terms were used for exampleseveraltimes by the secretary of
terms were used for exampleseveraltimes by the secretary of
mustard boghall he was woundedseveraltimes charles smith he was
train individuals and retrain themseveraltimes during their lifetimes and
was afraid mister blaikie blinkedseveraltimes handed me a towel
been five years ago andseveraltimes i saw big queues
shakespeare who no doubt turnedseveraltimes in his grave and
i have made that pointseveraltimes in particular i have
as ian jenkins pointed outseveraltimes in the inquiry one
eh they o- have snowseveraltimes in the winter it
the point of the knifeseveraltimes into the table whan
out that the document isseveraltimes larger than previous documents
rizzio off and stab himseveraltimes mary and harper mime
t what it first appearsseveraltimes on my bus rides
group which has been mentionedseveraltimes says at paragraph 4
there and he won thatseveraltimes so he taught ma
the engine noisily and unnecessarilyseveraltimes the boy who was
scottish buddhist and asked meseveraltimes to chant the triple
that point has been madeseveraltimes today it would be
scotland malcolm chisholm was askedseveraltimes what would happen if
the text to the childrenseveraltimes while they made notes
telephoned my office in scotlandseveraltimes with pleas for urgently
ye ir malcolm strikes herseveraltimes with the sword and
doing this i asked myselfseveraltimes without getting any kind
asked to approve a motionseveralweeks after the executive said
would keep like this forseveralweeks and then the meal
and there i stayed forseveralweeks ehm and i was
all my heart it tookseveralweeks for my emotions to
westbank quadrant was closed forseveralweeks for the repair to
still young people are nowseveralweeks into their courses making
dined together in the cityseveralweeks later sidling up suddenly
favourite a new writing forseveralweeks now a large number
in infection and weakness forseveralweeks our plans and dreams
more confused than ever forseveralweeks she had been frightened
the scientific department report forseveralweeks we have been studying
baseball cap must have goneseveralweeks without a bowel movement
for the unwary there areseveraldistinct reasons for this the
said last week there areseveralpossible reasons for this anglicisation
of interviews children put forwardseveralreasons for this there was
are i found interesting forseveralreasons i found out that
is the best idea forseveralreasons i i m beginning
quite wonderful because i meanseveralreasons number one i had
not keen on it forseveralreasons one reason relates to
eis raised those issues inseveralforums first we had meetings
to develop issues raised byseveralinteresting female character sketches such
place for 2 october howeverseveralmembers have raised concerns about
legislation committee considered the billseveralmembers raised concerns about the
concerns were being raised overseveralmonths were you as a
no argument for changing thatseveralmore specific questions were raised
dissolution of parliament therefore perhapsseveralof the issues raised by
raised concerns about that issueseveralparts of the bill will
is very expensive the convenerseveralpeople have raised that point
gaelic language cathy peattie raisedseveralpoints michael russell for the
language instead he used englishseveralpoints were raised tomorrow the
such consultation peers have raisedseveralsubstantive issues about cross border
function can be expressed inseveraldifferent ways a language function
function can be expressed inseveraldifferent ways a language function
has been made there areseveralways in which provision could
saw evidence that there areseveralways of slashing the nhs
gael turnbull has employed inseveralways produced work which didn
have your say there areseveralways to get more information
could feed that back inseveralways we can address that
facing each other there areseverallarge cushions placed around the
fish stocks there have beenseverallarge escapes of farmed salmon
doctor joined us later carryingseverallarge sheets of photo negatives
was large enough to haveseveralnames it was a matter
is wearing a khaki jerseyseveralsizes too large for him
between a few months toseveralyears the large rivers on
hill separated by the valleyseveralcenturies ago a dangerous wolf
because they had received loansseveralyears ago and did not
car accident in the mountainsseveralyears ago has become a
eliane when i checked inseveralyears ago the day before
become familiar to me butseveralyears ago when i first
and ongoing project it startedseveralyears ago when toe was
