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wis caa d frostin esheenso ye can unnerstan foo
to be made in newsheenthis wis caa d frostin
tinkie tinkie tarry bags rottensheenan aal rags even folk
the cog holes on esheenif cog holes hid to
muck on yer beets orsheenafore ye steppit intae the
the muckle shelt wi ironsheenan sherpen them wi spikes
beets en twa pair osheenin anither shop he tried
weel tae hae on gweedsheenor yer hill beets for
yer shirt eh beets ansheen[?]pint[/?] are laces aye that
stocking sheel de husk grainsheenshoes sheil to shovel siccan
frichtit she d fyle hersheenthats the cows toilet she
twa dooncast een twa traucheltsheena pathie teem o cherms
till her cousin mary ssheenwar teem mary played in
makar tae mak saft leathersheenfor weemen an bairns an
ferryhill weel shod in leathersheenfrae watt an milne jyned
fite socks an patent leathersheennae bumshayvilt trainers fur her
the driven snaa an hersheenshone like sharn on a
wash wullie s needin newsheengrip skyte flash sweeties ale
irenin byeurd siveral pairs osheenboxes at hid been teemt
clootie and she cleans hissheenit isnae pairt o the
or daisy strukk their ironsheenagainst the cassies a twa
programme but it was michaelsheens mum and her pal
you say shoes we saysheenyou say above we say
trees noo lose their simmersheennae langer noo the forty
spinnle shanks twa spurtles weirinsheensookin frae a bottle oblivion
thum larsson hud a gowdensheentae um sutton wis grey
ye ve tae takk yersheenaff at the door an
funny f1001: took aff yersheenan put on yer jimmies
maun hae steens in yersheenhe leuch fur minnie wis
comes homer in his quaetsheenanely here the toun has
enamel bright against its pewtersheenpop spaniels playing at the
name that actor mic- michaelsheenhe s some f809: [inaudible]
are interested in what michaelsheens mum has in her
thinking well she s michaelsheens mum [laugh] you know
an pittin on ma ornarysheena lady cam up till
even doon tae blaikenin hissheenafore they pit them ontae
day wi a richt frostysheenwi a blue sky fine
harns spirkit up ower masheensyne he steepit his hauns
an pirn tae feet gotsheenthat wallop wide as flippers
days auld had lost theirsheenan were curlt up an
deems clip clop on teeterinsheena bleep o mobiles clappt
back covered in the soapysheenof formerly impenetrable now popped

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