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of teachers june 2001 6shefccirc he 00 01 21st
01 21st march 2001 7shefccirc he 15 2001 19th
research 2 there are twentyshefcfunded heis in scotland these
section 44 under which allshefcfunded heis other than pre
title status and powers betweenshefcfunded heis will be explored
scotland act 1992 according toshefcheis are legally autonomous corporate
scottish higher education funding councilshefc1 or was classified as
college and the provision ofshefcfunded he courses through the
he activity is funded byshefche activity includes research taught
eligible to receive funding fromshefc2 guide for members of
as eligible for funding byshefcunder section 44 of the
it is not an institutionshefcalso funds the open university
gives the institution access toshefcfunding colleges of fe cannot
a university prior to 1992shefcwas established under section 37
investigate the basis of theshefcreviews of teaching and research
and lifelong learning department 2shefcteaching and research review the
institutions and good practice benchmarksshefc1999 3 ssi 2001 39
and further education funding councilshefcannounced in march 2001 6
the review of funding byshefcthe committee agreed the remit
following guidance from the executiveshefchas increased by 10 the

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