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car you go to ashoppingmall because it s too
where light gleams fight inshoppingmall i like wild things
cat spending baht mango stallshoppingmall sugar cane monsoon rain
trade centre hotel administrative blockshoppingmall where i d had
we visited an impressive onlineshoppingmall where someone mans a
relaxed wandering around a nearbyshoppingmall you d love the
evening taking us on ashoppingtrip to a local mall
roars in the teem rangeshoppingtrolley i am a shopping
plastic hens i am ashoppingtrolley i am heavily into
shopping trolley i am ashoppingtrolley i am hooked on
lost them is there ashoppingtrolley like what you got
[laugh] f1023: shopping messages f1024: shoppingbut if it s a
kind of messages it sshoppingf1024: [laugh] f1025: [laugh] f1026:
was it would be theshoppingf1027: messages meant uh huh
hawick women don t goshoppingfor the messages they gaun
hoose m1019: erm messages forshoppingi think that s probably
would be f1025: [laugh] f1023: shoppingmessages f1024: shopping but if
f1101: eh to get wirshoppingto get aa wir messages
the shopping where s theshoppingf1089: don t know can
shopping the list for theshoppingf1089: mmhm it s aa
hey the list for theshoppingthe list for the shopping
[yawn] [exhale] where s theshoppingwhere s the shopping f1089:
the mobile shop carrying twoshoppingbags and shane the youngest
stop and unceremoniously plonked hisshoppingbags down he had one
introduce a levy on plasticshoppingbags s1w 28584 mr andrew
introduce a levy on plasticshoppingbags s1w 28585 michael russell
the heat she carries twoshoppingbags she s nae oot
it round like bags ofshoppingi fling it down any
slappit ma co op plasticshoppingbag on tae the table
a plastic carrier bag ofshoppingshe is subdued and withdrawn
motorways panned through them orshoppingcentres m818: [inaudible] m819: built
you see it in theshoppingcentres they have the f643:
readily accessible areas such asshoppingcentres to attract those who
or coffee she gets theshoppingbag and prepares to exit
carrying your tummy in ashoppingbag or a sling i
spot muriel carrying a largeshoppingbag walks in to it
s the bag with theshoppingin it m1090: eh the
struggle up a bag ofshoppingover one arm what did
new town has the almondvaleshoppingcentre and the mcarthurglen designer
newton mearns with the avenueshoppingcentre f1037: oh abs- actually
away to like towards theshoppingcentre f1150: yeah f1151: up
idea of a build ashoppingcentre here and it will
it s like a bigshoppingcentre m819: [?]government holidays[/?] yeah right
wasna good that s ashoppingcentre no wait wait wait
of minutes later at theshoppingcentre of that wretched bomb
it it s like ashoppingcentre on a saturday this
nice new kind of likeshoppingcentre right in the middle
of town centre trading andshoppings1w 1425 brian adam to
saturday morning we did someshoppingand in the afternoon we
conductor saturday 7 to bathsshoppingetc to phem jims evening
evening 5 saturday sands morningshoppingin elie afternoon 6 sunday
like everybody is out thereshoppinglike say on saturday afternoon
fine 8 saturday we doshoppingnice to be clear of
at harvest time doing theshoppingon a saturday at bannermans
a blur of final christmasshoppingand mental preparation for the
happily there are only 186shoppingdays till christmas [note: handdrawn cartoon here in original] commander
to want to go christmasshoppingf1155: mmhm my mum s
spent most of today christmasshoppingin this atheist country new
only just started my christmasshoppingso i m afraid my
er she started her christmasshoppingyesterday they went to ikea
have you done your christmasshoppingyet stocks will share a
get wood etc morning afternoonshoppingi am checked in grange
with very broad friends orshoppingin the town or whatever
a hike into town forshoppingthen they started through time
spent in cusco browsing andshoppingafter a late breakfast in
6th october tuesday i spentshoppingfor food rather tough meat
conversational russian we concentrated onshoppingvocabulary and spent most of
what list m1090: for theshoppingeh f1089: i don t
it is nae put theshoppingaway f1093: has she done
money this done the seriousshoppingbegan since this was to
in there was a bigshoppingdone and we had a
is it all done theshoppingf1093: uh huh m1094: it
christmassy i ve done myshoppingfor the [censored: surname] family bought
coming home from doing theshoppingm1094: is it all done
f1093: has she done theshoppingoh there s there s
out to do a littleshoppingi went home early to
specialised interest and instead wentshoppingin the cheap foreign currency
m folk often did theirshoppingthen went the second house
oh western luxuries we wentshoppingup to kalinina prospekt the
this a little boy wentshoppingwith his mum dad and
card today we toured someshoppingmalls you d love mum
d agreed to do theshoppingtoday so i sought out
decided to do a littleshoppingand go back to the
then i did a littleshoppingand returned to the hotel
f807: to [laugh] actually goshoppingbut um [tut] it s
minute massage before they goshoppingf643: oh yeah uh huh
out with rita to goshoppingfor crockery along leninski prospekt
yeah we re gonna goshoppingin glasgow i d like
fun being able to goshoppingis great fun he mayed
gonna go and do myshoppingon the way home get
t i can t goshoppingwhen when f806: [sniff] f807:
to come home with theshoppingso they can make their
and and where s theshoppingabout the your fin- where
reason to do a bigshoppingnip in there and er
to help you with yourshoppingas you say it would
very much there s yourshoppingf1122: [laugh] [laugh] your turn
it as you do yourshoppingor whatever [laugh] without thinking
that s handy for yourshoppingthen isn t it f1104:
f1154: when are you goingshoppingf1155: just aye over to
other noxious substances over theshoppingtrolleys thus disseminating germs and
just when we thought theshoppingwas over we drove on
oh i i never sayshoppingno no f1026: [laugh] [laugh]
like [censored: forename] we re goingshoppingokay [laugh] what he s
[laugh] f1026: [laugh] it sshoppingyes f1023: but th- they
see them you know ehshoppingf746: oh right f978: an
a while to be inshoppingisn t it eh f1130:
f807: um um basically goodshoppingopportunities well i don t
chair while i did theshoppingleaving him at the barberia
they re going to theshoppingto get some food m1094:
lunch a shower and probablyshoppingbut [censored: forename] and i decided
and this is for theshoppingthis is tuna for [censored: forename]
to do some housework andshoppingi still get on the
they re they re f1154: shoppinglike the week before and
only to london for ukshoppingnotes the increasing occurrence of
too she s interested inshoppingand [inaudible] and that s
listened to her tales ofshoppingtrips she spoke about her
them a titbit from myshoppingbasket these are pigs in
inanely with mechanical birds myshoppingspree would be here and
helps out with all theshoppingand housework i had to
classical arcadia with the modernshoppingarcade with its shallow dish
watered aproned women emerge withshoppingbaskets fishermen mend vivid blue
looking at when not cruisingshoppingor viewing ruins and churches
buy they are building ashoppingcomplex near surrey docks but
russian dolls bearing their weightyshoppingon their heads past the
s m845: it had oneshoppingarea f606: mmhm m845: and
anyway the bulk of theshoppingnot easy in this place
room door i see youshoppingin the market and alone
again yesterday after finishing theshoppinghat for tony bust of
reds of heathrow the nicheshoppingmalls for socks and boxer
walk m1132: fitt f1131: theshoppingwas you gonna take it
the light of a thousandshoppingmalls he never wears clothes
of the streets and mainshoppingareas of our towns and
next in line continuing theshoppingmagdalena in the mini market
participles ensaumple 5 cann ingshoppingis great fun being able

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