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f1121: it s like ovalshapeisn t it f1122: mmhm
shape that s an ovalshapeoh look i ve thought
a oval f1121: a ovalshapethat s an oval shape
well done f1122: a kiteshapef1121: mmhm kite shape f1122:
kite shape f1121: mmhm kiteshapef1122: stars look that s
f1121: it s a kiteshapei don t think you
star shape mm m1106: starshapef1105: a star shape to
ve got a nice starshapehold your fi- hold your
star f1114: yes f1113: starshapelet- might get one out
going to make a starshapemm m1106: star shape f1105:
goin to make a starshapethen m1106: look star f1105:
star shape f1105: a starshapeto take off all the
done what colour was yourshapetoo was it a star
that one [inaudible] a circleshapef1121: a circle shape f1122:
circle shape f1121: a circleshapef1122: look f1121: mmhm so
experiences during that time helpedshapehis thoughts as he went
policy reviews which have helpedshapethe industry in scotland a
local soil may have helpedshapetheir views specifically it is
stiches o a size anshapehis fingers were reed raw
ballie aboot e size anshapeo a rugby baa ye
knackers meaning the size orshapeo them and so on
issue around the size andshapeof the problem in the
your mark f1105: what whatshapeis it m1106 : it s
4 steps then form wshapehold in front to form
extensive amendment swapping in oneshapeor form has taken place
into that category in anyshapeor form in common with
not really quantified in anyshapeor form in the financial
some concern as to theshapeor form of scotland s
to include it in anyshapeor form the convener we
pens f1121: mmhm but whatshapedoes it make it a
f1121: a loveheart f1122: ashapef1121: erm i m trying
good f1122: i know anothershapehow about a dog f1121:
s blocks that s ashapeis a block f1121: mmhm
tape and [?]pens[/?] f1121: whatshapeis the tape f1122: there
f1122: erm how about theshapeof a babywipe f1121: [laugh]
of a babywipe f1121: [laugh]shapeof a babywipe well let
okay so what kind ofshapeare they they re f1122:
s four edges so whatshapedoes that make it f1122:
s really a cube cubeshapef1122: that s a drum
[censored: forename] that s a funnyshapehead is it f1122: [laugh]
do you know what thatshapeis there f1122: that s
convention that in the futureshapeof europe a member state
wider debate on the futureshapeof europe at nice in
their communities on the futureshapeof nhs services in their
prime minister on the futureshapeof the eu further re
sit back and watch westminstershapeour future in europe i
census will be used toshapethe future of all aspects
his apple is a goodshapebut it is smudged round
sieved stir in kneed lightlyshapeinto 10 round topping 1
round too what s whatshapeis this table m1106 : and
it in a tidy roundshapeit was the job of
turnip watch from its roundshapeneep click turnip hook neeperin
ma a my maik nshapemaikless a matchless maimorie n
v a like maik nshapemaikless a shapeless mainners n
done that one pick anothershapef1114: this one f1113: this
want to roll out ashapef1114: yes f1113: [censored: forename] f1114:
a bonny f1114: [?]there go[/?] f1113: shapelook f1114: i need the
da f1113: cut oot theshapeta da now f1114: now
s a lady a ladyshapewow f1114: no want this
her hits less dan perfectshapeda ruckly wye da shall
shinin armour appeared in theshapeo jonsar eck noo look
down aye cut oot theshaperight oh look at that
[inaudible] shapes [inaudible] f1111: theshapes already out look [inaudible]
gordon look that s theshapethat would fit in there
okay will we make anothershapef1112: [inaudible] after what s
m going to make thisshapehere it s a lady
could vaguely make out hershapein the early morning light
m going to make ashapeoops i just broke that
later chiselled finely into theshapeof a cross so grafting
up i could pummel andshapesome sense into it you
the mirror looked into theshapethat was there a kind
and lick its paper intoshapethinking that it did not
mountains opposite and carved intoshapeto cross the urubamba an
see it spring back intoshapewhen he took his hand
s the boat has differentshapekind of thing f1149: i
seen ere wis a kinnashapeaboot e bag near han
wis a bittie oot oshapebit the pailin aye did
thraahyeuk wis mair in eshapeo a car startin hannle
kirkyaird wis vrocht in theshapeo a hairt an chiselled
aboot rapin yet e shuttleshapeo e edderins wis mint
wis the great green glowinshapeo jock dow transmogrifeed inno
took the paper away theshapethat wis left wis nicer
move wis tae try anshapethe plastic sheetin roon aboot
