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criss crossin arreengement o dymentshapesan es wis far an
criss crossing lines making diamondshapesor parallel lines with a
men an loons in aashapesan sizes as rab the
that regions come in allshapesand sizes i sit as
lots of different colours andshapesand sizes isn t there
the latter come in allshapesand sizes mr ingram tricia
you could see how theshapesand sizes of the rucks
inclusion partnerships come in allshapesand sizes some are based
dugs they come in ashapesand sizes some go to
s it s amazing theshapesand sizes you see in
m1110: how man- how manyshapescan you see mam ma-
ma- f1109: mm how manyshapesi can see a lot
rectangle can i do theshapesnow f1121: okay if you
have a look shapes [inaudible]shapesf1122: no that ain f1121:
let s have a lookshapes[inaudible] shapes f1122: no that
pin mmhm right and makeshapesf1114: aye rolling pin i
clay landscape into allegedly interestingshapesthe interest value of this
f1129: and fitt was theshapesof the sandwiches f1130: erm
lost in a world ofshapestextures and colours the trees
try the taking out theshapesout of the car m1106 :
lid again or all theshapeswill fall out m1106 : no
so the shape [inaudible] theshapesall come out f1105: oh
[inaudible] that one [inaudible] [inaudible]shapes[inaudible] f1111: the shape s
identity multi culturalism an whitshapeswis robert alan jamieson is
ve got it makes funnyshapesdoesn t it it makes
ones f1107: just making funnyshapesm1108: hey f1107: what [something hits the floor]
doesn t it it makesshapeslike a big crocodile s
softish floury roll of differentshapesand this may well have
wa- you wave the thisshapestheirselves sticking some f1105: fitt
count m1110: i counts theshapesone two three four five
f1109: that s aa theshapesfixed that s a good
her about all the differentshapesand things f1122: mummy can
different folk put different geometricalshapesonto the pats with the
rings toecaps protectors of differentshapesthat you fitted together like
let s see what differentshapeswe have can you manage
trying to think of othershapeswhat other ones could i
here the fire s makingshapeson the wall you see
out in coloured layers andshapeshot water is added and
see aa e queeriorums oshapese snaa hid been made
really clever so aa thatshapesis on [censored: forename] and [censored: forename]
make a aa kind ofshapesthere s more there s
men s claes o awshapesan kynds an frae ilka
s a bit tricky whatshapeshave you got f1112: i
one for er chasing theshapesround about f1112: well what
s view of the worldshapesthe data that they seek
ye cd easy see eshapeso leafs an wee bits
f1113: okay you likes makinshapesdon t you f1114: i
in there and sprinkle theshapeson here okay [pours on sprinkles] [laugh]
huh f1114: it s likeshapesthat s max again f1113:
big ain i use theshapesf1113: right you re gonna
branch an watchin e flicherinshapeso e lowes an e
so you tell me theseshapesagain what one s that
that you use language ermshapesthe way that you think
place of a ribbon decoupageshapesor pictures were cut out
there were plenty of individualshapesthey all had handles with
you can dee thon bonnieshapescan t you loretta sometimes
[tut] we could draw someshapeson this picture as well
in weren t you f1142: shapesand that f1141: is that
seen you you was usingshapesand that when you went
fit wooden blocks into identicalshapesbut i never spoke at
blume o ink draps commashapeso pollen hushies ilk erseboond
p 19 isabel s imaginationshapeseach day carefully in retrospect
else letters have nice friendlyshapesunlike figures which are used
sound like delia yet pastashapessuch as penne plus spaghetti
light when stars are theshapesof swastikas and the limbs
beer mugs in quaint animalshapescoaches clothes worn by catherine
wait for trains great hulkingshapesglimpsed through dark glass windows

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