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phoebus and his glancing houresshininghaill sister scheine to nature
like a tribe of gypsiesshininggold and black den a
joy a tribe of gypsiesshininggold and black last portrait
her breasts a noon dayshininga shower of golden rain
in this play knight inshiningarmour and then cause more
for a knight on ashininghorse to gallop into your
lenin s tomb is ofshiningred marble strewn with flowers
wings in the fifth chaliceshininglike a sword a steely
fifteen and the sun wasshiningbut it wasn t hot
f1111: cause the sun sshiningoutside today the sun s
outside today the sun sshiningoutside we should have made
on apace the sun isshiningstill and miracle of miracles
summer and the sun isshiningwarmly now and then people
with a couple of lightsshiningon me and i felt
and bricht wi the lightsshiningoot through the windows inside
from the lurky shark ofshiningteeth but what if you
inner landscape show me yourshiningteeth fridge in the black
there that s the lightshiningcause they re all gaun
by the light of torchesshiningdown always down just in
and m608: uh huh f643: shiningehm a pulsed light through
the way the light sshiningon her f1104: oh i
low so glided through theshiningautomatic doors at fairberry s
by cartier deadly as napalmshiningin its web the savage
own my name s noshiningin letters of fire now
solace comes with the starsshiningthrough the blindfolds of the
egg cup together with ashininghorn spoon cousin neil had
now our hame is ashiningexample to ithers lilian but
darling or cynthia her eyesshiningin the moonlight gazed at
f1024: yeah yeah f1023: isshiningdo you have tae darken
in the mornin see sinshiningthroo affa gweed wither we
oyster catchers mincing in theshiningshallow waters of the quartz

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