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share however we once didsharea belief in the principle
the moment with like asharecar share f1037: yeah f1038:
with like a share carsharef1037: yeah f1038: thing and
expertise that i do notsharehowever we once did share
ll share the work ansharethe breid hen champion let
guilt so s wi kinsharethe guilt steve share the
kin share the guilt stevesharethe pain cammy see steve
does that sound f1122: ayesharethe toys f1121: share the
aye share the toys f1121: sharethe toys okay here s
ll get yokit we llsharethe work an share the
because of the scottish populationsharealthough it is not far
are taking double our populationshareand given what the minister
cent given that our populationshareis half that we are
of the schemes and theshareof population is not the
is not far away theshareof the population itself would
not far from the scottishshareof the uk population that
are our best estimates isharemr morgan s concern that
throughout the service do youshareour concern that resourcing or
reading does the first ministershareour disappointment and concern how
all the committee s memberssharethat concern nicola sturgeon the
prescription in functional design isharethe concern of the disability
the future lewis macdonald isharethe concern that george lyon
johann lamont does mr aitkensharethe concern that has been
the debate the convener isharethe member s concern i
executive does not seem tosharethe serious concern that the
in aatumn o 1987 taesharetheir worries an concern aboot
from future evaluations because ishareyour concern i will ensure
stew dimps gonnae let cammysharedimps and cammy hold each
cammy you an him kinsharethigithir cammy holds the iron
um stew cammy let dimpssharewill yi please dimps need
ti respond cammy ready tishareyur thoughts cammy pause suicide
say that we need tosharebest practice in the voluntary
ensure that scottish local authoritiesshareexamples of best practice and
ensure that scottish local authoritiesshareexamples of best practice and
the main intention is tosharegood practice and information to
and what the different subjectssharein aims and practice it
to spread good practice andshareinformation and has implemented a
importance of babies and ishareher view i confess to
hope that the committee willsharemy view that the extension
to overstate savings does coslasharethat view do other financial
members of this parliament willsharethat view the following members
be preferred most member statessharethat view the nearest analogies
who require housing would yousharethat view we have also
the parliament mr macintosh isharethe consensus view that has
in his design we cansharethe view that has been
older people get their fairsharein our voluntary sector and
the community fund s fairshareinitiative because there are no
losing out on their fairsharelo and behold there was
million less than its fairshareof community fund awards despite
that i had a fairshareof responsibilities to execute at
formula in securing a fairshareof the uk s wealth
of the board through oursharein partnerships uk it is
the uk to receive ashareof its financial package to
graph below shows the ukshareof tacs for cod haddock
does not credit the scottishshareof the uk advertising advertising
mr gibson is scotland sshareof uk expenditure increasing or
arts council will honour itsshareof funding commitment to the
millennium fund to return theshareof lottery funding directed to
it has to increase itsshareof the funding for cancer
whether all of scotland sshareof the funding for the
and to use the appropriateshareof the overall funding we
for projects to receive ashareof this funding s1w 32345
nhs trust which states ishareyour concerns over funding pressures
given that the wages ofsharefishermen are suffering as a
you ve never let hersharein your work or given
to be given scotland sshareof new investment in transport
given aberdeenshire council regarding itsshareof the 15 million awarded
many member states local authoritiesshareadministrative responsibility for eu related
after by local authorities cansharefully in the benefits of
they should be prepared toshareinformation with other local authorities
the national park body shouldshareplanning functions with local authorities
i f1121: aye does [censored: forename]sharehers f1122: aye does she
at christmas time f1114: [inaudible]shareit f1113: does [censored: forename] get
sometimes she she didn tsharef1121: i know but she
f1122: i promise i llsharethem f1121: well you d
will want them we llsharethem with everyone f1121: will
aye f1121: mmhm do youshareyour toys f1122: [inaudible] mmhm
