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thing bein a sister sheshakesher head sadly dod races
whan ah canna flie megshakesher head sadly son ye
coupons legally could you sheshakesher head in grief at
yur een mithir she gentlyshakesberna sit yursell up show
him tae get lost gordonshakeshis head sadie gently me
moves towards the bed andshakesthe queen gently mither wauken
frank she blows her noseshakesher head and breaks out
off georgie follows her stopsshakesher head and returns to
guid things aboot me nanseshakesher head breathes heavily draws
a nicht have ye sheshakesher head georgie to audience
as bonnie as you megshakesher head impatiently that s
lass tak another suppie teenieshakesher head it s the
no ti bather oniebodie moulashakesher head listen til hir
talk daft maggie beth bethshakesher head maggie unsure about
archduke luis salvador but sheshakesher head no i m
affa selfish o me lorettashakesher head sympathetically nuh peggy
man gie you flooers bethshakesher head upstairs the baby
paper was wrang something sheshakesher head wipes her eyes
sleepin chiels wi bluid macbethshakeshis head a l gang
audience only exit mother fathershakeshis head and follows l
the lykes o hir malcolmshakeshis head and shrugs the
want aunsir me that jekshakeshis head awricht maister you
r vext aboot it heshakeshis head malcolm astonished ma
sumthing rustle rustlin the ogreshakeshis head resumes his progress
s gaen a bell ringsshakeshis head ruefully ay ay
malcolm na na na heshakeshis head shona gin that
and hari neela the oldestshakeshis head wary for not
gaun hame the toll manshakeshis head waves him goodby
chrissie then fa furious sheshakesher by the shoulder dinna
it s a girl sheshakes[inaudible] a bee come on
gentle snoring from malcolm shonashakeshim but he does not
him by the throat andshakeshim he switches into the
says giving him a fewshakesandy continues to kiss the
doctor hauf past twal areddiesshakeshands with andrey chebutykin gie
an you re ed stewshakeshands with ed ed always
at the finish then beaumontshakeshis hands again beaumont thank
takes both his hands andshakesthem heartily beaumont jack now
phoned the doctor when theshakesand sweating started on his
gives him the award andshakeshis hand then leaves thomas
o skin is nae greatshakesis merely pumpin win hochmagandie
the sun his smoking handshakesmy old dear s not
turns me upside down andshakesme and thumps me on
bolted door that rattles andshakesagainst a mighty wind yet
i or rather shivers andshakesin my case in my
a huik pompitie trembles andshakessome more but the needle

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