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kerryin a heavy dinin roomshairapö mi back mi makkin
sittin on a dinin roomshairi hed ta luik oot
aest lothian sittin apö mishairtryin ta mind foo da
away far away i mshairi could warsle through by
frae embro ken junipere wesshairat aw wuid be cantie
uphaud their community leids makshairthat folk gets alloued access
this fine buik a mshairhunners o fowk across the
needit in order tae makshairthat folk can haud ontae
wham they believit was theirshairbield in weir and in
pee robby stae pit makeshairthat well make shair zeb
make shair that well makeshairzeb the body s safe
that strang an blinnit awbuddieshaireneuch the shanks o the
a third for luck anshaireneuch a monstrous tail cut
like a wee plook anshaireneuch the wee jewel had
what micht never haippen anshaireneuch their wee laddie was
tae this pairlement tae makshairbaith oor hame leids are
leids o scotland an makshairthat the subject is pairt
no faa aff o dashairno loss mi cloo an
ta luik authentic an mishairsinkin inta da weet saand
bot the douglas anerlie medshairat the raips wesna ower
reverant sawnie bie wesna taeshairgin he appreived o the
day or nicht juist makshairat the blak k nicht
tae the heid tae makshairbit jist as he leaned
it i had to makshairo it lilian you can
schuil in scotland tae makshairo the beildin o the
the wee dug tae makshairthere wis naebody else aboot
an aa jist tae makshairwe keep in our places
is ae wey o makkinshairo accordance wi priority three
een the babbies robby furshairthe bairns easy thaed be
safe tess laughs loudly makeshairit disnae come back silence
lilian well beaumont i mshairyou can picture how it
o him bot a mshairat we wes juidged ti
ilk wattir ontil he wesshairat he hed fund the
souns like spirits tappin noshairo the wey timekeepin ye
jist blethers ah m certainshairit isnae worth ye losin
warmit the seas twis certainshairthat bird men waurna onythin
whit is this a mshaira beg yer pardon miss
sune much later a mshaira d hae passed awa
an eident wumman are yeshairah m the neist o
a wikkit criminall a mshairat ye arna sicna ill
the fransch roquelaure ah mshairboaz and ruth werena happit
s yersel i m makinshairi dinnae git ower close
big o that a mshairit gaes on for a
a dunt a birl anshairs i m born i
richt hen hertit ah mshairtae loass onie rammie fur
think o ocht i mshairthat mephistopheles is the dabbest
wants fae govrement a mshairthat the twalmonth bygane haes
o the warld i mshairthat ye mind o the
the dialectic bit i mshairthe rulin class wad exploit
read hieroglyphics sur a mshairthis wee smatterin o dialogue
the yard i m geyshairye re needed there i
cat a widnae be saeshairo that wi that the
fingir prents whan he wesshairat a wes john grene
rosie s ei an wesshairat hir wirds didna match
o trainers ye d bishairhis ma wad pawnd them
ava an saumon wad beshairtae staw but no tae
bi the war jist asshairas if he d bin
wee caird we maun beshairo this no a peep
ye hae fun him beshairand lat me ken sin
noo he s green furshairhaun clamped ower his mooth
no keep awbody waitin achshaira ken glenbogle street that
ony circle o staunin stanesshairas a snaw ring roon
type o ay he sshairhe s scottish it s
prefared tae sairin bus wisshairguid wye a fan tae
bricht an bonnie fate isshairtae interrup an aw the
as big as ashets ashairsign gurred mither that we
aw as everybody kens forshairthey d got their danders
awaw ti gie john ashairan swippert jurnay hamewith shae
thaim wine or juice beshairthey ll tak whit s
be me that s forshairi ve never seen the
ye drink ye can beshairits a sauchtrie burn an
eccosse we mummled an thisshairworked a treat an pouvez

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