the future your submission proposesseveralactions including a review of
the coast this term includesseveraldifferent types of net including
naps the commission has madeseveralefforts to involve stakeholders including
appears widely in dost inseveralforms including beir bear and
liven up the maggie duckingseveralgirls including the house don
pseudotsuga menziesii after archibald menziesseveralhawaiian plants including pukeawe cyathodes
to strengthen the infrastructure asseveralmembers including johann lamont linda
more information is being givenseveralmembers including mike watson and
least john home robertson andseveralother members including irene oldfather
have been in use withseveralrevisions for many years thoroughly
s he will have spentseveralyears acquiring a mother tongue
visit to scotland in 1848severalyears after the break up
the medical research council forseveralyears all those organisations have
procurator fiscal in glasgow forseveralyears and i am aware
case has been ongoing forseveralyears and mony pages of
authorities has been static forseveralyears and that they are
from a car accident thereseveralyears before the experience which
to be a writer andseveralyears before the publication of
seems to have been forseveralyears captivated by an anonymous
been the worst winter forseveralyears i got a card
have discovered of mallorca inseveralyears of coming and going
writers currently employing scots followingseveralyears of debate and consultation
by a viscount and spentseveralyears of the war dodging
you will have worked overseveralyears the president of a
an office in dublin forseveralyears this is an institution
trip in southern england forseveralyears we had prayed about
fisheries organisations were dissatisfied withseveralaspects of what the isle
drugs forum the paper listsseveralorganisations all of which it
volunteers some of us forseveralorganisations and i will wager
and i remain involved inseveralorganisations that are listed in
100 000 per year toseveralorganisations that represent deaf people
robin harper told us thatseveralorganisations were unable to give
issue we have already madeseveralcalls for the establishment of
legislative framework there are alreadyseverallegislative measures in place which
is already being taken byseveralscottish schools projects and by
scotland house the convener yesseveralthings are already arranged for
agree that we keep theseveralwritten submissions already received from
us an opportunity to debateseveralimportant issues i think that
is helpful this correspondence raisesseveralimportant issues in relation to
focus for raising awareness onseveralissues barnardo s has been
transport group met and discussedseveralissues we welcome the work
nicol stephen has been progressingseveralissues with the sqa and
witnesses we will go throughseveralspecific issues on aquaculture when
the place of manufacture ofseveralbriquettes is now different that
become obvious that there wereseveraldifferent approaches to the testing
sketched out is seen byseveraldifferent critics and critical schools
the views put forward byseveraldifferent feminist thinkers jane tompkins
s right f963: sort ofseveraldifferent languages one after the
the moment i m writingseveraldifferent things erm f963: mm
have been well rehearsed inseveraldifferent venues people have responsibilities
different parts of the worldseveralimportant measures to strengthen the
pots and usually there wereseveralin different sizes they had
for understanding different european culturesseveralsuggestions were made about how
short dark edinburgh days soonseveralbags were mine delicately coloured
to angelica s it isseveraldays after the last angelica
he hadn t shaved forseveraldays and probably never washed
paris or new york forseveraldays i watched my few
fine meal are steeped forseveraldays in water then strained
its silence that incident recalledseveraldays later from the clinic
that same road to esporlesseveraldays later the day after
f809: yeah f810: at leastseveraldays my little sister s
s brightened up again afterseveraldays of torrential rain but
was worked for a spellseveraldays on end salt and
ah huvnae written now forseveraldays robert ma love for
problem this year the convenerseveralmembers want to ask questions
from tobacco advertising there areseveralquestions for the enterprise and
probably know i have lodgedseveralquestions to the deputy minister
ms curran kenny gibson askedseveralquestions to which i can
contribution in the form ofseveralshort questions the minister for
development committee on tuesday thatseveralvery important questions need to
the scottish people malcolm chisholmseveralimportant developments are relevant to