have good working relationships toshareinformation and build up a
forces to co operate andshareinformation in the hague i
they do not like tosharethat information with senior officers
georgie i ll pey myshareronnie weel let me chip
wooden f1114: mm let ssharethem f1113: right here we
future in europe and ourshareof the rebate that is
parliament wishes our nation toshareour common european heritage we
much i didnae want toshareour sam wi anybody f632:
i were trying to doshareour views on life and
49 per cent our maximumshareunder the proposal would therefore
become our little thing tosharewe always remind each other
four times our civil servicesharewhy is the scottish executive
know but she should alwayssharef1122: i m gonna do
cause you ve always tosharehaven t you f1122: aye
means if like me memberssharean enthusiasm for youth work
my final question is whatshareof your members advertising revenue
those labour members who stillsharethat belief to realise that
sensible for two members tosharethe burden the convener i
assuming that all committee memberssharethe views that have been
not just committee members whosharethose views the convener is
my constituency i want tosharewith members some of the
rather extravagant claims lightly memberssharewith the voluntary sector many
an lion maun learn taeshareblues poem rockabye baby your
bring your own supplies tosharegow meeting offshore café on
ll blithely gie you asharejack keep your money give
i ll mak up yourshareo the cost teenie no
i am entitled to myshareof your time your very
precious thing for you tosharewith your family or your
that introductory statement we allshareyour concerns about smoking and
m805: yeah so we couldshareyour water m804: cool okay
scottish teachers of english dosharea broad rationale with their
the maintenance of their marketshareand the growth of their
time and trouble to helpsharecultures and spread their knowledge
strategies and purpose that theysharein developing their students understanding
flouridating water supplies including theirshareof capital costs insofar as
they seem to have theirshareof minor health troubles there
people don t do theirshareof the cleaning when i
live on their own orshareor whether they own their
opening windows i did notsharetheir fears when i get
work is that they cansharetheir life s experience with
doon the wye they willsharetheir life thegither the fower
which teachers are encouraged tosharetheir sexual experiences and to
shop windowsills and you knowsharetheir snuff boxes and chatter
yin aye wantin us tishareaye wantin us ti question
invites quo chae seein wesharehauf the relatives atween us
us you and [censored: forename] tosharein the garden fitt was
thoughts bill butler will yousharethem with us mr mcaveety
hiv socht us here taesharethis day wie them this
us trusted us enough tishareyur pain wi us trust
s i popped upstairs tosharea last lemon vodka with
i don t have tosharea seat with that woman
s right m1007: and theyshareflats with them and they
else she would refuse tosharehis affection with anybody not
i ve no had toshareit with my mum f1024:
else i feel compelled tosharemy thoughts with the cyber
on the yard was tosharequarters with cairnryan s only
impersonal formal style reports alsosharesome language features with personal
resort in australia only tosharethat chairlift with an aussie
quickly as possible and tosharethe findings with the health
laughs uproariously and turns tosharethe joke with his mother
one in inverclyde which isharewith duncan mcneil such people
be damned if i dsharewith her with delicate flair
this creature johnston you maysharewith him isa sinclair look
sometimes problematic issue which theysharewith modern languages colleagues the
was a rare pleasure tosharewith my son something of
nature that he wishes tosharewith others good people honest
devolved responsibilities and comparing thatsharewith that of other public
that i am happy tosharewith the committee although the
conversation at the table isharewith the current andy and
this cake which you cansharewith the other presiding officers
sexy scent i have tosharewith those thumping crooks i
lot of detail i cansharewith you at the moment
much as i have tosharewith you at the moment
well i m going tosharewith you f1111: certainly f1112:
experience that i want tosharewith you today when john
run out then i llshareyours with you well that
back i ll dee mysharean so will teenie we
worry but i ll makesharehe s got a pal
een lizzie weel i llsharemine wi muriel and you
chrissie i ll dee mysharepreparing to go georgie fit
here we go we llsharethem alright okay you build
work sir david and isharea specific objective he has