bent the ridgers oot oshapethere wis three bolts that
kinna wye ye hidna eshapefor shooin in anaith an
ay jist in e sameshapethough e last i min
cud jist makk oot theshapeo a carved shelt wi
get the place looking shipshapewednesday 14 choir evening not
deep hit lies a coffinshapewir trystin place whaar i
the house of commons weshapeour dwellings and afterwards our
our agenda but develop andshapethat agenda that will benefit
dwellings and afterwards our dwellingsshapeus 5 selection of the
is your thinking on theshapeof those regulations clearly point
wife tankie she was yourshapeye re a right scholar
prawn cocktail crisps and whatshapeare they m1110: they re
it they re in theshapeof triangles as well i
you curve ma back ishapeyer arm we re sure
it open so so theshape[inaudible] the shapes all come
f961: it s kinda oddshapeand dat cause o de
frae the sheriff in theshapeo a 150 fine but
an wyce aftimes seen inshapeo man aiblins that o
well let me see theshapeo them i think it
drumlie green bund inti theshapeo twa horns about his
couldnae get a a propershapeout o ye at the
knock them in in theshapesay o the big letter
wi its fine pintit shuttleshapean startit tae shoo in
head which focus on itsshapeand hardness eg dome coconut
frantically the bubble adjusting itsshapeto keep him helpless but
well if i draw ashapewill you tell me what
me i yield take anyshapethen turn my face towards
craikt pyntin tae a muckleshapelyin doun forenent us twice
gone before us they giveshapeto ideas casts of mind
time to see a whiteshapeappear out of the mirk
world to choose life toshapea society that is based
ah d drawn a leafshapeand coloured it green but
okay if you draw ashapeand then i ll guess
was a snowy owl theshapeat the window a beam
to get in in ashapefor her marriage f806: ah
the wall f940: a fitbaeshapeit s like a f-
f1125: jigsaw that s theshapeof a bird i think
the cow calved in theshapeof a dish of calfie
brander for fish in theshapeof a girdle but with
fields below still preserve theshapeof a pyramid leading to
tree it could be ashapeof a tree but it
building it herself in theshapeof a wee hoose it
are not obsessing about theshapeof the furniture a number
it s like a fitbaeshaperight an it sits on
to grow fat despite hershapeshe persists in climbing a
the top a much nicershapethan his blunt ones they
kyth yeirsell an shaw yeirshapethere is a clap of
ilk ither as weel ashapewent hurtlin by chased by
git back inti yeir richtshapeprince ah coud never be
wir een ta see hitsshapedat sam shall pattern at
until we can see theshapeof some of the work
you mak it than theshapeof the baggie wouldn t
whiting are generally in bettershapethan whitefish stocks and quotas
f1109: can you fit theshapein i think it looks
they think is the appropriateshapeof maternity services throughout scotland
as sugarloaf mountain from theirshapebut the original norse and
local people the chance toshapetheir communities themselves and to
silence jilly ah m inshapebj noh jist physically bit
hid been bit squaarish inshapewi fower paiddles wi holes
cards his face is theshapeand colour of an over
whan he recuivert his humanshapehaudin the brecham afore him
eir maister it helpit taeshapeeir lives ye cd niver
but it was in theshapeof an upright rectangle and
it was shaped in theshapeof kermit the frog and
it will radically alter theshapeof the devolved administration placing
voice which has changed theshapeof my silence but through
sector that is improving inshapeand is delivering more for
bandages to keep cheeses inshapein the chessel for dish
of glass refracting light distortingshapein the haze from the
they were built in theshapeof cones that started to
april the executive in theshapeof jim wallace announced the
that s right and fittshapeof gingerbread men are we
tae mak the dyke shipshapewi aye an antrin through
coat circa 1963 of indetenninateshapeand several sizes too small
member seeking to influence theshapeof an agenda would be
be considered when the finalshapeof the land tenure legislation
at this stage on theshapeof the regulations malcolm chisholm
undertaking key work which willshapethe decisions that are taken
to collect information which canshapethe policies aimed at improving
an you brocht order anshapetae aa the creation i
groups gather intelligence and helpshapeofficial policy reduce the cost
interest began to be givenshapethe dialect i spoke was

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