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graham laurence introduction in ashetlandanthology poetry from earliest times
graham laurence introduction in ashetlandanthology poetry from earliest times
graham laurence i graham lerwickshetlandpublishing company 1998 pp xv
graham laurence i graham lerwickshetlandpublishing company 1998 pp xv
the shetland dictionary lerwick theshetlandtimes 1999 graham laurence introduction
the shetland dictionary lerwick theshetlandtimes 1999 graham laurence introduction
scottish arts council recently awardedshetlandanother schools craft residency a
a schools craft residency toshetlandarts trust s indigenous craft
the shetland schools craft residencyshetlandhats in hatwalk 2005 shetland
and spatial awareness for theshetlandresidency it was time to
interaction with professional craftspeople ourshetlandresidency was a successful collaboration
was a good beginning forshetlands first textile craft residency
artist into the community theshetlandschools craft residency shetland hats
at weekends the residency theshetlandschools craft residency was part
residency would specialise in exploringshetlandwool for feltmaking like knitting
grammar and usage of theshetlanddialect lerwick the shetland times
150 graham john j theshetlanddictionary lerwick the shetland times
150 graham john j theshetlanddictionary lerwick the shetland times
organised entirely by members ofshetlandfireball dinghy association and lerwick
shetland vocabulary certainly continues throughoutshetlandin the town of lerwick
and berwickshire ld scott tavishshetlandld simpson dr richard ochil
john ayr con scott tavishshetlandld simpson dr richard ochil
john ayr con scott tavishshetlandld simpson dr richard ochil
john ayr con scott tavishshetlandld simpson dr richard ochil
john ayr con scott tavishshetlandld simpson dr richard ochil
john ayr con scott tavishshetlandld simpson dr richard ochil
john ayr con scott tavishshetlandld simpson dr richard ochil
and kincardine ld scott tavishshetlandld simpson dr richard ochil
john ayr con scott tavishshetlandld simpson dr richard ochil
and kincardine ld scott tavishshetlandld simpson dr richard ochil
and kincardine ld scott tavishshetlandld simpson dr richard ochil
the shetland dialect lerwick theshetlandtimes robertson mairi 1973 modern
first i really missed ehmshetlandvery much missed lerwick an
joannee graham s splendit theshetlanddictionary a book i canna
a mischievous fairy from theshetlanddictionary by john j graham
is in john graham sshetlanddictionary i had never given
mulligan linlithgow lab tavish scottshetlandld attended witnesses dr alastair
cunninghame south lab tavish scottshetlandld ben wallace north east
took the oath tavish scottshetlandld elaine smith coatbridge and
of scotland con tavish scottshetlandld elaine thomson aberdeen north
break the law tavish scottshetlandld in your opening remarks
islands con scott tavish hamiltonshetlandld sheridan tommy glasgow ssp
and berwickshire ld scott tavishshetlandld sheridan tommy glasgow ssp
ferry services 1 tavish scottshetlandld to ask the scottish
executive agriculture 1 tavish scottshetlandld to ask the scottish
of the boat exhibition theshetlandarts trust craft officer sourced
trust s indigenous craft projectshetlandarts trust provided the purpose
afoir norroway gruppit orkney anshetlandan eire rokkal wi the
of dialects like for exampleshetlandand also orkney and glas-
the areas of orkney andshetlandare currently excluded by order
livestock exports from orkney andshetlandare helped by a rebate
the north east orkney andshetlandare the places that best
contain significant island communities orkneyshetlandcunninghame north c the largest
representatives of northlink orkney andshetlandferries and whether the issue
ministers and northlink orkney andshetlandferries ltd 3 water inquiry
consent of northlink orkney andshetlandferries ltd se 2002 97
western isles orkney islands andshetlandislands and whether specific regard
with my dangerous waters inshetlandorkney and the minch the
what shetlands f948: accents likeshetlands completely different fae orkney
parliament legislation in orkney andshetlands1w 17763 mary scanlon to
during our visits to orkneyshetlandthe western isles inverness and
on to be adviser inshetlandthen orkney and ross shire
wild salmon in orkney andshetlandthere are problems however on
1951 25 except in orkneyshetlandwhere under udal law which
laws applicable to orkney andshetlandwhich are based on those
fur him twartree pages abootshetlandan shetland writin der features
i actually speak to theshetlandbairns in shetland m865: mmhm
you been living here inshetlandf951: in in shetland well
shetland hats in hatwalk 2005shetlandfeltmaking community workshops boat a
some o the time shetlandshetlandfolk dinna see themselves as
are a great advert forshetlandi recall that when shetland
to the shetland bairns inshetlandm865: mmhm f951: an the