scotland faces the parliament hasseveralimportant functions it is important
useful overview of its contentsseveralcommittee members such as yourself
presiding officer mr george reidseveralmembers have added their names
track record of the industryseveralmembers have opencast mines in
i make those comments becauseseveralmembers have said that britain
cross party group on diligenceseveralmembers have said that tommy
nature of the bill whichseveralmembers in the chamber also
of six or more individualsseveralmembers of the committee were
me but she has namedseveralmembers of the justice and
amount with the current budgetseveralmembers such as david davidson
continued during the war andseveralmembers were called up to
events to local members broughtseveralnew faces to our informal
have taken decisive action onseveralfronts to tackle poverty mrs
land a journey taken withseveralof salvador s set after
been taken towards implementation ofseveralof the key recommendations within
some significant focus since thenseveralother similar closures have taken
have recently taken place withseveralsuch firms no grant has
and cultic symbols according toseveralinformants luis salvador wrote after
minister was appearing before usseveralmonths after the questionnaire returns
development of the communicative methodologyseveralinitiatives attempted to make the
suggested in the consultation paperseveralbodies put it to us
ed ed oh well pauseseveraldimps still pissin us aroond
particular challenge and environment furthermoreseveralemployers had told us that
there were no such cluesseveralgenerations of us linguists worked
sailing dinghy accompanied us onseveralholidays to our beloved islay
i knew at belmont andseveralof us in the class
found in a survey ofseveralthousand people those of us
scotland for people to carryseveralcards in order to access
although i have reservations aboutseveralareas before i started to
of followers who have adoptedseveralcharacteristics of his style and
glasgow springburn lab i haveseveralcolleges in my constituency and
not we have heard fromseveralcouncils that it is not
for forestry i have hadseveraldiscussions with the minister for
1700s the process continues todayseveraldutch families have settled in
a bed and a crucifixseveralhave a table with roughly
impossible for me to commentseveralmsps have written to me
central heating i have visitedseveralold people s houses and
aye m819: hibs have gotseveralother businesses who just take
of the scots words haveseveralother meanings and these may
the scots words covered haveseveralother meanings or synonyms and
the scots words covered haveseveralother meanings or synonyms and
the scots words covered haveseveralother meanings or synonyms and
praise for the whole eventseveralpeople have since commented to
my birth certificate i haveseveralpractical and sincere hopes for
thomson and brian adam mentionedseveralprojects that have achieved such
must have been presented atseveralsittings may help to explain
the convener there have beenseveralstatements about how much people
will underpin this report 38severalsubmissions argued that to have
i miss my music wellseveralthings have happened the last
we have had to rejectseveraltopics that the main census
is currently being published inseveralvolumes scotsoun have also produced
nice tomorrow and on fridayseveralchanges were made to the
of preparation the dates ofseveralfairs were intimated as was
sale of work in 1931severalgifts were promised for the
bursting its banks here andseveralhighways into town were blocked
the regions i was withseveralhundred people who were doing
in e staa there wereseveralkinds the standard one consisted
responses were received in additionseverallocal meetings five subject specific
as another innovation there wereseveralnets with 1 inch square
you say in your submissionseveralpress statements were misleading was
useful in that it highlightedseveralunforeseen problems children were nervous
or boots besides there wereseveralvacancies not just one they
consultative steering group report hadseveralinteresting things to say on
economic rationale but also byseveralother things the lack of
and so it goes onseveralthings are worth noting about
been away the cabinet discussedseveralmatters of significance to the
that has been expressed byseveralof my constituents that disproportionate
girls had been involved inseveraloverseas tours and exchanges the
it had been suggested thatseveralsaturday mornings leading up to
played a significant part inseveraltracks i ve been inspired
kindly to them in scotsseveralcomplex factors operated in the
