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minnie bruce secretly thocht thesheltmicht be an ancestor o
a shelt he s halfsheltas it is i sweir
da should hae merriet ashelthe s half shelt as
halflins foo tae cure ashelto colic wi ile o
the tuim anes in hizsheltan cairt i the drames
uncle peter hid harnessed theshelttae the cairt pit on
are ye nae takkin thesheltooto the barn his father
fin alec tells ye theshelts lugs cockit forrit takkin
her heels like a restlesssheltminnie dearie dinna dee that
wird an could command baithsheltan wumman fin the humour
dee rin like a wattersheltricht brawly ben the banks
the back o the auncientsheltan winneret if like jock
oot the feed inno eachshelts bag it wis jock
wis seein s an ailinshelthid brocht the hale thing
dowp o tibby fin thesheltdrew up in the ferm
near as thick as ashelts tail sae lang that
the shape o a carvedsheltwi a chiel on his
smith could fit the mucklesheltwi iron sheen an sherpen
canna leave the lassie ssheltlike thon he tuik careful
fauldie wis bigger nur yonsheltwi braider feet an heicher
muckle chestnut jaws o thesheltchawed frae side tae side
a stinkin mowdie fur ashelthates yon abeen aathing afore
a puddock fell aff hissheltan deid at the heicht
nicher like an ayld daneshelthis wife molly wis roon
wad raither hae gotten asheltlike daisy that his da
word they could stop ashelton the road an reest
was a cuddy or ashelthe had never heard it
aboot a dug or asheltbit ye ve taen efter
t corse corachree an ordiesheltastronaut new plottit stars the

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