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for sex offenders or thatsexoffence issues will be treated
sex offenders in non specificsexoffender jails s1w 24843 stewart
continuing need for livestock marketssexoffenders 11 dorothy grace elder
a joint review of thesexoffenders act 1997 asks the
to try to change thesexoffenders act 1997 by reducing
with the review of thesexoffenders act 1997 by that
to part 1 of thesexoffenders act 1997 deals in
consistent in terms of thesexoffenders act 1997 however it
the notification provisions of thesexoffenders act 1997 in relation
matheson s1m 1255 review ofsexoffenders act 1997 lodged on
our scottish schedule to thesexoffenders act 1997 mr hamilton
timetable for review of thesexoffenders act 1997 slipped because
mr gil paterson review ofsexoffenders act 1997 that the
office led review of thesexoffenders act 1997 the scottish
what is already in thesexoffenders act 1997 which lists
developing the stop programme forsexoffenders and for its work
programmes for the treatment ofsexoffenders and in may 2002
service for the treatment ofsexoffenders and in which prisons
they admit that they aresexoffenders and that is a
concerned about the menace ofsexoffenders and the wider risks
monitor the whereabouts of convictedsexoffenders and will strengthen our
only 42 of the 466sexoffenders are currently receiving any
we have placed on themsexoffenders are no respecters of
scottish executive how many convictedsexoffenders are receiving treatment and
prison that was just forsexoffenders because no stigma was
staff in peterhead to tacklesexoffenders behaviour appears to be
a whole we know thatsexoffenders can be adept at
the scottish executive how manysexoffenders can be placed in
victims from the risk thatsexoffenders can pose we know
propose measures that will preventsexoffenders from travelling overseas in
possible measures to deal withsexoffenders if pragmatically that comes
there was a unit forsexoffenders in a larger jail
difficulties encountered by visitors tosexoffenders in non specific sex
service on the treatment ofsexoffenders in prisons since 1997
of a comprehensive register ofsexoffenders including those who escaped
scotland in managing and supervisingsexoffenders indeed the parliament has
debating today the registration ofsexoffenders is clearly an issue
how we deal with persistentsexoffenders mr wallace it was
committee recommends that the draftsexoffenders notice requirements foreign travel
mr jim wallace the draftsexoffenders notice requirements foreign travel
2001 justice 1 the draftsexoffenders notice requirements foreign travel
28 may 2001 on thesexoffenders notification requirements prescribed police
until 1 september 2001 thesexoffenders notification requirements prescribed police
172 9 may 2001 thesexoffenders notification requirements prescribed police
until 1 september 2001 thesexoffenders notification requirements prescribed police
until 1 september 2001 thesexoffenders notification requirements prescribed police
2001 ssi 2001 172 thesexoffenders notification requirements prescribed police
take to ensure that convictedsexoffenders notify the uk authorities
as possible to legislate forsexoffenders on a uk basis
convention will be suspended forsexoffenders or that sex offence
parliament endorses the principle thatsexoffenders orders made in one
concern about the dangers thatsexoffenders pose following the tragic
he should refer to thesexoffenders register an offender who
the need to strengthen thesexoffenders register has been highlighted
important measures to strengthen thesexoffenders register have already been
will be registered on thesexoffenders register hugh henry yes
will trigger registration on thesexoffenders register s1w 31844 mr
s1m 1112 dorothy grace eldersexoffenders register that the parliament
which a person on thesexoffenders register was employed at
on the uk register ofsexoffenders s1o 4668 15 alex
prisons and of working withsexoffenders s1w 24674 stewart stevenson
currently hold prisoners categorised assexoffenders s1w 26912 pauline mcneill
the re offending rates ofsexoffenders s1w 26914 pauline mcneill
prison for prisoners categorised assexoffenders s1w 26915 mr brian
by the ordinary officers thesexoffenders self refer they cannot
what programmes exist for serioussexoffenders serving sentences of more
the management and supervision ofsexoffenders the recommendations covered community
of foreign travel by registeredsexoffenders the scottish parliament will
social workers who check onsexoffenders to lack of aid
private partnerships hospitals recycling ritalinsexoffenders transport infrastructure ayrshire first
the scottish executive how manysexoffenders undertook the stop programme
30 years ago before thesexoffenders unit was set up
how many prisoners categorised assexoffenders were held in each
the scottish executive how manysexoffenders were serving sentences of
in june 2002 466 knownsexoffenders were serving terms of
was directed towards ensuring thatsexoffenders when released did not
police keep track of convictedsexoffenders which will assure the
