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to develop close partnerships andsharedgoals if this is to
not have a lot ofsharedgoals of course they do
prosperity and working together towardssharedgoals the last word in
see bit noo teenie dsharedit the worry grew wee
see bit noo teenie dsharedit the worry grew wee
bathroom and toilet facilities aresharedno breakfast is provided but
four tenants f1043: [inaudible] f1041: sharedone toilet m1042: mmhm f1041:
dwinnlit awa a worry eenceshareds nae a worry ava
dwinnlit awa a worry eenceshareds nae a worry ava
sleeping perhaps another twenty thesharedshower and toilet were in
a dorm which had asharedtoilet and shower this news
mina was round the f718: sharedtoilet f1077: corner in brook
him with me to thesharedtoilet on the stairhead he
double room spotlessly clean withsharedwc shower kitchen facilities and
so that they have asharedunderstanding of the criteria against
approach to marking through asharedunderstanding of the key indicators
provide the basis for asharedunderstanding of the relationship and
reaffirms our commitment to thesharedvalues of mutual understanding and
a shared vision and asharedtarget and people should know
work there should be asharedvision and a shared target
s right f1041: an everybodysharedye ken i mean there
which will help develop asharedanalysis of the challenges and
sip has worked can besharedwe want to develop better
baith o ye get aathinsharedatween ye in fac i
hour the mike should gitsharedby baith sides aunt marion
as baith septiles an skreichmakkerssharedkin like dna in their
afterwards we discovered that weshareda similar interest in writing
tae forgaither an discuss asharedinterest or cause cross pairty
to meet and discuss asharedinterest or cause cross party
a common interest or asharedlocation and it only works
were lucky [laugh] m1019: weshareda single end with four
for older people and singlesharedassessment for all care groups
many will also draw uponsharedexperiences of teachers students and
townhouses f1037: yeah f1038: ersharedstudents as opposed to the
to employ employees who aresharedbetween or amongst them provided
a chain of music andsharedexperience throughout all the landscapes
physical experience building up asharedvocabulary of consistently derived metaphors
exercises are employed and thesharedinterface design gives a common
a supranational union that acknowledgessharedsovereignty four tiers must be
today three hours ago theyshareda labour room clicking machines
rooms which were fine weshareda large double room spotlessly
really edward tomo [censored: surname] whosharedmy room in the neil
a priority one that issharedby the voluntary sector and
sector is vital to oursharedsocial justice agenda it engages
developing public sector contracts aresharedwith all public authorities taxation
matter because yesterday morning ishareda platform with kenny macaskill
questions is a matter ofsharedconcern to the parliament i
ordeal seemed bearable knowing anothersharedit he glanced approvingly at
of the ride out wesharedour compartment with another finn
world of the provision ofsharedelectric vehicles or bicycles and
the corner the world isharedwith rls was the park
the monie words that ssharedatween scots an english this
writers tae evyte wrangly owersettinsharedwords intae an orra kinna
had to be collected youshareda scull with a friend
in a camera a batchelorsharedhis blood with a mosquito
contracting with funders to deliversharedpriorities the report makes for
handle le boss with thesesharedskills life is relatively easy
man with whom he dsharedthe most successful years of
just after dusk he dsharedthe whisky with mary and
right sucky film tae theysharedtheir airport taxi with a
two traditions the native traditionsharedwith english of the anglo
frowned on it bill alsosharedwith him his appreciation of
those nurses and midwives havesharedwith me they have written
flour the first form issharedwith middle english deriving from
and the extent of motifssharedwith other frequently scandinavian cultures
scottish executive my role nowsharedwith rhona brankin is to
a huge enterprise which wesharedwith the hsdu it was
contexts helps with joint constructionsharedwriting activities and also draws
act three a bedroom nowsharedby olga and irena there
licensing housing scotland act 2001sharedtenacies monitoring the impact of
dissolution housing scotland act 2001sharedtenacies the convener item 2
a workaholic they had nosharedhome life as such he
s foetid nearness and oursharedpredicament made it difficult to
peace and prosperity in thosesharedvalues lie our greatest strength
these years everything we vesharedand suffered all the pain
the memories sweet we vesharedthae saxteen years yer airs
all these languages came fromsharedroots but evolved separately because
that it is because burnssharedall his thoughts and opinions
tae fit in because yousharedsomebody s lobby fan the
or scottis pound although theysharedthe same stone aps ii
two houses an ye allsharedthe same wash hoose an
many friends whose grief issharedby all members of this
have been expressed and opinionssharedon what might be done
strategies that might usefully besharedor compared are cloze procedure
blue star tells how hesharedthe last moments of dying
and good practice must besharedin a structured and strategic
that there should be asharedresponsibility for care and management
we want expertise to besharedand pooled which is why
house which once i hadsharedempty now but i was
alan ferguson you are describingsharedownership which a range of
regions of europe have asharedheritage as well as their
may be bound by asharedpolitical destiny their literary historical
looped the loop as theysharedtheir first wet kiss everyone
m no fashed gin yeshareda bed or picked ten
until each grain of mealshareda little of the fat
boy smell a team smellsharedactivity belonging it was a
tasty piece of fish beingsharedby a cormorant and a
does not seem to besharedby a j aitken 1982
a view that is notsharedby the registrar general mr
a danger that on thissharedisland people speak about europeans
recall the discussion that wesharedon a previous occasion i
report there is still asharedpartnership agreement certainly at the
largely on a sense ofsharedresponsibility five kopecks roughly 5p
without a hitch kathryn kevinsharedthe driving to grays essex
them a already chrissie shesharedthem wi s a dod
language as a whole hassharedthis disagreeable image and low
and the desire that issharedby the criminal justice agencies
that problems exist to besharedi ve no idea you
quotas will continue to besharedout according to historic entitlements
that i am sure issharedthroughout the chamber we are
of member states and thesharedcompetence of the union and
local authority and information wassharedin respect of data protection
the midden for rubbish thesharedwash house and place for
saturday nights were lively m1022: sharedtoilets m1021: there was no
aware of any difficulty forsharedownership nor have difficulties been
necessary nutrients the children thensharedin the process of making
before everyone lapsed into thesharedsilence of the meditation she
local authority tenants living inshareddwellings members will remember that
residency will add feltmaking tosharedresources for teaching creative textile
tee for e hedge wissharedeen ere s naebody likes
in the year ahead isharedthat feeling utterly i would

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