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ye shoud wear a tshirtaye i probably shoud wear
ye shoud wear a tshirtit s gie het ootside
ootside ye shoud a tshirtoccasionally thi main verb kin
probably shoud wear a tshirtthi main modal verbs in
he has his short sleevedshirton she does a wicked
trousers belgian and short sleevedshirtpakistani his cherished ambition is
the cells handcuffed to ashirtsleeved policeman over to the
a sirk a sirk ashirtwas a sirk f1041: it
for [censored: forename] and a peruvianshirtand alpaca fedora for me
purchased a pullover and tshirtand [censored: forename] bought a peruvian
and [censored: forename] bought a peruvianshirtfor pedro we came to
yesterday i put on tshirtand shorts and so exposed
is wearing shorts and ashirtopen all the way down
shorts and a red tshirtred shoes m1110: can i
the rain soaking my teeshirtand jeans and filling up
appropriate than the cotton tshirtand jeans i was wearing
cover he takes the tshirtand jeans to dimps carefully
[laugh] f643: jeans and tshirtand normal m608: mm mm
casual outfit of jeans tshirtand trainers carefully she replaced
start taking off your tshirtand your jeans [running water] no
in jeans and a cottonshirtelena is resplendent in an
trousers a dark blue cottonshirti decided to follow as
into a starched white cottonshirtthat cut into his neck
avec mes jockeys mon tshirtmon pullover mon jean et
s his bank of scotlandshirtcollar he proceeds slowly home
this time i make hisshirtcollar wet with my crying
collar these days its tshirtpackage trips firewalkers tread a
tracksuit trousers and a tshirtit was quite good fun
ironed i said pulling yourshirtup out of your trousers
talkin about yer trousers yershirtwhatever ye re everythin ye
he was wearing a hawaiianshirtchrist on a fucking bike
she s wearing my stripedshirtthe identical one to this
wearing a sweat stained blueshirtwhich did match your eyes
he was wearing a whiteshirtwith the sleeves rolled up
ma jumper and ma teeshirtf1107: d- oh dinna eat
from his exertions the teeshirthas two damp milky spots
me to get this teeshirtright off fiona says it
faces the wall cammy tshirts dry need ti wear
over one shoulder and yourshirtand shoes over other at
put on my vest andshirtmy socks and shoes follow
take off that silly businessshirtthis achieved there follow attempts
your ginger mop and blueshirtand seeing not a sign
in a suit light blueshirtvery neat hair to his
steam iron cammy removes hisshirtrevealing several deep scars dimps
starts to lift up hisshirtsteve lightly touches cammy s
her hair is dishevelled hershirtis torn and she has
dinnae get intae a hairshirtower it sadie i yince
be scrattier nur ony hairshirtworn bi the auld mairtyrs
aye yer vest aff yershirteh beets an sheen [?]pint[/?]
stick it on yer tshirtm1110: no no f1109: no
s the pen in yershirtpocket so i can write
dear the tail o yershirts showin through ach a
his guns n roses tshirthis skull and f814: [laugh]
sell n self serk nshirtserr v serve shaidae n
s just an old tshirtand it doesn t matter
his hands on his tshirtas if everything was normal
m1096: no on my tshirtf1095: okay is that fine
look at my new tshirtf1124: mum i want to
look at mum s tshirtf1124: no no f1123: look
arranged this holiday a tshirtfor isabel and an inca
f1123: look at your tshirtlook at my new t
got on a spiderman tshirtm1128: er why f1127: cause
dug his stole ma tshirtmammy daddy catch it faist
most treasured possessions a tshirtmarking one of her three
do you want a tshirton m1098: aye i ll
will you manage your tshirtor do you need help
then dinna lick your tshirtright come on then find
is ironing a wet tshirtsteve has his coat over
there there s a tshirtup there for you go
that didn t match yourshirtwas twisted too right up
got on ehm new tshirtyou know that s why
sleeveless flannel undershirt a topshirtsometimes called a kirkcaldy shirt
shirt sometimes called a kirkcaldyshirtthat was reputed to be
so you pulled on yourshirtand sat down too three
you got a nice newshirtfor your parties m1094: [child noise]
the layers down to yourshirtsleeves apart from the 1
is in a smart whiteshirtand is in the act
only that he pulls hisshirtout unbuttons it forgetting his
a very old tie hisshirtpocket is always pulled down
shame him into buttoning hisshirtproperly or chide him for
grimy piece of torn offshirtsleeve dangled between his legs
shawls a farmer lifts hisshirtto our passing boat in
missing from his xxl lumberjackshirtwilliam higgins hung his head
with a sort of cowboyshirta checked f718: [laugh] [laugh]
quite warm heavy sort ofshirtyes uh huh er well
in the hielan s mashirts in the pan ma
projecting through a filthy thinshirthe looked like what he
through the rent in hershirtshe gives a little snort
could you just iron thisshirtor i said to my
[?]i'm wearing mine now[/?] f1093: a sh- m1094: shirtf1093: [laugh] you got a
havena got a lila ermshirtf1103: farr did you see
did you see a lilashirtat like f1104: in mackay
skye gangs aboot in ashirtan tie her legs is
jacket and a wee fiftiesshirtand a handbag [laugh] and
crack i am a linenshirtarcing and flapping like an
a blouse f1043: aye theshirtaye no a mannie s
metal the size o ashirtbutton they tell me it
kisses carole sent me ashirtfrom germany saying if i
away it settled on ashirtsipped strange pollen male deodorant
we call for instance ashirtwould be a sark do
pulls on her amplest oxfamshirtbra for the prison i
17 monday birthday get cardsshirtfrom kids fags jessie and
cigarette brand name on theirshirtthat would contravene that subsection

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