result of the attempts ofseveralgenerations of scots to speak
are here some scots markersseveralof which we saw last
resource 100 as with scotsseveralsubmissions addressed the issue of
free to take other partsseveralactors can take two parts
the larger sizes only graduallyseveralother aspects of the 1426
the executive has failed onseveralcounts i will not go
its name to it hasseveralm1078: mmhm uh huh mmhm
grave they stand quietly forseveralminutes tess has bandages wrapped
an area of search hasseveralnew industries that employ a
a novel and has publishedseveralpoetry collections since 1991 is
carol ann duffy has publishedseveralsolo collections and a selected
maybe not a lot butseveralare being used as holiday
being a lardy guzzler scoffingseveralbars of his tablet at
public safety being infringed andseveralpeople quite rightly going to
where in the course ofseveralconversations before i returned to
case of those who speakseveralhow young children acquire language
a literary language drawing onseveralorigins the inglis of the
one european language but inseveralperhaps our football as well
units as there could beseveralassessments within one unit the
this yeah there there areseveralbut one s rather famous
father of linguistics there areseveralcandidates for this position the
question to which there areseverallayers first i hope that
s an incredible lineage withseverallinks to napoleon there is
fish interests there are probablyseveralmore that i do not
eydp focus there will beseveralopportunities to raise awareness on
from an individual owner orseveralowners there would be a
in 1932 there now cameseveralpostcards with one showing the
is in place there areseveralsteps that might reduce that
there may for example beseveraltypes of pounds in use
also identified that there areseveralwhat the report calls community
two tasty cheeseburgers those withseveralnouns in a list sausage
two tasty cheeseburgers those withseveralnouns in a list sausage
in a specific sequence andseveralrecently published approaches such as
century expansion and stayed forseveralcenturies under the inspiration of
much the same feeling inseveralfaculties mark for example says
when that is compounded byseveralfire masters asking for even
for the inaugural soirée attractedseveralhundred aussies he was surprised
passed would flying registrars forseverallocal authorities be appointed as
non committal for a whileseveralof her old friends still
authority to attract funding forseveralprojects together could puk take
partnership discussions are looking atseveralproposed schemes for the a77
non fiction genre for instanceseveralsix year olds brainstormed what
speak without lengthening the eventseveralpeople who wanted to speak
is more tangibly confirmed byseveralfinds from the area dating
cammy removes his jeans revealingseveralmore scars enter stew dimps
my resentful face and thenseveralmore to wipe my tears
more visiting of relations andseveralof mabel s stories throw
lookit tae she s hadseveralbraw offers oddly enough seeing
he had a wife andseveralchildren back home and that
said he had letters fromseveralministries now promising support as
both their mothers had droppedseveralrungs on the social ladder
bed was shuddering i assumedseveraltons of snow had fallen
ombudsman heads an office withseveraldeputes who deal with particular
who is always wrapped inseverallayers of manly toiletries lf
whether somebody who is onseveralscripts is using the medicines
immanuel velikovsky was one ofseveralwho linked queen hatshepsut of
we are fortunate in havingseveralwho singly or in series
version is the fact thatseveralcarved stones are built into
we are taking action onseveralfronts we are taking action
example of the benefits whenseverallocal authorities are taking forward
scotland the deputy presiding officerseveralnames are left on my
are the products normally ofseveralstages of copying from earlier
tired m1146: tired my auntiesseveralof them used tae use
the sludge towards him withseveralbrown prunes nestling coyly in
on completed work presented toseveralclasses perhaps with the head
problems with the minutes ofseveralcommittees one of the recurrent
go through life burdened withseveralgross of old theatre programmes
motorway palaces with frontages stretchingseveralhundred metres huge buildings with
church with living space attachedseveralkilometres above the cove where
crock top was covered withseverallayers of butter paper then
touch with roads dept onseveralmatters 1 pool of water
be the source of theseveralnearby hills with mount names
edinburgh in 1970 and filledseveralpages with notes about her