on the road signs inshetlandor we have shetland signs
shetland writin der features onshetlandpoetry written baith bi mesell
shetland i recall that whenshetlands sportshall athletics team dominated
lo- some o the timeshetlandshetland folk dinna see themselves
i d be shetland wellshetlandshould be the main thing
in shetland or we haveshetlandsigns m865: yeah okay we-
gradual decline of the characteristicshetlandvocabulary certainly continues throughout shetland
in shetland f951: in inshetlandwell i thirty three take
m952: yeah i d beshetlandwell shetland should be the
twartree pages aboot shetland anshetlandwritin der features on shetland
yeah f951: my children speakshetlandbut when they go to
f951: listenin to stories inshetlanddialect is maybe no just
f951: that s eh inshetlanddialect that we use an
like for example ehm glaswegianshetlanddoric ehm f951: mmhm i
two for scandinavian any forshetlandf951: there s a draw
think yeah yeah yeah f951: shetlandhas its own identity an
right in the north ofshetlandm865: mm mm mmhm f951:
f951: with folk remem- auldshetlandpeople rememberin how this affected
if you re no ashetlandspeaker m865: yeah f951: i
messages we write them inshetlandu1028: [inaudible] m865: mmhm f951:
life m952: been she- inshetlandaa mi life except for
ve never been outside ofshetlandfor very long m952: when
m952: but you try readinshetland[laugh] i cannae even understand
speak m952: they should spaekshetland[laugh] yeah no no no
has that tae do wishetlandm865: okay m952: nothin m865:
an while you re inshetlandm865: yeah m952: because i
how strongly do you feelshetlandm952: yeah i d be
english or anything no noshetlandokay m952: cause if you
discussed but whose poems inshetlanddialect and english were collected
really actually think o theshetlanddialect as scots m865: mm
all the children in theshetlanddialect can we an it
been encouraged tae encourage theshetlanddialect i mean there s
have ye canna encourage theshetlanddialect if you re no
you shall not speak inshetlanddialect in this school you
itself isn t it f978: shetlanddialect is very different yes
really heard anybody talkin broadshetlanddialect kinda they ve always
but i suppose i meanshetlanddialect s very different itself
re meant to like shareshetlanddialect stories an things with
would be all in theshetlanddialect you know people dressed
the peerie unst knitters atshetlandarts trust s knitting for
fair isle worked jointly withshetlandarts trust to organise their
sic education service and theshetlandarts trust whose application had
wool is easily accessible inshetlandthe scottish arts council recently
i d class mesel asshetlandfirst m865: okay right let
who ve actually got ashetlandheritage in some ways m865:
should be able to spaekshetland[laugh] m865: mmhm okay yeah
no no uh huh m865: shetlandokay not like queen s
f948: i like listenin toshetlandones m865: right why s
huh yeah f948: but orc-shetlandthey say peery m865: okay
s somethin link norwegian anshetlandtogether m865: uh huh mmhm
s that s obviously theshetlanduse m865: uh huh uh
quarterly an it s encouragesshetlandwriters an m865: mm mmhm
dt ir fun in theshetlanddictionary howivur dis book will
in the norn dictionary faeshetlandjakobsen s norn dictionary f606:
the games a success forshetlandevery aspect of the games
capacity to deliver the gamesshetlandis the smallest island ever
team manager of the 2005shetlandisland games team the thing
be the beginning the 2005shetlandisland games team with 220
cycling programme of the gamesshetlands roads and hills have
experience of other games thatshetlandwas one of the best
an it was called theshetlandbus f746: oh right f978:
down in the west ofshetlandf746: ah mmhm f978: so
s all fiddle music onshetlandf746: mmhm f978: an of
telling ehm s- stories inshetlandf746: oh right f978: an
different you growing up inshetlandf978: oh it was yes
inclusive event the 250 strongshetlandteam had some of the
three times more than theshetlandteam has had in any
a positive effect on theshetlandteam s chances although i
bit we held on taeshetlandfaar e laicher islands made
have been distributed in theshetlandislands council area and how
local authority homes in theshetlandislands council area in the
is sports development officer withshetlandislands council he was general
implement a gaelic language planshetlandislands council went further and
gallery today the convener ofshetlandislands council who has a
2001 the environmentally sensitive areasshetlandislands designation amendment order 2001
28 the environmentally sensitive areasshetlandislands designation amendment order 2001
3320 22 december 1999 theshetlandislands regulated fishery scotland order
yes they do f746: ashetlandculture which is neither or
between sco- eh norway anshetlandf746: mm oh that s
from aberdeen to sumburgh inshetlandmmhm f746: oh that s
