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tompkins jane me and myshadowin the norton anthology of
jane tompkins me and myshadowin the norton anthology of
tompkins jane me and myshadowin the norton anthology of
jane tompkins me and myshadowin the norton anthology of
seventh sensyne since then shaidaeshadowshak shake shaw show sheuch
serr v serve shaidae nshadowshank n stem sheins v
serr v serve shaidae nshadowshaws n thicket shilfie n
of the still loch inshadowsecret insects swarm and hum
cathedral a moving ikon inshadowsecret insects swarm and hum
its flowers are razors sharksshadowthe pleasure cruisers sharks that
kens yur trainin fur jillyshadowboxes bj focus jilly channel
stae wi us silence jillyshadowboxes bj looks around at
front of the mirror andshadowboxes boxers appear in the
exercises puts on boxing glovesshadowboxes enter bj jilly stops
lights fade lone boxer appearsshadowboxes in front of mirror
moon an climbin weeeeeee patshadowboxes jilly jilly does stretching
puts them on stands andshadowboxes long silence bj so
gloves on steps inside ringshadowboxes music lights fade lee
around bj sits down jillyshadowboxes pat yur looking like
jilly walks to the screenshadowboxes sits on a stool
or night shadda is ashadowhaar is a mist off
sack or bag shadda isshadowroddens are rowan trees fother
bj awwwww jilly jilly stopsshadowboxing jilly pizza mah pizza
ah said laughs jilly startsshadowboxing lee what s gawn
is killing lee jilly startsshadowboxing pat jist see her
oot ti work jilly doesshadowboxing silence bj you sittin
us wouldn t know theshadowcabinet from our bedside cabinet
as front bencher shadow ministershadowcabinet spokesperson and so on
terminology such as front benchershadowminister shadow cabinet spokesperson and
bj join them they allshadowbox pat goes to the
the gym with rab youngstersshadowbox rab supervises shows them
christmas pudding f963: a paleshadowof a christmas pudding f965:
significant integrated transport initiatives theshadowstrategic rail authority administers the
at the meeting with theshadowstrategic rail authority on 26
scotland and calls on theshadowstrategic rail authority to review
only fund controlled by theshadowstrategic rail authority which can
her essay me and myshadowwhich is a response tae
her essay me and myshadowwhich is a response to
and tangerine and black eyeshadowand feel as if i
roll slowly down her eyeshadowhe wisnae a man like
softened the powder blue eyeshadowsparkling with cheap glitter settled
wife are there moving fromshadowto illumination and colour vivaciously
the same as the nextshadowsilence steve naebody s listenin
steve when um jist ashadowah look the same as
me from sunny stories shaftingshadowand light playing around us
starting to paint light andshadowplayed among the trees as
of ploughed fields light andshadowruffle the nap into ripples
right that same dark festeringshadowlimped always through her mind
in the foreground the darkshadowof the kremlin away in
den was a hideaway ashadowwrap around through chinks of
come under scrutiny wi thatshadowin mind i ll be
is thereby in effect theshadowprime minister this concept does
between flounce and wither ashadowdarkened the room an inner
white and flaking in ashadowroom in the heart of
poems such as saltire theshadowminister and the feminist askinfurrit
cypriot sundial casting a longshadowdemetrius stepped from a myth
with its wattle sides ashadowlands with a whirr curved
a yew tree slides itsshadowover stones parishioners like pews
blink nailed in its ownshadowthe crew is a father
reduces the other to itsshadowthe makars inserted into an
hole today and sees itsshadowthere will be 6 more
up the trail out ofshadowinto strong sunlight i began
parents move lovingly into theshadowof the grave 8 a
hers the lawns scribbled withshadowshudder under the whir of
is spoken to cast ashadowon my early days then
spylin yer luiks suddenly ashadowfell across his face like
fading flower like a flittingshadowlike a passing cloud and
s fang slashing the airshadowspilling like wine on sodden
pen along like a thinshadowthe paper listens deeply it
lack notice the guillotine sshadowbehind her back that would
gas sector is there ashadowover them in terms of
up from hidden beaks ashadowpaints a boulder dapple grey
bethany christian trust with theshadowhome secretary oliver letwin bethany
wooden pier cuts the ripplingshadowon the sea beneath as
i shiver knowing beyond theshadowof a doubt that i
happens to lie in theshadowof a magnificent inca ruin
shadows on the wall theshadowof a writing quill george
but i m just ashadowok stew funeral is it
you stood in deana sshadowmartha i m glad of
shoot the crow in theshadowof sri pada adam s
in the zoo in theshadowof sri pada arabian nights
or by day in theshadowof the pine forests that
s got ten o clockshadowthe too grief stricken to
fly storm benediction grass shoutshadowwhisper elementary mr holmes the

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