an episode of yes ministerseveralexamples illustrate that the january
like the minister to clarifyseveralpoints in the bill in
bruise on my hip andseveralaching areas to prove it
her my mum s brothersseveralof my mum s brothers
checked he would find thatseveralhundred scottish nurses work in
research interests the work ofseveralresearch projects in sesll is
the care plan can takeseveralmonths the care plan should
back by bike would takeseveraltrips hardly worth it i
published under the pseudonyms ofseveralof his friends one of
them in eavesdropping distance ofseveralone time classmates and their
school the ages varied fromseveralamerican teenagers over in sweden
and women on horseback overseveralhours the hounds follow the
stubble over his lined faceseveralteeth lost the bones of
so i am concerned aboutseveralpoints in trevor lodge s
notes that this study reinforcesseveralamerican and canadian studies which
notes that this study reinforcesseveralamerican and canadian studies which
haddock which was soaked inseveralchanges of water to remove
might well tend to useseveralformulas in which the key
now generally accepted that learningseverallanguages as a bilingual develops
top of the porter andseveralbottles of malaga earlier in
outcome of the latest ofseveralcommissions to produce a revision
the teaching of genres andseveralexamples from primary classrooms recounts
of modern transport technology offersseveralexamples from the de havilland
opportunities to examine and discussseveralexamples of the chosen genre
certainly felt the strain ofseveralhours of continuous descent but
drain blocking it so thatseveralinches of scummy water swirled
of bank interest on theseveralitems received from 16th july
the advantages of competencies inseverallanguages as a key element
the result of taking upseverallong standing overdue reforms that
amplefeyst into the fabric ofseveralof his poems but this
beginning of the century andseveralof mabel s female relatives
and manage that phenomenon howeverseveralof our most remote offices
this the archduke bought upseveralof the best houses mainly
is fair to say thatseveralof the institute s broader
that some speakers might useseveralof the modal auxiliaries in
international co operation bill implementsseveralof the uk s outstanding
deal puk hopes to bundleseveralof these school projects together
many scottish schools drawing onseveralorigins the inglis of the
school ura conference perth australiaseveralpieces of research carried out
41 of the submissions receivedseveralrefer to research carried out
know from his inspection ofseveralsixteenth and seventeenth century standards
1963 of indetenninate shape andseveralsizes too small either it
grocery store the old quarterseveralstreets of artisan and fisherfolk
empty since at the timeseveralsuccessive earls of stair did
tradesmen and bewigged merchants andseveralwomen street sellers of various
as su alteza road byseveralit is said bore him
down by the st johnseveralevenings this week and this
creels in areas covered byseveralfisheries orders lodged 16 december
exist at cambridge university libraryseveralmanuscript accounts written by former
he himself was inspired byseveralreal life women whom he
answered and then to writeseveralsentences in response to each
a huge beer paunch andseveralbuttons missing from his xxl
and she is included inseveraleighteenth century and less relevantly
at kirkcaldy enjoy it fineseveralhitches but everyone in good
curtain act i scene 6severalhours later in the same
an island bestseller sold inseverallanguages nets the town a
since it lives on inseveralregional dialects and broken urban
their editorial methods differ inseveralrespects and it is agreed
bervie bervie pipe band providedseveralselections poor house picnic in
constructed in 1446 and 1812severaltall defensive towers dominated the
you can escape and sometimesseveralattempts to beth beth i
folder notes pencils highlighter andseveralball point pens pinpointed the
fiona and geordie andy triesseveraldeep breaths as quietly as
week and we ve gotseveralinches on the ground it
taking them along the roadsseveralpairs going and coming would
pastel pinks and green andseveralturrones catalunya s marzipan based
cammy removes his shirt revealingseveraldeep scars dimps fuck fuck
herself the reality is thatseveralhundred local government workers throughout
oft report i will makeseveralkey points that will emphasise
enable the uk to implementseveraloutstanding international commitments it will
powers power to make regulationsseveralrespondents to the consultation exercise

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