is called the garden ofshetlandmust be quite agricultural f746:
letters of praise in theshetlandtimes from locals and visitors
whose weekly forecast in theshetlandtimes kept up the gloom
breadth of education offered byshetlandschools and sends its best
of teaching staff from allshetlandschools have been enhanced though
did people speak norwegian inshetlandat all or was it
that if ye were fraeshetlandthen ye could speak gaelic
huh f828: went up toshetlandand f606: uh huh f828:
f606: [cough] m830: peerie inshetlandf606: mmhm f829: yeah m830:
have been goin up toshetlandf606: uh huh [laugh] f828:
aa the wild flooers haveshetlandnames f1074: mmhm f606: mmhm
has a a hoose inshetlandtoo an she goes f606:
a ehm a magazine inshetlandeh produced i think it
[laugh] but ehm the theshetlandi mean they re like
there s more shelter inshetlandit s more like ehm
they started dancing ehm ashetlandreel which is kind of
know there s ehm oldshetlandstories that s ehm similar
council went further and statedshetlandhas no tradition of gaelic
i mean do people inshetlandfeel close closer to norse
and especially i mean theshetlandfiddle as well you always
the well i mean theshetlandis the thistle an aa
i mean i suppose likeshetlandlike talkin about the language
that i mean competitors toshetlandwith the right package of
that usually grows weel onshetlandf1074: yes uh huh oh
aksin aboot wir hoose inshetlandf961: uh huh uh huh
yeah okay we- well she-shetlandis is part of scots
maybe slightly different fae whatshetlandpeople would say like oh
use of different pint sizesshetlandrentals were rendered in kind
that s really exotic forshetlandf1074: oh brilli- yeah mmhm
to get land anywhere inshetlandf961: mmhm f960: erm yondroo
they hae them translated taeshetlandnear enough [laugh] yeah mmhm
was the editor o theshetlandnews f1074: mmhm mmhm mmhm
so you grew up onshetlandthen f828: mmhm on the
yeah but the weather inshetlandwell it s a little
the broons always had ashetlandaccent [inaudible] f1018: well well
cause we say bonny inshetlandas well but it s
s what we do inshetlandas well not everybody does
to use a sporting metaphorshetlandpunches well above its weight
pit a notice apö radioshetlandder awfil göd aboot things
s a praise poem abootshetlandknitters set i da lovely
wisnae i wisnae thinkin abootshetlandwhan it cam doon tae
buchan the borders caithness andshetlandcontemporary colloquial scots now differentially
the spread of scots inshetlandit seems that shetlanders over
in 1994 and 1997 hershetlandscots is dense and richly
n e scots arriving inshetlanduse a phrase like a
ve lived in in likeshetlandaa their lives an they
queries both in and outwithshetlandaald peter o da quoys
that s a name inshetlandan it must have come
hae the road signs inshetlandan while you re in
ewing when i was inshetlandat the weekend people said
time i visited friends inshetlandat their house in scalloway
get more snow up inshetlandbecause it s colder you
around 2000 international athletes inshetlandbut then again i am
artist jeanette sendler arrived inshetlandby boat on a saturday
college newbattle abbey college andshetlandcollege are unincorporated in terms
workshops took place in theshetlandcollege artists knitters and other
returning south in which caseshetlandcould end up with a
word itself in repetition inshetlandcould perhaps have become hellery
you say that in ermshetlandf1054: no but i ve
wonderful gairden and gairdenin inshetlandf1074: mm [laugh] f1073: is
might cause some controversy inshetlandglaswegian or buchan 31 per
all my life i haveshetlandgrandparents in pr 6 i
three years in recent yearsshetlandhas hosted some excellent one
that they called rivlins inshetlandi don t know if
monteith donald gorrie s1m 3495shetlandin scotland in sweden event
agencies and private businesses acrossshetlandin the end around 1500
trying to grow onything inshetlandis a bit of a
its knitting sweaters up inshetlandmaybe it s thumbing its
re biddin five year inshetlandnot juist five year in
there because there s theshetlandpeople who live in the
economic benefits the exposure thatshetlandreceived in the scottish media
the familiar material used inshetlandtextiles and to apply fresh
it was a week inshetlandthat will be never forgotten
sea temperature is higher inshetlandthe sea temperatures have been
there s always cause inshetlandthere s got such a
a- f1054: wh- in inshetlandthey talk about the settle
also in economic terms promoteshetlandto a wide audience and
in have all come toshetlandto work in the oil
parallels to the situation inshetlandtoday on one hand the
of old norse spoken inshetlanduntil 17th century waageng aftertaste
been using this word inshetlandusually it is possible to
mark after all hellery inshetlandvery likely did start with
tae spik in er fineshetlandvoice she thocht i d
the event of tenants inshetlandvoting against whole stock transfer
aaful lot in gairdens inshetlandwas southernwood does fock still