of laurencekirk and they wouldsharethe work between them for
decision of bae management tosharework for the scotstoun sister
write to the committee toshareits views on why that
feel obliged to contribute itssharemrs beaumont but james will
yet its history has itsshareof precarious moments this account
if highland council gets itsshareof the communities scotland budget
from its current 16 67shareto the 20 it enjoyed
ah l never hae tisharea bed wi yon again
ye l be gled tisharea hantil pyne wi me
oor lives wur here tisharean care wur here ti
ti be sindert frae hisshareat aince murdo dreipit doun
war mairrit ye promised tishareawthing wi me seein as
the r naebodie for tisharethaim whan ah m feinisht
ordinary stuff kind freens thatsharea drap wi me they
the house natasha ye cansharea room wi olga for
betimes he d stop ansharehis cheese an breid wi
because i didnae want tosharemy brother wi anybody f632:
blessd wi mair n myshareo guile wee troot said
certes but a warld mensharewi ither fowk twa gif
no even a feather tosharewi my brothers never entered
anything you d like taesharewi the rest o britain
that ye d like taesharewi the rest o the
the little wifie ait hershareana aye the twa o
they didn t have tosharef1025: aye mm mmhm f1023:
aye aye ye had taesharef1054: good what about a
mmhm that s m1010: ayesharethe toilets aye aye ye
are aspirations that we allsharenot just for those who
those communities that do notsharethat prosperity is made all
for connected purposes many otherssharethose concerns and i ask
then i d get myshareget what s rightfully mine
much wealth and not toshareit my friends call me
wonder if any of yousharemy horror eh that in
left o my mither sshareno lang efter that she
an aim that we allshare11 45 cathie craigie as
grass cattle strollers birds allsharea common journey stepping down
up and there was ashareout all round mabel didn
landing has all got toshareso i d never have
but not all voluntary organisationssharethat experience there needs to
the tin we should allsharethat objective i am happy
for all the crofts whichsharethe common grazing attributable to
recess andrew wilson we allsharethe disappointment that the inquiry
ferrier and sandilands however allsharethe same problems of social
as kenny gibson and isharea background in local government
an issue on which weshareso many objectives we now
lino s thin so manysharethis room a pot of
a wet nurse an wesharea maid an a cook
contributions to policy we alsosharea recognition that organisations outwith
we might be able tosharea resource for example in
fur argy bargy we aasharea room tho at near
that the disappointment that weshareabout some aspects of the
we will be able toshareagricultural and fisheries we will
to the goals that wesharei appeal to the liberal
the matchbox sized room wesharei might just be lucky
drugs we exchange pleasantries andsharelighter moments some of which
that we ve neglected pleasesharem1021: no i think not
to people you know andsharesort of things that we
we will be able tosharethe burdens more equally rather
bus was concerned we wouldsharethe cost of the bus
side tony gallagher we willsharethe loch dr jackson i
of issues including shipping wesharethe same objective of ensuring
towards window carolanne ay madesharewe hud the curtains shut
the reader and the writersharewe re both english speakers
ye d really like taesharethat s really characteristically stirling
you d really like tosharethat you re really fond
event or give them ashareof the takings but that
take up to a 10shareholding do you intend that
to appeal i do notsharemichael matheson s foreboding about
not to be do yousharethat fear if so how
christmas shopping yet stocks willsharea drastic collapse but the
language and will have toshareaccess to one adult informant
am delighted that it willsharein the 60 million that
order presiding officer will yousharethe advice that you have
similarly for the public sectorsharethere will be a potential
of the public sector ssharein puk is it because
that at a they justsharea flat gladys darkly there
fae ootwi the pairlament theysharean interest in a subjeck
from outside the parliament theysharean interest in a subject
guid fortune they wanted tosharean o forming a syndicate
the existing contractors they couldsharedepots and staff to exploit
they were elected scotland sshareof that would be almost
takes it without demur theysharethe rest of it slowly
was something like a timesharethey said that bits of
the quaich an as theysharethis cup thegither they set
the earth if necessary tosharea picnic reward for his
waitin afore he gets hissharebut robin isnae blate in
