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the car was now wedgeshapedthe bodywork flattened from the
the mother adoringly six pearshapedamber eyes from the three
its tiny face the pearshapedamber eyes looked up at
relationship erm that went pearshapedand er she said don
like a sort of pearshapedflat on the bottom eh
wooden usually triangular shaped platformshapedlike a frog used to
a flat wooden usually triangularshapedplatform shaped like a frog
two further figures one coneshapedand the other little more
s pedal extremities the coneshapedapparition was unable to proceed
legs and with a coneshapedhopper that was painted red
bush just past the parrotshapedbox hedging and before you
and publish in london butshapedenglish styles and genres as
lamps were small bedside lampsshapedto make them more stable
no not horn rocky stackshapedlike a horn waster lying
would often give them badlyshapedeggs nooadays hens must be
off he got any badlyshapedor especially large egg any
each scone as it wasshapedin two then folded it
[laugh] f606: is it eggshapedf122: yes it s f010:
he d have an eggshapedfridge beside him [laugh] f122:
yes it s silver eggshapedit s called an egg
onywye her face wis hairtshapedan her twa een the
s een an a hairtshapedface wi a button snoot
really the bay is funnelshapedand that makes the waves
and wobbling of the boxshapedvehicle as he negotiated the
quarry area where rocks wereshapedfor building terraces fanned out
beneath my balcony the wombshapedharbour near circular with a
the stage lights were allshapedlike clam shells an an
like a wee fat stupidshapedbottle and it says like
the owl with her bowlshapedface scoops up a mouse
felt can be cut andshapedsewn and reformed felting can
was cut in half andshapedthe whip was a piece
and dangerous this car isshapedand varnished like a boat
her oo has noo binshapedshank warmers dowp hauders coddlers
in the same way teepeeshapedbuilt up of old pieces
her milky breast was muzzleshapedand black with just the
station we discerned black onionshapedtowers of an old cathedral
in this small rural communityshapedleslie mitchell s thoughts and
that the reformers won significantlyshapedthe style of prose in
it there was a thingshapedlike a it was almost
one i ve seen wasshapedlike an elongated oval and
was used these were saucershapedand had a holder for
europe s future should beshapedin the light of its
the centre of its scallopshapedvalley to be an architectural
plaster the felted work wasshapedchopped up and elasticated to
foam and ehm it wasshapedin the shape of kermit
handle one of them wasshapedto be rested on a
casualties of such transactions eithershapedup or shipped out with
innermessan motte a plum puddingshapedartificial earth mound on the
turn this into a neatlyshapedbing ready for measuring because
a possible souterrain a bowshapedstone lined underground storage chamber
the mallorcan people has beenshapedby successive invasions first came
considers the influences which haveshapedcurrent attitudes to grammar in
acts of exclusion have certainlyshapedthe growth of the modern
of reference the unfinished leafshapedarrowhead i once found when
development of mental functions isshapedby social conditions secondly if
devolved government that those whoshapedthe scotland act 1998 envisaged

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