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the king o love myshepherdis whose goodness faileth never
thy goodness faileth never goodshepherdmay i sing thy praise
ask the presiding officer whethershepherdand wedderburn ws has been
dates advice was provided byshepherdand wedderburn ws on this
on 26 september 2002 whenshepherdand wedderburn ws was first
contemporary catalan manuscripts and stephanieshepherdalso sings in a madrigal
up patrick meadows and stephanieshepherdan american couple founded alma
broad nothing like the robbieshepherdcolumn in the press and
and journal 2005 in robbieshepherds weekly column the wind
visions of a demented medievalshepherdtrying to cram sheep into
my friendship with erm robbieshepherdwho came from dunecht which
hir pron her hird nshepherdhirpil v hobble hirsell pron
and make something like ashepherds pie and f1038: that
really is f1038: like ashepherds pie or lasagne or
widna be sae keen taeshepherdaa ither bodies bairns an
sample it was that sameshepherdthat i once saw sitting
widna like tae be ashepherdwid ye man it s
his pastoral drama the gentleshepherd1725 the line from ramsay
the king of love myshepherdis moula ah ken sum
moula the lord s mashepherdmoula the lord s ma
context of his reading gedditshepherdsheep and he s looking
thin as desiccated mummies ashepherdis driving his flock across
giving the lord s myshepherdbig licks in his by
in the next field theshepherdat drumnadrochit is a protestant
a freen o mine bertshepherdat over tocher meikle wartle
a red sky at nightshepherds delight nearly there look
it was true that mrshepherdof orbliston had a great
idleseat there was an oldshepherdused to visit willie mathieson
a sun warmed ridge ashepherdresting far below a hawk
tak the floor wi rabbieshepherderm and he was very
the showder o a kneelinshepherda rosy glimmer like the
going to work as ashepherdfor ernie reid at townhead
he d bin anely ashepherdthere fa d mairriet the
some said he wis ashepherdithers that he wis a
men greive foreman cattlemen andshepherdat one time there were

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