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door eh aye grinning andshakinghis head slowly greg obeyed
brain in turmoil greg wasshakingnow thankful for the comfort
other agnes knitting is alsoshakingwith mirth carolanne ring a
it ghostly forms demons apparitionsshakingfoundations the eighth the wheel
came down from his perchshakinghis hand and receiving him
shaky shaky shake i mshakingthe crumbs over in the
beach baring its marble teethshakingits frothy pelt its roar
bloody hell mary he whisperedshakinghis head and smiling bloody
lobby the convener i seeshakingheads do you want to
anything else that s fineshakingheads there erm what aboot
is standing in the doorwayshakingthe dust off her dress
whirling along like wheel spokesshakingtheir golden manes like bursts
speak fur yersell beth rocksshakingher head afraid sadie great
not susan carolanne david maggieshakingher head no carolanne who
to the queen s pulseshakinghis head ay ay ah
to get jimmy to shiftshakinghis head in dismay was
character aw graham said billyshakinghis head whit ye go
the top of my headshakinghis own blowdried mullet if
but i just find myselfshakingmy head like [laugh] this
head bent over a chairshakingwith horror she speaks with
of jean s little handshakinghis shoulder and heard a
him my old boy sshakinghands with medal man and
i hear him introduce himselfshakinghands with richard i watch
your man her hands areshakingher voice is strident peggy
entwine discreetly rubbing ankles handsshakingin a rythym of life
shakin zeb why s sheshakingtess mention o him sends
job i had enjoyed theshakingof the tree limbs and
ill hertit folk succeed inshakingthe confidence the community puts
bones lollops onto the surfshakingthe spray from its flanks
for a wee whilie confidentiallyshakinghis hand thank you thank
t have to be worldshakingto make the american papers
heading out of town andshakingoff the grime and constriction
morning the whole room wasshakingthe mirror was banging against
stuff f806: zip s goingshakingthingy oh there you go
the stage on his kneesshakinga st vitus dance it
moand when by progging andshakinghim as if he ware
earth tremors that have beenshakingthe eastern seaboard all week
was known as the beastieshakinga piece of liquorice in
up all the house wasshakingi remembered the one i
cow in the are youshakingthat box about [inaudible] right

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