extend the notification requirements tosexoffenders who are convicted of
from custody and b scottishsexoffenders who intend to travel
provision for a scottish childsexoffenders with overseas convictions to
be marked down as asexoffender by everyone everywhere he
that the mutual recognition ofsexoffender orders was respected across
ask the scottish executive whethersexoffender programmes are operated at
from peterhead and was asexoffender the prison had been
they have never been asexoffender those who visited the
case in which a dangeroussexoffender was convicted in england
who have been convicted ofsexoffences abroad are automatically put
who has been convicted ofsexoffences against children travelling overseas
who have been convicted ofsexoffences overseas register when they
the target of ending mixedsexhospital wards by april 2002
the purpose of eliminating mixedsexhospital wards how much was
of services and accommodation singlesexwards a health board shall
which hospitals still have mixedsexwards broken down by nhs
if appropriate phase out mixedsexwards good mental health one
was thinkin of the oppositesexan i was sayin young
a member of the oppositesexbut you wouldn t have
was thinkin o the oppositesexf1054: tell me aboot the
refer tae the the oppositesexi have tae say an
d score with the oppositesexif you smoked them the
sex m1017: well m1016: oppositesexit says young person m1017:
person it doesnae say oppositesexm1017: aye well it s
m1014: wi wi the malesexm1017: well m1016: opposite sex
immediately thought aboot the oppositesexthat never came intae it
made you think the oppositesexthough m1017: i dinnae ken
you think o the oppositesexwhen you hear jewellery [inaudible]
2001 the expert panel onsexoffending submitted to ministers its
risk improving the response tosexoffending the report made 73
cosgrove s expert panel onsexoffending we do not propose
of the expert panel onsexoffending which considered closely the
on tae him aboot safersexan aw an even joint
ayeways tried tae practise safersexas yir tellt tae dae
paiper hingin an aboot safersexhe cuid see davie an
see davie an his safersexpatrol makin their dramatic entrance
even joint the gay safersexpatrol whae used tae gae
seriously and the primary schoolsexeducation pack only one authority
they are aware that takingsexseriously and safe and sound
that are used are takingsexseriously and the primary school
march he was seeing takingsexseriously for the first time
be the implication in takingsexseriously i do not see
up the introduction to takingsexseriously says that purchasers of
felt inadequately prepared to teachsexeducation as we do not
teachers who learn to teachsexeducation at university surely teachers
people as far more thansexobjects and to teach the
i never had to teachsexor health education or the
teachers are preparing to teachsexthere should be brainstorming sessions
genteel victorian opinion of sexsexis sin is hell perdition
the genteel victorian opinion ofsexsex is sin is hell
suspended when it comes tosexoffences hugh henry no we
have a complete review ofsexoffences it then amalgamated its
encourage children to experiment withsexand drugs and to break
the executive s guidance onsexand drugs education i do
take a child out ofsexand drugs education in schools
the chase are you againstsexeducation and drugs education in
recommended list of resources forsexor drugs education well the
and treatment on a singlesexward section 36 mr adam
sensitive measures in differentiating betweensexand age and the best
calls for measures to improvesexeducation and sexual health among
an increase in under agesexamong teenage girls notes the
glaswegian speech by social classsexand age the method involved
you wrote your name agesexnationality and signature into a
broken down by age andsexobviously we could take our
generality the patient s agesexsexual orientation religious persuasion racial
account the patient s agesexsexual orientation religious persuasion racial
parents should be involved insexeducation but we know that
define the reason for givingsexeducation in schools the reason
learning teaching scotland s consultationsexeducation in scotland s schools
europe if they can dosexeducation in scotland they can
that dangers are exaggerated thesexeducation materials are gratuitously and
the state s role insexeducation this wild stuff is
bad housing bad teeth badsexbad lungs bad perhaps i
their combined ignorance of thesexact brought only the frustration
the same jist interested insexan drink as she spoke
fish is magic jist likesexwithout the fuss so forget
fish is magic jist likesexwithout the fuss so forget
fish is magic jist likesexwithout the fuss so forget
fish is magic jist likesexwithout the fuss so forget
class kids aren t allowedsexeven when they have a
this sort of attitude towardssexis quite racy even daring
even going back to thesexpistols er who were kind
yes m1042: but but f1043: sexany gender or whatever eh
yes that s right eithersexm1007: yeah f1009: yes yes
f1009: yes yes m1007: eithersexyeah very much m1008: uh
better sexual health a healthysexlife is an important and
about how naff the wholesexand the city influence is
