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cut by a binder thesheavesleft by the binder were
the binder twine around thesheaveswith a knife secured to
was done by collecting thesheavesinto a group and standing
was necessary to place thesheavesprecisely at the hand of
the cart to throw thesheavesup onto the stack by
just below the knee thesheaveshad to be fed grain
row gyte to set upsheavesin gaits haad to hold
socialist farm labourers proudly displaysheavesof wheat the exhibition is
an aberdeenshire informant of haysheavesset up in threes we
number there were normally eightsheavesin a stook stooking allowed
lowsing the ties on thesheavesand also pick tatties in
orraman for carting turnips drivingsheavesand other odd jobs about
bein biggit to take thesheavesfrom the forker below and
where are your farmers gatheringsheavesof corn today bloody streets
person in aa buchan hersheaveso loaf she cut ye
on the ground put thesheaveson top an jist gie
top of a cartload ofsheavesbecause the horse moved forward
and warmed milk storm stookssheavesset up in fours in
the seventeenth century often thesheaveswere set up in ones
air to circulate through thesheavesin order to dry and
home from school help gathersheavesat harvest time doing the
way that there were foursheavesone at each corner wi
broom was put up intosheavesand stooked up for a
with the scythe and thesheaveswere bun nearer the craps

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