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shuffle agnes do the monkeyshinenow sadie caro yeh yeh
lord make his face toshineupon us and be gracious
lord makk his face taeshineupon ye an be gracious
i get that torch toshinef1107: no you can t
he wanted a torch taeshinein ma eyes where ae
t get the torch toshinem1108: i want to shine
m1108: no i want toshinef1107: you can shine once
to shine f1107: you canshineonce they re in the
shine m1108: i want toshinethat f1107: well ooh okay
strokes wad blot thy brilliantshinean ev ry passage i
should isis only see theeshineis not thy forth as
mornin tae nicht sin disshineaffa bonny an bricht monday
rainfall 2 16 sin disshinean it poors o rain
the start the sin disshinebit step o the sin
in the weak spring sinshineere wis still sna on
temp 12 18 sin disshinefae mornin tae nicht fowk
temp 5 18 sin disshinefae mornin throo tae nicht
ian e sin likes taeshineintill e hoose faar ere
het as the sin disshineroasts yon peely wally body
wis a day o sinshinesin shinin in a a
in the mornin tae sinshineturns oot a day thats
day lang the sin disshinewednesday 6th temp 12 23
is clean and the starsshineeven during the day sings
s her pillow and starsshineround her head the big
word the stars do notshinethrough the print nor does
lang day the sun llshinebit tak ye tent this
[laugh] f807: does the sunshineerm [laugh] f806: does the
badly f806: does the sunshinef807: hm f806: [laugh] does
[laugh] f806: does the sunshinein germany [laugh] yeah [laugh]
o sna bree garrin themshinein the yalla blearie sun
aw day the sun willshineit s me will hae
the sun be sweir tishinelat ilka starn fade like
f806: [laugh] does the sunshine[laugh] f807: does the sun
cairried oan its gleam anshinekeeps the shadeies blinded keeps
in the oven you canshinecan t ye m1108: hey
[?]that stool[/?] f1107: why m1108: toshineat the flour f1107: mm
will you m1108: i llshineif there s some ghosts
mmhm m1108: [raspberry] i llshinesomewhere else f1107: will you
parkin lot hubcaps an bonnetsshinewi frost like mowdies weariet
there you are don tshineit in your eyes look
to tumble out eager toshineonce more before my eyes
their banners your name willshineout in fiery letters tonight
hid teen on a gweedshineere wis twa cushions on
every friday hail rain orshinem608: mmhm m636: eh m635:
café like fallen galaxies theshineof christmas lights on every
the hyne aff leddrach damshinelike mither o pearl far
angel of [laugh] abundance wouldshineon me and i would
a glintworm winna gar yeshinean a dout ye ll
tells us truth uh llshinethrough oo ve to bide
ho xmas star dae yeshinesae fair jist for the
said it was loathe toshinelater it came in more
that made woolworth s banglesshinemore brightly on the young
of twenty minutes hair willshineand baldness be prevented 7
a reflector behind them toshinethe light out into the
then a the sellotape wouldshinewhen they turn on their
an ice rink sliddery wishinea corbie beats the back
rust unburnish d not toshinein use he continues and
boys selling postcards offering toshineour trainers or simply asking
abeen tik a reed rosyshinetil it seems that wye

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