her fifteenth birthday jennifer hadsexfor the very first time
get hallelujah the first prosesexscene in scottish literature but
this is the first prosesexscene in scottish literature you
this might be the firstsexscene in scottish prose john
of paedophiles rapists and othersexcriminals living in the scottish
scottish literature you get poeticsexscenes before this but i
roses are whereas the activesexpartner in lucrece is undoubtedly
to refuse licences for moresexshops which are now anticipated
moons are using their unripesexto trick or treat stormy
that our societies are breedingsexviolence and tv mad perverts
have been there there issexat 60 i hope so
his thrie pauchlin cronies hissexdrive haes been comically divertit
loss of eden which connectssexand loss of innocence 5
amount you ll get forsexand two times the amount
there was to know aboutsexyou can t get pregnant
nasty it s artistic telephonesexyou don t get to
more imaginative than his ownsexfantasies ever were what followed
if they were sold bysexsouters shops were full of
it ll do approach tosexwere just two things that
tae adult preoccupations sic assexan mairriage again thir s
tae pair wi fur recreationalsexan nest biggin his spunk
aa druggies an drunks ansexmad forbye an nae tae
up the hill tae findsexwi oot the commitment an
embryo tae bring ye thesexye wint in a bairn
off to go and havesexwith her m944: well it
fiona my marvellous talent forsexbeing doled out in cheap
leave out from as tosexin line 22 brian adam
it turned out that thesexmania was the least of
out the public saunas singlesexmind in the swimming pool
have a double association withsexand pain serve to link
sober long enough to havesexfar less father five children
the environment to housing tosexand sexuality the report of
urquhart s passionate interests insexastronomy the construction of sundials
urqhuart s passionate interest insexastronomy the construction of sundials
just in the mechanics ofsexbut to build a moral
it is now believed thatsexdifferentiation of speech often plays
two others of the samesexfrom the area and voluntary
a simple fact they hadsexin favour of absurd euphemisms
he goes on to bringsexinto the description of the
set a scandal on mysexit is indicative of the
as similar to paying forsexit lacks the uncertainty of
rights of unmarried and samesexlong term partnerships in legislation
some poor idiot of asexmaniac the sun started to
no exploitation of women assexobjects or objects of longing
years it went to thesexpistols then kind of heavy
whether on the basis ofsexracial or ethnic origin religion
and he writes kind ofsexscenes for the puritans in
condemned by virtue of hissexto escort straggling crocodiles up
small cell with a realsexmaniac radiation experiments went on
like a giant ball lesssexorgan wet with courtesy lies
m642: it s like withsexthe second time f643: eh
one thing in common withsexthey make the lights too
pause it s like havingsexwith an inflatable doll a
blame squarely on the femalesexwhen apemantus his true friend
know that that stands forsexand games for the aged
gagging for it really wantingsexfeirt afraid fir stoatin so
it s like having unprotectedsexin human terms for a
call for evidence 3 singlesexschools the committee agreed to
aw yeir baerds gainsays yeirsexmacbeth speak gin ye can
she died not knowing whatsexwas really like you read
undernourished little boy or asexfiend the fiend obviously mothering
groupie girls using their unripesexto trick or treat doubts
in the world had experiencedsexand she hadn t what
enjoy a drink in thesexand the city inspired living
john macnab there is nosexin john macnab but o
take it you werenae gettinsexin these days m642: it
crisis in the middle eastsexlife o a snail an
dwellings here the romans heldsexorgies in its pitted caves
videos to be sold insexshops in scotland and the
excitedly some denzel lookalike hawaiisexo if ye know whit
ane a dinna hae wisexan status watchin as mair
wi mah faithir cammy purelysexih dimps bastard steve lies
tak on the issue osexan gender roles as kirsty
assured her that everyone hadsexthat it would demonstrate she
unner queen mary s bedsexan deith hae starrin roles
deidlie thochts tak awa masexan fill me pang fou
dowps chaip scent an foostiesexan wadna hae kent ae
one thing straight i hatedsexand the city detested it
punter passes and shouts supersexand the old guy quick
related to social class andsexand the pattern is less
his former philosophy held thatsexis soul the flower and
introduction to the primary schoolsexpack says that it is
2512 breaking the organised childsexrings lodged on 3 december
and being indecently outspoken aboutsexthe novel has no chapters
the writer s attitude towardssexthe whip s man felt
applies to the attitude tosexthere seems to be a
cud be dane bi eithersexwhasaeiver ettled it the ae
a threitenin impulse e gsexis transferred intil a different
abel s ex is aftersexso please don t let
hitch up yer breists smearsexalang yer lips i trapped
gey wheen bairns o baithsexfifteen i total am telt
a pass a proposition asexu al ad vance idiot

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