jeanette s first day inshetlandwas spent with knitters and
glaciers are melting faster inshetlandwe had a miserable summer
the summer i was inshetlandwhere people are proud of
there s more parts inshetlandwhere y- where there are
afterlife were created in feltedshetlandwool and bone fragments influenced
a root of the oldshetlandword helur as found in
scotland just stay in inshetlandye get an affa lot
links tae idder websites someshetlandeens you ll fin hit
and took some equipment andshetlandfleece home to their own
shö needed noo wis someshetlandwirds tae accompany da video
an i d sooner gieshetlanda mair part or pro-
horses c shire horses dshetlandponies e highland ponies f
sunny i asked michelle ofshetlandtravelscope if she d noticed
legitimate for the people ofshetlandto take that course mr
s say other would beshetlandhere eh how how strongly
a danish eh tongue andshetlandthat that s more similar
s a je- eh ashetlandword f1040: gansey aye a
from dornoch nairn strathpeffer andshetlandearlier they all say that
faimily bade freens foriver aiftershetlands like at i doot
ve got staff here fromshetlandall the way down to
events took place all overshetlandfrom aith to whalsay and
is i did hit furshetlandan if you geng tae
west as weel as taeshetlandan it wis a richt
m affa inclined tae goshetlandan then i get completely
come amongst idder places taeshetlandas part o a travelling
hit wid be gyaain taeshetlandi felt an uncontrollable trimmel
i ll probably spik broadshetlandtae but as soon as
hospitality on e mainland oshetlandtee i happent eence tae
s nothin tae do wishetlandwe try to bury them
i ve never been toshetlandi can t i do-
no tremendous storms just normalshetlandstorms there have certainly been
parliament recognises the importance toshetlandof its fishing industry which
men s football final betweenshetlandand guernsey the numbers escalate
s objectives inshore limits theshetlandbox relative stability the hague
have shipped out most ofshetlands commercial woollen products for
school projects and relate toshetlands history and culture boat
gansey but that s ashetlandword that aye a gansey
followed each of the twoshetlandgoals was unforgettable there has
a new and exciting developmentshetlandhas never had a tartan
arrived ready made from outsideshetlandcanada it would seem at
it kinda strange moving fromshetlandto here when you did
[laugh] [laugh] f1073: goin roondshetlandnoo can you no see
you don t talk broadshetlandon the phone an when
found an elderly but colourfulshetlandboat the thelma arrived at
sooth man an couldna spaekshetlandbut a göd enyoch vet
an keep on knittin furshetlanddugs an bairns wid come
scene indeed an industry andshetlandplays host to many successful
hitched the plough to ashetlandpony maybe they bribed an
new ideas and cultures toshetlandboats have shipped out most
shetlander but keen on dashetlandtunes willing ta play twartree
with the assistance of theshetlandcollege textile department and additional
fusing fabrics into felted woolshetlandfleece was fused with metallic
of common english words withshetlandpronunciations this gradual decline of
get a lot of sh-shetlandwomen running off with russian
achieve as many medals forshetlandas possible my preference if
i don t think thatshetlandreally does represent scotland i
about that book called theshetlandbus you know where they
was the unity of theshetlandcommunity for one week and
surface and colours of theshetlandlandscape the hat collection was
trap sometimes it was ashetlandpony and gig coach tours
experience of success or defeatshetlandwas indisputably united during the
coverage a joint bbc radioshetlandand bbc radio guernsey production
must fit the requirements ofshetlandand glasgow for example it
mile fishing limits and theshetlandbox adopting a multi annual
the hague preference and theshetlandbox and conservation measures based
undeniable credit and firmly putshetlandon the sailing map or
sheltie or shaltie is ashetlandpony stocky and full of
the pilot areas of fifeshetlandross and cromarty the borders
audience and bring tourists toshetlandthe weak link as we
access restrictions such as theshetlandbox which limits the number
such as buchan glasgow orshetlanddialects the presiding officer please
the average temperatures of theshetlandclimate including the sea temperature
community centre she visited theshetlandembroiderers guild to give a
huge leaving the harbour theshetlandferry bites through fable fathoms
the ships by robert leaskshetlandfolk book vol 7 1980
day see the tour deshetlandon the sports news adverts
true o da plight oshetlandspaekin among wir young eens
now following suit sponsorship ofshetlandsports groups is to be
heat of a rhodes summershetlandthis summer demonstrated a clear
vessels fishing for whitefish aroundshetlandwill be reviewed by the

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