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leave behind the air raidshelterand the gas masks in
of a derelict air raidshelteranother car park has taken
had been an air raidshelterbut obviously you don t
wid like an air raidshelterin each classroom biggit wide
t build an air raidshelteron top of a exactly
sittin in a air raidshelterso we dinna get paid
i maun hurry tae theshelterthey micht drap a bomb
we were in a bombsheltertogether it wouldn t be
i was in a bombshelterwith you m944: no [laugh]
if i ging to theshelterneen o s will get
need to ging to thesheltershe pushes him towards the
chance you ging to theshelterye ken that the morn
in an it geed graanshelteron a caal an winny
e reef overhangs at geedsheltertae piles o winter logs
an funs at geed gweedsheltertill e craps an a
caught peeing in that busshelterby mrs brown the dinner
deein t in the busshelterit s nae decent an
vandals smashed the new busshelterjocky todd is stottin fu
who built a whole busshelteron the wrong street while
entering georgie in the busshelterricht in front o my
a while in the busshelterwaiting for the rain to
young man against the busshelterwall he was relishing the
it says on oor busshelterwhen rab s bus came
kirkcaldy quines in the busshelterwytin fur the rain tae
purpose of providing food orshelterfor wild animals wild birds
is to provide food orshelterfor wild animals wild birds
purpose of providing food orshelterfor wild animals wild birds
really to mak put upshelterplenty o shelter so we
put up shelter plenty oshelterso we had fences and
around april providing a perfectshelterover his entrada against the
small adobe house and thatchedshelterearly in the afternoon we
afternoon we waited in thesheltertill our porters arrived with
one it was built toshelterthe tugs and lighters plying
towards the tempting warmth andshelterbut hesitated when the driver
sae abody oot to theshelterhe shepherds teenie towards the
on the top of thisshelterand ehm little did we
on the top of thisshelterand i can remember actually
pilgrims could find food andshelterspittal is found in other
rale thick an graan forshelterere wis even some fancy
best ye could wi esheltero a stook ere wis
ere d be nae mairsheltersaid ma faither awa hame
onywey in ruthven street naesheltera got awfu weet a
young lass that has foundshelterunder your roof is jauntering
a beholden beild n vshelterbeir v bear beirial n
me demanded that i findshelterbefore it shrivelled away altogether
hole a find gey littleshelterhe plucks me oot an
come in winter maybe toshelterif if there s bad
in f746: mm f978: toshelterif it was bad weather
d helped them into theshelterboth were trembling a little
bit wi little success taesheltere craftie ye cam intill
a fyow scrubby treeickies forshelterwis stuck on e side
the other side of theshelteryou just didn t talk
land reform convention gavin corbettshelterand jim lugton scottish council
bodies were also involved includingshelterand the scottish council for
council for single homeless andshelterwere concerned that hmos should
you put it over ashelterf1111: pardon f1112: here you
deck were put in theshelterof the superstructure or clung
a wooden construction with ashelterat the north end of
point and losing the partialshelterof the north rhins peninsula
see you climbin onto theshelterand you never climbed on
you never climbed on ashelterof course that was within
to drag herself into forsheltershe would never again make
window everybody went to anothershelterand there was one day
were available to us throughshelterindicated that it could cost
into the disused kirk forshelterits roof and windows were
soup was out in thesheltersheds which were situated at
it awa oot to theshelterafore the planes get here
running before the gale forsheltera large wave or waves
research that was undertaken byshelterwhen people get in the
tae mak it intae ashelteran ither shelters wis biggit
where there are bits ofshelterwhereas here it seems so
daith a cannae rin taeshelteras a did when a
got me up onto thisshelterand eh i mean we
pluck me off of thisshelterand you know lift me
low thatched building used toshelterlambs or weak sheep whar
alliance the road haulage associationshelteror anyone else who contacts
thinking it was an andersonshelterbut all credit to his
abody was aff in theshelterexcept for mrs graham she
was livin in the andersonshelter[laugh] m1022: no but that
was nowhere but this emptyshelterwith a big graffiti sign
that time i worked forshelteri said that the voluntary
neuk for a wee bitshelterey surley div look wednesday
lines of the figures thatshelterhas identified until we see
otherwise we stayed in theshelterin the growing cold and
we would hide in theshelterof leaves and bird s
lums an the mavis takkshelteraneth the rubbery leaves o
o anglo saxon origin meaninshelterbi the bog the umquhile
f978: because there s moreshelterin shetland it s more
no citizens advice bureaux noshelterscotland no credit unions no
the pavement tables for theshelterof the bar s sepia
alongside the pier in theshelterof the loch and harbour
to stay in the relativeshelterof the lounge these passengers
are you gan to thesheltergrannie lizzie i m gan
example the parliamentary officer ofshelterdeals with a multitude of
after the ordeal of theshelterchrissie onybody hurt dod i
biek forenent the sin toshelterfrom the sun and bessy
that voluntary organisations such asshelterscotland and the scottish federation

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