need to find someone tosharehis appreciation of the miramar
maybe steal nae lass wadsharehis clarty hame for drucken
took him a wife taesharehis life that bore him
desire she disnae seem tosharehis radge wumman fearin perspective
hole he s filled hisshareo reamin hutches an traivels
george hill having relinquished hisshareof a tent on the
his fellow judges nor ashareof the claret that would
and every fellow likes hisshareof whisky you must take
lift upon his back taesharethe muckle erne s crack
and early onywey jeannie andshareto get a guid place
day strange sicht tae besharea gadgie nashin ower the
if it wis feart taeshareit the heather in the
fond of or keen taesharem1013: amerso a- amerso it
hae a richt tae ashareo the plunders is no
wish is noo oors taeshareretiral sae money echoes as
wis radge wantin tae mooliesharethe gadgie didna stal till
transportit back in time taesharethe same sentence o a
direction and you had tosharea bike you would take
possible to er eh toshareeh the the vision er
people from different cultures toshareexperiences and exchange ideas and
organisations in southern africa toshareexpertise and encourage mutual understanding
organisations in southern africa toshareexpertise and encourage mutual understanding
schools and sports clubs tosharefacilities encourage clubs to provide
a creditor s right tosharein the estate of a
grew until i had toshareit i had to reach
the committee have agreed tosharemrs [censored: surname] attractive new office
difficult to obtain the appropriateshareof an advertising campaign for
more money to increase theshareof the budget that he
like to pin down whatshareof the market you are
needed to increase scotland sshareof the organic food market
to focus on that whatshareof the price of a
guarantee to spend an increasingshareof the scottish budget on
re hoping to kind ofshareresources up until such times
you re meant to likeshareshetland dialect stories an things
one small doubt how tosharethe delight of this new
to find out whether yousharethe initial impression that the
to be involved is tosharethe responsibility and to ensure
have to acknowledge that thatsharevaries from title to title
but the locals had asharewednesday 7 to findhorn burghead
matters the first minister isharewinnie ewing s commitment to
raise funds i and othersshareconcerns about that style of
scotland snp of course isharefully pauline mcneill s sentiments
aboot her nae deein hersharegeorgie i was only worried
i have a one sixthsharein a fishing syndicate on
but i i hev asharein a hall so i
i ve had no smallsharein raising and who is
that david davidson and isharemr mcconnell as i said
that you and i mightsharetogether the ecstasy of love
that er english and scotsshareand you re showing the
youse would hae a partsharein maintaining that if the
an it was like thatsharetoilet but f1027: mmhm f1025:
group 4 of a halfsharein premier security group s
why glasgow city council sshareof capital investment in council
organisations can receive an appropriateshareof grants from the new
short lived andrew wilson whatshareof overall revenues for newspapers
the same as deciding theshareof the devolved responsibilities and
few miles roon got ashareof the mert as much
the key choices about theshareof the nation s wealth
allocate funds from the scottishshareof the review for the
allocate funds from the scottishshareof the review for the
down the social economy sshareof total paid employment in
border scotland receives a decliningshareof united kingdom expenditure in
effect the reduction in theshareprice of omne communications ltd
the parliament and throughout europeshareregardless of cultural diversity and
as are the thais whosharethe common bond of buddhism
sport unifies through competition spectatorssharethe experience of success or
the wife of bath michtsharethe knicht s ideas about
impulses historical reality has asharein the matter as well
the scottish executive civil serviceshareis a quarter four times
600 000 what is theshareoverall jim raeburn scottish daily
sal wun the tither salshareaw oor leevin days an
the villages and rural areassharein the credit the small
liberty loues the lion ssharenae freedom there for black
peats cut frae steenhillock sshareo the moss o leddrach
tak the sou for masharequo the fairie ah cumna
a space where he kinsharesafely what di yi say
apprentice chris bought a smallsharein a boarding house and
access suitably qualified staff andshareresources using broadband links developed
ah l still hae asharein lyfe sumhou or ither
tell hir mebbe she wadshareolga s chaumer for a

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