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rubbed and rubbed till everythingshonethen they peeled potatoes scraped
scrubbed that flair until itshoneand every speck o dirt
sunk into deep caves theyshonewith an unexpected brightness as
an neil cam ahint weshoneoor torches doun an up
is on the wye itshonelike a lowe throw gurly
the lowe frae her caunleshoneower twa pairs o steekit
teachin o the saint fashonefrae the waa in the
first to change the sunshoneat the weekend and there
days seemed ti me sunshonebaithe nicht an day pause
yin day as the sunshonebricht in the sky a
bought chimes too the sunshonebright on the market bustle
haa far the sun nivershonefar the win niver blew
cover thin an the sunshonefou bricht throu the gaps
while at others the sunshoneincongruously from a blue sky
an strang when simmer sunshoneon the braes an soarin
its axle a new sunshoneso it continued to flutter
no strange noises the sunshonesoftly the clock ticked in
daffodils the lilies noo thatshonesae bricht in simmer s
the lilac buss gowd starniesshoneabeen a littlin thirled tae
aff mair memories names thatshoneoot abeen the doors like
have little coloured lights sh-shoneon your various chakra points
into the experience the starsshoneabove children played around us
gold stars on it thatshonethrough mysie walsh s hair
third age group affair hasshonea light on the practices
sat where tears should haveshonei had rolled from her
ken whit tae dae heshonehis licht on them as
thistledown fariver she gaed sheshonesma boukit an licht s
scoured with sand till theyshonelike stainless steel and made
hard quite brazen one buttonshonefrom my brother s blazer
games but the home teamshonethroughout the week with a
windaes wi vinegar till theyshonea washer wife wauked ower
by moscow standards diplomatic privilegeshonelike a halo around such
white flashin jewels when sunlightshoneand when was the last
oblivion maybe he could haveshoneagain just like he did
gleaming wax of the statueshonelike bone two burning candles
driven snaa an her sheenshonelike sharn on a weet
think o something her complexionshoneas she blushed and smiled
she speired the tallest quineshonethe flashie onno her wrist
fin i wis young ishonein king s grey airt

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